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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette; Sat., Dec. 14, W\ WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP By WALT DISNEY OF COURSE... THERES ALWAYS TOMORROW! 12-/4- BLONDIE ( DONT get SO EXCITED-) TH£Y DIDN T y—'' ^V-r ACCEPT I •ijm) By CHICK YOUNG I KNEW THERE WAS J' SOMETHING ^ W V ABOUT THEM ►. I LIKED BEETLE BAILEY By MORT WALKER MARK TRAIL £ Bv CO DOOD OO ACROSS HE PE, MA. TRAIL. WI CAN CUT HIM OFF f 11 (wa mm IEP* The TRUCK IS TOO CUMBERSOME TO TAKE ANY SHORT CUTS SO COLTRANE IS FORCED TO STAY ON THE ROAD MOOSE AND AS MARK'S VEHICLE DASHES ACROSS THE ROUGH TERRAIN at*, nAia^SSuiSSk ^si- ^gJBisssm fa*. •..»?* '.T Bv BOB WEBER Foodstuff Answer to Previous Pui/ta They'll Do It Every Time ACROSS I — (amate 4 Venison tor rn a tare* 8 — chops 12 Cafes and 13 Bo y s name 14 Tot Wiry cts* 18 Hebrew teller 16 Chinese officials 18 intellectual pretender 20 Arboreal homes 21 tamo (coll > 22 Permits 24 impudent 26 Dinner —• 27 Unruly group 30 Indian 32 Coy 34 F amity member 36 Rubs out 36 Compass point 37 Shakespearean k>ng 39 Shiny 40 Obtains 41 Thus (Latin) 42 Begm oomg (2 was ) 46 Appease 49 Allotment 61 ignited 62 Drunkards 63 Shield bearing 64 Former name of Tokyo 56 F enc mg sec rd 6b F rgit bf Oriental com. DOWN t Sugar cured — (pi) 2 Margarine J Moderate 4 Urchin 5 Sad cry t Moue ‘NLWSPAt’LK EVT 7 Coociue.on 8 F albert (F r > 9 Elevator inventor 10 Dwarf 11 Osculate 17 Horn 19 Produce poultry 23 Senior 24 Kne«e of clubs (pi i «5t pie poetry 2t Basque cap 27 Concerts 28 Russian city LRt'Kl.SE A.Y>,\ » 29 Finest 31 Cap tai of Montana 33 Sorcary 38 Reach for 40 F urn 41 Sounder mentally 42 Church part 43 G'uard 44 Carry (con I 46 Feminine aDP«hat>on 47 Ocean current 48 Short lac Mel 60 Summit I 2 sn _ r~ 6 7 8 “ TTT ll ii i 15 16 1/ ^ , id 19 I 20 2! rn 23 24 25 H 2b □ 27 28^ 29 30 31 i Si 33 U I stT 36 id 3i 38 r - 39 40 lr- 41 42 43 44 I CL 46 47 48 49 cj I 52 j-........ sr 54“ 5d I 06~ sr 14 UPTPlNKY 6 ve2y maricijLAR about. WHO gets INTO HER HW CmSi V r MOVE THAT ONLY THOSS O^f TH6 06ST fiMiUfcS WITH THE HIGHEST SOCIAL STATUS ANO FINANCIAL POSITION BE ELI6/8LE FOR MEMKRSHlP.'? tfT# A Bur ANYTHING IN f*NTS IS MOST ACCE^ASLE IN HER HOME" DES MW*. IOrVA MOTHER -THIS IS CA? CRUPNCY" HE GAVE ME A RiOE HOME ON HIS M010RCVCLE / PEuGHTEP \ TO MEET >0U" I CTO HORE YOU LL STAY FOR CTINNE1?-/ MAXE YOURSELF i(\ AT HOME. PERHACS CAO CAN STAY THE WEEKES CT. PEAR- GRIN AND BIAR IT By Lichty FUNNY BUSINESS fly Rogf Bollen VOELL,UCO LAN ALSO (DEAR IT 'NTC IHE tsL^MiNO ^ POOL But WC MAK® NO PROM8£S BEYOND 'In our win garden in the batlle against inflation, Roscoe it just along at an advisor.” ANDY CAPP By REO SMYTHS ANYWAY, THATS WHAT ’E SAID when    'SFinally DID GET ^ > 'anc - But I never know v WHEN 'E'S tillin' the truth Give me Just one REASON WHY I SHOULDN'T Oivf 'ER ACUP ACROSSTHE CHOPS - AN' IT'D OETTER ~2 BC GOOD □ JUL. Sag*;. I nATE IT Wh£N SOMEONE ANSUEX3 A QUESTION Th A QUESTION! LIL ABNER Bv AL CAPP A GUT I LL FORFEIT ^ ) MY PENSION FOR J / MY ADVICE ^ IS— -RESIGN// GUT ILL FORFEIT MY PENSION FOF isnt ir worth IT TO AVOID PROSECUTION FOR HARASSING SWETGT MRS. RUMB> LOS SOM YOU AND I, EF-J? A AA — UNJUSTLY PENALIZED FOR SNIFFING OUT THE- TRUTH J?- J NANCY Bv ERNIE BUSHMILL CR X7 WE HAD A HEQD op —v, them, bu^* "hey got <v-Vt    I MEAN AND DANGEROUS I V-------- 7 r c£^gnu^n^ 1    ^ AFRICA    I    Cl* *3 m mm IF — SO WE SOLD them to another ZOO IT’S like THAT OLD SAYING --- sr N .TY I •NO GNUS IS GOOD GNUS 5 STEVE CANYON By MILTON CANIFF 12 * 14 v The KINGDOM OF JHOAN IS LANDLOCKED CUTOFF FROM THE OCEAN AY MAHNAY- AND IT HURTS IT IS LIKE NEVADA ATTALK/NU CALIFORNIA - OK ARKANSAS GOING FOR LOUISIANAN THROAT -TO CAIN ACCESS TO THE SFA ^ af® 50 WHEN RED CHINA MOVED IN ON MAHNAY'5 OIL BONANZA, THE SOVIETS FOUND WILLING EAR* IN THOAMS THRONE ROOM... AND TnAT5 HOW EA^V IT 15 ID OPEN A CUTCHER SWOP BUT RIGHT NOW-MARK TRADE IS BUZ SAWYER L£T<S GO BACK. | TD THC HOUSE, ' ! BUZ—WITH I AUL THAT'S HAPPENING, I DOWT UKE TO LEAVE TRUDY ALONE. J f l l JY TOU \ f GO AHEAD, JA DlMG irvv - DO YOU KNOW OF ANY CAV6S ON THE ISLAND? ) By ROY CRAN* rON BORA BORA I HEARD THERE WERE 5Plkll CAVES HERE ON TICA-TICA...VERY TABOO. THINK I'LL SCOUT (JR DICK TRACY By CHESTER GOULD rn MARY WORTH jpzr^Y I ITS Time YOU STARTED FOR COLUMBUS, FRANK/ DO KOU WANT TO PUT KOUR 50/TC A Se IN ^ THC CAR? NO-WRC ARE | [ Things to DO at 7)€ omen-IU STOP BACK FOR JI IT LATER By tAUNOCRI AND ERNST SHALL I PHONE TONIGHT TD make sure you arrived SAFELY? DO KXI RECALL I YOUR HOTEL RC OM NUMBER? NO - BUT I--- I MAV TO A MEETING ' * I'LL you- IF /TS NOT TOO when I cseT sack from i CONCHY Br JAME I CHILDHEIi J.. , < )( ':fj( ) / • e e ny ;

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