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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette Sod., Aor II. 1*74    54 MONDAY HOURS, CEDAR RAPIDS: KILLIAN’S DOWNTOWN 9:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. . . LINDALE NOON to 9:00 P.M. ** \ ‘ * *'    *    * ?    ; K f M * v ;■ *% ’•    „    ‘    ♦    •*    - MALL SHOPPING CENTER, IOWA CITY: 10:00 A.M/to 9:00 P.M. Killian’s Lindale Plaza, Cedar Rapids and Mall Shopping Center, Iowa City OPEN SUNDAY 12:00 TO 5:00 PM and at a special savings to you! Brushed Sleepwear with delicate trim REGULARLY 4.99 Acetate and nylon gowns for cozy comfort in long or waltz length styles. All have delicate lace and dainty embroidery trim. These gowns come in a lovely array of soft pastels such as pink, blue, maize, lavender solids. An extraordinary value at this specially low price for you! Cedar Rapids: Aisle Dor, Downtown Street Floor Downstairs Budget Store and Lindale Budget Shop Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore Bicentennial Gift: Sound, Light on Washington 4 J MJH shoes for feet that have been kicking around all summer . . . Here s the kind of style that your children want this season. Fresh and bright. They are great for school and dress up. Stride-Rite* builds shoes to fit the way they should. And, our professional fitters ore trained to make doubly sure they doll Cedar Rapids: Downtown Third Floor and Lindale Plata Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore _Killians_ WIG TRADE-IN Killians SALE! We Will Give You 10.00 c. G Study Growing Need for Water in Southwest R. Bv Mike lieu pro? /Rapid industrial expansion in the southwest section of Cedar Rapids** is bringing nearer a decision on how water service will be Increased to meet the industries needs “That s a problem thai we’re studying right now. how to get more waler down to that area," said lee Coppock. superintendent of the water w'orks “The decision will probably have lo be made in a year on what to do We’re going to have to start major construction next year.” By major construction, Cop-pock is referring to stopgap measures, such as extra feeder lines from the Chandler hill reservoir City Hall Notes Eventually, something more extensive will have to be done Coppock thinks it may he wise to consider building a second water treatment plant and well field south of town It's not the amount of water needed, hut the location of the need, that influences his thinking. As far as capacity is concerned, the present plant on Shaver road NE should be good enough for many years It has a capacity of 36 million gallons daily; the most ever pumped was 27 HO million gallons one day iii September, 1971. BIT HAVING adequate water available isn t the same thing as having it where it is needed. To get the water to the southwest quadrant will require more water mains and booster stations. Mike Deupreo A Ifi-m< h main to the Wilson booster station was tied into the water system in February arui is now handling about four million gallons daily Only a little of that is for residences, tho rest for industry. Industrial uses account for more than Half the water pumped in Cedar Rapids as a whole, and the proportion of industrial use in the southwest quadrant is even higher. “We have some users down there that draw approximately two million gallons a day,” Coppock said He added that the future holds more of the same type of expansion, with the hulk of industry settling in the southwest. “The mains are going to have to come hack almost to the plant to got the necessary capacity,” he said The additional mains wouldn’t be necessary if a second water works were built But wouldn't a second plant cost a lot to build? "Well, you talk about feeder mains through the downtown area, and you’re talking about a lot of money, too,” Coppock said Besides, he added, instead of putting the money into feeder mains it could lie put into a new well field and treatment plant which will eventually he necessary, anyway, although not for many years • • • THE SOUTHWEST industrial area is the only one Coppock feels calls for major changes in the near future. There are less serious problems everywhere, of course, such as a pressure shortage in some paris of Cedar Hills. A new standpipe, with a one million gallon capacity, located HH feet higher than I he* present storage facility, should take care of the pressure problem Bids will be taken on the new standpipe later this month, hilt it will probably be 15-18 months before construction is finished. “A standpipe like that, prior lo mid-1973, you’d expect to see completed in four months,” Coppock said The delaying factor is a shortage of steel plates, he explained There are no particular supply problems on the east side of the river. A few extensions ot water mains are planned, Coppock said, and he is also looking at some outlying areas( that are served with only one main. “We d like to he able, if we have a break in a main, to continue to feed from another direction,” he said. Dear Genie Fditor $ Note Dear Genie ’ is prepared under the auspices of the Linn County Heritage Society Questions should have an Iowa connection, must he kept to a 50-word limit and clearly typed or printed They will he published on a space available basis The/ should he sent directly to Dear Genie P O Box 175, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52406 Names and addresses must he included because readers who ran help will send answers directly to the questioner. Dear Genie, Want to obtain information on or contact descendants of David Rublce, believed son af ( apt Andrew Rublee who moved with four brothers from Berkshire, Mass , to Berkshire. Vt , 1795 David born Berkshire. VI , 1798, later went to Iowa Resided in Iowa in 1882 at age 84 Mrs Rhoda Berger. 25 Union street, Richford, VI 0547H A ★ A Compiling Van Cleave genealogy Like to hear from all descendants, all spellings L. Merrill Van Cleave. 7223 Chartercrest drive, Fort Wayne, lnd,, 4H8H5 it lr it Would like information on Augustus Jenkins, native of Wales and in War of 1812 Moved from Washington county, Ohio, to Linn county, Iowa. Possibly titter Creek township Living in Linn county. June 1875 One son in Iowa Union Army in Civil War Miss Helen Morse. 705 S. Irvington. Harrtsonvlite, Mn.. H470, ★ ★ ★ In my great-grandmother Hall’s photo album is a picture of a Rev. E, E Hail, Walker, Iowa. It was probably taken in the late 1800s or early 1900s. The man looks about 50 years old and has a cleric’s collar I am searching for Halls from Wayne and or Russell county, Ky., to Morgan and Pulton county. Ill , 1830-35 to Iowa 1838 Mrs. Ruth Colby, KRJ. Box 235, Burligton, Iowa, 52H01, * * * Seek county of birth for Minnie Moorhead, horn December 1874, in Iowa. daughter of Edwin Moorhead and Viola Moorland Also, need data on William Taylor Stover. Hamilton county, and Lorenzo D. Prouty, Hamilton or Webster counties in 1880s. I/iren N Horton, Apt. 20, 515 East Jefferson street, Iowa City, Iowa, 52240 ■ ■ I IX "ll* WASHINGTON - An historical vignette in sound and light will enhance the aura surrounding George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon, starting in 197H A Bicentennial gift of the Frenc h people to the people of the U. S., the sound and light spectacle will dramatize Commencement Aug. I 6 at Coe Commencement ceremonies for the August graduation candidates at Coe college will he held Aug. lfi at 3 p.m. in Daehler-Kitchin auditorium. President Leo L. Nussbaum will give the charge and Allan D. Kellar, Pearl M Taylor associate professor of music. will sing “Arm, Arm. Vc Brave” by G F. Handel Others participating will Im* Coe Chaplain David Hay; ♦Bernice Bergup. reference librarian and assistant professor. and Dean Karns, assistant professor of mathematics. organist. Among the 48 graduates w ill be the second class of students to receive the bachelor of science in nursing degree. A commencement luncheon for the candidates and their families will he held at 12.30 p.m. Aug 1H May Coe graduate Robert A Bahr, Lucas. will present a piano recital in Paehler-Kitchm auditorium at 2 p.m., just prior to commencement. The recital and ceremonies are open to the public. events in the life of the nation's first President. Sound and light recaptures historical moments through computer-coordinated recorded dialogue, sound effects, music, spotlights and interior lighting It is shown at night for effect. The gift from France is the I first major foreign Bicentennial project to bo announced. which is considered appropri-j ate in view of France's role in the American struggle for Independence In a letter to President-Nixon offering the gift. French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing wrote: "The forthcoming celebration of the Bicentennial of the U.S. stirs in France a popular ! and loud echo . , : The friendship which links our two peoples and which has been sustained and strengthened by so many ordeals we have been through side by side originated on the land and sea battlefields of the War of Independence.” The project developed through the cooperation of the I French Ambassador Jacques Kosciusko- Morizet and the regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Assn , Mrs. Thomas Turner Cooke. Son et lumiere, which or-i ginated in France in 1952, was | first presented to the public at j the Chateau of Chambord. I Since then it has become a I popular art form with several | more in France and ones at : the Acropolis in Athens and ! Pyramids and Luxor in Egypt. For Your Old Wig On a New Wig Purchase . . . ONE WEEK ONLY AUGUST 12 TO 17 Your old wig is worth 10 OO to Killian s and will be accepted as a trade-in on any wig from our regular stock priced 25 OO, 30 OO, 35 OO. There are no restrictions. All trade-in wigs will be destroyed. Ofter Good on any Regular Priced Wig Downtown Second Floor Crepe Sole Wedgie Oxford by differs 8.88 Regularly I 2.00 H»>p your feet to feel like they re floating on a cloud with this comfortable crepe sole oxford, This wedge style shoe is available in solid tan or red. A fun look in shoes for fall wear. 5’/j to IO Cedar Rapid*: Downstair* Budget Store end Lindale Plata Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center at Six en Sycamore ;

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