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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Th, <>dar Rapids GiMlr: Sat WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP By WALT DISNEY IT WON'T HOLD ENOUGH w- JUNK/ r"' DO you HAVE ANY PROBLEM ' WITH YOUR HOLLOW TREE BLONDIE My CHICK YOUNG GREATSCOTT I OVERSLEPT A HALF HOUR/ vouRe not late, dear I SET THE CLOCK AHEAD { A HALF HOUP J s PWLAST vL Ti    NIGHT    ; WHAT APE * YOU DOING? I'M GOING : BACK TO w SLEEP r ^ AS LONG AS I THOUGHT I WAS LATE, I MIGHT y AS WELL BE v- BEETLE BAILEY IT'S OK AV. THE GUNS ARE LOADED WITH v blanks you DON'T want us to Fire at echo BLUFF, DO you? BOOM! UKE BOOM MARK TRAIL rLL BUILD A LITTLE CAGE FOC TWINKLE ON My USED-CAR LOT.. ^    ^    that    WILL    BRINO WTT*PEOPLE IN... r~ By ED DOOD And so twinkle, born to roam FREE ON THE HIGH MOUNTAINTOPS. TD DRINK IN CLEAR STREAMS AND FIND PEACE IN THE DARK GREEN FOREST, IS CONFINED IN A SMALL ENCLOSURE AND SELL CARS. MOOSE WHY CAN'T BHE N RESORT TD TEARS, UKE DTH EK WOMEN TO GET HER OWN s. WAY P AMANDA PANDA Bv MARCIA COURSE UL ABNER NOT ANYMORE... Tm FOLLOWING ThE APViCc OF TnEOtVYE ROOSEVELT "SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BEAGLE /" O' ujhat happens if you meet SOMEONE DHG SPEAKS SOFTLY AND CARRIES A STBERNARD ? (IS ROUNDS ) PERHAPS A \ /> FOR TNE -HARMLESS / FEATMERWEJ6WT SPORTING r TITLE -EVENT > WILL SOOTHE MY NERVESJ „mms (uE TRY \ / NOT TD THINK ASOv’T LIKE THAT1 _/k>Y By AC CAPP FISTIC PROBLEM A STRANGER LEPT INTO THE RING LAST NIGHT AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN,AND POUNDED THE LIVING DAVU6HTS OUT OF BOTH CHALLENGER AND CHAMPION AND THEN BEAT A BLOODY PATH THROUGH A CROWD OF TERRIFIED SPECTATORS. FISTIC AUTHORITIES NOW INSIST THE STRANGER NOW LEGALLY HOLDS THE FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE- Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section STEVE CANYON Bv MILTON CANIFF NANCY By ERNIE BUCHMILLER 1 I, WILLIAM H. SO AND SO, LOCAL Kfc&ISTKAR OF VITAL STATISTICS,DO HEREBY CERTIFY THE FOLLOW INC TD PE A TRUE ANO CORRECT COPY OF THE CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH Of JOHN O X WHICH AND-WHIGH.' ,    ,    , ™ '/ BEAUTIFUL " • •• BUZ SAWYER ME? WHY, IM ROSCO SWEENEY. MISS MINNIE HIRED BUZ AND ME TO PROTECT _r  —< YES, BY DINGIER AND I'VE CAUGHT YOU REDHANDED STEALING MISS MINNIE/* I'M  ^ HIDING MY AUNT MINNIE'S TREASURE v FROM BU&BA, \ YOU GOOF/ Bv ROY CRANE THE LEAST YOU ! WHY, UH — CAN DO IS TO J CERTAINLY, HELP ME. v MA'AM — YES,INDEEDY. I AIM FOR THE FLAG — J THAT MUST BE THE  1 NEXT HOLE Balls 2S< HJA -ic ***** Chow Time Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS I — soup 5 (lorn bread 9 Breakfast item 12 Domestic slave 13 Native metals 14 (iirl’s name 15 Newspaper prefaces <2 wds.l 17 (af man city 18 Soft leather ll* Small space* 21 Food seasoning 23 Health resort 24 Bange fuel 27 Appear 29 Summers (Fr I 321 ’haplet (poet I 34 Beach * lest mat HSI 36 Short jacket 37 Yeast lot instance 18 Social upstart 19 Term in music 41 Fast <FrJ 42 Butter portion 44 Hall'Sp i J ti Most equ liable 49 Ant 53 Boy s name 54 Manhole Ii aim 56 Transgression 57 Tardy 58 Man s name 59 Possess** 6« Kncoui ag*' 61 Else < Scot 1 I>4»VA N 1 River bottom (pit 2 Isaac s MHI i Bib > 3 Poke! stake 4 Requires 5 Haw anan It Midst ult 6 Embellished 7 Never1 je *»■( 1 8 Worms 9 Compel it ive • NI- VC st’ NIM ll FN FUNNY BUSINESS 10 Tributary o< the Colen ado 11 Diversion 16 I essee 20 Music al iii arna 22 Fish garnish 24 diallers 'coll ' 25 Presently 26 Natives • 8 Shropshire 28 Mediterranean island 30 Nights before * SI Dwpatched 33 Preclude F HI’HISF \ss\ 35 Staggered 40 landed property Ct American electrician 45 Roomy 4 6 and chips 47 t hieratic solo 48 Pierce w Uh a dirk 50 Demeanor 51 Epic poetry 52 Ribbon 'comb tnnn' 55 Seine I 2 4 r~ 5 6 7 8 9 10 ll 12 13 14 15 16 mmm 17 18 k I” 20 21 22 ■ I ll 24 25 26 K ’ 27 ■ • 30 31 32 33 I I 34 35 36 I ” 38 ■ I 40 ■ I 42 ", IS 44 46 L, 46 47 ............ ►-........—1 SP ■ 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 to GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty    MA WORTH " . And in the spirit of election reform, do you agree to serve for one term only, and waive all rights of future succession?" By SAUNDERS AND ERNST LOOK' I Tap *XJ NEVER V CALL ME HERE AGAIN! THAT WOMAN IS RIGHT NEXT POOR AND JUST MIGHT HEAR US I ON STAGE ...WHAT ARE YOU 'SAYING, Birsy?... THAT you ONLY CARE FOR ME, IF I'M A STA R. rf Bv LEONARD STARR NO, BILLY SAM. I'M SAYING THAT PEOPLE UKE US CAN'T BE WHAT WE REALLY ARE... ...WE HAVE TO BE MORS THAN WHAT WE ARE, OR WE AREN'T ANYTHING! goop stoep! vou ^ MAKE IT SOU NP LIKE IF \Ht aren't aiesfimes WE DON'T EVEN V- TELL ME IT ISN'T TRUE, billy sam Tea me WE'LL BE HAPPY BEING NOBOPY TOGETHER AND WEIL GO GET MARRIED. I DON'T HF AR YOU, way sam... MRS FENCERS GOING TO NAVE TO RIDE IN TWAT FUNNEL I FEAR. /wouldn't LEAVE UCH MOUSE 9 % DICK TRACY Bv CHESTER GOULD TO HECK WITH THE CAH CRAB THE CRASS AND WEEDS AND ;

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