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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 19, 1982, Cedar Rapids, Iowa By the Cedar rapids Gazette Sundec 19, 1982archaeoastronomy exhibition is the first of its kind the Large Wood and Canvas mechanical mask of the Kwat Kivuti indians of British Columbia is one of nearly 150 artefacts in Quot Star gods of the ancient americas Quot exhibit in new York by Frederick m. Winship up senior editor new York a the first exhibition devoted to the new science of Archie astronomy is a landmark Survey of the Art of the Western hemispheres native indians. The nearly 150 artefacts in the show entitled Quot Star gods of the ancient americas a Are All from the collection of the museum of the american Indian the largest of its kind in the world this Little known museum in upper Manhattan has negligible exhibition space consequently few of the displays have Ever before been exhibited. Their display was enabled by location of the show at the american museum of natural history. The theme is the preoccupation of american indians with the Sun Moon and stars for both religious and practical purposes and the artefacts Range from 800 . To 1980. The Cross cultural study of astronomical imagery in the native Art of North and South America has recently been recognized As a new scientific discipline combining archaeology and astronomy. Quot astronomy and astrology inspired and influenced artistic imagery among All the ancient Peoples of the Earth but until recently we Haven to attempted to understand this integrated system that touched every aspect of life from the design of houses to the most elaborate myths a said or. Susan Milbrath. Or. Milbrath is a research associate of the museum of the american Indian and guest curator for the exhibition a project directed by her associate or. Anna Roosevelt a great granddaughter of president Theodore Roosevelt. Both women Are specialists in pre columbian archaeology which has provided about half of the artefacts in the exhibition the main areas covered Are the regional cultures of the Andes the Aztec and me Teca Puebla Peoples the Maya the Plains indians and the Pueblo indians. Since the descendants of Many of these cultures live in Remote Mountain and Forest areas or in the Case of United states indians on reservations the worship of heavenly bodies and their depiction in native Art Are still actively practice. Quot its interesting that astronomy in the Western hemisphere traced the positions of the Sun and other heavenly bodies especially the pleiades in relation to the horizon and the Zenith whereas other ancient astronomical systems As in Mesopotamia and China tracked heavenly bodies against a background of stars a said or. Milbrath. One of the astronomical mysteries yet to be resolved is the meaning of the 1,500-year-old Nazca ground drawings in Peru which make visual sense Only when viewed from an air plane As though they were created to Greet visitors from other worlds. They actually Are Miles Long forms of Birds spiders animals and fish made by removing surface Stone to expose lighter soil underneath preliminary research aided by the cultural memories of Nazca descendants indicate the drawings had Calendar meanings but this is not certain. According to or. Milbrath astronomy had pervasive meaning for american Indian cultures providing information for planting and harvesting about weather and the health of rulers and about the probability of natural disasters. Many Peoples she said assigned sky watchers to jobs of observing the heavens to keep track of known cycles or any deviation in them the exhibition will remain at the museum through March 27 and will then travel to Chicago Sadler planetarium where it will open june 21. It is supported by the National endowment for the humanities with help from the american can company and the a Penney company. Corporate Art collections concentrate on local artists according to Elena Karina Cana vier of the National endowment for the arts Washington corporations which Purchase Art recently have been placing emphasis on resources in their own geographic areas. Corporations in Buffalo Chicago Des Moines Kansas City los Angeles new Orleans Phoenix san Francisco Seattle and Cedar rapids Are supporting work by Young and emerging artists As Well As developing collections of some of the Best work being done. Some companies make it a policy to buy Art almost exclusively from their state or Region while others a although not intentionally limiting their choices to any geographical territory a nevertheless end up with a majority of their works being done by local artists. The latter occurs for a variety of reasons primarily the proximity of local Art galleries and artists and prices that Are traditionally lower than those found in new York City. In Cedar rapids several corporations Are supporting local artists by taking advantage of the newly renovated sales and rental gallery at the museum of Art. Begun As a Small part of the museums gift shop in 1968, the gallery continues the museum s goal of promoting Iowa artists by providing the Opportunity to Purchase or rent Quality original Art work. Expanding to the fourth floor the gallery represents prints paintings drawings and photographs by Over 65 Iowa artists. The Art purchased or rented by area corporations is selected through personal consultation with the gallery s professional volunteers chairperson Joanne Looker Allene Meyer Joanne Hendericks and Louise Morgan. For a nominal foe works can be rented for a total of six months with the rental fee directed toward the Purchase. The museum has assisted several local corporations in developing permanent Art collections. For example securities corporation of Iowa a subsidiary of Sci financial group of Cedar rapids displays its collection throughout its building. John Knapp president and chairman of the Board of Sci says Quot we began the collection to create an attractive environment for our employees and customers. Many local artists Are creating very Good work which we want to recognize and support. Their work enriches us and we in turn help to provide exposure for the Sci began collecting Art approximately to years ago with pieces being acquired at an accelerated rate in recent years. Today the collection contains Over too works consisting of lithographs intaglio serigraphs Oil paintings drawings Watercolours textiles and sculpture. Sci also continues to rent pieces such As two South american textiles now on display. Quot the decision to Purchase an artwork May be one of personal taste or May be influenced by a recommendation from the museum a explains Knapp. The Sci collection located at 208 second ave. Be is open to the Public. The Muse my a gallery has assisted other area corporations in securing permanent collections. Shuttleworth and Ingersoll. Bradley and Riley and Moyer and Bergman Are among them. _ weekly a madness infects playwrights Iowa City a Quot instrumental Quot Ordinary people these Are a few of the themes that epitomize the weekly bouts of Quot Midnight madness every Friday night on the University of Iowa Campus. Once a week each of the 13 graduate students in the u of i playwrights workshop devises a five to 15-minute sketch that is in some Way connected to the week s theme for example was a week during which the playwrights wrote Short plays that embodied or mutilated film genres such As screwball comedy film noir westerns and Bergman histrionics. According to one play Wright Quot it was an Opportunity to Experiment with film techniques to see How Well they could be incorporated into live theater Quot every sunday evening at the workshop meetings one of the playwrights is put in charge of the Quot madness Quot for the week inventing the theme distributing posters and organizing the sketches into a More or less cohesive whole. A Midnight madness was established in 1975 by Howard Blanning an alumnus of the playwrights workshop As originally conceived it was a series of one act plays presented every other Friday at Midnight. In the Spring of 1981, visiting faculty member Phil Bosakowski another workshop alumnus changed the focus of Quot madness a he envisioned it As a Means of encouraging playwrights to Quot blow out the cobwebs Quot under his direction a a madness began to thrive As a series of sketches entering on a specific theme written by each of the playwrights and performed once a week Sandy Dietrich a third year Mas Ter of Fine arts degree playwright describes the advantages of writing weekly mad Nesses Quot Quot it can be a Long time Between Public readings or productions of the extended plays we re working on we All need to present our work before an audience regularly. Its a time to throw caution to the winds and be experimental a the individual sketches of a madness Quot Are indeed diverse and experimental one recent Midnight Odyssey called Quot reflective mad Ness included these sketches a Wacky parody of Alice and Ralph of Quot the honeymooners Quot an existential and literal reach for human Content an Elmer Gantry esque Soliloquy on virtue the continuing punny Saga of Roxie and her electric chair Lover and a sketch of a Mother and her baby in the midst of a nuclear holocaust symbolized by the dumping of dead leaves. The space used for Quot madness Quot a 301 Maclean Hall a is at once Stark and intimate. The room was once a science lecture Hall and the audience sits in too old fashioned school desks lacking a curtain and other amenities the stage is a Large area equipped with several boxes surprisingly Dietrich praises the environment Quot its very simple having just the cubes to give shape to the space but that makes the stage easily transformable into whatever we want and the Small size of the room allows us to be close a literally and figuratively a to our audience Quot audiences Are occasionally a chimerical Force at Quot Midnight mad the room seems to Divide into two conflicting groups the Quot rowdies and the theater philes Quot the audience comes wanting to Dietrich admits. Quot i wish some members of the audience would be More open minded about the serious or experimental on the other hand there Are some rewards in playing to a Tough audience. Quot a serious piece that is Well received becomes a double Blessing a Dietrich says. Computer accounting courses on to two credit courses that will be televised in january May be of value to workers in business offered by Iowa state University s distance learning programs office the courses focus on computer science and accounting a two semester hour computer science course Quot making it county is an introductory course designed to acquaint students with computer hardware and software and com Puter system operation. Data processing terms and introductory languages and logic will also be covered in the course beginning Jan. 19 Quot accounting ii Quot a three semes Ter hour course begins Jan 17. The second semester course continues the study of introductory accounting concepts principles and skills financial statements business Deci Sion making and record keeping systems Are also covered the course is designed for those who 4 have had a semester of accounting or can test out of a first semester accounting course lessons for both courses Are telecast by i pin stations. Student assignments Are mailed to an Iowa state University Campus instructor. Student instructor Contact is Han died by a toll free phone and exams Are taken at one of the 19 Tel courses learning centers across the state. No Campus attendance or formal University admission is required for either course. Televised courses Are convenient for adult students who Are not within commuting distance of a University and for employees in a wide variety of business related positions whose work hours pre dude Campus attendance. More information and registration material is available from the Linn county Extension office or by calling toll free in Iowa i 800-262-0015 it ladle Hack sensation Al Isil ii to i Milo most stores open late nights a til Christmas one piece mini phone et-10o by radio Shack s f y of 29. Quot hangs up Quot on any Flat surface cuts phone Bills no monthly rent features Auto redial mute Button Tor privacy electronic ringer with Hilo off switch ready to plug in acc registered White #43-284 Brown. #43-285 f a Wall bracket fits Over Standard modular Jack White #43-184 Brown #43-185 it 495 am pm stereo cassette phone music system Clarinette -90 by realistic him i i Aaan a a i a 219 95 record directly from radio 3-Speed changer or a live Quot with optional mikes what a bargain features two 18&Quot-High speakers lighted tuning dial removable dust cover front loading cassette deck has Auto Stop Auto level pause and tape counter #13-1199 6-band a a action portable radio patrolman Cb-60 by realistic tunes in All the local action hear police aircraft and weather on uhf and vhf-h1/l0. Plus cd. Am and pm All band Fine tuning squelch a Battery operation #12-766 Batton Aura 2-Way speaker in genuine Walnut veneer Nova -5 by realistic half Price 3q95 each Long throw 8&Quot Woofer and tuned port Combine for deep Bass liquid cooled 2&Quot Tweeter provides soaring highs 19 x 10j/4x7 i. #40-4030 give two for the regular Price of one radio Shack Battery checker by Micron tax makes Battery testing fun and easy for 9v a a transistor 1 5v pc \ cd and a Baa Quot sizes #22-098 a pocket flavor Adios by realistic personal am radios in four delicious flavors a Orange Lemon Blueberry and Strawberry buy a Bunch at this Low Price they re great stocking stuffers with earphone #12-166 Battery a a it a _ Check your phone Book for the Radi Vizek store or dealer nearest you a division or Tandy corporation prices Mav vary at individual stores and dealers 6-in-1 to game for the whole family to scoreboard by radio Shack in 29. Hours of fun for one or two players play Tennis hockey skeet target Squash and practice attaches to any television in seconds includes photoelectric 45 piste buy now for $10 in savings #60-3061 Batton Itra in a a Hull. . Imp. Chah of of mos r s tout is ;