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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 10A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., Dec. 15, 1074    ^ Emergency Standards Not Met by Many Hospitals DES MOINES (AP) - More than one-third of Iowa's hospitals do not meet minimum standards for providing emergency medical care set by a governor’s task force. The Governor’s Emergency Medical Service Advisory council lists 49 Iowa hospitals that do not meet minimum standards while 90 hospitals do meet those standards The emergency rooms meeting standards are classified from Type AA. the highest standards, to Type C, the minimum standards Those 49 which are listed as "unclassified” are considered qualified to provide routine "immediate aid outpatient service,” but not capable of handling emergency cases of a critical or serious nature "The whole thrust is to get people into the emergency medical treatment system as quickly as possible, whether it’s through an ambulance attendant's evaluation and advice, or after a diagnosis is made at the closest emergency room facility — regardless of its classification,” the Des Moines Tribune quotes task force chairman Dr William Bliss Saturday in a copyrighted story The task force cautioned the public not use a hospital’s classification as a rating system to judge whether a hospital is good or bad The classifications are based primarily on the type of life-saving equipment and medical personnel available in emergency rooms on a 24-hour basis The proposed emergency medical care plan drawn up by the commission would have an emergency room with at least Type C capability within IS miles of all Iowans Only one hospital emergency room in the state is in the top ranking class — University hospitals in Iowa City To qualify for Type AA, a hospital must be able to deliver complete and advanced medical care for all emergencies. East Iowa Ratings DES MOINES (AP) - Here are the ratings of emergency rooms of East Iowa hospitals as assigned by the Governor’s Emergency Medical Service Advisory council. Type AA is the highest rating with Type C the lowest meeting minimum standards laws pitals Type AA City: University bos- Type A Davenport:    Mercy,    St Luke’s. Dubuque    The Finley, Mercy Medical Center, Xavier. Iowa City: Mercy Marshalltown:    Marshall town Area Community. Waterloo:    St. Francis, Schoitz Memorial. Type C Cllatoa: Jane Lamb Memorial, St. Joseph Mercy. Davenport:    Davenport Os teopathic. Decorah: Winneshiek Coun ty Memorial Dewitt: Dewitt Community. Grinnell: Grinnell General Guttenberg: Guttenberg Municipal Independence People’s Memorial. Keakak: Graham, St. Joseph. Maquoketa: Jackson County Public. Mandrel!*: John McDonald Oelwein: Mercy. Unclassified Anamosa Anamosa Community. Bellevne: Bellevue Memorial. Crescn: St. Joseph Mercy Dyersville: Dyersville Community Elkader Central Communis Cedar Rapids: Mercy. St ty. Luke’s.    Manchester: Delaware Coun- Waterlaa: Allen Memorial    ty    Memorial Marengo Marengo Memori- Type B    a, Cedar Falls: Sartor! Memo- Postville:    Postville Com- rial. rn unity Moore Dies — Charles D Moore, Des Moines, vice-president of Duke hart-Hughes Tractor and Equipment Co. of Des Moines and Marion, died Thursday in a plane crash Services will be Monday at IO: 30 a rn. in St. Timothy Episcopal church in West Des Moines. Body is at McLaren's funeral home Memorials may be sent to Shrine Crippled Children’s hospital in St Louis •    *    * Canopus Club — Mike Millard of the Iowa employment security commission will speak on unemployment in the state Tuesday noon at the Embassy club OO# Vickie Johnson and Bev Duncan welcome you to Claudette's Busy Beauty Monday through Saturday Shampoo set special through December 21 383-4443. — Adv. * * • Evening Lions (lab — A Christmas program will be held Monday at 7. p m. at the Montrose, featuring the Wilson junior high choir *    •    • Evening Optimists — The annual children s Christmas party will be beld Tuesday at 8 3ft p m at the First Trust and Savings bank. Holiday Special, Shampoo living room, HO 95. bedroom $7 95. Diamond Carpet, 368-622# - Adv OOO Daybreak Optimists — Cedar Rapids park commissioner Stan Reims will speak Monday morning at 8 45 at the Holiday Inn •    •    • Evergreen Wreaths, Mounds, Christmas plants. Terrariums, Centerpieces. Pierson g Florist, 180ft Ellis Blvd N. W — Adv o    0    0, Down tow a KJwanJs — Wednesday noon at the Montrose hotel. •    •    • Look to the Stars' Christmas shop the Want Ads — Adv •    •    0 Lost Plumbers tool box. 6th St.-5th Ave. S W. 364-8ft22. -Adv .    •    * Bnrrsk Rental — Rent better brand equipment. — Adv OO* Potatoes:    $5    50    100-lb bag—Ray s Market S W. — Adv. OOO Firs exclusively — Berger Farrier, Marlon. — Adv. • *00 Mabeline will be open Mon . Dec 23, and 30 - Adv OOO Best Rental Rents IV Best. — Adv Beautician for full time opening Many benefits Apply to:    Dorothy Merveaux Killian's Lindale Beauty Shop An equal opportunity employer — Adv OOO Ex Club — Don Roby and Darrall Slaybaugh of the Kirkwood community college staff will give an update on the school’s activities Tuesday noon at the Montrose OO * Wanda Leedwig welcomes her new and old customers to Mr. Williams beauty salon, 1700 4th Ave. SE. 363-5346 -Adv OO * Fish-Game Club — The Linn County Fish and Game club will meet Wednesday at 7 p m. at Ambrose Recreation center (old Buchanan school). • * * Christmas is an Ironstone Tureen from the Stable on the Alley. 1800 2nd Ave. S. E. -Adv •    •    • Optimists    —    Dr    Dave Hammond of the Iowa State university extension service will present a film on land use Tuesday mien at the Roosevelt. •    •    • New Year’s hats, noisemakers, etc. JAE, 1028 12th Ave. S E — Adv. Pillow (learning — New ticking. S3 25 Duchess Cleaners 365-0724 — Adv. • • • Mink hat, 5 ft skis, polls, boots. 7 and 8 364-2079 - Adv. Rotary Club — Monday noon at the Montrose hotel. Dr. Kazem Fathie will be in charge of the production billed as “West Side Delegation” from Jefferson high school • • * The Glftree open 9:30-9 Monday thru Friday, Saturday 5 p.m. Gifts, Christmas cards, Kay Cooper pictures. 700 7th St. S. E. — Adv. • • « Sertoma (Tab — The Greater Cedar Rapids Sertoma club will have a speaker from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Tuesday noon at the Elks club. *    *    * For business    or personal gift — A gift certificate from the Flame Room 362-8679 — Adv. •    •    • Jaycee Toastmaster — Speakers Tuesday at 7 a rn at Bishops will be Daryl Walk, Dick Wheeler and George Maxwell. *    *    • christmas Ideas: “Cush N’ Soft" toilet seats; Insinkerator disposers — Thomas Plumbing. — Adv. •    *    * Liu Cd. Heritage Society — Board meeting Tuesday at I 30. regular meeting Thursday at 7 p m . both at main library •    *    • Beautiful Peace or Christmas medal necklace t# OO. Jerome's, IE Tower — Adv *    •    » Parent* Without Partners. .362-3796. 364-4373 - Adv. UPI Tei«oSo*o How Does It Make Up Its Minds? A two-heoded Pacific gopher snake, a rare biological oddity, is now on display at the Stemhart Aquarium in San Francisco. The snake was donated to the aquarium after residing for five and a half years as the pet of Silverado school. According to the aquarium, two-heoded vertebrates rarely reach such a ripe old age. Both heads feed, drink and apparently are joined in the upper esophageal region (see X-ray at right). Scientists at the aquarium plan behavioral studies with the specimen, such as determining how it makes up its mind(s). Weyand Asserts Army Probably in Best Shape Ever WASHINGTON (AP) -Gen Fred Weyand, the army’s new chief of staff, says "the army is probably in better shape than at any time in it* peacetime history.” At the same time, Weyand disagreed with some officers who have complained privately that the requirement to send tanks to Israel and other countries has seriously damaged army readiness Asked if he feels that the army is dangerously short of tanks and other equipment, Weyand replied "no, I don't." He said the army could handle whatever contingencies it might he required to meet with its present force, armament and war reserve stocks Weyand, who became army chief of staff in October after the death of Gen Creighton Abrams, spoke in an interview before he entered Walter Reed Army Medical Center this week for prostate surgery. While voicing general satisfaction with the army’s recovery from its Vietnam era difficulties, Weyand said "we still have a lot of work to do ’’ He said “the volunteer idea is working,” but indicated the army will focus on upgrading the quality of its recruits Who’ll Call Historical Society Meeting? By Fruit Nye A meeting of the nine elected curators of the State Historical Society of Iowa, to decide procedure for electing six persons to the new state historical department’s board, will be held within two weeks The only question is: Who will call it? That question will be answered within a few days, according to Dr Robert Thomas of Mt. Vernon, who has dual responsibilities as acting director of the new department board and as one of the nine elected curators of the society. First step to determine who'll call the meeting was taken Friday when Thomas sent a letter to Dr Russell Ross of Iowa City, immediate past president of the society’* board of curators, asking him to call the meeting Other Letter* Thomas said at least four other elected curators indicated they would join in separate letters requesting Ross to call the meeting He named them as A W. Allen. Cedar Rapids; former State Sen, W Charlene Conklin, Waterloo. Robert Dykstra and Margaret Keyes, both of Iowa City Ross told The Gazette by telephone Saturday he has not yet ‘ received the letters and thought it best not to comment until they reach him. Ross was one of nine curators. appointed by the governor, whose terms expired last June 3ft Terms of the nine elected curators do not expire until June 3ft, 1975, leaving them as the only members of the present board of curators If Ross takes the position he has no authority to call a meeting, since he is no longer a curator, Thomas said Marion Neely, Iowa City lawyer, would be asked to call the meeting Committee Neely, one of the nine elected curators, is president pro tempore of the society’s board He also is chairman of a committee, appointed by Ross last summer, before Ross left office, to nominate candidates for election by the society to the six places set aside for it on the new state department board If Neely should decide not to call the meeting. Thomas said, then three elected curators would invoke the by-law giving them that authority. So the meeting will be called — probably in Iowa City — one way or another, Thomas told The Gazette The new state department was created by a law passed in the last days of the 1974 legislature, to take over functions of the society, the division of historical museum and archives and the division of historical preservation, as of last July I The law calls for a 12-member governing board, six to be appointed by the governor, six to be elected by the society, which presently has 8,-KWI members Law Not Clear Gov. Robert Ray did not appoint his six members until rn id-August The law is not clear how the election of the society’s six members is to be conducted An Aug 6 attorney general’* opinion set out that nominations for the six members to be elected by the society could be made by a committee appointed by the president of the society's curators As chairman of that committee, Neely, a lawyer, told The Gazette he was concerned whether the elected curators had power to act under the new law So he requested a clarifying opinion, which has not yet been issued In an obvious move to force Neely’s committee to act, two sponsors of the new law have proposed an amendment that would strip the society of the right to elect six members to the governing board, if passed by the next legislature They are State Sen Elizabeth Shaw (R-Davenport) and State Rep Frank Crabb (R* Denison). They were successful last week in getting the fiscal committee’s subcommittee on state departments, of which they are co-chairmen, to approve their proposed amendment. The other two members of Neely’s nominating committee are former State Supreme Court Justice Robert I^arson and Dean Oakes, both of Iowa City, both among the nine elected curators liaison, a former attorney general of Iowa, told The Gazette Saturday the new law was poorly drafted and leaves lots of questions to be answered. One question, he said, is that asked by Neely in seeking a clarifying opinion. Name* Dropped Larson pointed out that although terms of the elected curators do not expire until next June 30, their names were dropped from the society* monthly publication, The Palimpsest, in its Sep-tember-October issue In that issue, only the name* of the governor’s six new appointees appeared, with an explanatory note that six additional members "will be elected by the members of the State Historical Society of Iowa.” Peter Harstad, the society’s director, said he was responsible for removing names of the elected curators since they are no longer meeting regularly At a meeting of the new state board last Wednesday, Harstad was instructed to omit names of appointed members in future issues until the present impasse is resolved Only five of the six appointed members attended that board meeting, less than a majority of a full 12-member board. 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