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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8B Thr Cedar Rapids Gazette: San., Der. 8. 1874 UNI Students Learn To Fly With the Best CEDAR FALLS — “Waterloo Tower, cleared for take off.” With heart rapidly beating. eyes dead ahead and hands on controls, a student pilot lifts the Cherokee single engine plane off the runway to fly with the best — to be on equal terms with the birds in the sky. For about 75 University of Northern Iowa students, staff and faculty, flying for the first time can be quite a thrill. They are members of the first UNI Flying club, also referred to as the UNT Flyers. The club was organized this fall by two UNI professors, Dr. Robert Kaplan, associate professor of marketing, and Dr Stanley Grant, associate professor of geology. Both are licensed commercial pilots as well as being instrument-rated. Received Wings Dr. Grant received his wings in the Air Force in 1958 and was a jet pilot and ground school instructor for the Air Force He also taught a survival school in Japan from 1963-68 for both U. S. pilots and allied military forces. According to Dr. Kaplan, the purposes of the club are to bring together those people in the university community who have an interest in flying and its related activities; to promote flying and its related activities on the campus; and to assist members in accomplishing their flying objectives Both Grant and Kaplan instruct the pilot ground school which is held each Wednesday evening on campus Instruction is expected to last about nine weeks and includes aviation terminology, nomenclature of the aircraft, aerodynamics, flight instruments, aircraft systems, basic navigation, flight planning and aviation weather. University Credit At completion of the ground school the students are given the Federal Aviation Administration private pilot written exam and if completed satisfactorily, three hours of university credit are awarded Of course, the ground school leads to the ultimate for -- Cornell Opens Free Interim Courses UNI Student Dennis May of Stacyville takes plane controls for the first time under the watchful eye of instructor Mark Thorn, MOUNT VERNON - Courses offered in Cornell college’s fourth interim term, scheduled Jan. 6 through 24. will be open tuition free to members of the general public Registration of non-students will be on a space available basis, with no fee other than the cost of required books, materials or travel. Persons interested may telephone the Cornell registrar’s office for more information A sampling of courses to be offered during Cornell’s January “mim-semester” includes hatha yoga. Navajo rug weaving, emergency first aid, commercial music, computer programming and Liberian cooking Also in the Interim catalog are “Bye-Bye Baby,” a wom en's studies course; active Spanish communication; ’’Energy, Electric Power and Man;’’ a course on medieval philosopher Thomas Aquinas; “The Classical Symphony” and about 40 others. Purpose of the three week interim term is to give students a scholastic “breathing spell” — an opportunity for a break in the normal semester's pace, to study different subjects under a different type of regimen During the three weeks, each student takes just one course, concentrating on it exclusively. Courses offered at interim are not part of the regular curriculum. No grades are given; each student’s participation is evaluated only on a pass or fail basis This helps to lessen the academic pressure present during regular Remeaters Various opportunities for on-the-job work or observation internships are provided off campus during interim Students can choose assignments in hospitals, mental health facilities. Montessori schools, clinical laboratories and churches, among others. These internships are set up with the cooperation of officials in the participating institutions. Some of these are in Cedar Rapids; others are located farther from campus, and students will be in residence during the three weeks laking for a farm? Shop the want ads daily! UNI Flyers — gaming enough air time at the controls of a plane and receiving a private pilot's license. The FAA requires a minimum of 35 hours flight time — 15 hours duo time and 20 hours solo. Three more hours of university credit are given when the license is received. The club is applying for membership with the National Intercollegiate Flying Assn Dr. Kaplan said there are several advantages to affiliation with the organization The MFLA holds scheduled events with competition in aerobatics. aircraft identification and other sporting events In the future, the club also hopes to hold fly-ins with other college clubs, perhaps meeting at a central location for breakfasts and meetings, and hold safety meetings with FAA personnel. Transportation Study Begins AMES — Residents in 59 Iowa counties this month may participate in assessing the future of the state's transportation program The travel patterns of Iowans is being studied by the Engineering Research institute at Iowa State university. To assist in the project, hundreds of residents in the selected counties will be asked to respond to questionnaires which will be mailed to them in early December Need New I oak Final results of the study could have an impact on the state s overall transportation network. Kenneth A Brewer, associate professor of civil engineering. who heads the research unit conducting the survey, said that “The changing fuel picture, and the increasing expansion of Iowa travel patterns, require a new look at how Iowans can develop transportation which is bot h convenient and efficient." He said the results will be sent to state and congressional officials concerned with the future of Iowa’s transportation programs The research findings will also be available lo community leaders “Who mas want to make use of the study in charting their own community transportation plans,” Brewer said The replies on individual questionnaires will bi* kept confidential, and no participants will be identified bv name in the reporting A copy of the research findings will be available upon request to everyone who participates in the study. Save Gasoline Brewer said the researchers are conducting the study by mailed questionnaires to save the gasoline that otherwise would be used by interview- Apple Bread Could Masquerade as Cake 2 T. maraschino chem sy nip Pinch of >*alt 4 cup flour 3 T butter or margarine Core and slice apples into buttered H\12-inch baking dish. Sprinkle lightly with sugar Arrange sliced pears or peaches over this and spnnkle again with sugar Place halved cherries on top and pour over the cherry syrup Sift the ^ cup sugar, salt. and flour together Melt butter and stir into dry ingredients with a fork Sprinkle over the fri/it, Bake in a moderately-slow oven (325 degrees) for .'MI to 4(1 minutes or until fruit is tender. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream. Makes 8 servings. Begin your day the classified ad way . . . sell don t needs” fast call 398-8234’ Apple Bread can be served to guests with a hot cup of tea, made into sandwiches for your child s lunch box or toasted for a welcome breakfast treat. Apple Bread is so good that it could easily masquerade as a cake! Fragrant with spices, exotically flavored with black walnuts and the winey taste of apples even textured and easy to slice — what more could you ask? Serve it at tea-time with a choice of spreads; make it into sandwiches for snacks or lunch boxes, toast it to bring out even more delightful flavor You'll be amazed at its versatility — and its popularity Another recipe you’ll want to try is Hot Fruit Pudding, a delicious blend of apples, maraschino cherries and peaches or pears. Black Balau! Apple Bread lVj cups sifted all-purpose flour 2 tsps baking powder 4 tsp baking si»da I tsp salt I tsp. cinnamon l4 tsp nutmeg tsp allspice I1* cups crushed ready-to serve wheat cereal flakes I cup broken black walnuts •\ cup chopped apple 1 egg, slightly beaten a4 cup firmly paiked brown sugar 14 cups buttermilk 2 T vegetable oil Mix and sift flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and spices Stir in cereal flakes, walnuts and apple Combine egg. brown sugar, buttermilk and oil; add. mix just enough to moisten dry ingredients. Do not beat. Turn into well-greased 9x5x3-inch loaf pan Bake at 350 degrees one hour Hut Fruit Pudding 4-8 Golden Delicous apples cup sugar 3-4 canned pears or peaches 8 maraschino cherries Daniels 901 Ookland Ra7 NI Clof od Sunday Hours 8:30-6 Except Fri. 8:30- 9 Specials Good Doc. 9-10-11 Hi lr Mg Buckhorn or Fox Doluxo Boor 24 Bottu cast i m DefOirt Polish Sausage lh Ham Sticks, lb Mc Mc Skinless Wionors. lb .. 69c Com King Bacon.lb. . S109 Ctrl. Sliced Bacon, lh. ..1.15 Pork Chops, lh. I 39 Pork Stock, lb...... .. 69c Pork Roast. A...... .. 69c Boneless Loin lh SI 49 Pork Sausage, lb. ... ...SOC Rib Ends, lh 69c Ham Butts, lh 79c Spar* Ribs, lb...... ...35c Pork Liver, lb 35c Chicken Livers, lh. .. .. 89c Chicken Breasts, lh . ...79c Chicken Hecks Backs lh 23c Chicken Gizzards, lh. ... Mc Frying Chickens, lh Pork Cutlets, lh 59c 79c Ox Tads, th S9c Pork Bones, lh 19c Smoked Sausage, lb. . $1.18 Pork Cheeks, lb........ /Ic Fresh Carrots 2 lh — 49c Mod Yellow Onions, 3 lh. 29c Pascal Colory bunch____39c Round Stock, Hi.......$1.29 Swiss Steak. Mb.......$1.29 Roll Rump lb.........SI.39c Club Stock, lb........$ 1.29c Sirloin Steak, lb.......$1.29 Boding Boof, Hi........65c Short Ribs lb..........65c Boof Stow lh..........$1.19 Boof Shank, lh.........69c Boof Liver, lh..........69c Ground Boof. lh. ....... 69c Ground Chuck lh.......98c Ground Round, lh......$1.29 Boof Roost lh......69c 79c Arm Roast lb..........Mc Arm Steak, lh..........Mc Chuck Stock, lh........79c Steak lh..............79c Beef Hearts, lh.........29c Slob Bacon, lh.........89c Beef Tongue lh.........59c She od Bologna, lh......69c Bacon Sonora*, lh. ____69c Smoked Picnics, H.....f9c Chopped Ham. Mi......$1.19 Spiced Luncheon, lh.    ... 89c Brtunschwoigor. H.....69c Longhorn Choose, lh.    ..$1.29 Brick Choose lh.......$1.29 OPEN 24 HOURS DOUBLE ss STAMPS With This Coupon and Purchase Good thru Tues., Dec. IO Freezer Meat Not Included We Accept USOA food stamps DLASK U-SAVE * 1532 ELLIS BLVD. N.W. ★ wm welcome phone order* tor nm*♦ day delivery 363-7731 prs Questionnaires are being distributed to three different samples Two of these are mainly opinion surveys, asking some area residents what they think about various transportation problems, and ways of dealing with them. A third questionnaire asks another sample of people to describe some of their travel patterns so that planners will become better acquainted with transportation needs The project is being funded jointly by the U. S department of transportation and the ISF Fngineering Research institute Reg. $7.99 MENS’AND BOYS' ZIPPER BOOTS Black Made in U S A. Sizes S I 2-1. I 2 * WEST BEND *6 22 tag. $3.15 BARBIE DOLL CASE $214 Rag. $6.99 WOMEN’S ANKLE HI BOOTS Sizes 5-10    ^ r Felt Lining vt Fur Collar SPECIAL! Ladies’-Girls' 8 to I 2 GLOVES-MITTENS ☆ Attractive    %    9| Knits Rag. $2.97-3.47 Girls' 4-14 ANGEL STYLE TOPS & Print or Plain $2 44 Re9 $3.97-OlrU' 7 to I 4 SWEAT SHIRTS »r Novelty on Solid Reg. 394 HEET GAS-LINE ANTI-FREEZE 3 for *1 Reg. $24.97 SCHAVER IO AMP BATTERY CHARGER $ 18 80 Reg. $1.87 EARLY AMERICAN LOUNGE PILLOWS 34 Wolf Disney $ MAGIC KINGDOM GIFT SETS Combination* Shampoo lotion-Powder »3» GIANT COUPON sc \ Ri if Hr Rig. $34.95 6.E. 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