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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa JIM CROCE holographs & Memories HIS GREATEST HITS Baa. Bad 3 ES J** Leroy V rF .    Brown vy I CHARLIE RICH Behind Closed Doors PLUS gHL 4 The Most Beautiful Girl We Love Each Other 8 MORE BACfflUH-TlIKWEB WEUBIVE HOTHMU BoTonD^0 The Highway 246041 * 246348 * 246868 231084 for only $197 •f you KHO now and agre* to buy aa tow aa nine selections (at ragular Club priced) during tha cowling thraa year*. 244202 244186 ♦ 242768 246330 ♦ EQ rH 242578 BOBBY GOlDSBOBOS IS'; 41*ii    Atilt* 243956# 2418694c 242412 2446994c 246710 ♦ de&v VII lf* Impi immntm im Lray ’(WI Oa SU S£%» iffTfBlfil r; an* (*.. HMN * WB ne sot ar na ANDREWS k SISTERS ► i UnWhMk un sTswri WMW hr WWW ■mm a rn i * rn k—-I, ...I.—ZLu tm MST Of THI MILLS SOOTHERS Un *•*•* i Bail 246736 246737* 239889239000 232603232604* 236133-236134    236093    236894    f    233007    2330081 C AHPINTim nom 4 rutto 207662 245530 * 244517* es®* a 234401    230714    246694    * Vat, a's 20 yaws inca ColumMa started th* Oral m*nr raoort <** and nae must have done it right tor in all that time Columbia has continued to be the doges* dub of its kind rn the world enabling millions ol music lovers to get the records and tapes they want—af the greatest savings possible' Now you can anioy aO tha conveniences end money-wviny benefits of me elbe ramp by taking advantage ol this special 20th Anniversary introductory otter an ofter that enables you to get ANV 13 of these selections in your choice of records, cartridges cassettes, or reel tapes ALL 13 tor only 81 97* Simply mail the application provided together with your check or money order for 81 97 as payment That is all you pay for your first 13 selections—there are no additional membership dues or fees for Kilning In exchange Sou agree lo buy lust nine more safe ebons (al re aider Club prices) in the coming three years. That s nght1—you ll have three full years in which to buy lust rune selections so you are no* obligated to buy a record or tape every month or even every other month1 And you may cancel your membership at any lima atter you ve purchased your nine selections tour own charge account will be opened upon enrollment and the selections you order as a member will be mailed and billed at the regular Club prices cartridges and cassettes. 86 96 or 8796. reel tapes 87 96 records 85 90 or 86 96 plus processing and postage (Multiple unit sets and double selections may be somewhat higher) You may accept or reject select*ore aa follows every tour weeks 13 times a year) you will receive a new copy of the Club s music mags ZOTO. which describes the Selection of the Month for each musical interest plus hundreds of alternate selections from every field of music In addition about six times a year we will offer some Special Selections (usually at a discount oft regular Club prices) A response card will be enclosed with each magazine ...lf you do not want any saw ebon ottered mail the response card by the date specified ...N you went only the 8 ale ebon at the Month or the Special Seine hon you need do nothing —It will be shipped to you automatically ...lf you wont any of the other aeiacbons ottered lust order them on the response card and mail it by the date specified too wtll always have at least IO days in which lo make a decision lf you ever receive a Selection without having had at least 10 days to deode you may return it at our expense tor full credit toub be sbgibte tor bis Club s bonus plan upon completing your enrollment agreement -a plan which enables you to save at least 33% on all your future purchases Act now* MOTI: TAKE YOUR PCK ay Aaa sr aa n o> Mb 4** 4*6 0*4*8 rn id nvffo record* OR 8-track cartridges OR OR ratMo-fstl tapes ii8688a4Ptc^4Nas snsrtwat att ttfe a) I R|| a Mi R HI H ft ll JI I I aal IR^BI bs right ta redact any application. 239063 * 220095 222406* 241406* Columbia House bn* HmmhcWm 47808 COLUMBIA RECORD 0 TAFE CLUB TERRE HAUTE. INDIANA 47000 I am unclosing my chack or money ch Oar (or 81 97 ss payment tor the 13 telethons listed below Please accept my membership application undor the terms outlined In this advertisement I agree to buy nine mow selections (et regular Club prices) during (he coming three years - and may cancel membership any lime atter doing so I am in bw to Ho nine type et recorded ame ria iwwni □ 9-Track Cartridges (A8 W) □ Tape Cassettes (26-X) □ Reel-to-Reel Tapes (OU-Y) □ 12" Stereo Records (MI-Z) IJS amra In unpin et 13 selectman MY MAIN MUSICAL INTEREST It (chock os* baa eely) (Out I am always lrae lo choose from any category) □ Eeay Ll Waning 2    G    Teen Hits 7    Q Classical I Cl Country 8 f~J 4am 4 (records only) thy be Tau Neva A I Stephens 7 (Check ane) 0 TIS. 41*0. FPO addle feet writt 'or tpmctal of et Sp urn .□NO PSIS/87S Sonny & Cher Greatest Hita THE BEAT GOES ON I GOT YOU BABE ;

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