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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed.. Feb. 6. 1974 Three-Year Road Light Study Set Robert Rigler AMES — An outline for a study on the effect of lighting on safety of highway intersections was presented to the Iowa highway commission Tuesday. The commission reduced the lighting level at intersections throughout the state as an energy conservation move. Staff members said in December that reduced lighting makes the intersection less safe. The commission requested that a study be prepared. R. L. Kassel, deputy chief of commission planning, presented the research outline for the three year study. Commission Chairman Robert Rigler of New Hampton was somewhat taken a-back when Kassel presented the ten page summary on project procedure. The commission had asked for a “simple study” relating safety to lighting, Rigler said. Kassel said the study would be completed by commission staff and would not be very expensive. Commissioner S t e p h e n Garst of Coon Rapids said the commission needs a comprehensive study. If someone has an accident and complains of reduced lighting, the study would provide information to back up the commission’s claim that reduced lighting does not make an intersection less safe. The study will compare accident records for a representative group of state intersections before and after reduced lighting. A three year period before lighting reduction will be compared with a three year period after,with allowances made for variables such as increased traffic flow and reduced speed limits. S. E. Roberts of the commission research staff told of three studies that have already been made in other In Legislature Three Girders To w No-Vote School Surtax Go on New Span areas of the country and England. A California study of 26 intersections found that lighting reduced the total accident rate by 39 percent. The night rate alone at the intersections was 61 percent less for lighted than non-lightcd. A study of 21,000 intersections along freeways in Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix and Denver found lighted freeways had a night-to-day accident ratio of 1.43 compared with a similar ratio of 2.37 for non-lighted. The third study, on 43 intersections in England, found lighting reduced accidents about 50 percent during the nighttime in 70 mph speed limit areas, but produced nonsignificant reductions in areas where the speed limit was 30, 40 or 50 mph. By William Eberline “That’s the way it came out DES MOINES (AP) Local of committee, but I doubt that it J Marquette Great Place But Residents Want Out school districts could levy an income surtax without a vote of the people under a bill which will be debated Thursday in the Iowa house. Hut don’t make any bets that the proposal will pass. It is included in a bill designed to pump about $25 million from the state treasury stir plus into school support through the foundation aid program to give teachers a cost-of-living pay raise and ease the bit of inflation on school districts. The income surtax provision was written into the bill by the house education committee. It would allow a school board to levy the surtax simply by adopting a resolution instead of getting voter approval as the law now requires. A ★    ★ MCGREGOR — Eight Mar- don Township, actually belonged I Plaintiff in the law suit m-quette property owners have to McGregor.    dude Gruver and his wife, Mr. filed suit in Clayton county dis- Starting Jan. I, taxes from and ^rs- Dean Bender, Mildred trict court in Elkader, to have m;s ianci were assigned to Mc-    Neil    D. Gruver. Robert their land severed from the Gregor rather than to the coun-1    **    Nickel,    Florence town of Marquette.    ty. At its January meeting the|Johnson and Weimer- Two But most of the Bickers Addi- McGregor Town Council in- property owners have not joined tion to Ridgewood, residents structed city employes to start in su^- Another, Wendell who are plaintiff in the court ac- maintaining reads in the area Schroeder. whose lots are in the tion, say they harbor no ill feel- and to provide it with other city: Giard Land Claim, would bo cut ings toward the town. In fact services, they think it’s a great place. Hie problem is one of geography. Bickers Addition to Ridgewood located on the bluff above McGregor, while it may technically belong to Marquette, is not connected to the town in any way. In fact the only road leading up to the additoin is an exten- Bickel’s Addition to Ridgewood, however, was not affected by the ordinance and continues to belong, as it had all along, to Marquette as do lots I and 3 of lot 91 of the Basil Giard Land Claim, which arc also included in the suit. |off from Marquette if Bickers Addition to Ridgewood should win its severence action, has not yet indicated whether he will participate. “This has happened in the state of Iowa before,,, Miller said, that citizens have wanted to disassociate themselves from a city, but not under exactly the same circumstances. The key Lead by Bill Gruver, a group question here cf course is the tion of A street in McGregor. I of the property owners first pc- providing of city services to an Hence in order to render any I titioned the Marquette town area of the town. The Ridge-services such as police and fire council in November to sever wood residents were not receiv-protection, trash collection and; them. The Marquette council dig these services from the town street maintenance to Ridge- tabled the request. Subsequently of Marquette, but no one could wood, Marquette employes have ^ was learned that only through really blame Marquette either to drive ali the way to and a law suit could any severance for not driving over to and through McGregor,    be made. “Once land is annexed through McGregor to service hill to the flights and head bac k jj. (>an noj. ^    from    a    half a dozen homes Hie way they came. I ndcr-. town except court order”, The town of Marquette has standably Marquette has not Tom Millcr made tho round trip of more plamti[f cxplairK,d. than 3 miles to provide the ten    K property owners with these services very often. Actually, up until last sum-m e r, just about everyone thought that most of the land up on the bluff was Ridgewood, a notable exception belonged to attorney for the approximately 30 days in which to file an answer to the suit. C-L Board Gives Okay to Teacher Mileage Proposal Clarence and fringe benefits as they LOWDEN Other Bills Bills in the Iowa legislature Tuesday: Fussed by Senate IIF272, To extend the trotlinc regulations on inland water to border waters. 43-3. To governor. 1IF282, To provide a definition of boat “wakes.” 46-0. To governor. Introduced in Senate SF1096, To allow persons to have both Class B and Class C beer permits. Griffin and three others. SF1097, To permit the Iowa beer and liquor control department to move its offices and warehouses outside Des Moines. Griffin and four others. SF1098, To permit a minority of the Iowa beer and liquor control council to be made up of persons who have a working knowledge of the industry. Griffin and five others. SF1099, To repeal the 15 percent tax which liquor retailers must pay when they purchase to resell. Griffin and four others. SFI IOO, To prohibit discrimination in education. Kelly, SFI 101, To delay final implementation of the home rule act until July I, 1975. Cities and towns. Passed by House UFI 106, To require school buses to stop at railroad crossings whether carrying passengers or not, and use stop arm and flashing lights in cities and towns as well as on rural highways. 96-1. To senate. UFI ll I, To provide that a motor vehicle passing another on a rural highway must return to its own traffic lane 200 instead of the present IOO feet ahead of oncoming traffic. 77-14. To senate. SF1047, To exempt athletic and sports contests, leagues and tournaments from the Iowa gambling laws. 94-0. Returns to senate for action on amendments. Introduced in House UFI 122, To exempt from taxation an intrastate branch line railroad less than IOO miles long if Iowa residents own at least 60 percent of the railroad company stock. Krause and Mille r of Rockwell City. HPI 123. To require the sec- will stay that way,” said Cornin i 11 c o Chairman Delwyn St rom cr (R-Garner), Ho said amendments are being prepared to delete the plan. Rep. Donald Doyle (D-Sioux City) said the provision “doesn’t have the chance of a snowball in the hot place” of getting through the house. “I think the committee put it in as a joke to bug the chairman,” said Doyle, “it’s going to come out. You can bet on that.” Whether it was a joke to the committee or not, however, a number of lawmakers are finding it’s no joke to their constituents. Several said they’ve been get ting mail and telephone calls from concerned citizens as word got around that the provision was in the bill, most of them hotly opposed. There is much less opposition to the other provisions, many of which are designed to help districts with declining enrollments. That includes most of Iowa’s 952 school districts. The bill would declare the allowable growth in per pupil expenditures to be 8 percent for the 1974-75 and 1975-76 school years. On a statewide average, that amounts to $78 per pupil. The measure also takes a step toward meeting complaints of school administrators about los mg part of the state ald every time one student leaves school. It says a school can lose up to 2 percent of its total enrollment before it starts to lose state aid. Other provisions would end the so-called “buy out” by MCGREGOR "We have just deadline, set by the U.S. army three more girders to worry \ corps of engineers and the coast about.” Wisconsin department ol I guard, for contractors to have transportation engineers said the main channel deal, so that Monday They were referring to river traffic will not be ham- the 16 main girders that vrilljl*™* by construction work, ,s .    .    ,    J    March I. Tlurty-five men are „„  ....... _w    sPan lho main chail,u u novv working 6 days a week, which every district has been Iowa side of the new Mississippi weather permitting, to complete guaranteed at least $200 per river bridge now under con- largest span of the new pupil state aid no matter how jj^ruction between Marquette and bridge, which stretches 462 feet the formula works out, and re-1 Prairie do Chien.    across the main river channel, peal the present IO percent a J The last three girders are ai* i at the edge of Marquette, year limit on millage reduction thcr enroute from the plant ini jj takes a full day to get. one any school district    can have. Hammond. Iud., or are ready 0f the giant girders ready to *    *    *    for shipment. “We expect them pjace but only half an hour to Gambling Law    ,l11 t0 arriV(‘ in Marquette welljaetually put it Into position, with before the end of February, " a 150 f0(,t loading power and Legislation to close a loophole the engineers continued.    barge cranes. Engineers said in the state’s new gambling law; Two woeks ago one of the 49 work is on schedule and the was returned to the senate! ton 115-foot girders was involved |deadline should be met without Tuesday after the house tacked jn a Milwaukee Railroad derail- difficulty. on an amendment to expand the! nicnt near Speck’s Ferry. Had type of athletic events covered the girder been damaged an 8-to under the proposal.    12-month delay in completion in On a 94-0 vote, the house 1 the bridge may have resulted, approved the measure sought;However, except for the re* by Attorney General Richard;placement of a closure plate at Turner to legalize major sports one end the girder received a events such as golf and bowling clean bill of health from Wiscon-tournaments which have entry I sin bridge engineers, fees and offer cash awards. j A joint agreement between Rapid action on the legislation iowa and Wisconsin department was taken by the senate last of transportation engineers puts |Hammond, 111., has the super week to clear the way for a Wisconsin in complete charge ofstructure contract for the west statewide bowling tournament in 1 work on the bridge. Virtually all channel and U.S. Steel of Gary, Waterloo this Saturday, and the I of it lies in the state of Wiscon- Ind., has the contract for the house concurred Tuesday. sin.    east channel. The amendment, offered by Only the extreme west end of J Engineers said this side of the Rep. Russell Wyehoff (D-Vin-'the bridge technically is in I bridge should be completed by ton) would legalize rifle, pistol, I Iowa, engineers explained. [an Oct. I target date. Official musketry and archery contests. As of Monday six of the 16 opening of the entire structure It was approved on a voice vote, huge girders were in place. The is Dec. I, 1975. All concrete is poured and piers arc in on the main channel. Concrete work is not yet done on the cast side hut should proceed quickly now sinee the eastern side is closer to the Prairie du Chien concrete supplier than was the western side. Allied Structural Steel of Here’s your chance to pick up name brand home furnishings | af fantastic savings! But you’ll have to hurty! They won’t last long at these big mark-downs! * '•*    >5* ' ' % 1 ll BECKER’S PEOPLES SLASHES PRICES TO CLEAR OUR FLOORS OF ALL FLOOR SAMPLES, ONES'AND-FEW-OF-A-KIND, DISCONTINUED ITEMS, ETC. COME IN AND CASH IN! rfe-V we!1.. £rv ? viTH'T'r H F F    - V-pc,    Sofa and Olivc-Nvion t*eed Reg. S349,50 Chair. cover SALE $229.00 The Clayton county. But then a 1916 Lowden board of ordinance was unearthed which Monday decided to approve the Senate file 531 concerns col lee- new law affecting county gov- education j apply to the school district only. [    attorn?    a‘°copy    V7S51 Tuxedo Stvlt Sofa, Biscuit tubed, Choice of Block or Cold Vinyl. Roo. $249.50 SALE S119.00 SOFA sleeper. Reversible /tapered cushions. Full sue Mattress. Gold tweed Reg $239.50 Krsettler Right Arm Half Sectional.    Reversible cushion    Gold    tweed- Mercuion. Just I. Floor Sample. Reg. $209.50 SALE $139.00 showed that some 40 acres, of payment of mileage to teachers tive bargaining for all puWic|^nment as soon as **is enact_ 3 pc. Bedroom Suite—Double dresser and Mirror, Chest and full site headboard. Walnut finish. Reg. S229 SO what had been considered *^en* who must travel between the employes. I Clarence center and the Lowden Stop Miller of Independence and four others. High School Principal Allen    J0    inm a;e th(;‘ Pa>, .7 . ,    ,    .    .    '    ,.    of soyoean promotion board center and ak*) between the two Whitlatch discussed the possible j members from $30 to $40 per procedures for students to raise    day spent on official    board ,    more money for a trip for the    functions. Cochran. I he    board    accepted    a    propos-    seni0r class of 1974. No decision    , H,F1nl25’ ,To Tf?uiIe    [ht‘    statc Sign Need al «f    tho    Clarence-lcwdon    Edu-    was reathtd on thc mattpr and *    .......... A"" u'"h "B,v onf Whitlatch said he will discuss it l^vcn^rt and Council Bluffs. Wixie French Provincial White and Gold Bedroom Suite. 6 drawer double dresser with mirror, 5 drawer chest, full sire spin-’ die bed with footboard. Heat and Stain resistant Mitotic top* Reg. $429.50 SALE S339.00 Lowden Counci Debates School Lowden. 3 pc. Secttonnl. Revenlble zippered cushions. Nylon cover. Choice of Gold’ Green or Brown. REg. $2Vi OO SALE $248.00 Kroehler 4 oc. Modern Sectional with ottoman. Blue Fur cover. Ideal for Family or Recreation Room. just I. Floor Sampit. Reg. $459.50 SALE $299.00 3-pc. Bedroom Suite, Includes Big 9-drawer Hirsser with Mirror. 5 Drawer Chest, Full or Queen sire headboard. Pecan Finish. Just t.Floor Sample. Reg. $595.50 SALE $439.00 Lane 3-bc Contemporary Bedroom Suite triple 9 Drawer Dresser with Mir-tor, 5 drawer chest, t all or Queen sire Headboard. Beautiful Oak. Reg. $799.50 SALE $595.00 cation Assn. with only LOWDEN — The Lowden city change.    further with    the seniors at    a    Higgins and IS others. count ii .it the regular thru arc THc teachers had asked that class meeting    to be hold soon <    .Bt 1126, lo repeal the    provi- meeting here Monday decided |the proposai be made retroac- sion permitting .shooting of un- to increase the salary of City|«^ Stte beainnine of the 1973- j 1710 P°?sib',1.lly of a sumnM* |‘hc™f.i dogs and require that rinrL-    kv„r.L-«nKr>ra in ara    L .    .    ,    ^fiinn[riK    or    int    dnver    education    program    was    they    be    caught    and    delivered    to Clerk Ruth Kruckenberg to $635 74 school year. but the board    der\7 byX tea d bu ra!*se of SSO a vear rbprese «iapproved beginning payments I Stta^reach^ raise of $60 a year.    retroactive to the start of the    ____ Council members approved second semester. It now re- the sale of an old road grader to i mains for members of the George Clark of Lowden for a Clarenee-L o w d e n Education purchase price of $500.    1 Assn, to approve or reject the A discussion was held on the amended proposal. possible purchase of a school It will cost the district about stop sign to be placed at the $513 per semester to pay no Committees on Energy Named the DES MOINES (AF la dog pound instead. Cusack and Carr. IIFI127, To require the board I of parole lo review the cases of persons sentenced to life im-prisonment every five years in-! stead of the present 15 years. UFI 128. To permit Hucks ex-,    ,    *11 ceeding Iowa’s legal length to rn Lea IS 6 TU re °Perate in border cities if they ii    [comply with length restrictions of the adjoining state from corner of Washington avenue I seven teachers who would be cl-. jowa legislature has appointed they existed on1 Der i ,W i* 9t:V and Eighth street in l/wden. I igible for thc payment in addi- > m,j c enenzv committees to Transportation committee. This is a tov intersection used lion to their regular salary. JI    }I    fhp    ”™29’ Jo increase from bv buses and pupils of the The points approved by the sP°nM)r action to all .ct f^.ooo to $50,Olio the value of Clarence-Lowdcn Community hoard in addition to a starting energy crisis.    surviving }pou'r'o^a' drredent school and Trinity Lutheran date at the beginning of the sec- The senate committee was who dies intestate. Freeman. school.    ond semester in January are as I appointed Tuesday.    lf    fi I ;so. To postpone for one! Although the council was in follows:    .    The committee will br- chair- rule actS/ecomerJand^toi^Sr I agreement that a stop isign is    I. If a teacher drives    to a unit    ed by Sen George Milligan: an    dties. Cities and townsTom- ru'fded funds for an electric au    and    Jdays all day. no    mileage    <R-Des Moines) and will in-imittee. Sic Tri,ll,V S,I,l ure nut Will bo raid    dud..    Sons Irvin B, rgrnan Ut- , "FI131. To rnquiro th,. available Mayor Carl Wenndt 2. Teachers who drive he-Harris); Calvin Hultman <10ff< ? anv'\imiM.d°!llXrt^ J*-1 told the council that he had dis- tween the Clarence center and Red Oak); Ralph Potter (R- quired for highway purposes to J rusted the matter with the one of the Lowden centers Marion); Roger Shaff (R-Ca- the person from whom it was; Cedar county board of super- would be paid $1 per day.    manchu); Michael Bloom (I)-; :J( 'iUJI' d )*efore putting ^ up visors who suggested that a pos    3.    lf two or more    teachers    Dubuque); James Gallagher sible solution might be to have a    ride    in the same car    only the    (£>.Jesup); Lowell Junkins (D portable sign made by (Student.x driver will tx* paid.    Montrose); and Beryl Priebe 4. Teachers who drive be- (D*AIgona). tween teaching assignments in j{ep. Richard Weldon futile same town will be paid at iowa Falls), was named ehair-the rate of 50 cents per day. j man of the house committee on ach individual affected energy, would be responsible for report-J other members are Reps. sale. Walden arid of the high school industrial art: The council decided to investigate the possibility. Other matters discussed by the council include; members are Plans to obtain local es- mg hi« mileage record to his Brice Oakley (R-Clinton); R. G. Binate^ for needed repairs for building principal at the end of Miller (D-Kockwell City); Don the city’s pickup truck.    each month. Payment for the Avenson (D-Oelwein); Glenn Plans to hire a certified water mileage would be made the fol- Brockett (R-Marshalltown); end waste water treatment op lowing month.    Dennis Butler (RCouncii erator by December. 1974. j Board members adopted a Bluffs); Dale Cochran (D-Lagle The need for ambulance anti resolution opposing the passage Grove); Gregory Cusack <D- for public : I ,ipnold. UFI 132, To amend the Iowa hie inc s cor^/oration act to conform to change ; in thn mode act Hill and three cithers, lit 1133, To • xempt from sa'< ; *;ix pro thetic devices and medical equipmc nf sold to Matin a I persons, (:usack MFI FII. To    th'-    Iow    a cham 'mie tax. Kook*-, IIF! 135, To give railroads a sah s tax e xemption for fie* and materials wed to maintain, repair or Improve railroad, property. Fischer and 19 others. I To Retire MASON CITY (LF ) - The first aid service RT Lowden    and    of senate file 531 during the    Davenport); Norman Dunlap    Cerro    Gordo county treasurer the surrounding area.    present session of the genera!    (R-Ames); William Ewing (R-for the    last 27 years,    Republican Possible rate increases    for    assembly as now written and    Cedar); C. Raymond Fisher    Ethel    Ridgeway,    announced garbage collection service    be    would favor amendments to    iR-Grand Junction); and Rus-    Iuesday that she    will retire cause of increased costs.    limit negotiations to salaries sell Wyckoff (D-Vmton). (when her term expires. $V0t*^°UT 09e<v 'Sir FURNITURE SAVE ON OUR RECORD-BREAKING LOW, LOW PRICES! ;

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