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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ARAOfc • DECC MEER a. 1974 MARVELOUS GIFT IDEA from Plantron, Inc.House*Plant*a*Month Plan MarchPASSION FLOWER FebruaryTrailing GARDENIAjanuary MING TREE Unusual legend fur rounds this lovely plant "Paswflore Pf Ord i" with its purple and pink blossoms. Sorry it cannot be shipped to Hawaii. *-a plant of comparable beauty and value will be substituted. "Gardenia Rad team" has Graceful glossy vines, fragrant pearl-like blooms. Sorry cannot be shipped to Calif, or Aril. •- plant of comparable beauty and value will be substituted. Table-top showpiece of amazing Bonsai culture. Fascinating and rewarding! April PRA YER PLANT May A Mi IVY JuneQUEEN’S TEARS 0 Opens in Morning 0 Closes In Evening Colorful flow-ars cascading jL gracefully on a trailing vine. Everyone will love this charming oldfashioned beauty! Each evening this    §    A remarkable plant “Marsnta bicolor’’    W    * folds its oveiy vane    of I,-J gated leaves like hands In prayer. Cannot be shipped to Calif, or Aril. *~a plant of comparable TIT grouty and value will be    JL substituted Blue and white flowers with “tear drops" of nectar atop silvery-white leaves.September ROYAL PLUSH Ab AugustMiniature ROSE JulyHEAVENLY BAMBOO Fascinating indoor plant “biand ma Domestics” Shimmering, luxuriant purple and green velvet. A show-stopper DecemberGLASS GARDEN Plants NovemberDwarf ORANGE Lovely dwarf tree "Citrus Ot sherds bears juicy FULL SIZED fruit. Addis touch of southern sunshine. Cannot be shipped to Calif Fla or Ara *-a plant of comparable beauty and value will be substituted Shade-loving beauty with fragrant whit# flowers and shiny rad coff aa beans. A care free mmiaturi. landscape of SIX woodland plants to delight everyone. (Glass container not included) SATISFACTION GUARANTEED* Now with the help of Plantron, Inc., you can provide' the perfect gift for relatives, friends, business associates. shut-ins, even yourself I Every mondt an unusual and inter eating plant, already growing and healthy, will be amt as s reminder of your friendship. Each plant is a proven sue cise in homes-as easy to car# for as it is beautiful. Beginning and velar an plant lovers alike will be intrigued with thew distinctive carefully chosen plants. Complete instructions and fascinating history ars included with each plant. Ordar your gifts for Christmas and all tbs year-birthdays, anniversaries, all glacial •*» days- now Simply specify the month each plan should begin. A handsome gift letter inscribed as you direct will announce the membership at the proper time. Shortly thereafter your gifts wiN begin arriving. All except die glass garden plants will already ba growing in their own 214" or 2H" plastic pots. The glass garden packet (glass container not included) will be ready to plant and enjoy. Choom from the three plant -a is. - .a a a----- f TINBCf CbifTOWe3 MONTH PLAN Long-lasting thoughtfulness with gift plants sent the three CONSECUTIVE months of your choice. 149s6 MONTH PLAN Six gifts in one — lovely hardy plants in tach month of the six CONSECUT IVE month period you indicate.*89*12 MONTH PLAN A delightful plant every month of the year. A connoisseur's collection. Please tell us when to begin.*15»s * SATISFACTION and PLEASURE GUARANTEED 2 ’PLEASE PRINT PLAINLY PLANTRON, INC. House Plant-A-Month Plan, Dept. asia-iii 2207 East Oakland Ave., Bloomington, Illinois 61701 Here is my gift list. Please send the plans indicatad _Month    Plan    beginning    in_ (Plan G H I) Send a Name "Sign gift cards .to Semi a Month Plan beam tuna in . to Name Address City State zn Sand a. Nam# . nAdditional list attached .Month Plan baginmng in    - .to City_ 0 Please sand ma a . □ I endows_ State .2** Month Plan beginning in. payment for my plant Please sand me 2 Miniature Orchid bulbs. n Please bdl me for the indicated plans. Nam#__ DID YOU INCLUDE EVER>    —Ell! Each healthy, carefully chouan plant is covered with Ptantron's full guarantee. Plan members not coif pletefy satisfied with a plant need only to RETURN THE SHIPPING LABEL and we will replace the plant. "Where state laws prohibit import of sal aetat! items we wit! substitute a plant of compar abt# beauty • EMD MO MONEY Just UU th# coupon to order exciting Houm Plant plans for thorn on your gift list and for yoursatf - wa'll taka cara of th# rest. You pay our invoice next month. Or - include your payment with order (thus saving us bookkaaping ax pumas) and wa'N sand you two aeey to-grow Miniature Orchid bulbs (a rag. SI .50 value) abao-luteiy free! Nots: We must receive orders by die 15th of the month for which shipment is requested. ;

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