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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Research May Help State Asthma SufferersU. of I. IOWA CITY (IDICA) - New relief for Iowa asthma sufferers may be in sight due to the research work of a University of Iowa physician and the American Lung Assn. of Iowa. Dr. John Kammermeyer of the University hospitals at Iowa City is near completion of his second year of asthma and farmer's lung disease research and has uncovered some significant findings. Many people are surprised to learn that Iowa is among the nation’s worst locations for asthma victims. In fact, some experts think the Hawkeye state ranks number one in asthma and hay fever. In addition, farmer’s lung discase is not uncommon. Asthma is a chronic lung disease caused by the body’s allergic reaction to microscopic, airborne particles of plant pollen, mold spores, or grain dust inhaled into the lungs through normal breathing. Everyone inhales millions of the tiny particles each day, but for some, allergic reactions can cause the airways to narrow, leading to choking and extremely difficult breathing as the result.Other Elements Although high levels of pollen and dust related to agricultural production are often singled out as the source of Iowa’s unusual asthma problem, Dr Kammermeyer feels other elements may also contribute significantly. “Certainly some asthmatic conditions can bv caused by pollen, feathers, dusts and many other agents in the air we breathe,’’ Dr. Kammermeyer said, “but these elements alone do not account for our unusual asthma problem. ’’ Kammermeyer believes mold spores may bo at fault in many case's and lung association officials have provided funding for a research project to study the matterDrug Development Mold spores are microscopic particles present in almost any environment by the billions. As part of the reproductive process of molds, spores travel easily through the air. often covering surprising distances. To study the problem, the young researcher has been collecting air samples in eastern Iowa throughout the summer and fall months of this year Samples are routinely collected three days each week in four experimental locations a cornfield, a barnyard, an urban lawn and an urban rooftop Samples from the four locations are immediately taken to Kammermeyer’s indoor laboratory for culture and further study Physicians have known for some time that mold spores can cause asthma; however, most medical attention has been focused on other known asthma-inducing substances or simply upon development of drugs to counter symptoms of allergic asthma Desensitization, a process of building up the body’s allergic resistance through immunization with extracts of substances to which an individual is allergic can work in fighting asthma attacks. The process is often preferred as an alternative to a steady diet of antihistamines and bronchial dialators (drugs to relieve asthma symptoms). To lie effective, however, desensitization requires knowlt'dge of all substances which prompt asthma attacks in each individual caseNot Recognized According to officials of the lung association, there are still a number of unknowns in asthma treatment which remain to be solved The role of mold spores in Iowa is one such unknown Preliminary findings of the Kammermeyer project reveal answers to some of these questions may be within reach First, the abundance of mold spores in samples collected from Iowa air exceeded even Kammermeyer s generous expectations Moreover, during the* tedious laboratory work of sorting and identifying molds present In each of the air samples, some types of airtime molds identified were not previously known to be common in Iowa. Indeed, some have not been recognized as common anywhere across the nation Oddly enough, during the summer months mold spore counts in urban settings nearly equalled samples taken in the rural farm areas Only during the fall harvest season did the rural problem become significantly greater. From a clinical point of view, the most significant aspect of these discoveries is the identification of several previously unsuspected varieties of mold spores which appear to be causing asthma and other adverse respiratory conditions among Iowans As the result of Dr. Kammermeyer’s work to date, evaluation and treatment for asthma throughout the state can be improved and significant numbers of patients may hope for more effective medical reliefReal Importance “There is still a great deal of work to be done along these lines in Iowa,” Dr. Kam mermeyer noted, "but these initial findings are of real importance to the treatment of chronic, often disabling diseases such as asthma and farmer’s lung Additionally, these' findings may even benefit hay fever sufferers ” “It is important to realize not everyone with an allergic respiratory condition is sensitive to breathing mold spores. For those who are, however, the findings of this project are significant.” Nationwide, more than nine million Americans are afflicted with asthma. Although not generally regarded as a fatal disease, asthma is responsible for nearly 4,IMM) deaths yearly across the nation. Dr Kammermeyer’s research project is one of four in Iowa currently supported by the lung association as part of its annual program of research, education, patient and community services. Funds for the association’s programs are provided by charitable contributions to the annual Christmas seal campaign, a special Iowa lung research program and selected special events throughout the state More information about asthma or other lung disorders may be obtained by contacting the American Lung Assn. of Iowa, 1818 High street, Des Moines 50309 Winneshiek Gravestones Reveal Old Legends, Facts from no* until Doc 14, 1974. General Electric is offering the appliances and television shown, to its dealers at prices reduced trom previous levels, and has also lowered its suggested retail prices See your GE dealer for his prices and terms (Continued from Page IM ) road from Ridgeway to Cresco in 1869. Since nobody knew his name and had no way of identifying him, his body was buried beside the railroad track in a grave that prompted the founding of the Ridgeway cemetery. A model for persons interested in improving the appearance and maintenance of old cemeteries can be seen in the western part of Sumner Township, between Spillville and Protivin, where one of the most attractive landmarks in the area is the Bohemian National cemetery Ground care and landscaping along with good general upkeep combine to make the Bohemian an attractive and dignified memorial to pioneers of this area One of the most historical burial plots in Winneshiek county — perhaps in Iowa — is marked by a six-foot, cloudy-white, stone shaft less than lot) feet southeast of the north gate of the Burr Oak cemetery Burr Oak is a small village, about ll miles north of Decorah on highway 52, where Laura Ingalls Wilder, noted author. once lived Symms Legend The tall, time-worn shaft on the north edge of the Burr Oak cemetery marks the burial plot of the Richard A Symms family. According to a legend on the west side of the stone, the father died May 14, 1864, at 51 years of age. On the opposite side of the stone another inscription indicates the mother. Adaliza A. Symms, died October ll, 1878, at 58 years of age. On the north side of the monument, is an inscription which shows that William VV. Symms, a son. died in Andersonville prison during the Civil war. Sept. 18, 1864, at 22 years of age — just three months following the death of his father. The inscription on the south Richard A. Symms Family Gravestone side of the stone shows that another son, Darwin E. Symms, was killed at the battle of Little Big Horn with Custer. June 25. 1876 at the agt' of 25. These are samples of facts and legends uncovered in Winneshiek county during the last several years by one man s unusual hobby Weigle’s objectives include filing his records in Luther college archives at Decorah, making copies available to relatives and friends in the Winneshiek county recorder’s office, and producing a map showing the various burial sites in the county. Mark Graves "I want to make it very clear,” W’eigle says, “that we are anxious to obtain information on any isolated graves or abandoned cemeteries that have not yet bwn recorded We are inclined to think there may be more. “It is my hope that interest awakened by my hobby-study will prompt individuals and organizations to make a concerted effort to fence off, clean up, and properly mark every grave in our county in a manner showing respect for those who blazed the trails here for us ” Decorah’s self-appointed grave statistician also entertains a hope that enough interest in grave restoration will develop among the people of Iowa to make possible the founding of numerous local organizations which can be banded together in a state association He cites Wisconsin as a state in which this has been done, coordinating the finding, recording, and restoration of all graves and burial plots in the state Lincoln Voters to Decide Bond Issue MEX'HANICSV ILLE—Voters in the Lincoln Community school district will go to the polls Tuesday to decide a two and one-half mill maintenance and repair levy. 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