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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa bn Bob Montana- f FIRE? REG6IE , YOU’RE: L_______ NOT ALLOWED    "" TO BUILD A f BALONEY FIRE OUT ( WHO’LL v THERE / JA. KNOW? BESIDES, YOU CAN ONLY GET OUT THERE BY THE FOOT PATH AND I DON’T FORGET TO TAKE SOME CLAMS OUT TAKE YOUR^ CLAMMY HANDS OFF ME/ I SAID LIKE Trt£ NECK) ..TO NECK/ CON FOUND YOU BUSTED KIDS/' PUT THAT FIRE OUT/' dsE?-\. I ubeetle*’ bailey by mort walker SAY, YOU DIDN’T COME BY THE FOOT PATH/ HOWD YOU GET HERE ? (J) 1974, Archie Comic Publication*, Inc ^ EVERYONE ’S HERE FOR YOUR BIG CLAMBAKE, REGGIE. / COME ON OUT TO HERMIT POINT/ I’VE GOT A BIG DRIFTWOOD FIRE GOING / LOOK/ SOMEONE DID drawings of All of US A’S ANIMALS/ WHOEVER DID IT, SURE KNOWS U£HA-HA I HE really (SOT US DOWN pat/IT ISN'T THAT.., I JUST CAN'T DRAW AN ANGEL FISH /^v—YEAH, HE DIDNT PARE DO THE CHAPLAIN everyone'^ here BUT THE CHAPLAIN(ii)alt ©Tsne^’s gee! I've got to ) 1 KNOW WHY HE'S < knocking himself; --  OUT!    J 7 lAFFY, ) ^ > OF COURSE/) X Tvnsfc HELLoTY I HA-HA! LAFFY! J > HO-HOj '-T-, r~y( SCAMP! OH-OH! GUESS WHO? iU*M-tbut*d by King Ftatur** Syn«Lc*U. IF I DON'T FIND OUT1 SOON...I'LL GO J ^T3u^r/i 7 FUNNY ? U, HMM...LET'S GOLLY.' 7\i FORGOT// h    I OM! Ate/ ^IkolnlAl oWWtv a vs <*—j please, ^ LAFFY/ for GOSH SAKES WHAT'S SO ;

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