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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IlIu Ctfclar ftttpuU dinette Truck Talk Pennsylvania Gov. Milton Shapp. right. and Sen. Henry M Jackson. (D-YVash), were anions federal and state officials who met Sunday in Washington with independent truck drivers in an attempt to end a shutdown by tin’ drivers In background is labor troubleshooter VV. J. I’sery. a special assistant to the President. — AP Wirephoto A bulldog pulling a sled9 Well, he wasn 't laughing about it and he finished only 25 yards of the quarter -mile track in the St. Paul Winter Carnival Mutt Kau* Sunday, in which most means of conveyance were pulled by the traditional husky — UPI Telephoto Ifs Great To Be Home Gerald Kind Kosh, left, puts his arm around his father, Enid Kosh. after arriving at the Philadelphia naval hospital Sunday. Gerald, a civilian employe of the state department, was captured by Chinese forces on the Caracol Islands after South Vietnamese naval units battled with the Chinese. Kosh was serving as a liaison officer with tile South Vietnamese navy UPI Telephoto The Poor Arabs, All They    Want Is a C And They Get Planes %■ By Art Ruehwald WASHINGTON — The French have just made a new deal with Saudi Arabia — oil in exchange for Mirage airplanes and sophisticated arms. The British are in the process of making a similar deal with other Arab oil-producing countries including the tiny sheikdoms along the Persian Gulf. The cruel fact is that in order to guarantee an adequate fuel supply for itself, any industrialized nation is now willing to give the Arabs all the weapons they want. The big question is how much sophisticated armaments can the oil-producing Arab states absorb? Most of their land is covered with sand inhabits! by Bedouins who still are not quite used to the sudden wealth that is being showered on them The following scene will probably take place in a year or two A Bedouin camp 'MMI miles from the Saudi Arabian capital of Riy adh The chief of the area pulls up in a brandnew British armored personnel carrier. "Ahmed,*’ shouts the chief, "you lazy lout. wake up and come out of your tent. I have a gift from the king for you!” Ahmed rushes out of the tent. "Did you bring me a camel?” "I did better than that, my desert friend. See what I have on the back of the new British armored personnel carrier?”    iucMWALo Ahmed follows him to the rear of the truck The chief strips off the canvas from the object he has in tow “What is it?” Ahmed asks, staring at the strange machine    ^    ___ Hqhtvr I*taw "It is the latest French fighter plane, the Phantom-Mirage. It will fly at speeds over I.HNI miles an hour and can carry six air-to-air supersonic missiles. Now what do you say?" "I still would rather have a camel,” Ahmed replies "How dare you talk that way about a gift from your most gracious sovereign?" "Forgive me," Ahmed says fearfully, "but I already have four British fighters, six American Sky Hawks and seven heavy armored helicopters out behind my tent What I really nets! is something that can cross the desert and doesn t use up water ” "I will forget I heard your treasonous words His majesty has vowed every citizen in his country will have a complete air squadron of his own by 1977 Now where do you want us to put the Mirage?" "Put it next to the British Centaur tanks you brought me last week Are you sure I was supposed to get 311 tanks? You know we don't have any children " The chief checked iii his book "That’s correct You have to have 3d tanks, plus 2.(MMI rounds of armor-piercing cannon shells." .I 0 lime/ "Are you certain his majesty didn t mention anything alsiut giving me a camel? You see my old one is on his last legs, arid if I could get a new camel I could sell    the dates    from the Wadi Oasis and go to the market at Medina    and "Silence, you ungrateful wretch The next    thing    you    will tell me is that you don't want a nuclear submarine.” "A nuclear submarine9” "That is right The French have agreed to sell us UNNI nuclear submarines in exchange for I.(NMI barrels of oil As soon as we get the transportation we will Im* delivering one to you ” Ahmed sighs “All right But if you can’t get me a carnel, what about a donkey? I could make do with a donkey until I have enough money to buy a carnel The chief got back on his armored personnel carrier and just laughed "What industrialized country in the world would give us a donkey?” CopyrSjM IV/4, lo* A noel** tim#* Meets His Teacher Who Me? Dorothy Brooks of Cincinnati shows a postcard which arrived Friday for he r daughter from Bar Harbor, Maine. It arrived 1W years after it was mailed in 1958 The postman made Mrs Brooks pay six cents due* postage, since the rates had increased since* it was originally inaile*d The card came from a schoolmate of tier daughter. now married, and advises! a letter would follow The* letter never came Maybe it s still itll the* way — with (Mintage due    , I’. S. Attorney Gen William B Sax be* talks with T. VV. Thompson. 84. one of his junior high school teache*rs, during a visit Sunday outside the new Mechanicsburg, Ohio, municipal building. Saxbe ret unled to his hometown to speak at dedication ceremonies for the new building. The visit was his first since being con-firmc*d as attorney general. larry Lewis, a 106-year-old ex-waiter who liked to run almost seven miles each morning, has died of apparent liver cancer, in San Francisco. Lew is astounded his doctors for many years with his 4 a rn. runs around Golden Gate park — AP Wirephoto AP Wirephoto You Can’t AP Wirephoto ;

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