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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2B The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., Dec. 8. 1971 Can BunaB Add to Life? Ask Inventor By Joan Siessenger Drake University Journalism Student DES MOINES (IPDA) -What is a BunaB and how can it add to the betterment of one’s life-style? “It’s an aid to nicer living,’’ replied Al Crowder of Mason City, who invented BunaB in 1954 as a joke. Crowder, who oad no hobbies outside of his music profession, says he is assistant to the president of Orville K. Snav and Associates. Crowder says Snav, a character which suddenly “appeared" in the 1940s, is president of the world’s largest BunaB factory, which began from a small kitchen laboratory and grew to an enterprise in 20 years Crowder claims no one has ever actually seen Snav or is quite sure whether he really exists. To make BunaB, two insulated wires (red and blue) were cut in I 1/3-inch lengths, attached at the ends with yellow plastic material and placed into an empty transparent clarinet reed box. Each was given a serial number, registration card and operation instructions Means Nothing The word "BunaB" means nothing, its inventor says. Seventy-five of the gimmicks were sent to personal friends, whom Crowder thought might get a “kick" out of the invention. They, in turn, received orders from friends and the BunaB business was born. Orders came from nationwide. The BunaBs are patented, but ( rowder said no profit is made. The first model, the Improved 5io. 7 BunaB. when used with reasonable care, is supposed to give the owner years of trouble-free service. But it does literally nothing The registration sheet, packed with each conversation piece. is filled out by each new owner, complete with comments, and is returned to Snav and Associates “When the registration cards come back, some of the comments are very highly favorable and some people are mystified,” Crowder explained Sell is (HH! Each buyer is officially deemed an “Assistant to the President of Orville K. Snav and Associates". About 39,000 were sold. Because more people wanted to know about BunaB. four other models were invented. Improved BunaB No. 5 was designed to satisfy people who wanted to play the phonograph simultaneously with watching (and listening) to TV It can be played at any speed and consists of 40 minutes of silence. The Improved No. 4 BunaB is a dial and pointer with an adhesive back to bt* attached anywhere Users can turn the dial from off to on and off again in one direction, BunaB No. 3 is a “between shaves lotion” which contains IOO percent inert ingredients and is purported to be so strong, if one s supply diminishes, he may dilute it with water without a potency loss. It was first sold in the "Giant Economy Size”, but is now sold in the “New Giant Petite Size". The Zudirk game (BunaB No. 2) for two or more players is used to while away the time normally spent using other BunaBs 39 ( aunties Crowder said people from .19 countries and of ail ages enjoy BunaBs Owners include journalists, politicians, government officials, actors and actresses Snav and Assn- j elates’ busiest time of year is j just before Christmas louise Crowder said of the I hobby: “It’s been an interesting life and one I think has helped keep us young and we seem to get along better with younger people through all this.” Crowder was born and reared in Louisville, Ky., and has worked in many facets of music including traveling with a band, working in music stores, disc jockeying, directing band at a parochial grade school and giving private instrumental music lessons He joined the musicians’ union in 1922 They have a son, Jim, who teaches band at Pleasant Valley high school For You From American Federal INTERNATIONAL SILVER STAINLESS STEEL HOLRMRE Now, beautiful, high-quality stainless steel holloware is yours when you open an American Federal savings accouht or add to your present account. 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