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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 3

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Christmas sales hot Vieather 1 Girlly Cloudy Anil 1 wild sunday with High in i in icons. Mo.s/, ire put Ducal in Section a Clown is boy s Best Friend my Ringo Man extends helping hand in Section b Section a City final 35 cents Volumia 91 number 341 Cedar a pads Iowa sunday december 1c, 19711 associated press up new York times Nixon estate gift to i he use of 2,000 internal reve nue service to beef up enforce ment of the administration s fue l allocation rules. The action came just hours a f t e r the president had signed legislation pulling the Nat Ion on year round Timu s to r t ing Jan. C. I be president met for o n e hour with administration Energy chief William Simon and his Deputy John Sawhill. Simon announced the beefed up enforce ment actions at a news Confer ence after the meeting. Positive report Simon who said he had Given Nixon a very positive report on tile government s Energy conservation p r o g r a announced tha t the 2,000 irs Ngi nos would begin immediately to enforce the allocation system and crack Down on Price gouging. The agents have been As signed on a Ful l l Ime basis for the next six months he said. Simon added that the irs agents also will train some 1,000 new personnel to Lake Over the enforcement Job by the Middle of a 7 l. They arc going to train and supervise work for us at our d i rec t Ion on allocation Price gouging and any other illegal act Ivi t ies connected with any of these shortages he said. We Are not going to tolerate any abuse and we will come Down on this very hard when it is found the Federal Energy office which Simon Heads previously has had no far reaching enforce ment program. Simon indicated tha t Nixon okayed the plans which he out 1974 30 percent of the value of the gift is permitted As a Deduc Washington president lion in the statement of their net Worth that the Nixon made Public last weekend the value of the san Clemente property was Given As 5571,000. That however As the financial state ments noted was a figure based on the original Cost of the prop Erly. It is assumed to be Worth much More now not Only by i ily Killen slain Hun " York times service Washington up pres truckers protesting High fuel ident Nixon saturday authorized prices and lower Speed limits the question of rationing the Nixon s intended g i f t american people of his Hou present fuel allocation program my grounds in san Clemente a n d legislation pending give him another Congress including a proposal to deregulate natural Gas at the time that the old one runs out. Tax lawyers who have been looking at the president s f i n a n Simon said the adm Nistra Cial disclosures calculate that Daylight savings Tion is trying to increase the the deduction for the g i f t of la diesel fuel Supply and Lias Casa Pacific a i l l promised the truckers percent of Hie fuel Supply they used last year. He said he hoped these positive Steps we have taken will lie accepted in a positive fashion by the the Energy chief said Nixon described the emergency Energy Bill which passed the House Early saturday As a Basket Case because it s got a Mere 200 Points of difference with a Senate passed version. Other subjects he said he hoped the two ver Sions could be compromised in a House Senate thursday and passed before Congress adjourns for Christ Mas. Both versions have s o m e problems he said. ". The House version with thai Many amendments we just could not still last resort Simon said he and Nixon Dis cussed the possibility of Gaso line rationing Al some length but. Indica ted they still View it As a last resort. He also said his Stalf would begin meeting monday with airlines representatives in an Effort to relieve a threatened Layoff of pilots and flight personnel because of Jet fuel shortages. Expressing optimism t h a i the government Wil l solve these shortages Simon added that his predictions were not based on i he Assumption that the Arab signs st Bill rep. Norman Lent helped steer the year round Daylight savings time by through the House looked on As pc is Dent Nixon signed the legislation saturday. I Oil Boycott i l l end soon. I m lie said they also discussed a i assuming the embargo will con Ihrck Day old strike of dissident Tine he said. G gifts help toward Camp Good health budget Fis the season to be Jolly and generous Loo if recent Contr ibo t i on to Camp Good health Are any c r i t e r i a. week the Cedar rapids Lodge of the benevolent and protective order or elks Demon s t r a t e d one of the Cardinal principles of inc order Chari by in p d o n a t i n g a handsome $51 0 to the Camp. The p. M. La l incr Man fac t u r i n g co. Also made a generous Dun i l m n of $1011. It was founded in inc Early 701. 10 previously Sci arted. .$11, 057. 54 memory of to Assn i. Birds from tic i on. In memory of Anna no Rosa from Hurt. In memory or Mason in m. Ival in l the in memory of Jesse b. Wirtis retired air nillion manager of i tin . Fro this week eyebrows l Law up his form. Ivl a Al the gaze l l where donations a rms i n h i Camp Good health h i n d j l Melf Are Cal upon receipt of a Cash Ier s Cheek for ?7 l f rom an Anonymous donor. A l l e m p l s in learn inc name of inc donor from the u n i l e d s l a l e Bank Only for the Pur pose no sending a thank Yogi n o l e i proved f u l i l c. Sorry said the people Al Hie Bank. In Lov Over. To can Sav " i h a n k Conlin cd Page a col. 2. Crisis by associated press s o m c truck Drivers who pulled their rigs off the Road to protest rising fuel prices and lower Speed limits said Satur Day they would continue their Slop Page through the weekend. But. Other truckers across the country seemed to lie having r a thoughts about whether to continue the shutdown. Boh Webb 33-Ycnr-old trucker m a n n i n g telephones at a truckers i n forma t Ion Clearing House in Denver predicted sat urday night inc shutdown will hold inc weekend or maybe an of her 411 h o w e v e Webb said a number of truckers were expressing double on whether to con inne Hie stoppage. We re f ind ing t h a t a lot of people arc telling hem in s time slops around the nation. To Roll but we Don t think so he said. Some truckers Proba Bly Don t believe in the shul Down and arc trying to convince Simon Promise in Washington Energy chief Wil l Iam Simon said saturday Ihal under new fuel allocations truckers i l 1 receive 110 percent of the fuel they used in 1 72. Lie also said internal Revenue ser vice agents have been investigating fuel prices at t Ruck chuckle in almost any gathering one can see hairdos that should have been Don is. J. W. River ral Edwards who claims to act As a spokes Man for sonic of the independents said that some Progress had been made in getting government he n. But he added we have not received any thing in writ ing. We arc still not going to run. The trucks arc going to stay until we have de f in i t e there were new reports o f l i r a l i o n of f Icia is said. Smaller year by year than the one Nixon has been taking for the disputed gift to the National archives of his pre presidential papers. But the new deduction could be spread out Over the years from 1974 through 1979. And throughout thai period help to keep president and mrs. Nixon on the list of High income individuals who pay relatively l i t t be Federal income tax. Not drawn yet the actual deed giving the san Csc Mcnac property to the american people has not be been drawn up because the presiden lawyers have not had the time according to Bruce Whelihan of the White House press office. Whelihan also said that sofa i nobody has figured out tile tax consequences of the planned gift. Thai s Down the a if t of the sort that Nixon has pledged himself to make comes under some special tax rules. Since the president and mrs. Nixon intend to use the san property throughout heir lives and t u in it Over to the nation Only after both arc dead they will be eligible for an mme Diale tax deduction but not for the fun l l value of the properly. Based on age instead the value of inc g i f t As a lax deduction is calculated according to a formula that is based on the Ages of the donors at the t Ime they make inc g i f t. When the Man making such a gift is it and his wife is 62 the Ages the Nixon will be in cause of improvements that have been made but also be cause of inflation. Value estimates the property is currently valued at $1.3 million by California authorities for purposes of the property lax and some Public officials in the state have a continued Page 3, col. 2. Schlesinger warns Hanoi after killing Washington a seen tary of defense Schlesinger denounced the shooting attack 01 an unarmed u. S. Search Heli copter in South Vietnam As despicable act and said slur Day we should be prepared to Ake the necessary measures to prevent a recurrence. We Wil l indicate our Eustan Ial displeasure to the other Side but we will not cease the by associated press Egypt said saturday that the Mideast peace conference scheduled to begin on tuesday in Ocneva has been delayed for Iree Days Cairo s official mid be East news Agency reported. The report came after . Secretary of state Kissinger asked for six hours in Damas Cus with a grim faced president la Fez Assad of Syria. He then Lew to Amman for a meeting Vilh King Hussein of Jordan. Egyptian foreign minister is Nail Fahmy made the announcement the Start of the Geneva conference is being delayed until Friday the mid dle East news Agency said. Big Power contacts the announcement said the delay was due to con lacks under Way among the ., inc soviet Union France and Lebanon. The egyptian foreign minis ter met saturday with the Cairo ambassadors of those countries and informed them of the Egypt t Ian position the news Agency said. Egypt did not immediately in Licate what cussed. Was being Dis search for the missing in acc i am soviet foreign minister an Drei Gromyko who had planned o Fly to Geneva sunday to at end i he conference cancelled Ion Schlesinger said during a Alk before a group of Jaycees officers. The defense Secretary did not indicate what the necessary no Surce might be. The u. S. S barred by Congress from any Nili Lary action in indo China. He spoke several hours after he South vietnamese command in Nonnce in Saigon that one american had been killed and our others wounded when com nun isl gunners fired on a Heli copter searching for u. S. Scr Icamen s t i l l missing from the sporadic rouble. Bui no injuries were reported and leaders of spokesmen Lor he source in Geneva said. Kissin Ger had been scheduled to Dine with Gromyko on monday night in Geneva. Israeli warning in Tel Aviv Premier Golda Meir said Over israeli stale television saturday before any Public word on inc conference delay that Israel May have to deny american requests at the conference. She did t specify Inhat the disagreements might but whenever we do have arguments with America she said we know we Are arguing with a dear and great she said she expected the each conference to to drawn out and Replete with the Cairo news Agency said Fahmy had contacted syrian officials about the conference delay and said there is com Lyle coordination b e t w e e n Egypt and Syria on this.". New id Syria were the two i " i b i s was the latest and most principal combatants against daily contemptible of a series of v to j Israel in the october mid East the state department said we Are making known to the communist Side in the strongest Erms our condemnation of Liis m i a m i al3 a Lockheed latest and most outrageous a cons Ellaleon c a r g o plane lion. Crashed and burned saturday we deplore this unprovoked night in a residential area , on unarmed helicopters Miami shortly after Takeoff in human i t a r i an mis from Miami in Terna t Iona l a i r e j o n Specif ical by authorized by port. Federal Avia l Ion adminis a Iris accords. A soviet diplomatic county Public safety department unions by the communist Side inc demonstration said they d i d s l i 1 Oie p l a n e l n f t he accords they signed in ,1 condone any violence. Ill d " " some houses set Paris last january. They have l ing them ablaze. Uherc were comi f t in l by adopted a callous steel haulers vote j reports some persons were a t t i t u d e toward the provisions of leaders of inc fraternal As l l Appel Insi l Lyhl houses to l i cd j the agreement tha i Call for a social Ion of is icel haulers continued Paget. Col. 7. 3. Col. 8. By Dale Kivic for in Many regards it is just As Well in or i la off 19711 As a had year and look to Hie f u m i n l i l h Highway Easl of i l s m m l i n n \ \ i l h Highway i. I i " i 1 v 1 i " 1 isl 1ri"n.r j1b any Nash to. Los with Oil downtown and ii a " shopping routers Aren t sing ipg experience1 ,.,., s each sunnier for boys ind g i r l s i who would not otherwise he Able in a t t e n d a Camp. I i Noel. L be l l by Hie c l l i l h e of cel Lar l i a ids on i n n i l. Donated he m i l i m i ii i. Of the t ver l As Hie Vollee n c a r i y u t exception i l i by arc or for l i i g sales sub s t an t i a l by above Hosi of n year go. " i i l n n l unde r s t and i i. I i i s Rea l by surprising said k i l l Hayes. manager. Customer Confidence is quite Dick i h i z a Al toy fair speculates i h a t the Public is becoming callous to crisis l a l k. We have been busier the Las iwo sundays when Gas s to t ions were supposed in be closed i ban and Oiler l imn in the Siloro s history he said. And Ron harms store Man Ager Al m no Kiniery wards May have conic closest in consumer diagnosis the american people w i l l have a Sells blankets is nearly sold i l. Sweaters and Long under Wear have been Best Sellers everywhere. I Hilink buyers Are acini when one considers i h a l m a n in a d e l Ibers derived from Pedro chemicals i l l be in Short Supply and i h a l i Hen is a shortage of Wool am Cut i n Newhal s l e f t to make dollies on of for summer tin new styles May be Bare said one department store official., ice led. If Suhs Lancial s p e n d i n g Wyndorf a l l r i he l c s much o f seems in he ignoring he the increase in Christmas com try s psychological mood sales to the h High employment inc sign of the limes de f in i t e by in Hie Cedar area. I the today s Index l i i i \ in. We could sell a m i l l i o n l Ien Frankl in Wood stove. If we could a them a Ward harm s. Ami every Szorc i h a l he shortages. The Man made Liber Busi Ness is r a i by in a stale he continued Nolito i h a l a t Rade journal says in i percent of the Oil p product Ion Szorc sold out of inc toy. Harold Wyndorf president of goes i n t o inc f Iber Illus l by. Kil l Ian s. For the most Par i n c l u d e d Are the nylons. The Prancl ical g i f t is eng Sefi Vics and poly sleds. Blake Garske manager of ,,.,t ,.m.ttded ils i Ciu icy a said a severe s h n r l december he said. Age of to l ton i tems is develop ing Specif ical by denims Ami Lerry e l n l h. Marske rep Orlid business As giving the Init autumn weather the most credit women s spot i s w e a men s c loth ing and Loys have Al Armstrong president Al said sales a c up l f permit. Our november to Doimi l t h i n k peo lie Are hoarding goods to been big for u-.," Dort said we know Here Wil l at Ivre sky Admi t s he is somewhat surprised mainly because Ceonzo miss had pre l i i i l c i a solemn 01 r e t a i l business he said. I Ere sky said he has no t i i c i l i h a t a larger percentage of people Are c o n t i n u e d on Page ivc s p o l i l l c f l l no0 a vision s e c t i o n c around lir town now nooks s p o i l s outdoor to to n d

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