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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATI0NA1 WI ATNI* SfkvlCt fOtiCAlT I* 7AM tit lt-tS-74 ' VI Lost British Official Turns Up Down Under DEATHS JO5 v UM WI AlHfk tOIOCASI ▼. MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) Harold Wilson’s 1964-70 — A member of the British par- government. He was on a busi-liament who disappeared five ness trip to the U.S. when he weeks ago in Florida was ar- disappeared on Nov. 20 after rested Tuesday in Australia on telling friends at his Miami Elmer L. Hendrickson Fulmer L. Hendrickson. 71. of Labor 1234 Eighteenth avenue SW, died Tuesday following a long illness. Born Dec. 26, 1902, in Cedar The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., December 24, 1974 Ehrlichman Attorney Shifts Focus to Nixon WASHINGTON (AP) — Atter)- he intended to carry the orches-r,    f tion at the Watergate cover-up tra leader theme. P ’    had lived here all o ^rjaj agajn    js focused on the ab- “I took him to mean    the man a charge of entering the country    Beach    hotel    he    was    going    for    a    his life.    A retired employe of jSCnce 0f Richard Nixon as de-jwith the baton was    Richard illegally, police said.*    swim.    Morehead Construction Co., he fendant or    witness in the case Nixon,” said the prosecutor. Detective Chief Supt.    Mick, Stonehouse’s    wife,    Barbara,    was a    member of Cement that drove    him from the presi- “Everyone knows    who he Patterson said that 49-year-old told newsmen in I/indon repea-    AFL-CIO    561 John Thomas Stonehouse admit- tedly that she believed her busted entering the country on a band had drowned. But the Surviving are his wife, the dency,    meant when he said the conduc- Judge John Sirica started tor or the head of the orchestra Monday to comment on the par-wasn’t here,” said Sirica. “I’ve false    passport    and    would    proba-    Miami    police    refused    to    close    f°rrnt‘r Naomi    Olson    whom    he    don granted Nixon by President    already ruled he doesn’t    have to bly go    before    a    court    on    Christ-    the    file    on    the    case    because    the    married in    New    Hampton,    July:Ford but then    restrained him-    appear because of the    doctors’ self.    report” that said Nixon    was too “It’s too bad    — well. I better    ill to testify before the    trial is not say what I’m thinking,” said expected to end. the judge after the jury had    “Eyes    Open” Then the judge asked if it was mas day.    body    had    not been recovered. [it 1939; a stepdaughter, Mrs. The detective gave no expla-.    Killed by Mafia? Donald Erusha, Cedar Falls; nation for Stonehouse’s disappearance Police sources said Stone- British newspapers speculated five I? ran dc Mid re n ; two that Stonchousr had been killed br0*5.s- Car D" Cedar Rapids, house had been traveling under by Mafia when a body en- in    was    mi    inn and Wilmer, Jamul, Calif. been sent from the courtroom to: the name of Markham -ind was    >" concrete was found:    Turner    chapel    west    begin    a    twoday    Christmas tho name of Markham <#ki was    Thursday at IO a m. by the Rev. recess. The jurors were to do .    ., .    ,........ arrested in a seaside suburb of ntdr the teach on which he wasj^ ^ Sodawasser. Burial: ,in-    should    be    acquitted Melbourne on a tip from Inter-! supp°s«l to have taken his last] ^ Friends may call pol, the international police or-    But invest.gatkm proved Iwooa-    may that the body wasn t his. Two British newspapers re Rain is expected Christmas Eve across most of the area from the Gulf coast into parts of the mid Atlantic states. Mostly fair elsewhere. Ford Extends Financing Terms On Auto Loans gamzation. 20 Days Later    {ported that a Czechoslovak Patterson said Stonehouse en-{agent who defected six years tered Australia at Perth airport ago, Maj. Josef Frolik, claimed on Dec. IO, 20 days after he Stonehouse was a spy for the disappeared in Miami Beach. Communists. But Wilson told “Stonehouse has been fre- the house of commons last week 1 Turner chapel west. T:_ 1    , .    .    .    should be acquitted because Lilt-;so rn c last-minute Christmas Nixfln was n0, ^ t0 (cslif at shopping Tuesday and spend    answer yes or no." Tuesday night and Christmas’    p day wdh their families in a ^ M ^ ^ (hjnk jt hotel banquet room under the mad    difference. None of -Turner watchful eye of 27 marshals.    the d(,[(mdan|s had ,0 obfy 1:30 pm.I '‘Orchestra leader’    jNixon if he told them to cover The issue of the Nixon pardon up Watergate, said the judge. “They went into it with their Squealing Melbourne post office Hhat Frolik’s story was inves-j ca»ket will not be opened after behalf of his :mr! rfwivinp information from tigated at the time and no evi-     »    ^______Nixon aide Johr Memorial Services Nemecek, Milo V. chapel west at Thursday by the Rev. William Harnish Burial: Cedar Memo-    .    .......    „    ,. rial. Friends may call at Turner came up during William Prates west until I p.m. Thursday. The [closing argument to the jury on eyes open,” he said. “They’re client, former lover 21. Some of them are law- The Weather I call at 213 Twenty-third street I drive SE. Hists temperatures Mondev, tow tem- i permutes overnight and inches of pre-1    u DETROIT (AP) - Auto fi-1 detective said.    Tjpere    was    also    newspaper nancing terms are being extend-1 Stonehouse has been a Laborl speculation in Britain that Stone-eri hv tho finnnr»ini arm of *™i;Party member of the house of house had gone underground af m 'ti    „i       -j.    m ,    ,*    financial    commons    since    1957    and    was because of reverses in interna- Derive?* .'. ii I 04 New York* 47 4S os ligate smoke odor at *1502 First Motor Co- in an effort lo get aviation minister and Ihen min->,tional business deals he was try- and receiving information from tigated at the time and no evi- “‘imer/lmoftn ii — Turner |Nixon a,dc Joh* Ehrhchman. ,yers. England. He may have been try- dence was found to support his{chapel east at noon Thursday; Prates recalled that prosecu-, ing to get out of Australia,” the allegations.    I    by    the    Rev.    William Shepard.{tor James Neal had likened the1 T’-i‘    T’:”    1      cover    up cipitation Anchoreq* 3) 34    .1*    L. Angelot    ii    ii Ailanto .. OS 51    .73    Miami .    7$    70 Bismarck .14 -4    .04    Min'apoli*    37    t3 p.m. Monday. Mistaken alarm at First street and First avenue NE. 8:48 p.m. Monday. Inves- Burial: Oak Hill. Friends may five cover-up defendants to    RgJD3IT 2£utEt    <*anMetal in Cereal they wish, contribute to the (that while some may play far Quota club scholarship fund. Duluth ... 74 ll Phoenix ...S3 lf Ha WI uh! ..n 71 Seattle .. 34 30 Houston .74 44 OI Washington 54 41 Extended Forecast — Chance of snow on Thursday and in the east on Friday. Clearing and colder Saturday. Highs in 30s throughout the period and lows in the teens and low 20s. C. R. Weather High Monday.................42 Low overnight ..............20 Noon Tuesday ................23,    Spe,dins    . 2 p.m........................28    433 cherry Precipitation ..............None    [fined $100 Total for December .......0.71    Vese>« . v , .     .    „    ,    ,,    street drive SE; fined $50 and Normal for December J*J? coats.    David    Fleming,    1140 Normal through Dec 33 18 country    Club    drive,    Marion; Total for 1974 ..............40.03    Gustave    Giersberg,    440    Pine- Barometer, rising .........30.25 Humidity at noon .........74% avenue NE    iFord’s domestic sales 9:39 p.m. Monday. Faulty. ,    ., furnace at 1008 Sixth street hack on the upswing. SW-    Edward    Nevergold,    executive 3.18 a.m. Tuesday. Defective,vice-nresident    of    North    Ameri- dryer at 200 Clive drive SW.    01    iwm    Am<;n 6:22 a.m. Tuesday. Apparent < an automotive sales financing battery acid to interior of car aflat Ford Motor Credit Co., said 3424 E avenue NE.    ,,    .    ., 9:42 a.m Tuesday. Short    in    Monday    the    firm is ottering electric stove at 368 Thirtieth terms of 42 and 48 months, street drive SE. curve I ister of posts and telecom-mg to swing, including trade\A/L!l^ Tribal munications in Prime Minister contracts with Bangladesh and YYMlTt; I Mal _____  .    -    -    —    a    contract    to    sell    Romanian    ce-:    ■    III ment to Nigeria. His wife denied JjCmGCiUISCI this. ‘ Magistrate’s Court . Hamode Hasson, Hill road NW; and costs. Bret 335V4 Thirty-fifth Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m. WNW at 12 mph. Sun rises Wednesday, sun sets, 4:40. Year Ago Today — High, 39; lowf, 30; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Wednesday Weather, Iii-Lo Bismarck  PtCldy 26- 5 Chicago.........PtCldy    30-18 Cincinnati ...... Shwrs 42-26 Cleveland.......Cloudy    36-24 Des Moines PtCldy 25-14 Detroit..........Cloudy    32-16 Indianapolis  Shwrs 55-37 Kansas City ..... PtCldy 32-20 Mpls.-St. Paul ...Cloudy 24-14 Omaha 1..........PtCldy    34-19 St. Louis........Cloudy    34-20 Sioux Falls PtCldy 25-12 Coralville Lake away,” Nevergold said. He said Ford is extending the financing period because of view drive NE; Ro b e r 11higher prices for new cars, in-Armstrong, 1323 Sixth streetUgtjQjj    D(j    tight    money NW; Janell Reinhart, 753    0    J Eighth avenue, Marion; Marvin market which he said has kept Hanson, 1022 Wiley* boulevard many potential buyers out of the NW; Madalen Is h man, 921 J r    J Patricia I market. “'Hie longer contract enables “We have the money and the desire to help people buy cars and trucks and we aren’t about to turn creditworthy customers I firmed the existence of such a file and said it had been main- CIA- (Continued from Page I.) quiry into the CIA’s possible involvement in Watergate contained “references (to) an apparent CIA file” on columnist Jack Anderson. A source within the CIA con tained by the U. S. Intelligence Board, an interagency panel March IO Trial date for Johnny D. Lee White on a charge of murdering Donald Van Steenis has been set for March IO. The 30-year-old former Cedar Rapids man pled innocent to the; less than others, all are essential parts of the total orchestration. Prates picked up Neal’s anal-iogy and carried it a step further: ‘‘Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re missing one person here, the orchestra leader, that’s who we’re missing in this case.” Frates and his client have repeatedly charged that Nixon misled Ehrlichman about Watergate. 7:33; | Oakland road NE; Houston, 320 Ninth avenue, Marion; Patricia Wilken, 1130 Northview drive, Marion; the consumer to get the car he Frank Bruce, jr.. Centra! City:jwants with the equipment he Marie Bell, 2120 Eighth avenue    . Marion; Daniel Erhardt, 3717 wants, but without spending ad- T wolf th avenue SW; Ellery ditional dollars per month, and Hammond, route one, Marion;    *    ’ , John Hunt, Marion; Steven that s the key,” Nevergold said. Gassman Tower Terrace trail- ‘'Obviously, he ll pay some-cr court. Marion: Michael Dah-I I em, 1821 Sixth avenue SE; what higher financing charges, John Scott, route one Cedai; but ^ a|j]e repay the en- Rapids; each fined $30 and costs. Peter Gaspur, jr., 18821 tire contract over a longer Ellis boulevard NW; Lloyd Matthes, Tipton; Rhonda Snow, 246 Miller avenue SW; Keith Meyer, 1121 Fifteenth street SE; Richard Widmer, 6621 Kent drive NE; John Buscher, 2210 O 'avenue NE; Edwin Hart, Viola; period of time.” The former industry was 36 Bogus $20 Bill Surfaces in C.R. Police Monday received a report of a counterfeit $20 bill. Jk£ “LW,LSlrtXr35«;S "uT'umi ‘dKrirt ^irt| During his argument to the! Heinz said it has resumed nor- C^tySth avTnufsW tr^!Monday, and Judge Louis jury, Frates kept referring to mal shipment, of baby cere* iweniy-eignin avenue ow, ineu    iriai    a ain tho orchestra leader without after a complete examination of to make a purchase at a garden [Shultz .mended to set trial    wmK%e product manufacturing How Far PITTSBURGH (AP) - H. J. Heinz Co. said Tuesday that metal filings found hi two boxes of baby cereal in Charlotte, N. C., apparently came from repairs made on a piece of machinery at its factory here. A workman apparently dropped a small quantity of filings into an empty storage bin during a drilling job and the metal slivers found their way into the initial flow of cereal when the tank was filled, a com-i pany spokesman said. whose’ members include the supply store. The clerk told her for Feb. IO. only part way process. A company spokesman heads of the government’s the bill was counterfeit.    I    However,    dcdense    b',a*?s    his*    cloine    "argument    I    said    Monday    that Heinz cereals various intelligence services. Mrs. Sobola then took the bill ^Jhe.r ^hedu es would    (already    on    the    shelves    will    not ties include developing rn    received    the    hillibring    him    information    about    recess.    The    case    is    expected    to] telligence estimates and priori-(iaims    nilli    *    ... she received the bill bring tiered "overseeing" security. * after cashing a check. their schedules. compiled a dossier on Anderson j Tb® money received from the after publication of classified b^k was not used until Mon- documents in his syndicated col- cay* Mrs. Sobola told police. umn had blown the cover of CIA] Police were called after Mrs. agents abroad, the source said.    a^erte<*    kank offices. The serial number G44391119D i.«f ..U...UU.    Cause    Of    death    has    been    set    r«    Willing Two sources said> An8|eton!matches the number of a conn- as a broken neck from a .38 cal- TlSCher YYIIIIng was questioned by the Watergate special prosecutor’s office last winter in an attempt to determine if there was any connection between Angleton’s unit and the White House plumbers unit. But one source familiar go to the jury Friday or Satur Holdups— Van Steenis, a Cedar Rapidsjday.    (Continued    from    Pace    11 auctioneer, disappeared    Feb. 12.1 After    the jury was    sent out of]    _ His body was found    about a [the room, Neal said    he thought    paul F. Hill,    164 West Post road week later in the Cedar river (Frates    should explain how far    N\vt to lie on    the floor. Two other    persons who    were in the store, Jon A. Sarchett, 906 Eighteenth street NW, and Debra J. Yaneeek, 1021 Center Point road NE, were also told to Defending Vie on the floor. Kicked in Head east of Cedar Rapids. norm with that effort said the prose-j-- — ~    ,    . •    ..    1    charge months, but nearly »|cutors could find no evidence of ^ ^ simultaneous arrosLs J terfeit bill Michael Juenger, 22. »ber slug striking    the base of his J Dj’crUSS    StlSO of 715 Sixth street SE, allegedly skull. Robbery is    believed to be 1 ®    Jfiay attempted to pass Dec. 5 at a I the motive for the    shooting. Cedar Rapids business.    j    White    has    been    returned    to    ______ A counterfeiting operation the penitentiary    at Fort Madi-;of the    u.S.    has    expressed    ai    kiriced    Miss    Y-mecek . was broken the next day within where he is serving a sen- Willingness to discuss ^ nndSarchettmtho^ad t^fore [ the arrests in Cedar Rapids of 'fee on a Tama    county larcenylchanges    that    ,,osed a potential!™.    ‘n mnn    in    1    ’AAM    VU    J11    (‘lie! I" IIC.    Ia    Hic    U/lkHH tiflp HIRtCh MANILA (AP) chess champion Bobby Fischer Pool level Tuesday  676.061 each fined $20 and costs ,, ca f i •    Faulty    equipment    —    Leland    [he    said. Births — bt. Luke S Hepker, 5410 J street SW; Lon-Dcc 2! — Mr. and Mrs. John nie O’Neal, route two, Cedar Allpress. 3904 E avenue NW, a Rapids; Susan Stalkfleet 434 percent of the Ford‘Credit's la link and the investigation wasj •    and    Minneapolis.    Steel contracts during November I not oursued.    Authorities    said    nearly    $3    mil-!    aTeCI were for more than 36 months. and Vinton, Eighth avenue SW; Larry Mrs.I White. 900 Ingleside drive SW; each fined $10 and costs. Vehicle control violation — Ion C h r i s t a I Williams, Urbana; fined $30 and costs. Driver’s license violation — Robert Ncmeck, 217 seventh street NE; Twenty- daughter. Dee. 22 — Mr. George Cummings, son Dec. 23 — Mr. and Mr: Klein. 310 Zelda drive NW, a son. Births — Mercy Dec. 23 — To the families of igounciSf uqo Ninth street Stephen Luckey, 4233 Benton eacn fined $15 and costs ivku* 9ifinlF    Npr    Driving    on wrong side — Whitmore, 2160 F avenue NL. aL *    *    QOl daughter; Larry Ilopp. 159 Al- :    rn    SI ma drive NW. tx son; Jim Bur- NE* iined and 00818 gess. 125 Bowling street SW. a Traffic signal violation — I William Uthoff, 268 First avenue SE; fined $25 and costs. David Kula, Central City; Richard Kirkpatrick, 1854 Ellis boulevard NE; each fined $20 and costs. Craig Phillips, 389 Twenty-second street SE; Carolyn Dannatt, 208 Twenty-ninth street NE; Byron Fabre, 3626 Redbud road NE; Gary Walsh. 4022 Soutter avenue SE; Kenneth McGregor, 404 Fleetwood road NW; Calvin Trygg, 700 Thirty-fifth street, Marion; Toroid Tilton, Anamosa; Randy Klouda, 1715 First avenue SE; Harold Farland, 2460 First avenue NW; each fined $15 and Ford Recalls 7,100 Trucks, Bus Chassis I not pursued. Congress Probe    I    non was recovered in the ar Angleton al**> came to the at {rests* tent ion of one of the congres-    ~    ~    • sionai investigations of water Construction Curbs Postponed by EPA WASHINGTON (AP) (Continued from Page I.) block to his world title match against Anatoly Karpov of Rus-Uia. a chess official said Tuesday. “Unless the problem is recarbon solved, the holding of the was located. The robbers were then told by Hill that the money was in an office. In addition to the money,, which was contained partly in a metal box and a bank bag, the men took about $15 from a coin scrapers and bridges, steel plates used for machinery, [Fischer-Karpov match is virtu-railroad products, pipe and tin ally dead at the moment,”) mill products.    Flor^cio C^^es deputy f,0/;ce said    wore They do not affect steel that |president of the Internationally    pu||ed    owr DETROIT lUPI) I"Ord operation was very —“Y    six months the start of restric- Bethlehem said the increases approached him and expressed .    ,1,*    ,    ‘    "“j’ —~ !S?"I.    ’"?* feared by °    *m’|lions on construction of newiafe insufficient to cover higher willingness to meet Dr. Max J * *    f Kti^atlon s^’^g^the'cleorlg^j^^J^j^^p J. o^t c ct i'o'n in,°    ^ 3 their fa^s. Both were btack and csuganuu sham j    Environmental i rote ct ion appi,ances anc[ other consumer) conference.    .    .    lp    ,, ,mPJio„S:L verv semi and ARC,Ky Tuc^ay fK,stP?m‘d ,or goods.    -    Campomanes    said    Fischer    has)    ^    rnhhor    ^.ril oneration was very si ( ret ana SJX mon(hs the start of restric- One robber was described as 5 son. Marriage Licenses Bonnie Hutyra and Stephen Sorden, Marie Fadley and Robert Dietz, jr., Barbara Cummings and Robert Cummings, Donna Wells and William Poyneer, Barbara Gesswein and David Runde, Anna Fisher and John Burianek, Patricia Harger and William Ask, Patty Nelson and Robert Letts, all of Cedar Rapids. * Mary Andersen, Marion, and Michael Flynn, Cedar Rapids. Janet Ford, Mechanicsville, and Stephen Ry- Rodney that it is recalling about    7,100    ployes.    [shopping    centers,    highways.    sta-Lr^.jHi_n    “Thev    cover    IE it SE;; bus chassis and trucks in which Senator Sparkman    {    u    m    s    and    other    ‘‘indirect!^    nne-third    of    the    cost    in-    K an air brake supply line    could    soon to become chairman of soiirc'eg’*    of air polltition. become disconnected.    foreign    relations committee. The automaker said the model years of the bus chassis are 1973-75 and the trucks are 1972-75. Inspection of two units that uwe. federation president, or only one-third of the cost in- Karpov to discuss the issue. creases not recovered by Beth-* - Federal regulations requiring ,ehem during the la^t /ive said he intends tothe states to review large con-    „    a    spokesman    said vest igat i on when tin mw>plans in advance andi _ congress convenes.    |ban    those    wou|d    violate Separate hearings were prom- alT standards were originally ised by Sen. Stennis (^ 'scheduled to take effect Jan. I experienced air line separations Miss.), chairman of the senate Rut EPA Administrator Bus revealed the air line at the air supply tank had become disconnected because a metal insert was missing. ’Neither of the reported incidents involved an accident. Magistrate Court armed services committee, and ^jj Train suspended them until Rep. Lueien Nedzi (D-Mich.) junt» 30 because of “substantial chairman of the house armed j ^1^ debate and misunder-! ^Qn Sentenced to services subcommittee on in-[ standing which need to be more telligence. According to the effectively resolved before Times, both men were briefed proceed.” Ford said about 17 pecent of j jast year by Colby on the CIA's    - the potentially affected vehicles domestic activities. contain the defect.    I    - rQlQTlQi Med bolt, Cedar Rapids. Diane Rahe and Francis Klostermann, both cosU-of Hiawatha. Susan Rammann I Striking unattended vehicle and Dean Haparanta, both of Bruce Bushman, 1118 Thirty-Marion.    i    third    .street    NE;    fined    $30    and Marriages Dissolved    One-way    Street    violation    — Janet H. and John G. Collins, Randall Milling, 710 Sixteenth jr. Karen J. and Alan L. Hammond. Cleanne Louise and Milo Emil Maeder. Carol I. and Lowell E. Webber. Deborah L. and Damon Gardner. Donna Jean and Bradford Eugene Gordon. Colleen M. and Robert L. Karr..Catherine F. and Jerry A. Klingamon. Fires 10:41 am. Monday. Overheated tar kettle at 5 Twixt Town road NE. 3:33 p.m. Monday. Faulty chimney at 3227 Carlisle street| Thursday NE. 4:56 pm Monday. Pilot lixht Hi. Friday at I, St. John Lute lint in dryer at 1135 Ellis!theian church. Visitation at boulevard NW.    «    Fellmet’s    in    Keystone    ofter    I 5:49 p.m. Monday. Assistance Thursday_ Margin in Senate Race: Two Votes CONCORD, N. H. (UPI) — Rep. Louis Wyman (R-N. ll.) overturned the results of a recount Tuesday and won election to the U. S. senate by two votes, believed the narrowest margin ever in a senate contest. Democrat John Durkin said he would appeal his lofts to the Democrat-controlled senate. Wyman’s victory 50 days after the general election followed Cedar Rapids. Burial: Sulek I New Hampshire ballot law com Cemetery near Shueyville.[mission review alai reversal of I Friends may call street SE; fined $20 and costs. Iowa Deaths Independence — Frank Stemper, 85. Friday at 10:30 at St. John’s. Parish Rosary Thursday at 3, military memorial at 7:30 and wake service at 8 at Mason-Hawe’s where friends may call Thursday. Solon — Thomas Velky, 82. Friday at 10:30, Brosh chapel, mng services community mental health centers, migrant and neighborhood health centers and rat control. Ford said this bill' would add $1 billion to his bud-i get recommendations for what he termed unjustified expends1 Kevin Leyse, 1935 Bever ave- tures that conflicted with “my[ nue SE, pled guilty in magis- strong commitment to the trate’s court to two charges and American taxpayer to hold fedoras given 20-day jail sentences eral spending to essential pur-1 170 to 180 pounds. He wore a gray waist length coat and dark construction boots. The second suspect was described as 5 feet IO inches to 6 feet tall, 150 to 160 pounds and wearing dark boots with a waist such programs as family plan-length green coat, and research.! Ford— (Continued from Page I.) 40 Days after Plea SAIGON (UPI) nam Communists, in separate Vie! Reds: No For Garbagemen on each charge, to be served [j*^. ll a. I k Al A ~    PARIS    (AP)    — Four garbage vonvcutively. Hunt tor MIAS (collectors who work near tho He was charged with assauJt ^    Viet-    Elysee palace were taken    off    and batten-    and    disturbing    the ^    their truck this morning    for    P*a«    »•. tn the    breakfast with President Valery    <*“•*«• with    assaulting    Clair Christmas eve messages to the    ,4*cvt ,1™    Strempke, a Cedar Rapids po- U.S.. said Tuesday that    ‘hey^card d EsUin,.    ^    Ike o£*r. would refuse to search for miss- L •    •    I    •    - ing American servicemen in the    J    U)(,    (M1    More than 1.000 offers to buy, fordable future.    tv French driver and sell rent, hire or service daily N™lh yi“n ^bis three African helpers _>n the want ads! statement by the ^ minis-    Senegal    -    were in. demanded full Implements-jnoHj tion of the Paris peace agree ment, including US. aid to! Hanoi, as the price for cooperation. The Viet Cong provisional The Cerine jRtipicU dtijfHe EOoblt*h*d In 'M3 bv Is# Coigtf# Co. and oubutried doily and Sunday af SOO Third ova SE. Cedar Ropidt. iowa 17*06 Second dos* pottage paid at Cedar Rapid!, Iowa. Subtc riot ion rat#! bv carrier 95 cantt a. week Bv mall: Night Edition ond Sunday 6 ittuat S3 IS a month, S39 OO a vaor: Afternoon Edition! and Sunday I itiuet S3 IS a month. S40 OO a year. Omar ttatet and O.S. tarrttof let SOO OO a year. No Mail Subscription! accepted In area! having Gazette corner tar vice The Anodal#* Preit it entitled enclutlvelv lo the ut# for republication of all the local newt printed In thlt newspaper at well at oil AP newt dttpatchet. z < o tell someone you care with flowers Florist and Gift Shop 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day [invited inside After a 20-minute talk over! (coffee, toast and croissants, Gis-j *ard gave each of the men aj Christmas turkey anil a bottle of j after noon I re , • . ,n .    7    *    ^1    "7»-    ”    *    .^    T.^    ehampagne    and    sent them back ain i swan I Durkin g 10-vote recount victor revolutionary government a.sked^ vu>1^ New hall - Everett Kunstorfjry-    |f«r even more The PHG tied Final official figures showed [the search for U.S. servicemen Wyman defeated Durkin 110,926 to a halt in military aid to to 110,924.    (Saigon. Flowers Say What Words Can't Ave. Floral & Botanical! 39 16th Ave. S.W. 366-7148 For 61 years . . . flowers for all occasions! John E. Lopes 308 3rd Ave. SE    36S-0511 Cunvmnient downtown location floral artistry ewe ((en FLORIS! Town and Country Shopping Center 364-2146 . - ^ Serving all faiths since 1888. John B.TLrrier&Son Turner s East. 800 Second Ave. SE ^ Turner s West, 1221 First Ave. West j V. May the bnghtntu of His pitsaw* thing into your lives... and bring you mony bttsungj. BAXTER MEMORIAL CHAPELS MARION    MOUNT    VERNON tm ;

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