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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I „■ I! •VHT*' v- ■ ’ ■ V" "    *    " »" •we *■*»’    . Economic In Report Economic barometers in titrate that the Cedar Rapids* Marion area is “proving its stability**, according to a year-end report on the economy prepared for presentation F nday to the board of directors of the Cedar Rapids Marion Area Chamber of Commerce. Election of officers for 1975 also is on the agenda for the Friday noon meeting at which recently elected board members will join the 1974 board members for a joint session Employment figures are up over a year ago, retail sales are running ahead of a year ago The year-end economic report prepared by the Chamber staff also shows gains in other economic indicators such as (he number of connected telephones, use of electric current and clearing house debits. The area is proving its stability in times of economic stress/* Robert B. Faxon, executive vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, said "The overall employment has been holding so that individual income and purchasing power remain good ” The Chamber official pointed out that a factor in the area s stability is the fact that the area’s economy “starts with basic agriculture plus industry related directly to it.” The average unemployment in the Cedar Rapids Marion area for the first in months of the year was 24 percent. which is the same figure the area posted for all of 1973. according to the Iowa State Employment service However, Faxon pointed out, unemployment in this area for October was 16 percent compared to the national average of 6 percent. Total resident employment for Linn county at the end of the first IO months was 76.800 compared to 74.500 for October. 1973. Manufacturing employment was up from 25,-100 to 27 000 The Chamber’s economic report also shows that retail sales for the first half the year exceeded $278 million, an increase over the $199 million for the first half of 1973 ’‘Totals usually are higher for the second half of the year," the report says, "as is indicated by the fact that total retail sales for 1973 were $513 million." Total construction (commercial, industrial, houses and apartments) for 1973 was $26 8 million. The figure for the first IO months of 1974 is already $21 I million. • • * An updated report about activities of the Mid-America Bicentennial commission also will be presented to the Chamber hoard It will include not only a progress report in the development of various projects but also a listing of events and a financial report Establishment of the commission was triggered by efforts qf the Cedar Rapids Pride Committee and the Chamber of Commerce. It is now a separate entity establishing programs along the basic theme of "Invite the World To Visit Mid-America in 1978" The Chamber hoard also will discuss the possibility of launching an education Roundup Time For Witches CARACAS (CPI) - Wnc-zuelan police have launched a campaign called ‘‘Operation Devil" aimed at rounding up hundreds of witches and warlocks who extort money from the superstitious poor One raid at a suspected witchcraft center in the capital of this oil-rich nation turned up a live 12-foot-long snake used in casting spells on customers seeking help Other material seized in the raids included love potions. herbs, tobacco, pillows stuck with pins, cologne water, charms, crucifixes and paintings and reproductions of various personages venerated in Venezuela Spokesmen for the organized crime division said police expect to arrest some witches and warlocks in the campaign They said the practitioners mainly operate in the slums and make money from the poor who go to them to cure ailments, solve romantic problems and rid them of •pinta Stability Shown for Chamber The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., Dec. 15, 1974 7 A program on the theme, "A-merica Needs To Know". Chamber officials termed the project "an educational program of basic fundamentals in the economics of a de mocracy and the free enterprise system ’ When you run a classifier! ad . . plan on being home to answer your telephone! Lives Saved For a Nickel A Ticket CAMBRIDGE, Mass (UPI) — Harvard university has started a portable coronary care treatment system, at football games where excitement over action on the field can lead to heart attacks in the stands. Under the direction of a medical school instructor, who calculated that one out of ev ery 100,000 spectators suffers a fatal attack, the school claims to have already saved two lives for the price of five cents a ticket. 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