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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa "(thf Cf (Int lXttpwl* flnjeHt —AP Wirephoto The Better To See You Monstrous as it seems, this large-eyed creature is a (•(minion fruit fly as seen en larged 200 times through the electronic microscope of Dr. Lloyd M. Beadier of Florida State university. The eyes are large clusters of very simple eyes and the fly sees a total image like a mosaic. —AP WirephotoEyeing A fly Eye This could Im* a group of soldiers with helmets on and bayonets sticking up. It could be a pin cushion full of needles, or even a moonscape. Actually, it is a 2.HOO times enlargement of the eye, or eyes, of a common fruit fly as seen through the electronic microscope of Dr Lloyd M Beadier of Florida State university. A fly’s eye is made up of many small, simple eyes. The round surfaces are facets containing the corneal lenses while set form hairs apjM'ar in some spaces. AP WirephotoAcademic Life at MIT? Massachusetts Institute of Technology students spin a giant yo-yo from a motorized nine foot-long finger atop a 21-story building on campus in Cambridge. The yo-yo, t ailed the world s longest, slid down the 2ti5-foot rope The finger nOtigedJJie rope and the yo-yo, made of two bicycle wheels, climbed up the rope about 15 stories The concrete portion of the (’N Tower iii downtown Toronto stood at 1,315 feet Monday. Concrete |>ounng is expected to Im* finished by the end of February. The tower, which will tie the tallest free standing structure iii (tie world upon completion, will Im- lopped off with a 3h0 foot communications tower, bringing total height to I,HOS feet (71 stories) it intl f I v / 4. I- iif Kl I nt*rpriH!%f I tit f A Suggestion to Take I p Needlepoint Was a Disaster for the Home IU I rma Hornbeck My mother won’t admit it, but I’ve always been a disappointment to her. Deep down inside, she will never forgive herself for giving birth to a daughter who refuses to launder aluminum foil and use it over again She was definitely not amused when I held my annual ‘ Breakfast With Mommy” at Ctnistmas time and passed out candy canes to my children and told them to bo good until Mommy saw them at breakfast next year. Mother has dedicated her remaining years to bleaching my dish towels and getting me ready for a deathbed conversion to domesticity. During a recent v isit she pulled out a spice from the rack and a small envelop* dropped to the floor. She picked it up and gasped, "Oh my soul. Do you have any idea the expiration date on this packet of yeast?” Without waiting for an answer she read, “It expired July 2H. I»57. What happened*’’ fh‘fiif/fne fVexxMre ”1 don’t like to Im* pressured by a deadline,” I said She shook her head sadly, “You should be doing something with your hands You don't knit. You don t crochet And i'll never know why you stopjied sewing ” “I stopped sewing. Mother, the day I put my darts in wrong and had to back iii and out of rooms to make me look g(M KI. “Why don’t you take up needlepoint?” she asked “It would relax you aud at the same time you could ta* domesticated.’ (Mother always makes me sound like a Clit she is trying to sand train > I might try it, I mused After all, Kosie liner needle-jaunts all the time." lf she can do it, so can you,” said Mother. Sea reel" f iM»/. cd I p She came over aland three weeks ago and I scarcely hooked up See1’ I said, “I ani doing something with my hands ” How long have you been sitting at the kitchen table?” she asked I wo days a week a mouth who knows'* I just want to do three more rows aud LII jiut it down and get to my work ” But I lied lite needlejMUnt bas become my whole life I dont talk lo the kids I don't watch TV anymore. I ve cull* • cled three lectures aud I vc engaged someone else to type Mils column As I mid mother, “You should Im1 doing some thing with your hands ’’ I am she said, “I’m wringing them ” Nearing the Top CP Wirephoto —AP WirephotoHostages Released Chief Officer Nicolas Lambropoulos, in jacket at left, and Chief engineer Oeorge I'erimeris, in sweater at right, are reunited with other crewmen of the Creek freighter Von in Karachi after their release by terrorists who hijacked their ship. The hijackers were flown to Cairo after the Creek government commuted the death sentences of two Arab guerillas it holds. ;

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