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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Kissinger Congratulates Ford for His SALT Dealings With Russia By Art Buchwaid The Grant Wood window, 24 feet high and 20 feet wide, was designed in 1927 by Wood The famous artist later went to Europe to oversee construction of the window and arranged for its placement and completion in 1929. The window depicts the “lady of peace and victory” watching over soldiers representing the Revolutionary, Civil, Spanish-American and First World wars. AP Af lr ep ho loCaught By Curiosity A young onlooker at a house fire in Topeka, Kan , got his head caught in an overpass bridge railing and began screaming for help. Firemen had to take time out from fighting the blaze to extricate the boy from his predicament. AP WirephotoSomething Missing New litdford. Mass , Mayor John A. Mar key takes a call at his makeshift desk following removal of furniture owned by his predecessor Former Mayor George Rogers, now a senator-elect, said he needed his desk and chair for an office he’s setting up Gaiette Photo* by John Mc IvorSemi-Secret Project Complete Announcement was made Thursday that the priceless stained-glass window by Grant Wood in Veterans Memorial building on May’s island is safe after four months of semi-secret work at a cost of about 131,000 rn federal revenue sharing funds. Since the window is priceless no company approached by the city council would insure it. The protection consists of a metal framework on both sides of the window supporting three-eighths-inch thick tempered glass. The project was kept semi-secret as a preventative against possible vandalism prior to its completion.Stolen Carving Returned to Church Patrolman Bernard Mclnerney returns to the Rev, Raynald Schaaf, associate pastor of St. Peter's Catholic church in Chicago, a mother of pearl carving which was stolen Wednesday from the church. Police said the carving was taken to a tavern by a man who sold it for $20 to a dishwasher, who presented it as a gift to the tavern owner. who on learning it had been stolen took it to her own church, where police retrieved it. * And when you indicated that only 1,320 of them could be MIRVed. he knew he was in a different ball game.” “You don’t think I overdid it, do you. Henry?” “You were just right, Mr. President — tough when you had to be tough, conciliatory when you had to be conciliatory But through it all you let them know exactly where we stood. ” “I think you’re right. By the way, Henry, where do we stand'”’ “Before we arrived at this agreement the Soviets could kill every man. woman and child in the United States 15 times. Now. thanks to your brilliant negotiating, they will only be able to kill us nine times Of course, the same holds true for us We can only kill their people nine times, and you might get some flak from the Pentagon on this. They are hoping for no less than an 11-time-per-person kill rate." ‘‘Don’t worry about that, Henry. PU take care of the Pentagon.”A Tonic You know. Henry . I hate to admit this. I really had fun in V ladivostok No one was bugging me about inflation, the recession or the budget. These overseas trips are really a tonic. Where do you think we ought to go next, Henry?” Fasten your seat belt, Mr. President. Would you believe Peking?” “Peking?” “Vos, sir I’m going to work it out with the Chinese We ll have you in front of the Great Wall by next October ” “Wow Wait till I tell Betty.” This is your pilot speaking We expect some turbulent weather in a few moments Would everyone please put on his football helmet?” Copyist 1*/4. Lot Angelot Tim#* WASHINGTON — I have just received the tapes from Henry Kissinger’s conversation with President Ford on Air Force One, just after they took off from Vladivostok “Mr. President, you were magnificent. You did in three months what Richard Nixon couldn't accomplish in five years " “I did?” “Yes, sir. Brezhnev really knew he had come up to someone his equal when he started talking SALT with you.” “I got the feeling he knew he couldn’t push me around.” “It was more than a feeling. Mr President. I actually saw fear in Brezhnev’s eyes.” “You did?” “When you said you could only allow the Soviets 2,400 long-range missiles and bombers, he was thunderstruck ” ■ You have to take a stand sometime.”Different Game ;

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