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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa w- UPI T*t*pho>oGunmen Hold 30 Hostages Om* of four gunmen, center, was led away from a Richfield, Minn , supermarket where they held about JI clerks and customers hostage for five and a half hours Thursday night following their abortive robbery attempt. Minneapolis Police ( hief .lack Jensen, left, and an unidentified official lead the gunman from the store. £hf dtfdnr HnpuU Oo/ette Photo bv John Mc Ivor Christmas Cheer for Classmate Second graders at St. Pius X school paid a pre-Christmas visit formed a Christmas tree, gave Mike some gifts, and sang ‘‘0 < brist -Thursday to a classmate, Mike Ortner. H Mike has been immobilized mas Tree " Mike is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ortner, 4424 Fairlane since Nov.3. when he suffered a broken leg playing football. The class drive NE. The class is directed by Sister Algean Manders, rear center. Fills the Chair AP Wirephoto Vice-president Nelson A. Rockefeller sat down in the chair he will use as president of the senate, after he was sworn in Thursday night in the senate chamber. Sen James I). Eastland, president pro tempore of the senate, stands beside Rockefeller An unidentified hostage made her way to safety with the aid of a plainclothes policeman after being forced lo lie on the floor of a Richfield, Minn , supermarket while four armed gunmen attempted to rob the store The gunmen gave themselves up to police early Friday UPI Telephoto Christmas Head-Stand Now for my next trick . Tanya, a scarlet macaw at Busch bird park in Houston. shows off her crowd-pleasing head-stand The last-minute holiday rush has a lot of humans standing on their heads, too. How Can You Blame Ford For Everything When He Is A Nice Guy? H> Art Ruchwald President Ford watched from his chair as Nelson A. Rockefeller took the oath of office to become the 41st vice-president of the United States in a ceremony on the senate floor Thursday night C hief Justice of the United States Warren Burger administered the oath AP Wirephoto WASHINGTON — "I’m getting sick and tired of hawng a nice guy in the White House." Sugarbush said the other day. "But, Sugarbush. it was less than a year ago that you said you were sick and tired of having a crook in the W hite House." "I don't want a crook and I don't want a nice guy. "Then what do you want?” "How do I know ? Isn t there something between a crook and a nice guy?" "I guess so. What bothers you about President Ford the most? "He seems so sincere. He is the kind of guy I would buy a used car from.” "Sugarbush, you can’t be mad at a President because he's such a nice guy." Feel Guilty "Oh. yeah? Who    says    you can’t? lf you have a mean guy in    the    White House, you can blame him for everything — unemployment, the recession, the price of sugar, the drop in the stink market It makes you feel good to lay the whole thing right in his lap. But if you have a nice guy in the White House, he makes you feel guilty. I’m sick and tired of feeling guilty." "People still blame President Ford for everything.” I said "But there is no    real    heat behind it. Your    anger doesnt come from the gut.    Now    take Nixon You    could    really    get mad at Nixon Every time he came on television your blood boiled. You could scream at the TV set. We all knew he was lying to us, and we didn t feel guilty about hating him We knew he was responsible for everything bad that was happening to us. Even if he wasn't, we wanted to think he was As long as you have somebody to blame for your troubles you can survive. The reason people are mad at Ford is that they can’t get mad at him."Strong Case "You make an awfully strong case against nice guys. Maybe Ford will slop being nice after a few more months in office and a few more article* like this one," "No way.’’ Sugarbush said "You just have to look at him to sis* he ll never change He doesn't know what it is to In* mean He docent have it in him to create the loathing we all need to keep going.” "All right. Sugarbush You don t want Ford in the White House Whom do you want?" "I know you’re going to think I'm crazy, but what about Spiro Agnew?""Agnew? Why Agnew?” "He can be awfully mean when he wants to be He’s just a* bright as Ford but no one has ever thought of him as a nice guy,” Copyr19/4 Lorn Anp*t*» Tim** ;

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