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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4B T#f Cedar Rapids Gazette: Son., Dec 8. 1874 longue-in-Chee/cLearning About the TheaterSale! Give SearsHr-ma ii recliner. By Card Clark I had just sat down to write this column, which is about my wife and I going to see a plav at the Cedar Ramds Community Theater, when my wife shoved her way into the kitchen and said, “Write about our going to the play." “I’m going to," I assured her. “You'd better." she warned, "and I don't want any trouble about it either." I mentally reminded myself of the high cost of divorce and set to work I typed my opening, which read, "There are a lot of people in Cedar Rapids and surrounding area that know what is ‘absolutely necessary .” I then went on to say that there it was, the Saturday night following the first big snowfall of the year and the police were telling people to stay off the streets and highways unless traveling was "absolutely necessary." Almost Full House And how there was still almost a full house for that night’s performance of “My Three Angels" by the C. R Community Theater. The play was an absolute delight, I typed, particularly the performances of Dennis Flat ley, Bob McComas and Tom Kokontis. "Tell people how the play was an absolute delight." my wife said. I ignored her I typed, “but as readers, I think you might be particularly interested in a conversation that took place during intermission.” ■'Fell them about the conversation you had during intermission,” my w ife said The next thing I knew I had my hands around her throat. The Children? “Not in front of the children," she said “Particular^ during the holiday season." Sorry,' I said, and slumped bark down in front of the typewriter. And I wrote about my conversation during intermission ...... I was standing there, still in the da/e of delight that good theater always gives me. when this young looking character approached me from the side “I know you." he said. “you write." “Ha.” my wife said. Tell me, the young fellow said. “what’s going on here?" "What do you mean0-' I said, blocking off my wife from view "Well,' he said. “I seen me a off Broadway show once and I done seen a lot of TV’ but this is my first play like this here ’’ No Commercials “He talks like you write,” my wife said from somewhere What I want to know is, how come there ain't no commercials0’’ the young fellow asked “What?” I asked “I mean, how come they don’t have no fellow to stop the play long enough to talk about bad breath and underarm odor?” "They don’t interrupt a play to have commercials,” I told him. He looked surprised “They don t0” “No. Ahu did say you'd seen some off Broadway things didn t vou?" “That’s right.” “Well, this is something like that.” He seemed to consider He brightened. they do it?” he asked eagerly "Then when do Not That Play "When do they do what?" “Take their (lethes off. " “It s not that sort of play,” I said “Well." he said, "if that don’t beat all " He looked down at his feet. “I suppose, they don’t take their clothes off, they at tors don’t make much money out of being up there." “They don't make any money," I said. “They don t?” “No ” “Then why do they do it? I mean, if they don’t make money, and there ain’t no commercials, and no one goes nude to show their warts, what's the point to it0" Feel Better “Listen," I said. "do you feel better about yourself and the world then when you first came in here?" “Come to think of it.” he said. "I do What do you call this thing again?” “It s called Community Theater " “I got to remember that,” he said MFL Schools to Hold Christmas Concert MONONA - The MFL Community schizo! vinal music department will present a Christmas concert Dec. 19 in the A N Russe auditorium at 8 p.m. Traditional carols, contem porary. spiritual, and secular Christmas songs will make up the program., About 150 high school students will participate in this annual concert. There is no admission charge. Select A Professional Hearing Aid Office I. H. Springman Many people have a hearing loss but are uncertain what to do about it A hearing check at our office by Mr Springman, Certified Member of the National Hearing Aid Society, will help you This office has served the hearing impaired for over 24 years Call 364-3322 for an appointment OTmaico SPRINGMAN HE Moil Respected Name in Hearing SPRINGMAN HEARING AID SERVICE 302 Paramount Building CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA 52401 Phone 319-364-3322 1/3 OF THE OUTSIDE WALLS OF EACH ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE ARE WINDOWS! Learn How to Keep the Heat IN in Winter with In rn rn m u T-'T _- the Hot Sun OUT in Summer All orders by Doc. 20th will go into production by Christmas Day. Price increase ofter the holidays, order now! 1. 2. 3. 4. SAVE AS MUCH AS 25* ON FUEL BILLS and AIR CONDITIONING ' WEATHER TIGHT -REDUCES DIRT. DUST, OUTSIDE NOISE EASY CLEANING FROM INSIDE ONE DAY INSTALLATION ... WINTER OR SUMMER 5. NO MUSS... NO FUSS IN EFFECT THE THERMAL BOTTLE PRINCIPLE THAT KEEPS DRINKS HOT OR COLD WITH ONLY 1/4* * AIR SPACE AS INSULATION. 1/4” TO 1/2” is MORE THAN ADEQUATE Owl*. |<«« Bm* •» W*i f=>\ Two panes of glass enclose dead air space ... the most effective insulation against heat(i cold, noise and drafts. ALL TYPES ALL STYLES ★ IOWA - CALL FREE 1-800-362-2104 OUT OF STATE - 1-800-247-2215 Office located at Answer Iowa 720 3rd Ave St Cedar Rapids. Iowa Phone 319 365 5202 or 1 800-362 2104 Toll Free TK# Original Replacement Window Custom Made tor Precise t * BY ALL MEANS ... LOOK INTO NU-SASH WINDOWS ---------MAIL    COUPON    BELOW-------- I ii — ’»    MAIL    ME IM ESI MUUH 6387 N. 2nd Awa. Daa Moinaa 50313 please send me free color brochure Name. Street, City _ State. County  Z'P, I 10/27 DSR | CRG 12 8- 74__| Sear* Hum a ( redit to Snit Wont Every 20 OFF the Horizon a 3-wav Berliner Low Price for a Big 3-position Recliner Regular $199 RS 179 aa Regular SRR 95 79 aa Deep padded 3-way recliner Low back design with pop up headrest. Supple leather like viny I cover. Feet up and relax — in Sears deep-tufted recliner. (omfortable spring construction. Serofoam polyurethane padding. Satinfartion Guarani ppd or Your Money Back SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Sears funs ftOLJUCk AHD CO. stoup; hoi hs SUNDAY Noon to 5 p.m. MON. through FRI. § 30 a.m.-# p.m. SAT I KBW 9 lf a ni -9 p rn PHONE m €231 FRI E PARKING I INO ALF PF A/A ( KUAR RAPIDS, IOWA It’s big enough for six-i'ooters to stretch out. *50 OFF For the “He-Man" on your list. He can choose from 3 positions of relaxing. Thickly padded, leatherlike vinyl supports him in brawny style. Deeply tufted back and saddle-shaped arms. $229.95 nylon tweed cover . 179.88 Regular Bl.>9.95 Hiding behind smart leather-like vins I styling is a three-wax recliner. Iii the upright, lounge or reclining position, \ oil’ll feel the comfort of I hick. Serofoam pole urethane padding and firm box -eat. Sale Fuds Tues, 9 P.M. *20 OFF the Dozer* . .a contemporary pleat-tufted recliner '20 OFF the Soother ... a heater-vibrator 3-way recliner Regular S 159.95 The Soother adds the relaxing touch of a heater-vibrator plus 3-way reclining. Deep tufted back of easy to clean vinyl cover. Wipes clean with damp cloth. ;

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