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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: San., Auk ll, 1974 Many Memories in 6,000 Bike Miles By Steve Helle Trips to the West coast are fairly common—unless the miles are covered by bicycle. Three local teenagers began their trek May 27. The trio didn't complete the journey together and one didn’t even make it all the way. It took S.OOO miles and some 20 flat tires to compile a wealth of memories. The two who went the entire route shared some of those experiences in an interview after they returned home—one last Sunday and the other Wednesday-after IO weeks on the road. Get Split I'p Like the time Mike Milota, 41 Edgewood road NW. and Bob Barta, 2217 J street SW, both 17, got split up in Estes Park, Colo., never to see each other until they returned 4to Iowa a week later. Bob Owens, 17, of 2417 Lauren drive SW, whose idea the trip was in the first place, had had to turn back earlier in the trip because of ankle problems aggravated by the pedaling. Milota and Barta were headed back toward Iowa when Milota had a flat and took some time to take pictures. Barta traveled on. They were to rejoin in the next town. Barta waited in the park on Main street. . . and he waited Milota, who had fixed his tire, Tax Laws Hold Key to Oil Boom NEW YORK (AP) - For the independent oil companies, given a boost by the government during last winter's energy crisis, Uncle Sam continues to hold the key to the future The independent producers, who bring forth about 30 percent of the nation's crude oil, say they are enjoying the biggest boom in 20 years, but that a change in tax laws contemplated in congress could end it. Need Equalization The independent marketers, meanwhile, say they need an equalization of crude oil prices and a continued allocation system if they’re to survive competition from the major companies. “If the government vacates the field of battle, it will be lost,” said Robert Nunn, general counsel for the influential Independent Gasoline Marketers Council, whose members include such independent retailers as Mud son OU, Certified. Site Oil, and Martin Oil Service. The term “independents’’ covers a vast segment of the oil industry and includes virtually every company which isn t a major like Exxon. Texaco, or Gulf There are independent producers, marketers, refiners, terminal operators, and even independent energy companies, which are simply smaller versions of the large integrated firms. Then there are the thousands of independent operators who own or lease service stations but sell one of the major brand gasolines. The government’s energy program, designed in part to protect the independents against the power of the majors, has affected each of them differently Money Flowing For producers, drilling activity is way up and money is flowing into the business, attracted by the uncontrolled price of new crude oil, or that produced in excess of 1972 levels Prices have risen above $10 a barrel “We haven’t seen anything like this since the mid-50s,” said Lloyd Unsell, vicepresident of the Independent Petroleum Assn of America “People who sold out in the 50s to go into the hotel, motel and bowling alley business are now coming back into the oil business ’’ The biggest concern for IP A A’s 4,000 members is taxes said Unsell, adding that repeal of the oil depletion allowance, which gives tax advantages to exploratory drilling, would kill the boom. It would also hurt the independents more than the majors was admittedly not too familiar with the area. When he came into town he rode until he thought he was at the outskirts. It turned out he hadn’t even made it through the city. Accent on Youth Barta spent the night in the park and Milota camped behind a church Each figured the other had gone on ahead so they moved on. Two nights later they again spent the night in the same town but never chanced upon each other throughout the last week of their journey. Had Each The pair started the venture with $350 each. Barta made it home with “$3 and some loose change’’ and Milota returned comparativedly rich with $18 They boasted that they “didn’t walk up any mountains or hills. We rode them all the way.” That includes the expedition up Trail Ridge High Point in Rocky Mountain National park (elevation 12,183 feet). All along the route they met friendly faces. “Some would ask us where we were going on our way out,” Milota said “We’d answer, Seattle’ and they’d say, ‘You’ve got an awful long way to go.’ Then we’d say we were from lo” a and they’d say, ‘Yeah. well I guess you’ve come an awful long way, too. . .’” “And when I got to Nebraska they’d ask if I biked all the way to Nebraska from Iowa—when I was on my way back.’’ related Barta. The people they met went out of their way to offer hospitality said the two spring graduates of Tsaile high school. One fellow listened to Milota’8 tale and then offered to cook steaks for him. Milota accepted the offer and let himself anticipate the free dinner The man bought the steaks, put them in the back of his station wagon with his two Irish setters and drove Milota to his house. When they arrived, however, the dogs had eaten the steaks and they had to settle for scalloped potatoes. Owens’ Problem But perhaps the most chuckles were prompted by the problems of the planner of the trip, Owens. He had to turn back after I.WM) miles because of his ankles. He pedaled back 30 miles to Browning, Mont., and waited four days for a train. The train took him to Chicago and he bicycled home One night he stopped during a rain to camp. He pulled his tent around himself and waited out the storm. When morning came he found himself in somebody’s front yard. But he finally made it home only to have his bicycle stolen shortly after he returned Asked if they would repeat the trip which included the World’s Fair in Spokane, Canada and a tour of the Grand Tetons, Milota and Barta replied affirmatively. But they’d do it differently. Milota would forego the long stretch across the Nebraska plains and Barta would travel by motorcycle Mike Milota, 41 Edgewood road NW (left) and Bob Barta, 2217 J street SW, both I 7, are veterans of a summer-long 6,000-mile bicycle trek to the West coast and back. During their journey they covered about IOO miles per day with their record being about I 50 miles in one day. Biggest Tiger An Indian (or Bengal) tiger measuring ll feet, I inch. weighing 857 pounds and believed to be the largest ever taken in India, was shot in November 1987 It is on exhibit in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Washington. I). C. DRIVE SAFELY To Order Your Gazette Wont Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday thru Friday. Til Noon Sot It’s Your Business! Meetings this week of public, tax-spending agencies Monday Noon— Linn Health center board of directors. Regular meeting. Lower level conference room, Health center, 40(1 Third avenue SE. 3 p.m. — Linn supervisors. 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