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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Famous Name Carpetings! Nylon pile, Antron pile, Acrylic pile Shags, Twists, Patterns Wide Variety of Colors to Choose From Compare at: $995 to $1495 This Group Includes Shags, Tweeds, Patten In Nylon, Dacron, Kodel Piles Beautiful Colors! Now Important Savings! Compare at: $895 to MO95 New Prison Boasts ‘Luxurious’ Cells Smulekpffs FI NP HOMF FI IRNISHINICiS V 00 Open Tonight rn- - - -    ’til    9 RNE HOME FURNISHINGS m USE SMULEKOFf’S EASY CREDIT TERMS Smulekpffs YOUR CHOICE 99 Sq. Yd. YOUR CHOICE 99 Sq. Yd. The new federal prison in San Diego offers its prisoners a fine, bar-less view of San Diego bay. This view is looking toward I I th Naval District headquarters, and the bay beyond. The new correctional facility, built at a cost of $12 million, will be able to house 500 prisoners. THE ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITER with carrying case ifs just your type at just your price. 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The choice of fabrics and style is totally yours in the SWEL program, so why not choose today draperies that will fit your windows beautifully and save you 20% all at the same time! Carpet Showroom Pre-Chiistmas Specials! Spectacular Values! Beautiful, Luxury Quality! All Famous Brand Name Carpetings! Armstrong, Aldon, Bigelow, Mohawk, World, Wunda Wove, Karastan In Shags, Textures, Tweeds, Patterns. In All the Newest Colors. Over 181 Rolls... All at Special Pre-Christmas Prices UPI Photos The new federal prison in San Diego, which opened Monday, is a modernistic, 22-story building erected at a cost of about $12 million. The prototype institution will be able to house some 500 prisoners, both men and women, separately, in what seems to be the most luxurious cells ever built. No Solution: LeaningTower Leaning More WASHINGTON (UPI) -Navy ensigns, lieutenants and lieutenant commanders will have to get used to making their own beds next year, because the navy has decided to upgrade its stewards. Starting Jan. I, the stewards, most of them Filipinos, will be merged with commissary men — cooks and bakers. The new job category will be called “mess    management specialists." Navy officials hope the change will help solve the problem of a shortage of commissary men, since most of them don’t re-enlist and most stewards do. Stewards have been assigned to officers’ quarters aboard ship for years, doing the cleaning, making the beds and serv ing food. Now only officers serving as commanders and above will rate Filipino stewards to make their beds for them. ROME (AP) - The Italian government says that a two-year search for a way to halt tho “lean” in the Leaning Tower of Pisa has produced no workable plan. The Tuscan landmark on shifting ground has been leaning since it was built in the Middle Ages. The studies were undertaken because Italian authorities feared any more lean could endanger nearby buildings and perhaps the tower itself. The public works ministry, which sponsored a contest to figure out how to stop the tilt, said a commission of experts turned down all the projects entered by architects and engineers Irom three continents A total of 14 were studied, half of them Italian. The others came from Japan, Mexico, Britain, Holland, France, Belgium and Sweden. Not Enough “There were good ideas in them but they were not enough,” said Giovanni Travaglini, president of the commission He declined to go into details. Rules set down for the contest required that the project should stabilize the tower without straightening it and that whatever work had to Im* done should leave no visible trace on the monument or on the “Square of Miracles” where it stands close to Pisa’s Romanesque cathedral. Travaglini said the experts would meet again next month. “We can try to work out a solution ourselves and contact the authors of some of the projects to see whether we can borrow various parts of their proposals and combine them,” Travaglini said. “We have ample freedom to decide what we deem best. ” Riston of Slowness Italian authorities have been moving slowly on the tower question. It took the public works ministry four years before publishing rules for the contest in 1972 after parliament gave it the go-ahead. But the tower of Pisa is accustomed to slow work. It took the Pisans 178 years before they completed it in 1350 At the time, the tower was already 4 feet 4 inches off center. Its slant is now 17 feet. The tower is 179 feet high and weighs 14,000 tons. Equipment for an emergency operation is at hand in a nearby building for quick use if the measurement machinery in the tower should register a sudden worsening of conditions. The equipment includes huge iron rings to clasp the tower and connect it to pylons by iron cables Colombion Landslide BOGOTA. Colombia (AP) -A landslide caused by heavy rains killed ut least IO persons Saturday in Caparrapi, 90 miles west of Bogota, authorities in the town said. ON THIS I) XTE in 1943. President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill held their second wartime meeting in Cairo. Open Tonight ’til 9 , Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. ’til 9 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. ’til 5 p.m. FINE HOME FURNISHINGS Today, with prices going up on almost everything, you'll be relieved to know there s at least one thing that's reduced . . . the price of luxurious carpets at Smulekoff s! 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