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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 6A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., Dec. IS, 1974 He’s Trying Solar Heat in North By Brian Mona/ SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -Solar heating in the cold winters of the Pacific Northwest? James Piper thinks it can be done. For the last few years, Piper, 42, a control valve manufacturer turned building contractor, has been installing solar energy systems in southern California apartments. Now he is installing a system in a home under construction here, where four seasons should give it a sterner test. Piper’s solar hydronics system uses the sun’s untapped energy' supply as the basis for both space and water heating. He says the system can cut energy consumption and cost by as much as 80 percent. It involves passing water through one or more solar panels capable of heating water to up to 180 degrees. The hot water Is then passed through a pipe system to a storage tank much like a conventional hot water tank. From the tank, water can be drawn off for use in the family shower, for washing clothes and dishes and for general use. The hot water serves as the core of the space heating system as well, passing through a second network of pipes to centrally-located heat exchange coils in joists between floors. Coupled with each coil is a blower that draws the cool air from the room, over the coil heated by the water, and back into the room as hot air. “Water heating systems go back to the age of the Greeks,” Piper says. “And, interestingly enough, they were heating water 3,000 years ago with solar energy. Those systems worked very well.” Piper estimated the cost of installing his system in a new home at about $1,600. versus about $1,000 to $1,200 for a conventional unit. He said it will pay for itself the first winter of use. While his system has a backup gas or electric heating unit to kick on when the solar panels are. not generating enough heat, Piper said on the average, the panels will heat water more often than not. “The rule of thumb is that as long as you see a shadow, you re collecting solar energy and heating water,” he added. Piper doesn’t pass his system off as the panacea of the nation’s energy woes, but says it is a reasonable alternative to total dependence on electricity or natural gas — both of which are energy-wasting systems. “It personally irritates me when I see the federal government telling people to turn down their thermostats to save a few degrees,” he said. “Is it the people’s fault that they live in an energy-wasting house? No. and I consider this to be one of the areas of fraud on the American public — that they have no other choice.” Open Today (Sun.) I -5 pm Open Monday thru Friday 9 ’til 9 The Parkade Is Open! Park Free . . . Use the Park & Shop. FINE HOME FURNISH! For Food Bank Gazette Photo bv L W Ward Jim Wilbur, left, 3119 Clover drive SW, financial secretary for United Auto Workers local 299 at Crane and Excavator division of FMC Corp., and Don Johnson, 1608 Fourteenth avenue SW, local president, prepare to transport food collected by the union to the city’s food bank at First Presbyterian church. Food bank officials said they hope employes at other local plants will help with the supply of canned food because supplies have been running low in recent weeks. “Some people have gotten the idea the food bank is supplied only by churches," said Wanda Muntz, public relations director for the food bank, “but anyone can help.” V #» Av I XX. ’XX •x*: rn rat rn ll i: I v.v I I AW I ii V.V n rn i It’s Your Business! Meetings this week of public, tax-spending agencies Monday 9 a.m. — Linn supervisors. Canvas the school board election. Room 103, courthouse. ll a.m. — Linn supervisors. Informal meeting. Room 103, courthouse I p m. - Board of directors Cedar Rapids Community schools Regular meeting. Board room, Educational Service center, 348 Second avenue SW. 7 p.m. — Linn conservation board Regular meeting Headquarters building, fairgrounds, Central City. 7:31 p.m. — Joint county system of Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson. Linn and Washington counties. Meeting at Joint county building, 4401 Sixth street SW Tuesday 8:31 a m. — Cedar Rapids city council. Informal meeting Fourth floor council chambers, city hall. II a m. — Cedar Rapids airport commission. Special meeting. Room 202, municipal airport. ll a.m. — Linn supervisors Regular meeting. Room 103, courthouse. 11:31 a m. — Linn supervisors Bids for remodeling projects. Room 103, courthouse. — Handicapped systems board of managers. Regular meeting. Lower level conference room, Linn Health center, 400 Third avenue SE. Natl — Health center board of directors. Regular meeting. Lower level conference room, Linn Health center, I p m — Linn supervisors Meeting of ail elected county officials. Room 103, courthouse. 7:31 p.m. — Cedar Rapids human rights commission Fourth floor council chambers, city hall. 7 JI p.m. — Linn civil defense and emergency preparedness. Conference room, civil defense center, city hall. 7:31 p.m. — Linn civil service commission Regular meeting Room 103, courthouse. I p m — Hiawatha library board Regular meeting. Hiawatha library Wednesday 9 a.m. — Cedar Rapids city council. Regular meeting. Fourth floor council chambers, city hall. II a m. — Linn supervisors and Johnson supervisors Legislative meeting Purple Cow, North Liberty. ll a .rn. — Riverfront improvement commission. Regular meeting. Riverfront building, 2021 Ellis boulevard NW, 3:31 p.m. — Environmental review committee. Fourth floor council chambers, city hall 8 p m — Hiawatha city council. Regular meeting. Hiawatha city hall council room Thursday Nom — Community coordinating board Regular meeting. Lower level conference room, Linn Health center. 331 p.m. — Environmental review committee. Fourth floor council chambers, city hall. 7 31 p m. — Hoover Health council, joint session of ambulance task force and ACO development group. Room C-183, St. Luke’s hospital. 7 JI p m. — Linn zoning and land use update meeting Room 103, courthouse. Santa Songs Are Popular NEW YORK (AP) - “Santa Claus Is Cornin’ to Town” by J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie has accounted for the sale of more than 40.600,-000 records and some 590,000 copies of sheet music. Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas" has sold more than 99 million records in a number of languages and sold five and a half million copies of sheet music in the U S. and Canada alone. “Rudolph the Rid-Nosed Reindeer” by Johnny Marks has record sales of 103 million and total sheet music sales of 6,500,000. 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