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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Finishing Touches Jean Fraser, chief sculptress at Madame Tussaud’s Waxworks in London, puts the finishing touches on a wax model of President Gerald Ford Monday. The Ford modelWon't Tangle Three formerly long-haired Burmese youths show the martial law haircuts administered by army troops in Rangoon as the government cracked down on dissidents following last week’s anti-government riots. Burmese sources said 4,-600 to 5,000 persons have been arrested. The soldiers were still administering on-the-spot haircuts Monday to shaggy youths found in the st reeds. AP WirephotoLaForce And His Engine Robert LaForce leaned on the fender of his car Monday and talked about one of several devices used on the engine that he and his brother have modified, and which they say increases fuel economy. The federal Environmental Protection Agency tests showed the LaForce engine does produce better mileage but at a penalty in lower horsepower and more pollution. will join those of Lyndon Johnson, left, and John F. Kennedy, center, in the great hall of the wax museum. iiKPSS^ xsXkSm* ii m&m Ervin Lights the Tree Sen. Sam Ervin, who became a household word when he chaired the senate Watergate hearings, performed one of the last official acts of his long political career as he threw the switch Monday to light the Christmas tree at the U.S. Capitol. Ervin is retiring from the senate at the end of this session of congress. President Ford will light the National Christmas tree in ceremonies on the Ellipse behind the White Bouse Tuesday. BOMBECK Why Do Husbands Buy The Things They Need Just Before Christmas? Christmas has a strange effect on my husband. About a week before, to the day, he will sit up straight in his lounger, blink his eyes, move his head like a real person, and slowly come alive like Rip Van W inkle. He will then bolt from his chair and head for the nearest shopping center where he will proceed to buy for himself everything that I have already bought for him and placed under the tree. He’s the only man I know who went to one of those night-time-for-husbands-only deals and came home with assorted male apparel, six pairs of underwear and a belt for himself. “Why did you have to go out and buy a belt?" I snapped. "Because my pants are falling down.” "Would it have been a crime to let them fall down through Christmas?” "It all depends on what you consider a crime " A Crime "A crime," I said. extracting a package from under the tree*, "is letting me go out and buy you a belt and wrap it up and put it under the tree. Why do you do this to me?" "I never thought you’d buy a belt. A bell is personal.” "A belt is about as personal as a subscription to TV Guide " "I bought that too.” “You didn’t. Hand me that envelope from the tree." "Well, I got in the store and saw all these great looking clothes and I never shop and all of a sudden I said to myself, ‘You look like a bum . . . that old bathrobe with the elbows coming through “Hand me the large t>ox . . . not the little one . . the bath robe-sized box.” “A man can always use two.” Marcus Welby Regular “lf he’s a regular on Marcus Welby, I suppose so,” I said icily. “And the underwear was on sale,” he said softly “I know Hand me the gold box. And of course you browsed in the l>ook department.” “I was afraid you’d ask that,” he said pulling out the gift-wrapped book. Look, I’m really sorry I never thought you’d go out and buy things I needed Now I ve ruined all your surprises What I really need is a good, swift kick in the pants ” “That was my ace in the hole.” I said slowly lowering my foot. UPI T#t*pSotw* ooyriyhl »»/4 Et#ld Entvrcrit**, Inc ;

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