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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4 »Place Your Greetings In the    ss ^a 348 Marion Boulevard Flower Shop Open Hands of Experts...And Relax    &    377-1571    Sunday,    Dec.    15    &    22 A Word About TheBEZDEK POINSETTIAS: Our hybrid Poinvettio* or* bred to bot even bnger. Try them early fbi* year,BEZDEK'S GUARANTEE Them to Stay Beautiful from • Thanksgiving 'til Ch riff ma*SPECIAL DISCOUNTS to Business Gift Lists and for Customers with Christmas Gift Lists of 10 names or more. lf A Farm Is ‘For Sale’ It’s In Classified ma The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Son., Dec. 8, 1974 It's Your Business!! Wo men Gladiators Meetings this week of public, tax-spending agencies Monday *4 p.m.— Health center-United Way budget panel No. IP I. Special meeting. Lower level conference room, Linn Health center, 400 Third avenue SE. 4 p.m. — Board of directors of tho Cedar Rapids Community school district. Work session. Educational **> Service center, 346 Second avenue SW. SKS’ H    Tuesday 8:30 a.m. — Cedar Rapids city council. Informal meeting. Fourth floor council chambers, city hall. 10 a.m. — Cedar Rapids airport commission. Regulus lar meeting. Room 202, terminal building, Cedar Rapids municipal airport. ffl I* a.m. — Linn supervisors. Open session. Room 103, courthouse. Noon — Linn supervisors. Monthly visit to the county care facility. Naan — Health center board of directors. Regular meeting. Lower level conference room, Linn Health center. 7:30 p.m.— Community development priorities committee. Fourth floor council chambers, city hall. 7:31 p.m. — College Community schools board of directors. Regular meeting. Prairie high school library. 7:30 p m — Linn-Mar community schools board of education. Regular meeting. Central administration office. 8 p.m. — Hiawatha planning and zoning commission. Regular meeting. Hiawatha city hall mayor’' office.    $i|: Wednesday 9 a.m. — Cedar Rapids    city    council.    Regular    meet-    #• ing. Fourth floor council chambers, city hall. Noon — Cedar Rapids city recreation commission. Regular meeting. Elks Club. 3:3# p .rn. — Linn supervisors. Informal session. «§§ Room 103, courthouse.    §$ 7:15 p.m. — Hoover Health    council    board    of    direc-    gg tors. Regular meeting. Oakdale conference room, Oakdale hospital.    ||| Thursday    M A p.m. — Kirkwood Community college board of directors. Regular meeting. Board room, Linn hall. 7:38 p.m. — Community development priorities iii::!:: committee. Fourth floor council chambers, city hall. Friday    M 11 a m. — Cedar Rapids urban renewal board. Sixth floor conference room, city hall. I p.m. — East Central Iowa Area Crime commis- :&•; Bion. Regular meeting. Basement conference room, Ru- $$ ral Electric Co-op building, edge of Marion on highway >•# M i5i.    iii ii HH SS: ll By Nino l-o Bello Soeclal to Th* Gazetf* ROME — Like lady bullfighters and female law enforcement officers who have come into their own lately, ancient Rome’s women gladiators — though not remembered in song and story — are at last being accorded official recognition. Tourists can now visit a hitherto forbidden collection, once classified as “pornographic,” of statues of gladiator girls and Amazon warriors, which have been put on permanent display at the University of Rome. The women will also soon be the subject of a book by two Roman scholars. “Besides being examples of precious art from olden times,” said a university spokesman, “our statues bestow a belated honor to the unnumbered thousands of those swordswomen who forfeited their lives on the sandy floor of the Colosseum, where the gruesome games of mutual destruction played to standing room only.” Good Sport The Romans may have been the first to recognize that the female of the species could Nino Lo Bello provide gtxid sport in the ring when the occasion required. And in Caesar’s time the occasion was frequent. Often a nobleman throwing a feast would rent a pair of gladia-trixcs to duel when dinner was over. Crossing blades right there in the dining room, the two would duel until one fell. The near-demented Caligula maintained that this kind of interlude lent a rare zest to his revels. Not until 200 A D. were bouts involving women forbidden by imperial edict. For several decades thereafter, the practice nevertheless continued, spuriously and privately. According to scholars, recruits for the gladiatorial stadiums came from a number of sources. The men were usually prisoners-of-war, while the women were hos- Churchill on Display Antarctic Is 5th Largest Continent The Antarctic was found to nae says. Antarctica be a continent by Charles Wilkes who led the first American exploring expedition there in January and February 1840, the World Alrna- has an area of 5.5 million square miles (9.6 percent of the earth’s land surface) which makes it the fifth largest of the seven continents. WASHINGTON (AP) - In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Nov. 30 birth of Winston Churchill, the National Portrait gallery has mounted a small display including a portrait and photos taken through his long lifetime. The show will remain on view through January in the second floor rotunda of the gallery, a Smithsonian institution branch. Its portrait of Churchill was painted from life in 1946 by Douglas Chandor in Miami and New York. The painting was commissioned by Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of a triptych to include the Big Three of the Yalta conference. Chandor first painted Roosevelt in 1945, that portrait is also in the gallery’s collection. But Stalin refused to sit, and the project was never completed. Each of the photographs displayed with the portrait is accompanied by an appropriate quotation. Among them: About his mother:    “My picture of her in Ireland is in a riding habit, fitting like a skin and often beautifully spotted with mud. . .My mother always seemed to me a fairy princess: a radiant being possessed in limitless riches and power. . .I loved her dearly — but at a distance.” About the bombardment of the Normandy coast: “This is rather like sending a rude letter and being there when it arrives.” About eating: “My idea of a good dinner is, first to have good food, then discuss good food, and after this good food has been elaborately discussed, to discuss a good topic — with myself as chief conversationalist.” tages. In addition, the ranks of condemned criminals also provided many candidates for the arena. Women sentenced to serve as gladiators rarely survived, so that their career in the arena was actually a deferred penalty for serious offenses ranging from adultery to murder. Although this type of punishment was severe, a doomed prisoner was better off, for she at least had a slim chance of getting out alive. If she performed well for a certain number of years, freedom was her eventual reward. Training Schools Arena girls were trained in special gladiator schools centered around Capua near Naples, where clever teaching techniques were employed. For instance, weapons used in training were heavier than the ones used on stage. The women were also taught to fight with one hand tied behind the back or on their knees. Thus, when the real match took place, they would have none of these disadvantages to cope with and therefore would be more agile. Left-handed fighting was taught to the girls so that their male adversaries — usually right-handed dwarfs or blacks from Africa — could be thrown off balance. Since a healthy fighter usually brought on bigger purses — and, naturally, pride and prestige to the trainers — the bodily well-being of each undergraduate was a primary goal. All attention, therefore, was directed to one end — the delivery of a superior fighting creature who would put on a good show for Rome’s distorted sense of sport. In their days such arena wildcats as Paulina, Sapienta, Perpetua, Flaviana and the fabulous Gerardesca Manutius of Syracuse stood among the greatest Colosseum stars. Gerardesca, while killing some 200 opponents, got lots of attention and stayed in the limelight for ll months — until she herself was felled in a bout with two dwarfs. The Rome university classical statue collection, giving recognition to Women's Lib in its own belated way, is open weekday mornings only from 9:30 a m. to noon. 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