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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa PARADE • DECEMBER 8. 1974 Fast. easy to use Works every time. QUIK-FIX* or your money hack Denton lr int | m - ssSSSs^tj. k-‘ppaiel PATTE RMS by pAtlllNE a cUssic dRESS With the constant change in fashions today, it's nice to know classic styling remains Parade's pattern P-497 follows timeless tastes with a slightly A-line dress that has raglan sleeves, form-molding panels and a zipper-front closing. Select from a wide assortment of fabrics and colors P-497 with Photo-Guide is in sizes IO’/? to 24Va. Size 12’/a, 35-inch bust, uses 3 yards of 45-inch fabric. to orc)er: Send 751 plus 25? for postage and handling to PARADE, Dept. X, Box 475, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. Print name, address, zip code pattern number and sure. Include an extra 751, plus 25? for postage and handling, for PARADE'S PATTERN BOOK. Please allow three weeks for delivery. INTELLIGENCE CONTINUED EXCESS sa CMM Excessive sexual intercourse reduces the number of sperm cells, thereby reducing the chances for impregnation. At the annual convention of the Planned Parenthood Federation, Dr, William Masters and his wife, Dr. Virginia Johnson, told of a young couple who engaged in sex relations three times a day, then attempted to find out why the wife did not get pregnant. Tests revealed the low sperm count. The couple were advised to wait at least 36 hours between each act of intercourse during the wife’s fertile period. The couple followed the advice and within 60 days the wife was pregnant. In terms of housing, the most racially segregated cities in this country are: (1) Dallas (2) Chicago (3) Houston (4) Atlanta (5) Los Angeles (6) St. Louis (7) Baltimore (8) Philadelphia (9) New Orleans (10) Detroit So claims a survey conducted by the Council on Municipal Performance, a non-profit research group in New York City. The continued high level of housing segregation in these cities is caused most frequently by the difficulty blacks encounter in obtaining high-salaried positions which would afford them a wider choice of housing, and restrictive zoning in suburbs which prevents blacks from moving out of the cities. MTK COTES ■IWK UWHH9IU Aristotle Onassis, IlflllTO IMT who owns VTRRluHI Olympic Airlines, has asked for ’’immediate termination” of his contract with the state. He wants Greece to take over the airline, says he can no longer sustain the heavy financial losses involved. Onassis claims that Olympic lost $35 million in the first eight months of 1974 and that conditions are growing worse. Greece says its contract with Onassis calls for six months’ notice before the government assumes control. RESTRtCTIMG Once the mecca of immigrants from everywhere seeking a fresh start in life, Canada has begun to tighten its relatively liberal immigration laws. Canada no longer has enough jobs or housing to offer an immigrant force estimated to reach 225,000 at year’s end. Last year only 122,000 immigrants settled in Canada, the largest proportions coming from Great Britain and the United States. This year, in addition to the British and the Americans, Canada is receiving many Portuguese, Indians, Chinese from Hong Kong and Jamaicans. With an unemployment rate hovering at 7 percent, Canada plans to accept fewer immigrants, just as Australia, Argentina, Great Britain, New Zealand, and the United States are doing. Economics, of course, is the major reason for revising Canada’8 immigration law. Canadian authorities are quick to point out, however, that while the number of immigrants will be restricted there will be no form of discrimination as to an immigrant’s origin either by nationality or area. HURRY I I SANTUS LETTER- to children grandchildren, relatives. |00 per letter Free autograph of Santa A Reindeer Included. YES! This Christmas Santa does the letter writing on North Pole stationary, sent to your favorite youngster personally. The letter will assure your child that Santa has heard from him and all is in order. Make this Christmas a most memorable one for the whole family. There is no substitute for the magic and charm enjoyed by all at the wonder and delight of a child at Christmas. Help it all come true for your little one with a bona-fide letter from Santa Claus. The reply will come addressed to your child, signed by Santa himself. Preserve the tradition and joy that is Christmas for your child and family. Do if now! Send just $1.00 for coch letter and receive F R E E an autographed picture of Santa & Reindeer. Deadline is December 14 for guaranteed XMAS delivery. Santa Greeting* t. O. BOX 49 CANASTOTA, N. Y. 13032 RAJIC street, road m r r o CITY, STATE A ZIP COCK PLEASE WHRT CL CARLY. PW atfiH ieaaJ nanrn aa taparal* nan. ;

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