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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ray: Ford Brings Needed ‘Stability’ to Presidency SIOUX (ITV (UPI)— Pledging support for neu President Gerald Ford. Gov Robert P. Ray said here Friday he believes Americans will “rally around*’ the new chief executive and the nation will begin to move forward again. Ray said Ford made a “very dramatic appeal” in his initial speech as President to get the nation moving again and put Watergate in the past Ray said Ford brings the “stability'' needed now in the presidency. Schmidhauser Urges Go Ahead On Impeachmen IOWA CITY (API - A poll! leal scientist and former low congressman believes effort to impeach President Richard Nixon should continue, even though he resigned. “The question of resigna tion and the suggestions o amnesty that have been made." said former Rep John Schmidhauser (I)-Iowa) “often are very, very inap propate." Schmidhauser. who teaches at the University of Southern California, believes “the full thrust of our constitutional responsibilities” are upon the nation The political specialist was in Iowa City Thursday to join a symposium on the Herbert Hoover presidency. At the Hoover birthplace and Presidential Library in nearby West Branch, a celebration is underway to note the late chief executive s KMlth birthday. The threat of impeachment hung for a time over Hoover. A strong Hoover critic, Rep Thomas McFAdden (R-Ta.). in December, 1922, moved to impeach Hoover. The impeachment    move assailed Hoover’s foreign and domestic policies.    but McFadden’s effort was tabled on a 361-8 vote. Schmidhauser said that applying America's    laws “with equal justice and equal severity" is called for "to restore public confidence and to assure an adequate division of power between the legislative and executive branches." For those reasons. “It would be hoped that the power to impeach would be carried through," said Schmidhauser as Nixon’s resignation statement was being prepared. Refusing to “personalize” Nixon by name. Schmidhauser said that “Any president that has committed transgressions that have been openly acknowledged has reached a stage in which, in accordance with the views of the founding fathers, the full impact of the impeachment process should be carried through Schmidhauser, who formerly taught at the University of Iowa here, said there is a precedent “for carrying through impeachment after a resignation ” He said it occured “in the case of one federal judge who attempted to resign to avoid the impact of impeachment. “The House and Senate carried that through in any case," he recalled. Services Held for Steven Hills CENTRAL CITY -Funeral services were held Saturday for Steven (Doug) Hills, 22. who died Thursday rn a Cedar Rapids hospital. Born Nov. 21. 1951, in Cistar Rapids, he was an Army veteran and a member of the Peace Lutheran church. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs Harold Hills, jr., Central City; a brother; Edward. Cedar Rapids. a sister; Kelly . of Central ( its; and a grandfather Floyd Myers. Rowley. Services were held in Ryan at the Peace Lutheran church, conducted by Re\ Richard Kamper Burial took place at Mt. Clark cemetery in Central The governor was here to address the annual convention of the Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO. Ho watched Ford speak on television after speaking to the unionists. In an interview, Ray said, “I think Ford sets the tempo for what the country wants and needs right now—that is stability in the government and some confidence on the part of people in their leaders. I think Jerry Ford has impeccable integrity.” The governor said he had “not been approached” by Republican leaders regarding the possibility of becoming vice president “I don't expect anything like that to happen," Ray said He said in Ford Americans have a President who has the “knowledge and truthfulness that the people have the right to expect.” Ray added. “J think the people of this country will rally around the new President now to see that we do move forward.” Donk or    ? AP Wirephoto Debra, a nine-day-old cross between a zebra and a donkey (left) stands with its mother the donkey at the African Lion Safari and Game Farm in Rockton, Ont. Although itmay be called Z-Donk or Zonkey, G D. Dailley, owner of the farm would rather it be called ‘‘animal '. Debra is the first recorded female of this cross breeding and has generated interest at nearby Guelph university. Collection Centers on Dolls, Lindy By Boh Consiriinr GREENWICH. Conn. -What have Charles Lindbergh and 10,00(1 dolls in common? Easy. They compose the remarkable collection of Samuel F. Pryor. Yale-man. ex-boxer, ex-marine, ex-vice-president of Pan American World Airways, and extraordinary friend and counselor to two renowned fellow septuagenarians. Gene Tunney and the reclusive hero the whole world once called “The bine Eagle." Pryor's collection of dolls and Lindherghiana is contained in a restored barn that was around and healthy when George Washington was President and living in his unbugged executive mansion There is nothing like it in the world The dolls are from almost every country in the world The Lindbergh Corner, like the Poets' in Westminster Abbey, is small but select: letters, gifts (mostly dolls), the flying suits he and his wife wore in the single-engined Lockheed seaplane in which Ohio Indian Artifacts From 2600 B.C. Found By Rirk \ an San! UTOPIA, Ohio (UPI) - An archaeological dig along the Ohio river is shedding light on a band of Indians who thrived on this lush, rolling countryside in 2600 B.C. “A lot of the local people ask me if we're finding any arrowheads.” said Annie See!. 21, a member of the archaeological team from the University of Cincinnati. “I tell them we find spearheads, but not arrowheads. They hadn't been invented yet " Kent Vickery, the assistant professor heading the dig. says the Indians also predated agriculture and pottery “Fat and Happy” “But they were very resourceful and probably fat and happy.” he said. Vickery and 15 graduate and undergraduate students have been digging 40 miles southeast of Cincinnati, between the tiny Ohio towns of Utopia and Child, since the middle of June. Atop a short, winding trail alongside a thriving tobacco field just hidden from view of U.S. highway 52. the archaeologists carefully dug seven square hides, each one 6 feet wide and several feet deep Then the long-handled spades were put away and out ame such dirt-remov mg tools as tiny mortar trowels, air iiellows and even tweezers Burial Position Among the hundreds of historically revealing objects found were the remains of a young Indian who was buried with his legs folded at the kneecap and pushed back against his chest From the artifacts found se far. here s what Vickery car tell about the residents of long ago This was probably a hunting and fishing base camp used seasonally by about Kb) Indians While they weren’t advanced enough to invent the tiow and arrow, they did concoct a rock weight to attach to their s[x*ars to give them more distance and impact upon hitting animals, mainly deer Although they didn t know how to plant crops, they ate many natural foods Fragments of walnuts, hickory nuts and butternuts — burned and carbonized, and thereby accurately dateable to 2.600 RC. — have been found Carbonized sections of plants also were dug up Rites Are Monday For B.H. Fulton SPRINGVILLE—Bruce    H Fulton. 70, a resident of Springville for 18 years, died Thursday in a Cedar Rapids hospital. Born July 15. 1904 in Rubio, he was married March 18, 1928, to Alma Taylor who died in 1959 On July 29. 1959. in Cedar Rapids, he was married to Mabel Hoover Banke. He was employed by the Milwaukee railroad over 50 years, retiring in 1969 as a conductor He was a member of the Methodist church and Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen Surviving in addition to his wife are two sons. Charles an Harold Fulton. Honolulu. Hawaii; a daughter. Mrs Joe Turkal, Solon; two stepsons. Henry Banke. Cedar Rapids, and I-arry Banke. Camarillo. ( alif.; nine grandchildren, one great-grandchild, two brothers, lawrence Fulton, Monticello, and Earl Fulton. Cedar Rapids, and a sister, Mrs buns Berner. Covington Services Monday at IO:'36 it Murdoch chapel in Marion Burial: Cedar Memorial ceme-ery, Cedar Rapids Friends nay call at the chapel after 9 Sunday. they flew “North to the Orient," which was the first U. S -Japanese air link. “Cambion Language" “There s never been a culture without a doll." Pryor. who still looks like he could go ten rounds, told a group of us making the tour “Dolls are a marvelous common language, a kind of super-Esperanto. I ve shown some of these over most of the world and the reaction has always been the same — delight, and not only just among the children. The appreciation of a beautiful doll isn t confined to any age group, or racial. Here’s a case filled with Jew ish and Arab dolls, all happy." Pryor and his ineffably hospitable wife, Marv-Tay. maintain a special staff to do the dolls’ laundry, dust or wash their beautiful faces, and keep the springs in the animated ones from rusting. The National Geographic Society. Smithsonian Institution and several other organizations would bo happy to take Pryor’s incredible collection off his hands. Price would hardly matter to any of the bidders. But Sam wants to keep his treasure near him, and. of course, would not give up his Lindbergh collection for any sum. He seems to know every doll by name, and certainly bv nationality. Sam is as Republican as, say. his friend Sen Gold-water. But he'd like to show the collection one of these years in the Soviet Union Doll Diplomacy “Imagine what a joy it would be for those Russian children to see the native costumes of the kids of other countries?" ; he asked our group “Otherwise, they'll never know ’’ There was instant agreement that it would do at least as much good as Kissinger s diplomacy Kings, queens, princes and the future Empress of Japan have contributed to Sam s collection A desperate midnight search in Tokyo uncovered a tiny doll in a kimono which completed the miniaturized dolls-of-t he-world he was scheduled to show to the Japanese royal family the next morning. “It was a '•liff-hanger.” Sam recalled, pointing to a gracious note of thanks from the wife of Crown Prince Akihito. Some of the animated dolls i do the damndest things {imaginable, under Sams magic touch (and well-oiled wmmm “Fabrics and Sewing” A '‘SPECIAL INTEREST'' Section In The Cedar Rapids Gazette Wednesday, August 14 Of interest to all who fashion their own clothes or do • Knitting • Needlepoint • Crewel • Upholstering • Draperies etc. A complete do-it-yourself guide you ll want to SAVE for the long winter evenings ahead VaMMBUfc* -    -    A**    ii    "MUMM “PDQ- FOOD STORES SUPER SPECIALS LAND O’LAKES —PLASTIC JUG M LK M $119 Gal. Swift’s Premium SLICED BOLOGNA lb. 69 806>34th. Street S.I. 223 Edgewood Rd. N.W. 1944-42nd Street N.I. springs). They play the violin, lyres, blow horns, smoke water-pipes, fix their hair and look at the finished result by lifting tiny mirrors, and thumb their noses at the French. (This is a Haitian doll, and Sam apologized in his courtly manner to the young girls on our tour in advance of w inding him into action, and also explained to them how badly (he French treated that colony.) There are doll-like figures that gulp pennies, gadgets that taught children of a century and more ago how to save. One exception is a fat bronze figure that refused to accept the penny Sam placed on his hand Tammany Belly "A Tammany politician, you can recognize him from his belly," slimline Sam said. Then he put a nickel on the figure’s hand and the “Tammany politician” immediately dumped it into its satchel “Same as today,” Sam pronounced Looks like a bad year for the Denis. There are much more complicated doll arrangements, Sam explained one of them to Maureen O’Connell and the other little girls as well as to the senior citizens. Its a kitchen scene, circa 1830 or thereabouts There had been a great scandal in France about the substitution of a eat for rabbit in certain popular dishes. It seems that rabbits were undergoing a planned parenthood crusade and were rn short supply, hence the use of cats in the stew The chef doll, cooking up a storm stew, while drinking heavily from a bottle of red wine. turns his head and angrily but soundlessly acmes to his nagging wife that he has used a eat rather than a rabbit At the height of their animated argument, the lid on a pot on the side of the stove opens, and a cat’s head looks out Things like that Anne Morrow Lindbergh called her friends, the Pryors. while we were there to tell them that the general, as Sam refers to her immortal husband respectfully, had had two good nights in the hospital. One of their sons who had been out of the country had flown home to see him. and that had cheered him. Is Your Home Safe? You can make sure with home owners insurance from your lo cal Independent Insurance Agent He has a policy that protects you from theft, fire, lightning, wind, hail, nots, vandalism, and many other kinds of loss. Call or drop in on your local agent today look tor this emblem. WITWER INSURANCE 701 MNE Phone 362-3030 Ray Appoints Eastern Iowans To State Boards DES MOINES (UPI)- Guv Robert I). Ray Friday announced the appointments <>f ll) Iowans to four state boards and agencies The governor appointed live persons to the board of examiners for hearing aid dealers, three to the Governor s Task Force on the life support of dependent adults, one to tin* Iowa Educational Radio and Television facility board and one to tho Land Rehabilitation advisory board. Appointed to the board of examiners for hearing aid dealers were Charles E. Chamberlain. jr., of Clear Lake, Jack L. Jennings of Sioux Cit-y. Phyllis Larson of Davenport. and Margaret Baehr of Spencer an Clifford Welcher of Greenfield The board was created bv the 1974 legislature to license hearing aid dealers and conduct the license examinations. 'I'Ik* three persons appointed to the task force on life support of dependent adults were Bill Howard of Ankeny. Jerry Starkweather and Sen Lucas DeKoster (R-Hull). The task force makes recommendations on ways to improve custodial care facilities in the state. William B. Quartan, of Cedar Rapids, was appointed to a three-year term on the Educational Radio and Television facility board. The board overseas development os educational radio and television facilities, including the Iowa Educational Broadcasting Network. Ray appointed H. Gene Hartel of Des Moines to the Land Rehabilitation advisory board. which advises the department of soil conservation on methods to rehabilitate land which has l»een surface mined. Television Listings 9 — KCRG TV, Cedoi Rapids 2 WMT TV, Cedar Ropids 7- KWWL TV, Willer loo 3—KT VO, Oftumwa 4 - WHBF TV, Rock Islond 6 - WCC TV, Dovenporl 8 WKBT, La Crosse IO KROC TV, Rochester I 2-KUN TV, Iowa City I 3- WHO TV, Des Moines 40 KDUB. Dubuque Saturday Night 6:00 1 - News, Weather Sot*. 9 Lawrence Welk 2 Action News .1 Lawrence Wets 4 Lawrence Welk A Prince Sir eel Player s 8 Notional Geogronhu IO News, Weather , Sots 12 Folk Oui tor 13 Eyewitness News 4(1 Kuna Fu 7:30 9 ABI Suspense Mav ie Moulton. We ve Go A Problem 2 M * A *S*H 3 ABI Suspense Movie Go' Houston, We ve A Problem 4- M * A *S*H 8 M * A *S*H 12 To Bn Announced 40 ABI Suspense Movie Houston, We've Gat A Problem RIA X IMI 7 2 lo u -    Untamed World Hotly wood Sonnies -    Victory at Sea World of Animals 7    Mary Tyler Modi e 4 Mary Tylei Moore 8    Mary Tyler Moore' 17- Firing Line is * Inside Iowa 7 IMI HIO 7— Bob Newhal l 7- NBL Movies- 4 - Bob Newhar t Night Gomes 8 Bob Newhart "Movin' On" 9 JHI 9- Jimmy Dean 7- Alt in Family 9 Owen Mar snail 3- Partridge Family 2— Barnaby Jones 4- All In Family 3—Owen Marshall 6— NBC Movies 4 Barnaby Jones Nigbt Games . 8- Barnaby Jones Movtn' On" 12—Great American 8- All in Family Dream Machine 10- NSC Movies Night Games , 40 Owen Marshall Movin On ' IMO 12- Dr Who 13- NBC Movies 7—News, Weather, Spts Night Gomes , 9— Eyewitness News Movin' On I— Action News 40- Partridge Family 3-ABC News t News. Weather SPI* 4 IO O Clark I aition 8 News, Sots Weather 10 News, Weather, Sots. 12 Who is Mon 11 t yewitness News 40 Newsline 10:13 I News. Weather Sots IO Movie Merry Go Round Of 1918 IO 30 1 Movie Mambo 9 Movie - Lost V .n 2 Movie Room of Tap J- Western Film Festival 4 -lJ F O 6 Movie— "I Love a Mystery' 8 Movie— Splendor in Grass I? Sherlock Holmes 13- Tonight 40 Movie Trouble with Women ' I L OO 12 Hoarding House ICUI 4—Outer Limits 12 Theater Macabre 12(H) IO— Saint 12:30 9 Wide World at Entertainment Canion Newt Cedar Rapids Chaplain Gives Sunday Sermon The Rev. David Quiring, associate chaplain at St. Luke’s hospital in Cedar Rapids, will speak Sunday at (he First Baptist church worship service at 9:30 The Rev. Mr. Quiring received his theological training at the Berelely Baptist divinity school and has served associate pastorates in Yakima, Wash , and Des Moines. He has been associate chaplain at Youngsters of All Ages Enjoy Hoover Chautauqua Children clutching Topsides and hot dogs ran across the rolling park grounds of the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site Wednesday afternoon to the big tent where a program was to be held especially for them. After everyone was settled, either on folding chairs or sitting Indian-style at the foot of the stage, the show of drama. music and dance captured attention immediately as Topsides dripped unheeded into the grass. “Youngsters" of all ages laughed and dapped wiih the performers, themselves for the most part children, who presented a vaned program for the nearly 1.600 in attend-ence. Children’s Chautaquas were an integral part of the cultural programs which flourished under a tent in the 1920’s, and the organizers of this week's recreated    Chautauqua program offered childre")! similar opportunities to have fun and be exposed to art forms at the same time. Favorite lairs There were “once upon a time ' stories about cats and elephants told by the Tell Me-a-Story lady Louanne Newsome. Iowa City. This Mother Goose-dressed grandmotherly appearing woman dramatically told two favorite tales by Rudyard Kipling and Wanda (tag f J tut point'' SPECIAL- OF-THE-WEEK! I 5 CU.FT. FROST-FREE Then came the Davenport Children's Theater, sponsored by the Davenport Park Board for 22 years, which put on a j rock musical version of Aestus s tales, recreated as I “Aesop's Falables’’. A Few Danced W ith painted-on whiskers or clown-paint faces, the children’s group “jazzed up” the traditional Aesop and got the audience laughing, clapping, and a few, dancing along with the east. After one aborted attempt, the hot air balloon grew from a flat nylon bag into an 86 foot high aircraft which drifted off the ground and away over the ! audience’s heads. And then it was back tit the food tents for another round of Topsides and hot dogs, and races hack to cars with the kids far and away outdistance ; , ing their elders.    I the hospital for the last four years. wow Final Summer Adult Seminar on Sunday Final session in the adult summer seminar tieing held al the First United Methodist church is set for Sunday at 8: 36 a.m. Dr. Donald Typer, of Mt. Vernon, will conclude I he discussion on “Amnesty. The Christian Viewpoint”. The seminar included IO sessions on topics of current interest. WWW (■wing Out of Business! The Folks and Uncle leonard. Marion. Selling out entire stock all week; auction Sat Aug. 17th. I OO T M.—Adv WWW \ lice: All advertisements of this type (Marion laicals) must he in The Gazette Classified Office by ll 43 A M. day of publication (ll A M. Sat. for Sunday. Dial 398-8431 or 398-8234 - Adv WWW Attend Funeral—Mrs. Jerry Monn, 933 Eighth avenue, and Mr and Mrs Michael See-man. of Cedar Rapids, were in Mendota. IIL, Friday to attend funeral services for Mrs Evelyn Gardner. Mrs. Gardner was Mrs. Seeman's grandmother Mmge/th For the Finest in Paints REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER 620    ▼    Phono 2nd Av*. SI 364-021 3 ;

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