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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues.. December 24. 1974 Hiawatha Goes to Court To Block Interstate 380 Indictment of Former Aide To Humphrey NEW YORK (AP) - The manager of Sen. Hubert As expected, the city of Hia-j — No plan is binding unless    it taking of property is necessary I Humphrey s 19(0 senate cam* Watha has gone to court in its is approved by a community af- to the construction of the high- na.nd ,thae7 formor v,ce; Vtinnir xu.    Ifppjpj u,, it    .    .    .    'president s 1 9 72 presidential I. . ., . way and thal lhe existence of campaign was indicted Monday duty to    lalternate routes may * consid- for allegedly arranging an Hie- good faith pertinent data sub-ered in determining the neces-gal $12,000 campaign contribu- SJ?„P    . •?    site    tion from th^ nation’8 largest muted by such a community.    pity.    dairy cooperative Counter Contention    q^je    former    a|(je jggfc chest- The petition alleges that the nut, could face two years in attempt to block the construe- fected by it tion of interstate 380 through the' town. In a petition filed in Linn district court Monday afternoon the city asks the court to declare the following as correct interpretations of laws concerning the situation: — That the Sept. 30 approval; The commission is bound to withhold affirmative action, if requested, and to afford adequate time for contrary views. The city has a legal right to lion that a decision is essential highway commission's contcn- P1**80*1 and a $10,000 fine if con- 6 J    victed He is to plead to the indict ed the Hiawatha route by the institute suit to prevent con-to avoid the blocking of federal ment jan g county regional planning arni-^ruction if any issue remains funds is wrong.    I    In    a    statement issued by his mission is void because it did undetermined at the conclusion The requirement according to office in Minneapolis, Chestnut not follow a state law requiring ~e —14    M    b..... ... a majority vote of the members on major street plans. Doesn't Apply of this suit. That the mavor and coun- the suit, is that alternates must sa*d Ibe charge was unfounded. oilmen of the city have a right bo refined to the extent that    ^*1?    *>reca,l^a* to carry out their legal duties as, their impact on the plan as a During the time I was con cerned with Senator x. t x agents of the city, even though whole can be determined. |u„mr>hroV’0 .wiOL.ni In this connection the petition th_v    TT,;„vlt    nrnn*rtv    an. * * -    » a t    “urnP“re>    8 poetical activities also argues that a commission,    ," ' '    1 1 ,    ‘    , 'he states study of    a w^er-.fo 1970 j    took every possible bv-law allowing exceptions    on    fectedby the proposed route.    ly alternative is fatally defec-    precaution to assure that    there quorums does not apply    to    such    -The    court has    a right to    de-    Jive, the suit declares, because    were no violations of any    state major matters.    termine    whether    the proposed    ^ ^ads t0 cons1^ e Possl °    or federal law,” he said. _____________combination of 1-380 with a cir-j    “j have retained counsel and cumferential highway. The ccm-,wjq resist vigorously any aile* bination would make it lessjggtion that I caused or was in expensive, according to the suit. any way responsible for any Employe Suspended; Probe Psychiatric Clinic Books A state audit of the Linn position held by the employe county psychiatric clinic’s books is underway and one employe has been suspended, Paul Pen-ningroth. clinic director, revealed Tuesday. In a report to the Linn supervisors Tuesday morning, Pen-ningroth said the audit involved the suspected embezzlement of an unknown amount of cash from the psychiatric clinic’s cash box. ‘ On Dec. 6 a discrepancy in the financial business of the clinic was discovered by the business manager,” Penning-roth said. violation of the law.” According to the indictment, Chestnut came to New York in The petition sets out that the highway commission says it does not know where the circumferential highway will be|1970^ ^ got the Associated Milk Hope! indicated the alleged located.    'Producers,    Inc.,    to    contribute embezzlement occurred over a jf ^js \s (rue> the suit says,!two $6 000 checks that paid for the location of 1-380 througtvthe services of the Lennen & Hiawatha should not be set, be-Newell advertising firm No Curtailment Of Public Health Funds for Iowa DKS MOINE (UPI) - State Health Commissioner Norman Pawlewski said Tuesday he has been informed federal funds for public health work in Iowa will not bo curtailed for the first three months of next year as previously announced. Pawlewski said the federal funds, some of which have been granted since 1968, will be available as budgeted for January, February and March. Although funds for the following three months are still in doubt, lie said, the new congress will be in session then and could respond to any administration proposal. The department of health, education and welfare changed its position on impounding the funds because of the number of telegrams, letters and telephone calls in response to the decision, Pawlewski said. Both Pawlewski and Gov. Robert D. Ray last week questioned the decision to withhold the funds Pawlewski said Iowa could have lost up to $545,000 if the funds had been impounded for the entire six-month period. Elimination of East Iowa Crime Commission Seen County Clerica Workers Receive Salary Increases Linn supervisors Tuesday (’LINTON (AP) - The execu-j Some $400,000 is appropriated tive committee of the Iowa annually for administrative costs mornjng approved $15 bi-weekly crime commission has decided I for area of the eight area crime sajary increases for county cler-that it “must reduce by one the I commissions, but the reduction t,nip|0yes number of area commissions’’ to seven is expected to save    rajses    effective    Dec. 30, in the state, says Mark Barnes;some money, Barnes said. affect employes in labor grades of Clinton. The one to bt' eliminated is the Eastern Iowa crime commis- The reason the eastern crime commission was selected for 1-13. Richard Wenzel period within the last year. Two state auditors have worked a few days on the audit, Kopel Raid, and are expected to return next week and complete the work sometime during the first part of January    Su!t filed Against Hi ports I hi ll    Humboldt Authorities Penningroth also reported the cause it could cause the needless expenditure of more than $1 million. theft of $35.79 from the clinic’s cash box over the weekend. Also missing were about six syringes. Asks State Audit Merle Kopel. Linn county auditor, was notified of the discrepancy about three weeks ago, Penningroth said, and an investigation by him substantiated the discrepancy. After working on the audit about two weeks, Kopel said he requested a state audit because the job was too vast for his office to handle. The firm, which worked on Humphrey’s 1970 Senate campaign. allegedly helped disguise the purported contribution from the AMPI corporate funds by sending invoices for $12,000 to the cooperative, The firm has since gone bankrupt. Guilty Pica Federal law prohibits corporations from contributing to political campaigns and bars candidates from accepting cor- lowo City Woman Kilted in Crash A female employe, whom Pen-1 Security measures are being ningroth declined to name, was stepped up. he said, and locks suspended Dec. 17. Penningroth will be changed on the clinic’s also would not reveal the doors. FORT DODGE (UPI) - The owners of a tavern in Humboldt have filed a $600,000 lawsuit against three Humboldt county A .22 caliber bullet was found authorities in connection with on the floor bv the desk where (the seizure of counterfeit money the syringes were taken ac-iat the establishment last year, jporate contributions, cording to Penningroth ’    The    suit,    filed    Monday    in    U.S.! AMPI pled guilty Aug. 2 of No medication was believed to district court here, names Hum- making illegal campaign con-be missing from the clinic, he b°ldt County Attorney Richard tributions to various Democratic Raid No narcotics arp kpnt in!Williams. Sheriff Marvin Ander- and Republican candidates and ^psychiatric^ Chide    'son and Deputy Sheriff Richard was fined $35,000. *    Jergens    as defendants. It was Through his Washington office Locks Changed    Rjed ^ Dugan's ]ncm owner of Humphrey expressed “deep re- Penningroth declined to spec-the Fireside Inn in Humboldt, grot" at the charge against ulate whether the same person The petition charges the de-Chestnut, adding: “If it does might be involved in both the Pendants with harassment and turn out there was a viola-embezzlement and the larceny, violation of civil rights, saying tion of the election laws with they released information last respect to any of his campaign year when $70,000 worth of coon- responsibilities. I have every tcrfeit money was found at the confidence that it was uninten-tavem.    tional.” elimination, Barnes said, is that Supervisor it is the smallest of the eight said the raises were intended to sion, which inludes Clinton,|and could more readily tx1 dis.'compensate employes partially Scott and Muscatine counties, I banded    for t|le increase in the cost of said Barnes, chairman of the    ---- living eastern agency.    Services Friday for    Employes    will    still    be    eligible He said Tuesday the decision Thomas Velky, Solon for five percent raises on their to dissolve the J|ir^‘^unlv SOLON — Thomas Velky 82, anniversary dates, he said. commission was made “because    ’__ of today’s inflationary trend."    Soto", died Tue*d«y    _ _    ...    .    c .. morning after a long illness. A fzifrrirt— Barnes said he expects Scott ret|redB[armer hc was born VOTCOII and Muscatine counties to resist Jan 3i ](jW in Czechoslovakia l( ontinued from I age I.) the change “because of the in- and came to the United States Year that drew 1.5 million pil- convenience.”    sat age 16.    grims. Under a new plan, Barnes; A former employe of Wilson    Vatican estimates this said, the two counties would join    and„J,ovva/. the newly-formed Eastern Iowa farmed near Solon for several timc u! “ mddon uld u ll years. Rome. the The first Jubilee Holy Year WELLS. Nev. (AP) - An Iowa woman was killed and a man injured when their car ran off interstate 80 and hit a road barrier some 26 miles east of this northeastern Nevada town, the Nevada highway patrol said Tuesday. Nancy Leah Evans, 30. Iowa City, Iowa, was killed in the accident Monday. The driver of! Robert Tibbitts has been re-the car, Ardeshir Dalai. 26.(elected chairman of the Cedar Coralville, Iowa, received minor Rapids-Marion area Chamber of area crime commission, which, Survivjng are his wite will also include Johnson, Jones, former c|ara Netolickv. to w as held in 1300 by Pope Bom Linn. Benton and Iowa counties, whom he was married Oct. 2. face VHI. who stipulated they Clinton county would join 15 1930; a daughter, Anna Lee Ma-should take place every IOO other counties: Cedar. Jackson, ehacek, Solon, two sons Rn- years ri. w „ rv,,n,imrn n,..LQn,n dolph, rural Solon, and Emily, In 1389 lope I roan ii re Dubuque, Delaware, Buchanan. ^    ^ grandchildren, a duced the time to 33 years to Black Hawk, Grundy, Butler, brother. Richard, Traer; a correspond with the belief that Bremer, Fayette, Clayton, sister, Janie Kudelka, and a Jesus Christ lived that many Chickasaw, Howard, Winnesfiiek half-sister Molly Stverkao, both years. Then in 1470 Pope Paul ll and Allamakee.    ‘ of California.    ruled they should be held every r». .    *    ^,.1    j    ‘ Services: Brosh chapel, Cedar quarter of a century. Clinton county would join a Rapids 10;30 Friday Burial; Jubilee years have been held tL"* ^    Su,ek cemetery near Shueyville, regularly since then except in east Iowa area crime commis- Frjends m|y ca]1 at the    the ,9th Century, because of po- slon    after noon Thursday.    litical turmoil at the time. Tibbitts Re-elected By Retail Merchants , CHRISTMAS injuries. Supervisors Name 2 To Airport Zone Unit Linn supervisors Tuesday appointed two persons to the air- ^ 1 ll * s Commerce central retail merchants bureau. Jerry Miller was named vice-chairman. Elected to the executive committee were the following: Vicki Barrigar, Sam Becker, Daugherty. Richard port zoning commission.    Holthaus. Blake Garske, Deane: Pat Dochterman was named Smith, Richard Taylor, Joe' to a two-year term and PhiT^°°d- Sawyer, John Col-Klinger to a four-year term on l*ns- J°e Enzler, jr.. Herman the commission, which is being Ginsberg. Tibbitts and Miller. formed to set height limits of      j structures around the airport.    '    EARS    AGO    —    The    wrec- ___kage of a light plane with three Telephones are great for visit- men aboard was found in hilly ing . . . and also the easy way wooded country about 16 miles to place a want ad!    from Mankato. AT ST. MARK’S LUTHERAN CHURCH 2100 First Avenue N E. Christmas Eve FAM IF.Y VESPERS - 7 ll PM Live Nativity Scene prior to the Service “WE STILL TELL STORIES” OCR BEAUTIFUL CANDLELIGHT CHRISTM AS SERVICE - II M PM “AN I ^TRADITIONAL SERMON" Music by The Chanc el Choir CHRISTMAS DAY: CHRIST-MASS-Famltv (•mmanien at llm A M •GOD IS WITH US” Music by a string quartet (Here’s Web!)Merchants National Bank ismA’BANKS OF IOWA' BANKMain Bank Motor Bank Vernon Village Office Kingston Office Amana Office Merchants Nation)! Bank Hi CHECK GUARANTEE CARD BankAmericaro Ap—— Merchants National Bank Kl •yr SH Date    Check    No. (%kTlfie Order Of CHECKING PLUS/ Dollars ^ Qok *\) (j)ki Signature Merchants National Bank Personal Banker Cot Your Shoppers ^Helpers •Prom Your Personal "Banker A ;

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