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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ll    ipeclean Golf shoes are always an excellent gift, especially when they’re classic wing-tips by Dexter. Our selection is good right now and if he’s bought shoes at Armstrong’s before, chances are we have his size on file. Pick his out tomorrow. Burgundy/white ami all white...........‘10.95 Brown wing-tip.......................14.95 i I 8 I., 9 I , IO IL u 12 13 14 A X X X X X X X B X X X X X X X X r X X X X X X X X X X ft Hp X X X X X X X X X X X i x X i X X X X X X X X X FHI ft X 8 X X X ft X X ARMSTRONG men s shoes-street floor FREE GIFT Shop Monday thru Friday 9:30 .9 SHOP SVU mm 9:30 lo 5:00 (font in lied from Paw- IHA) THp Odar Rapids Gazette: Sun., Dec. R. 1974 J9A A gift of rugged leather can’t help but please th.it special man rn your life. The “Jadeskin V illa’’ by Lakeland is an especially handsome 33” single-breasted Western coat. Constructed from selected Yugoslavian pig-suede with full Borgana pile notched collar and lapel. Dacron pile lining to the cxigt*. with leather buttons ami button patches Two set-in pockets with flaps and shoemaker stitching for added detail. Color: Vicuna. Sizes: 40 to 4ti. Regular’s I I ”)    Long’s * 160 ARMSTRONG MEN S CLOTHING THIRD FLOOR of 477 homicides a day involving firearms before the program and 7r>X a day dor mg the program, a 50 percent increase* The same failure seems ev-•dent m police data on assaults involving firearms Before the program there were , 2 HOH gun assaults iii 1974, or 11 I per day latest Figures During the 39 days from Aug 22, when the program began, through the end of September — the latest available assault figures — there were 977 assaults with fire- ^ arms, or 25 I a day Pomerleau. not an advocate of strict gun control, thought of the bounty idea as an alternative He* reportedly dead-ed to begin the bounty while attending a funeral for one of three city patrolmen shot while on duty But when Pomerleau tried lo get federal funds to con- j hnue PASS, the federal I .aw Enforcement Assistance Administration said no and argued that PASS would encourage manufacture of handguns. 'As long as it is jxissihle to buy a gun, an> gun, for less than $541 and turn it into the police department for $30. the profit motive is present and the law of ec onomics indicates that if people can buy guns at a lower price and sell them at a higher price they will do so," the LE AA statement said One Baltimore gun dealer eon firmed that Run un Huns .I Howard Rosenblatt, owner of a downtown Baltimore sporting goods store. HAH Surplus, said that after the start of Operation PASS there was a run tm his cheapest handguns, which retail for $2195. Hill said police did turn down some bounty-seekers with new guns, especially if th** gun could be traced to recent purchases He admitted however, that some profiteering might ha\e occurred From the beginning, Porn- t erleau s most serious problem in promoting his experiment was money and the issue of his authority over that money. He financed the program by j diverting funds within the po- j lice department and drew advance funding from the de- I part men t s budget. Pomerleau j did not seek city approval through normal channels, “I just macle it effective,” he said Flagrant \husf* City Comptroller Hyman Pressman promptly complained that Pomerleau had | no right to juggle pollee finances and city council President Walter Orlmsky charged the* commissioner with flagrant abuse of fiscal prnee- j durns He- called for his resignation. Mayor William Schaefer, ! however, backed Pomerleau, . saving that he didn’t want to discourage good ideas from department heads. The barrage of criticism j resumed as the failure of Operation PASS to turn the tide i against Baltimore’* rising crime rate became more ev- I I dent Police officials offered no explanation of the crime rate increase Other police departments across the country — int Iud- f mg New York Detroit, Miami and I ars Angt leu — had inquired about the program and were awaiting its outcome be fort* considering similar plans (futility is economy ^LAKELAND Rugged, Muculine Leather far the man in your life. everyone loves gifts from. . . Guns were stacked in heaps at a Baltimore police station last August as residents lined up to turn in their weapons for a $50 bounty. a ( bristmas shopping tradition in Fastern Iona stave IWM! Ihe New    Casual Shirts to noir with leisure suits Trim fitting anti exciting ... the perfect gift. The new 100% polyester sport shirt to go with leisure suits and casualwear. Many styles in a w ide range of colorful patterns, checks and solids. Solid colors have contrast stitching. Sizes S.M.T.XL. 'I I IO'20 ARMSTRONG MEN S SPORTSWEAR THIRD FLOOR (wifi ideas for the Traveler and Student . . . Traveling men and students have spec aal needs. Here are several gift ideas that will please both. These are just a few of the* many gift ideas available* at our Men s Gift Bar, Street Floor. I nm: nu him, t mhhhi i. Full size black nylon umbrella folds easily, fits info vinyl case. Easily carried in brief case or car. Has Tote I betime Guarantee. 15.95 ARMSTRONG MEN S GIFT BAR STREET FLOOR H nu I EL SUPPERS Fine. soft leather slippers with rnatch-itu* zipper case. Black onlv. Sizes s, M. L. si I t . TIF I Ii lilt A must for every car. Fuel ceil lasts up to 5 years Dc»es not deteriorate a" batteries. C hrome. *7 lh IHI IU ll IHM Prec ision alarm clock by Flgin I uranous dial Fold compactly for easy packing. Black and Brown. 9.95 h IM Iff kll World s most popular travel kit lop-grain steerhide expertly crafted. I x-pandable feature adjust size to con tents, Spec aal Value Reg $15. 12.99 F. rh Sin h hts ( IU HI I NKE I Car robe1 in zipj>*r vinyl hag with loam cushion. All wool, square in red, blue, green and brown plaids. S22 ;

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