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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Political Notes By Frank Nye TI# Cedar Rapids I.arette: San , Der #, 1974    50Go On Vacation for Two Weeks and What Happens?... SO I GO ON VACATION FOR TWO WEEKS and what happens Hrs! day hack a fellow comes up and says (ice, Frank, I really enjoy your column Those last two were the best you’ve ever written." That put it right up to me: Should I play Watergate coverup and act like I'd written them? Or should I come right out and admit they were the products of two fliest columnists? Those were the questions. Frankly, I was so flattered I Wol LD HAX L played Watergate if the two columns hadn't been preceded by editor's notes naming the guest writers. So congratulations, Dale Kueter (of The Gazette staff) and Harrison Skip Weber (of Iowa Daily Press Assn ) and thanks for two exceptionally fine columns. (Note to Dale and Skip' : I II give you the fellow's name on condition you won t tell my boss). ☆ ☆ ☆ Reflections A LOT OF THINGS HAPPEN when a guy is on vacation Let s reflect: State Sen Minnette Orderer et Iowa City, beat State Sen ( -Joseph Coleman of Clare, for the Democratic nomination for president pro temjxire of the Iowa senate, 13 to 12. My friend Joe was so miffed that, at first, he considered rounding up Republican support to run against Minnette the second go around. After all. reasoned Joe, who served with me on the Governor's Reapportionment Action committee back in 1957-B1, he has been around the senate longer than any other member. Republican or Democrat, so seniority should entitle him to the honor of being president pro tempore. But Joe is a good Democrat and decided against that course of action Can't imagine why Joe was making such a thing of seniority. which really doesn't count for much in the Iowa legislature. at a time when virtually every Democratic candidate for congress at the November election was demanding that seniority be done away with in Washington, where it does count for something Don t comprehend how Joe could have made that seniority claim count against Minnette anyway when it s obvious on the face that she is prettier and plays better tennis. Then there was the story that Spiro Agnew, who left the vice-presidency in disgrace, reportedly is engaged in a couple of business deals that could make him a millionaire So that s what it takes to make a million, eh? Getting hack to seniority what about the announcement by Iowa’s retiring U.S. Sen Harold Hughes that he won t resign before his term expires to give his successor. Congressman John Culver, an advantage in the seniority department over IO other senators-elect by being sworn in ahead of them? For many years it has been a questionable custom for retiring senators to give up their offices before the end of their terms to give successors a seniority break, especially if they belonged to the same political party. Hughes and Culver are Democrats. But Hughes has strong feelings about senators who use the resign early technique to perpetuate the seniority advantage custom. He believes it is morally and constitutionally wrong Anyway, when Hughes announced last year that he planned to retire from politics to enter religious work, he made it clear he would serve the remainder of his term. God willing I'm glad, admittedly for selfish reasons When a senator. or any public office-holder for that matter, resigns before completing his term it fouls up (I) record keepers, (2) payroll clerks and (3) ink-stamed political scribes like me. who have enough trouble as it is keeping the public posted on who held what office for how long ☆ ☆ ☆ More Reflections AMES—Former Vietnamese government officials, journalists, educators, and former prisoners in Vietnam will be among the    speakers    participating in    the institute on world affairs at Iowa State university    Monday    through Friday The institute will focus on “Indochina: What Kind of Peace9” in a series of presentations in the Memorial union Included in the list of 15 speakers are John D Finney, a member of the United States Foreign Service in Vietnam, Tran Van    Dinh, a    former South Vietnamese government official. Sokhom Hing. an authority on Cambodia and an Asian scholar; Don Luce, a journalist and agricultural expert. Ext Blink, former AID official in Vietnam, and Udm CltizM B«m Coelar Rapids System Telephone 104244 Arna Tim (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids W-JW06 Elsewhere HHH-.332-5934 SOME REFLECTIONS ARE SOMBER ONES. Like those about two good friends leaving this life: former Des Moines Mayor Charles lies and Columnist Gordon Gammack of The Des Moines Register and Tribune Chuck lies was a successful businessman and a dedicated public servant who symbolized what the forefathers had in mind when they founded this republic. It was their thought that every citizen, no matter how much he got wrapped up in money-making business enterprises, should devote some of his time and talents to public service, ( huck lies did that and his city and state are the better for it. He always found time to be interested in your problems and in helping solve problems common to Des Moines and other cities And to provide much needed mlormation to newshounds from tither cities, as wt ll as those in Des Moines. Iowa State Sponsors World Affairs Institute on Vietnam He left a high mark in public service for others to aim for. Gordon Gammack and I got acquainted in the late Thirties when we covered the statehouse as friendly competitors He was known as “Gam” in those days Practical jokes, such as hiding the other fellow's typewriter at deadline time, or feeding him fake news releases on some state official's stationery, always helped to inject a little zip into members of the press corps on dull news days. (Jam and I were not above playing practical jokes so wi sometimes collaborated in carrying them out. Our favorite victim was another lowly scribe who had a longer-than-usual nose for news and who shall remain anonv mous He was a real newshound. Even an obviously phony news tip would send him racing up more than 200 stops to the statehouse dome if he thought he’d get a story on arrival. So (Jam and I would set him up. Gam would station himself at one of the two telephones in what was laughingly referred to as a press box in those days (I>*t it be said in passing that what presently constitutes the statehouse press room is referred to just as laughingly j I would hunch down in a nearby telephone booth, out of sight to passers-by but where I could sis- tho press box We d wait until Victim came to the press box to type a story or to use the other phone Then I d spend a nickel (that s all it tost in those days) and call Gam in the press box from my phone booth. He'd answer with a cheery “hello," listen a few seconds and then shout: “What? NO. Not that. You say it just happened? I ll be right there Thanks." With that he’d bang down the receiver and dash away like frightened deer that had just spotted a hunter. Victim, a bit startle, would chase after him but Gam s headstart always gave him time to find a hiding place where he could watch Victim run past, full speed forward, not knowing where he was headed or why. This little prank worked fine until the day that Victim ran past (Jam s hiding place, headlong into a derned good story that both of us missed completely while engaged in uncontrollable laughter Just proved once again that he who titters tardiest has the most boisterous guffaw . Ix*t it be recorded that this midterm mini-convention, Gam ever missal a story. More often than not. he was there waiting for stories to happen. In the truest sense, lie was a reporter's reporter Yr Yr Yr James Scott, professor of political science. University of Wisconsin The institute, open to the puhlic without charge, is sponsored by the CSU committee on lectures with funding from the government and student body. The program will include slide shows, panels, and lectures. Yule Thieves Market Will Be Held Dec. I 5. IOWA    (TTY—Original works by both student and non student artists will be sold at the Christmas Thieves Market to Im* sponsor^ from 9 a rn to 5 p rn in the Iowa Memorial union by the Fine Arts area of th** University Programming Service. Alinit 210 tooths will feature the hand crafted items. making this sale the largest Thieve* Market ever held at the U. of I. Works on sale include tules, prints, paintings, woodwork, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, leather goods and jewelry. made by Gov. J James Exon of Nebraska on the panel that discussed Rural Life in Urban America Exon issued a new call for the resignation of Agriculture Secretary Earl Blitz on grounds that he isn t for farmers Paraphrasing him “but without the accent”, Exon chided But/ for his unfortunate remark about the Pope, saying; “He (Blitz) doesn’t play the farmer’s game so he should not write the farmer s rules.” ☆ Yr Yr Nothing Missed One of the many dignitaries was up there expounding on a charter convention resolution when the noise levi Kansas City auditorium made it almost impossible him “Attention please," roared Democratic National Chairman Robert Strauss "Anybody who hasn 1 paid attention up to now, in the speaker, “hasn t missed anything vet." lamakee county and getting a rather poor reception Discouraged, he was about to leave, when he spotted three elderly gents sitting on a bench in the park. He went over and introduced himself as a candidate for congressman, without mentioning his political affiliation The trio gave him a good reception Then one of the senior citizens, noting Culver hadn't given his party affiliation, inquire! whether he was a Republican or a Democrat “I’m a Democrat,” Culver replied The old gent shook his head in utter disbelief, commenting to his buddies "You know, it s getting so when they srub cm up you can't tell the Democrats from Ihe Republicans,” in the to hear chimed Yr Yr Yr Wrong Impression Yr Yr Yr Water Windmill BEFORE DISCARDING NOTEBOOKS crammed full of 1074 campaign notes I (‘tilled them for left-over items that were overlooked or didn t make it into print before the election. They show that audiences usually respond when candidates tell stones on themselves State Rep David Stanley, Muscatine Republican, sometimes told this one during his campaign against Congressman John Culver. Cedar Rapids Democrat, for C S senator Seems Dave was running so dry one hot day he drank several glasses of water during a campaign appearance. First fellow up during the question period allowed he didn t want to ask anything; he just wanted to observe that “this is the first time in my life I ve ever seen a windmill run on water. ’ Yr Yr Yr CULVER TELLS ANOTHER CAMPAIGN STORY with a mitral: First impressions aren’t always accurate It happened during an early campaign when he still experienced considerable nervousness every time he made an address. On this occasion that “butterfly-in-the stomach" feeling wasn t helped by an elderly gentleman seated in the front row After Culver s every sentence the elderly one shook his head vigorously, as if in total disagreement. I thought he was disapproving everything I said," Culver m alled recently, "and it shook me up “But when I finished, he came up and told me it was (me of the great(*st speeches he had ever heard "Turn<*d out he had palsy.” Good News and Bad Electoral College THERE MAS THIS GAZABO who wondered aloud whether the electoral college would have Inst its accreditation had Nixon been impeached. Yr Yr Yr Butz No Playa Either CI I.VER ENJOYS TELLING this one on himself When ihe Italian community of Des Moines hosted Congressman Peter Rod mo of New Jersey, one of their own. during the recent campaign. Culver was a guest at the Inferno restaurant . An enthusiastic native of Italian descent grabbed Culver by the arm to usher him into the dining room, all the while exclaiming “Youva gotta it made, youva gotta it made’” “I hope so.” Culver responded Whereupon the enthusiast straightened him out in a jiffy with this rejoinder “Oh, ltsa not because voiira so good Usa because the other fella isa so bad " Even on vacation a political reporter keeps his eye on what’s happening, which explains why I hied to Kansas City the minute mine ended to see what the Democrats were up to. Ix*t it be recorded that this midtern mini-convention, called to write a charter, finds the delegates much more relaxed than the quadrennial national conventions. Best crack of the convention up to Friday night was Old Timers Yr Yr Yr CULVER ALSO IS GETTING MU EAGE nut of a true story that happened during one of his early campaigns He was trying to win votes in strongly-Republican Al if you live in one of these 16 Eastern Iowa counties and normally pay a toll charge to order a Gazette wont ad... rn**rf*rit*, t amah Krrr'^i nor T fit*- TOTT 0*1*1 DIAL The TOLL FREE PRIVATE Want Ad Number 800-332-7976 • By 4 45 PM Day Preceding Publication • ll AM Saturday for Sunday • ll 45 AM Saturday for Monday Cancellation* Of correction* of wont o<Jt, Of I IV L« any other Gazette butine**, cannot be OC rapter! or, th# toll One line Consort odverv.e-i ore re<(ueite<( lo coll their regular account representative on Ihe Gazette number they normally use TW SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satmfnction Guamntt't'd or Your Money Hark MARS. ROEBUCK ASO CO. Scars Sears Sale Ends Tues. 9 P.M. *5 to *7 OFF! YUI K CHOU T. 4 OFF! 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