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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Betty Hutton Hospitalized for Complete Emotional Breakdown’ The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., Dec. 14, 1974 MARMADUKE By Kenneth Fraarkllag PROVIDENCE, R I (UPI) — Betty Hutton, the ‘‘Blonde Bombshell” of stage and screen who surfaced as a cook In a church rectory last spring after squandering her personal wealth, has been hospitalized for a “complete emotional breakdown ” The Rev. James Hamilton of St. Anthony’s church in Portsmouth, said Miss Hutton, 53, was committed at Butler hospital, a psychiatric facility, by her psychiatrist. “She’s been in since the beginning of the week I guess they characterize it as complete emotional break down,’’ the priest said A hospital spokeswoman said, “We don’t have anyone by that name here and we don’t divulge any information on our patients to the press anyway.” Miss Hutton, leading lady of ’40s and ’50s movies and Broadway musicals, took over cooking at St. Anthony’s rectory in February and converted to Catholicism. Fan Mall Father Peter MaGuire, the pastor, had met her at a time when “she was hurt deeply, had gone through over $9 million, fame and fortune and everything else,’’ as he described it at the time. Word of her activities at the small, rural church brought a heavy volume of mail from people who remembered her performances, Hamilton said. “She got 35,000 to 37,000 letters easily When she would be feeling well she would try and answer them but the bulk remains untouched.” When word of her arrival in Portsmouth got out last Easter, Miss Hutton was bubbling over with expressions of joy. “It’s a miracle that I'm alive,” she said, adding it had been preceded by a time in Theater Time For Saturday WORLD — “Chinatown” — 2, 4:20 . 6:40, 9. TIMES - “The Trial of Billy Jack” - 1:50. 5:10 , 8 30. EASTOWN I - “Phase IV” - 3,4:35, 6:10, 7:45, 9:20. EASTOWN 2 - “The Sting” - 2:30, 4:45, 7. 9:15. MARION — Features at ll, 12 20, 1:40 , 3 , 4:26, 5:40, 7, 8 20, 9 40. ll TONITi! Sweet Dreams Dance Mer SWISHER WCO.-Til.-SAT. NIGHTS MICKEN S FACULTY” FIREPLACE LOUNGE HIAWATHA DAN GCA TIU AOS Ti SCHM ONN 9-2 Trophy Lounge Presents ToWffrt Sat ‘JAUSS’ 519 H Street S.W. which she “didn’t want to live.” She admitted that the transition was difficult. Weal Return Some days I cry and say This just won't work, It won t work But they say 'Don’t cry Betty. Your eyelashes will come off ’ ” Hamilton said he did not expect her to return to Portsmouth, “because I don’t think she can function here. I think ifs something within herself.” She was hospitalized twice since her arrival, once for a medical checkup last spring and for shoulder surgery three months ago. She responded warmly to the reception from townsfolk and some accompanied her on a bus trip to New York City last June for a tribute paid by old friends in the entertainment business Miss Hutton starred in such films as “Annie Get Your Gun”, “The Greatest Show on Earth” and “Happy Go Lucky”. Police Seek Elmo the Parrot SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -Police have issued an all-points bulletin for a bright green and red parrot named “Elmo.” Homicide Inspectors asked pet shop operators in Califor ma. Arizona and Nevada to be on the lookout for the 3-year-old parrot. Police said they want to question the bird’s owner, Douglas Casparian, 32, of San Francisco, about a killing. If he tries to sell or board Elmo, police said, he might provide a clue to his whereabouts. By Ander,on & Uemmg ("I    '    l    A,.l LnristmasLaras Uut Early — All 50,000 "He feels sorry for the postman at Christmas time." Television Listings 7—KWWl TV, Wcr1»Ho© 9—KCRG TV, Cedor Rap'd* 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rap'd* 3—KTVC), Ottumwa 4—^WMBf TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WK BT, lacrosse IO—KROC TV, Rochester I 2—KUN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO TV Des Moines Saturday Night 6:00 7-News, Weather 9-lawrence Welk 2 Action News 3-lawrence Welk 4-lawrence Welk 6-Movin' On 8 lawrence Welk 10 Pop Goes Country I 2 Folk Guitar Plus I 3 Eyewitness News 6:30 7 Dragnet 2 Good Time* 10- Police Surgeon I 2-World of Animals 13- Inside Iowa 7:00 I TX end in Granite Family 3 Legend in Granite 4 All in Fomily 6 Waft Disney 8 All in Fomily 10- Walt Disney I 2 Symphony 13 Walt Disney 7:30 2 Paul Sand 4 Paul Sand 8 Pout Sand 8 OO 9- Football- Cowboys Raider* 2 Mary Ty! 3 Football Moore 7 Walt Disney 9 leger 2 All m Cowboy s Raider* 4 Mory Tyler Moore 8 Mary Tyler Moore I 2-Ploy of Week I 3-NSC Movie 8:30 2- Bob Newhort 4 Bob Ne wharf 8-Bob Newport 9:00 2-Corol Burnett 4 Corol Burnett 8 Corol Burnett 9:30 I 2 Caught in Act 10:00 7-New*, Weather 2-Action New* 4-Action News 6- Newt, Weather 8 News, Weather IO-News, Weather I 2- Outdoors I 3- Eyewitness News 10:30 7-Movie* “Lonely Profession 2 Mission Imp 4- Somt 6 Movie* ’ Gypsy” 8- Movie* “Girl in Red Velvet Swing IO Sat Post I 2 Monty Python I 3- Sat Post 10:45 9-Eyewitness News 11:00 3 ABC News 12 Sherlock Holmes 11:15 9 Movie* "Trial Run" 3 News, Weather 11:30 2-Movie Appointment With Danger 3-Film Festival 4 Rock Concert I 2* Theater Macabre 12:00 10 Saint I 3-Takes a Thief Won’t Recommend Ending Required Retirement DES MOINES (AP)- Iowa civil rights commissioners have backed away from a proposal to prohibit mandatory retirement ages, even though the commission says the practice is discriminatory. The commission’s staff proposed a change in Iowa law that would clear the way for the commission to outlaw mandatory retirement ages. But the group voted unanimously Thursday against recommending the change to the Iowa legislature. The commission said its staff has not been able to keep up with other civil rights complaints and would be flooded with more complaints if mandatory retirement ages were banned. Brooklyn Woman Found Guilty Of Kidnaping OSKALOOSA (AP)—A Mahaska county district court jury has found Mrs. Betty Carney, Brooklyn, guilty of kidnaping her former husband, Dr. Robert Carney, Grinnell The jury of eight women and four men deliberated four hours Thursday before reaching the verdict. Judge Michael Enich set sentencing for Dec. 3(1 and ordered a pre sentence investigation. She was charged with kidnaping her former husband on May 15. The trial was transferred from Poweshiek county district court on a change of venue. Dr Carney testified that his former wife shot him and then took him to Hannibal, Mo , where he got away when Mrs. Carney stopped to make a telephone call. Coolidge Tradition In 1923 President Calvin Coolidge lighted a huge spruce on the White House lawn, initiating a national custom. * TONITI ★ THE BANK presents: it • SAT. NITE SLATS THOMPSON'S DOHM USE NURSERY • SUNDAY• OMN AT NOON TRUTH A JANEY” The Trial r Billy Jack Starring * DELORES TAYLOR a and    M TOM LAUGHLIN HELD OVER! SHI SMASH WEER! PG ti A ii NO CHANGES" COVER CHARGE DOWNTOWNER LOUNG!—IN TH! MAGNUS HOHL CEDAR RAPIDS - New Times 70 I Stag WATERLOO Cross Roads I DUBUQUE Grana MARSHALLTOWN Plain LAMP BAR OPEN SUNDAY NOON TO IO P.M. oosEmn MOTOR BOTEL Convenient parking in our ramp DOWNTOWN WORLD 363-S3) I NOW _ OPEN    1:30 THC MOST A COA IM ED HIM Of 1974 “CHINATOWN! NOW 1:30-5i10-8:30 '“THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK —PO— TIMES 364-861 3 lf CHARLES WONSON SVI jPNtr Al PACINO MOW “LOROS OF FLATBUSir PIUS “UST DETAIL" _u ORCH AT 7 PM. DUIN WISH "SERPICO” PLAZA 393-8439 NOW THE BEST IN FAMILY FUN NOW ROBERT REDFORD "JEREMIAH JOHNSON" -PO-SHOWS 2:40-4:45 7:40-9:45 V ,       ’ ■Aln m NOW “THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK" SAT. 2:30-6:45-9:45 SUN. 2:30-5:30-8:30 ALWAYS FRIE PARKING^ TSI NOW WAPM and EXCITING “THE DOVE” SHOWS 3:35-4:35 ■»:45-9j45 JUST A FEW MORE DAYS ART CARNEY "HARRY & TONTO" -t- SHOWS 2:35-4:40 7:35-9:40 CHICAGO (UPI) - The Rev. William Johnson got his Christmas cards out early this year — all 50,000 of them. Johnson, who has worked for 14 years with the men and women in Illinois jails, was asked by state officials last month to come up with six or seven Christmas cards for each of the state’s 7,100 juvenile and adult inmates. “I had never met the man,” said Robert Colby, director of public relations for the Illinois department of corrections, “but I knew of his work I guess I called him out of sheer desperation.” Colby said the state is committed to provide Christmas lards for prison inmates to send their families, but a problem arose because Hallmark Cards, Inc., which normally donates leftover cards from the last year, declined this year due to the economic situation. Toe tate The state has printed its own cards a few times, hut by the time Hallmark made its decision, the corrections department thought it was too late to take on the task It took Johnson less than a month to solve the problem and last week the 50,000 cards — to be allotted for mailing (o inmates’ families and friends — were on their way for distribution The minister considers the Christmas card project one of his most important efforts. “It was kind of a big order, but I worked it out this way," he said “I got Ben Bey, an ex-of- Zodiac “NO SAUCE INN” ...ALL MIXED DRINKS NON ALCOHOLIC * NO AOf LIMIT * 5185 8tt) Ava. Marion TURN IT AT ION! ST. • DANCING NIKIC OAIlTi MOOM-S AJA. f LIVE ^ENTERTAINMENT WE NOW HAVE (AUGHT MIRI 363-3269 PARAMOUNT DOWNTOWN SAT. & SUN. MATINEES ONLY SHOWS 2:00-3:30 ALL SEATS $1.00 NOW JULES VERNES MOST FANT/ ADVENTURE! fender who is now director of the Freedom Through Art studio, to design five different covers for the cards. Then I called the Behr Paper Co., of Rockford, 111., who supplied the paper at a reduced cost. Paper, Printing “Herman Gee, a member of the Tinley Park United Methodist church donated $200 for paper cost and Robert McCullough donated the use of his shop, the Lashore Press, Inc., for production of the cards.” Johnson, who serves as a chaplain at Stateville penitentiary in Joliet, said he got help in printing from Michael White, an inmate at the Pbn-tiac correctional center who Johnson had transferred to the Chicago work release center to help with the project. “I’ve worked extensively for 14 years with men and women in correctional institutions across the state,” said Johnson, also pastor of the Irving Park United Methodist church “I’m always doing things along these lines, quite often helping men and women get out and start new life styles ” © Jute/terne/ PG The iRiou/lrmnc of Captain nemo .. And this, all this, I give you, my Beloved!" (POUND^HALF Yes, Full 20 oz. Top Sirloin STEAK ......5.25 IO Oz. Top Sirloin STEAK............2.89 Half Pound Ribeye STEAK............2.09 Half Pound Haw York Strip STEAK 2.09 Above Served With Tossed Sdod ond Mom* Made Roll '/j Rack B B Q. Loin Back RIBS    ...    3.99 Complete Dinner B B Q. loin Bock RIBS    3.69 Served with Baked Potato. Tossed Salad and Home Made Roll Ope*M| it 4 pa 7 toys a a lek 720 10th St. PH. 377-6351 MARION True enough. Young people with more imagination than resources find the warmth and snug informality of the Country Buffet leads to good conversations and elsewhere — the movies, dancing, an evening your memory will mark down as significant. Country buffet at the ROOSEBIII MOTOR BOHI Country style 4 Country priced 4 Country good Hn-.tM.isi $2 I mu ii S2 Dim***: Si lev |j«irkiii<| Dnunli.uii ( «<I.h K»|*mK Frank Blair Is Resigning from NBC’s Today’ NKW YORK (AP) - Veteran broadcaster Frank Blair, who has been on NBC’s “Today” show ever since it went on the air on Jan. 14, 1952, is resigning from the program, the network said Friday. An NBO spokesman quoted Blair, 59, as saying he wants to spend more time with his family after 22 years of getting up at 5 a.rn each weekday to do the “Today” show He said Blair, who is en route to West Palm Beach, Fla , for a Christmas vacation with his family, will make his final appearance on “Today” on March 14. His replacement hasn't been chosen, NBO said Blair, born in Yemassee, S. C., plans to continue his broadcasting career, which he began in 1935 as a newscaster for radio station WUST in Charleston, S. C., the NBO spokesman said. Blair and his wife live in New York City. They have eight children and 13 grandehileren. ON THIS DATE rn 1973, Henry Kissinger urged King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to end the Arab oil embargo against the United State PHASE IV 74S-4.M 7 ACADEMY I AWARDS! S’ PAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORD IHE STONG ... all it takes is a little Confidence SHOWS 7489 15 PG © . . . DUE TO THE BAD WEATHER MANY MAY HAVE MISSED OUT. HELD OVER 6TH A FINAL WIEKI “IF YOU HAVIN’! SI IN A PORNO MOVIE BL FORI , OR IF YOU NAVI ONLY ONF. FRO!IC MOVIl IOC ATOM THIS YEAR !HISISTHE ONE. ”__Al    Goldstein JU JraJEj JU JI J* Jlj - XA VIERA HOLLANDER THL HAPPY HOOKLR) SHOWS AT ll 88 12:28 1 48 3:88 4:28-5 48 7 88 8:28 9 Ii LATE SHOW FRI.-SAT AT IIM MA BIO! 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