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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4 The Od ar Rapids^, a/ct lr Wrd^. F>h ti. 1974 Price Fi SS ii in fht Hon riff hi in the 7\ SS a rh! BargainRidiculous Prices Throughout the Store Thursday, Friday & Saturday! Men s Bargains PANT COATS I uckv “13" pieces left in this group of punt coats Sizes & st vies limited! values to $50 $13 ARMSTRONG COATLAND-SECOND floor JUNIOR COATS Clearance group of lust 36 pant coats in a variety of fabrics, colors and styles. Sizes limited' values to $50 14.99 All other coats in stock > 2 price! ARMSTRONG PIAO PLACE-SECOND FLOOR FAMOUS LABEL BRAS Tremendous savings on these famous label bras Sizes & styles limited — shop early for first choice. values to SO 1.79 ARMSTRONG FOUNDATIONS-SECOND FLOOR SPORTSWEAR CLEAN-UP Save much more than '2 on sweaters, jackets, vests, tops, skirts and slacks. Select several pieces at this tremendous savings. Sizes 8 to 18. values to $.30 $3 $5 $7 ARMSTRONG women s SPORTSWEAR-STREET floor WOMEN’S SHOE CLEAN-UP Final clearance of famous label dress and casual shoes. Outstanding buys if we have your size! values to $34 $4 $6 ARMSTRONG women s SHOES-STREET floor SKI JACKETS and PANTS A selected group of ski jackets and ski pants reduced for big savings Shop early for these marvelous values. reg. $32 to $56 SIO & S15 Other Skiwear - Save to V? ARMSTRONG BETTER SPORTSWEAR-SECOND FLOOR 3-PIECE PANT SUITS Famous la bt I 3-piece pant suits in a van* tv of colors. Com pietelv washable polyester Sizes 16' , to 26'2. A truly practical buy! Reg. $541 $24 ARMSTRONG YOUNG MRS SHOP-SECOND FLOOR Accessories Warm Knit Mittens .............. .....97c Warm Knit Caps ................ .. 97c Long Knit Scarfs . 1.45 Leather-like vinyl dress gloves .....2.18 Odd lot of jewelry....... 48c Handbags ............ .... 5.88 Odd lot Panty Hose ............. .....48c ARMSTRONG ACCESSORIES-STREET FLOOR SPORT & DRESS SHIRTS Famous name long sleeve sport and dress shirts in a variety of solid colors and patterns. reg. $9 to $1# 3.88 ARMSTRONG MEN S FURNISHINGS—STREET FLOOR QUALITY PANTS Polyester knit, wool and wool blend pants in current fashions and colors Excellent qualify' reg. $16 to $34) 7.88 ARMSTRONG MEN S FURNISHINGS- STREET FLOOR FAMOUS NAME SPORT COATS From our regular stock — famous name sport coats in wool and wool blends Each one an excellent buy! Mostly plaids, some solid colors Sizes limited' reg. $64) to $75 21.88 ARMSTRONG men s FURNISHINGS—STREET FLOOR BETTER SUITS & SPORT COATS HURRY' Be here early for first choice of these' superior suits and sport faits Sizes limited' SAVE 1/2 and more armstrong men s clothing-third floor BIG MEN’S DRESS SHIRTS Long and short sleeve dress shirt in button-down collar styles Good selection of Tall and Big sizes. reg. $10 to $14 5.88 ARMSTRONG tall & BIG MEN S SHOP-THIRD FLOOR MEN’S BARGAIN TABLE A table of (Kids and ends at a ridiculous price. Includes shirts, sweaters and turtlenecks Be here early! 2.88 ARMSTRONG MEN S CLOTHING-THIRD FLOOR MEN’S SLIPPERS We have lust >4 pair of Evans slippers in discontinued styles Sizes limited — all sales final! $2 ARMSTRONG men s SHOES-STREET FLOOR MEN’S FLORSHEIM SHOES Unbelievable savings on quality Florsheim shoes Just 29 pair in very limited sizes All sales final! ARMSTRONG men s SHOES-STREET FLOOR $12 (Children's Bargains COSMETIC SPECIALS Rewin j Eau de Parti urse size spne d 4 oz Ultima soft ( Desert Flower with any purt ha1 2.75 2 tor 97c Fragrance Assortment of Faberge soap, Woodhue, Tigress, and Brut Limited supply! Limit of 4 to a customer. each 39c Armstrong Milk Bath - this bubbling milk bath is one of our most popular 64 oz st/** reg J ri0 2.39 FREE Gift — Ret eive I RFI with any purr haw of Max Factor Geminess and complete Face Fitness Kif including regular si/** lipstick, be auty cleanser, toning lotion and Fame spray fragrant* Bonne Bell Plus .30 Hormone Lotion for daytime use Contains estrogenic hormones and softening Lanolin to help your skin have a smoother, softer, younger look Save on two popular sizes Keg. $10 size 5.50 Reg. $6 size 3.50 Coty Wild Musk Spray -For bath or applied directly to the skin ifs one of the most talked about new fragrances. A powerful scent you'll have to learn to use wisely' $2 ARMSTRONG COSMETICS —STREET FLOOR BOYS’ SHIRTS & JEANS Knit and permanent press shirts in short and long sleeve styles. Sizes 8-20 limited Pants and leans also in sizes 8 to 18 11m11«*<1 Terrific bargains* 97c ARMSTRONG BOYS STORE-THIRD FLOOR Bovs’ Huskey Pants, 27 32 waist    1.94 Students* Pants, 28 vt waist, r*. to sit.    2.91 STUDENTS’ SPORT COATS Here is exceptional savings on student sport coats Good sHec tion but stz**s 36 to 42 ar** limit**<1 values I rom 37.59 to $60 14.99 ARMSTRONG HI SHOP-THIRD FLOOR LITTLE BOYS’ BUYS Knit Shirt ♦, values from 2 7r>$6    1.64) to 3.99 Long sleeves, assorted styles, solids & patterns Jeans, sizes I 7. values from SC 7 VU    3.44 to $1 T-Shirts & Briefs, mz* ion r» vp,    .3 for 1.99 GIRLS’ SPORTSWEAR Clearance of jeans, knit pants, skirts, knit tops and sweaters Tor is* sizes 4 lf, preteen 6 11 values from $4 to $8 1.99 to 5. 49 INFANTS SLEEPERS & GRO BAGS I lame retardant blanket sleepers and gro bags Sleeper h is non skid soles Gro-bag has thread to snip for added growth Full length zippers Assorted colors in sizes S, M, I re({. $7 $4 armstrong children s store-third floor Home Bargains HAMILTON BEACH MIXER One of our most popular, model #30, for superior perform ance. Gold or green. Excellent value! reg. 43.95 39,88 armstrong small appliances-fourth floor ELECTRIC FRY PAN this unusuc reg. 17.99 12.88 Buv this popular appliance now at this unusually low price Available in green only. WEST BEND HUMIDIFIER Last year’s model but attractive and effective We have only t left, buv now at this low, low price. reg. 124.95 89.88 ARMSTRONG SMALL APPLIANCES-FOURTH FLOOR NOVELTY SINGING BIRDS Brighten your home with this delightful singing canary in colorful cag**. Just wind-up to hear ifs song reg. $18 l/2 PRICE armstrong giets-fourth floor 7-PIECE MUG SET Set includes 6 cups and tree. Buy for yourself or as a delight ful gift Olive only. reg. 4.54) 2.25 ARMSTRONG GIFTS-FOURTH FLOOR ASSORTED GIFT ITEMS An assortment of one-of-a kind gift items int luding pictures B*' here early for first choice of this group, * 2 PRICE armstrong gifts-fourth floor FASHION FABRICS A large sol polyester b mon blends, dom un! Gotl<] color s* SAVE YO and more armstrong fabrics-fourth floor QUILTED BEDSPREADS Save on discontinued styles ut quilted bedspreads m twin, full, Queen and King sizes \ssortml < olors. '/2 PRICE ARMSTRONG DOMESTICS-FOURTH FLOOR THROW RUGS Slight irregular throw rugs but still good qualify An a-.'.ort ment of < olor and sizes. Buv several! */2 PRICE ARMSTRONG DOMESTICS-FOURTH floor TABLECLOTHS An assortment of sizes and colors in discontinued models You can always us** more tablecloths. */2 PRICE ARMSTRONG DOMESTICS-FOURTH floor BATH TOWELS Slight irregular hath towels in an assortment of solid colors iind patterns Stock up at this savings. $3 - 4.54) values 1.22 ARMSTRONG BATH SHOP FOURTH FLOOR CALENDAR TOWELS A s* lei o*d group of popular t a lend* a towels lur 1971 Variety f m t ()if irs */2 PRK I ARMSTRONG BATH SHOP-FOURTH FLOOR MILLINERY CLEAN-UP All Real Fur Hats reduced    1, I rent Ii rabbit I ox t.uls Racoon * Italian lamb All I ake I ur Hats reduced    1, All W inter Knits & Novelties    i/2 (#roup of Winter Felts    $1    $2    $3 ARMSTRONG MILLINERY-SECOND FLOOR MEN’S KNIT SHIRTS Famous label short sleeve knit shirts of loo"', polyester and Bunion. Slight irregulars S.M.L.XI, reg. Sill & $11 3.97 ARMSTRONG BUDGET MENSWEAR—DOWNSTAIRS TIES loo% polyester or raven, stripes, patterns or solids 97c ARMSTRONG BUDGET MENSWEAR-DOWNSTAIRS DRESS & SPORT SHIRTS Final clean-up of long and short sleeve dress and sport shirts. Sizes, patterns ti colors limited! reg. $6 to $12 3.47 ARMSTRONG BUDGET MENSWEAR-DOWNSTAIRS KNIT PANTS & JEANS A fantastic group reduced for clearance. Shop early! Sizes limited in solid colors and patterns. No alterations. reg. 10.541 to 17.99 4.85 ARMSTRONG BUDGET MENSWEAR-DOWNSTAIRS MEN’S UNDERWEAR T-shirts, briefs, boxer shorts and undershirts in cotton and ’r. Slight irreeu! 69 ARMSTRONG BUDGET MENSWEAR-DOWNSTAIRS TURTLENECKS & T-SHIRTS I ho",*, cotton blend iii solids or stripes. Slight irregulars Sizes SALI .XI reg. 3.99 1.94 ARMSTRONG BUDGET MENSWEAR-DOWNSTAIRS SPORT COAT CLEAN-UP I xcellent savings on loo",', polyester double knit sport coats in current patterns and plaid' Sizes for most men. $45 lo $55 values 27.88 ARMSTRONG BUDGET MENSWEAR-DOWNSTAIRS BETTER BUDGET DRESSES ( otn»n. cotton blends, polyester and jersey dresses in a good selei non tit styles All sales final! reg. lo $.36 5.88 ARMSTRONG BUDGET FASHIONS-DOWNSTAIRS NYLON & COTTON BRIEFS slight irregulars hut still good buys. White and some colors Sizes VCT limited! Stuck up! $1 value if perfect 3 tor SI ARMSTRONG BUDGET LINGERIE-DOWNSTAIRS BRA CLEARANCE ( leu ranee of bras in most sizes Shop early for firs! ( hone W hite and some pretty colors. reg. to $1 1.94 ARMSTRONG BUDGET FOUNDATIONS-DOWNSTAIRS BUDGET SPORTSWEAR CLEAN-UP I"remend*his savings on sweaters, slacks, tops and skirts. shoji eat Iv sizes limited! Buv several plot es values to $2tl 2.91 ARMSTRONG BUDGET SPORTSWEAR -DOWNSTAIRS TOY SPECIALS I i‘lier Price Circus Train with jierformmg animals Pram hi moving parts Ac 1 s reg I a Ti    7 in Match Box ( ars featuring old rime famous models ut the I la st Set of I ( (impart* at 7 .uh    j ARMSTRONG TOYS-DOWNSTAIRS LUGGAGE & SPORT GOODS BUYS Se I et led group of luggage int luding mids and ends, mid lot sizes in sn* h famous names as Samsonite and I ends. Values to $75.00    PHH    I SKI JA( KF. IS with (lac roo insulation, 2 wav zippers Se Ie* ted group, sizes & colors limited reg. 29.95 values 12.99 BASK I I BAI I SIMM S that .ire slight irregular \|| st ii shoes t errific Uiv ii we tan fit you. 16.95 if perfect 5.22 ARMSTRONG SPORT GOODS DOWNSTAIRS rI ;

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