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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 4

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Cedar Rapids, IowaFour. Cedar rapids Gazette to zsiday. Augustio Isa. Let s explore your mind composer poetry a Jescar a mryr or Var Irao it ctn a i mrm Tutt Ulit to a i to =.irc sir amp Ria Cut a c c.er/=44 u 4� 32>ari-j7 a Sec i t4tu 5�r.tfairi Urru so Recti a no lira Bouzo Ktal. Llu a Biti iii cent Cut port. Isle Ritari ��2gf =3 Jcj a3t<rtr a to my a Paje 15 3 = a Brota Awre no a. a. Web Ssu in lift this a but sea their is this Trail a a inc to Ibri ii Arcara Raes a a or Irr or car Are Ai or mrs Ait Ricc s r.=. Later or array a Era Tyzz a a a a = Are pc it a c a a a a a a. Rosr crr it Earpsr a srom Jar. Per or Roar rat to Csc Quot by i or nor rss a Cef t a Gfa a it a a Ucol rears it Erv Tisz a Lar 5c�mi Cne jct a is in arc rare . Jacoc nor. i i ratio Jajic so Corr . Cof Zoar tra an rears a j or riji7i= i Acirit a to arc up Quot rare Sari Rar Elpi Raf arc a a a a a or Trif train a a Arirtr i pc , q. yol to in a. Snap inv a. Yer ill Jurf tar a Nuiji in i p not iii intr a it ref or it Irta Tutill it i. I tit past t it. -1 a be pfc ref rip a Kiilitr. a i Ovri car a a Lary it ral i i rash --.i Arr fair a up acc Farr i car non a. A it or Are Arr a a a Oszi it Trudl to Rafos Ca a Quot Arr Ian sep , pc in a Iri to Laer Irarra Iraq inf a parts Irrer sitar to i. Rep ii 21 Sarwer or Rar air Chartr to Rich. A fish Rico a urn a a Arr Iarj p tat raw a i it so err it Rar tar f3r>2r Irrer rec a rear Lai Carrir = a a Fri a 17 to Cha. Is Cipf. Ill Arras. I.j7a Jota Budac. 25 h. Or it. 0 in. 2�?=. I Heiry fir a 1- Sara Rosart. Rte Flat Param. A 3e2 Irr sir. �5j�.s>��1 it Etc iii pc Oiea-i3a5is to Assn. 4? Corr rap Laval snort. . 5 is rms a a. A a a per Zirps a a a air Ira a a _ w. 1 Sise a a rpm Srun Rieste. Is it 431�? tits a crises Barri ref. Sie Sass t a it. trs a Rabia rats a Rsie Derrr to Frea Cir a spire 2r>r a. Wars to a. Or fifth. Dae 2 to recess. 12cc-ei in is. Israel u,.-. Al Durb Sesi Aarti a Fri a scrap �aa3=. Ii per in �3 a Cetia ,-.Ai Sorar Raa Fem. Re is wish Tutza Ltd cd Corr a Irre Ca in Well it Teu were is Era Jinx Ioc Quot ice a it bras inc Sci 3ik5 so. A at ter Creif a so i do a Day. The 2ca Sas geres a Xref. Í.5 Carrl Inead. In. A Schraa 57 Rae Isakha to a a Isa a kit Gunars. 51 has is Irtz Tarchea ice so air res Tisae. A pc Ilc Oft ref str Raa Beer Raj Cima a Bri 1 Dit or rear liver ii Ursea Lidi it to Raeo so be Tysz so ice str a i i a �w. To cur s2ozz22t. I tvs a in or Ere to s a Iusi sird Isth. V in i via so car t soft Kate in. Í2s5 by Nate Sise says a Tut a Isar a a o Ira tiie Icca a a. 1 a a iii a surf rally god yes horse Izairi. Ispir i a com 44 s5>st�a 45 in crts tires. 4l his is. Or lord jj2 to at 5- a -.- or Irr hrs Jas its it i a cats to trat t=3�= so Ocean sebird did. 1= to so a get s expat tested in ice a a a a Well i Quot Breve Turco pc a a ves Tidi Sofce hts Goa he we=5 50 the ssh a Sec to Sites Quot started Ugek. A son. Key to to tha he vae Seq to Eive the toy tack to his no try a Yii cd the Wray he Sorc dired whether he hid not Given Tea peptic our Case Scee thin a he Tad to give is Sonte a Carer i Tad nosed into him irom in in to corps source. 5as there after i Eil =.�thing Elfe so Ziething he a a Vic Caje tie Tad denied and that cd David Quot Csc Ca ice Mormer Tad been a to fun Quot a a a neg s Hen he needed ill he disc Bek lie was itis Gene in cric is mme a a with her. A a sorry for Tea , �5 fact ii Yoc win ave Haiti a it Quot Recty Katie was now Caref Aliy i life to her own. Be a id no Blante her. He Tad 1� ind less to to her he. But 1� i result be bad Little Erbo hism Hie. Be twid 0 Back to pc Chise w find hts a it. A a crowd there the upstairs to highball a i Kail glasses and ice and ital Joed sound voice. When to appeared As he Scase inces cud. The accepted him. One again he tern appears Early. He com not Puy Tea etry Light game to give and take the a love i King and incr Siedi tipping after the War. \ Ye-2 there was nothing in mss face or Carriage to suggest that he a met in Hie and Deatti Tamad stocks and Bead. Toof a a Thi 41 Heift bist Agri. A i Iye bares Rutt i Keetay in trip. Tinaz Ixer. Shiite ti3i.pct�3uc Ini Sara Enie pc be inane a no a snide be a a to or tsp to ii Fly in fit in rennsy�h5sl a Otic. -.7�?jcoiir cd Tal �mg Tom a he had Tad. A a Quot it Zzz i a Sis a a Quot st2�? quote Talitia to the lewd a drum be frs hrs a or or Brt a nac., -. To a Cine in yes. To her. Ere. �ta-t4iy h-=.f tas j Ato go act Azan. She go to red then but ste would he in. direst that latin sri i Octaf to a rites and entree Zutic. I in pc Zzz. Zz�2j it a try get Sal Tosy Are or Tina Yai Vays Roe to tie Nan Tang nto i a a a. Cine War .-.t. Be Taeff Ftp to a is o cons and then Marina Tate tas rn.g attn her a soon the ta3 the ant Ayers to ave door . Utu Mary Rorre 7 Rinhart Itas a Cruse key a sir. 3u where scr cans it was Good to be Sci it the Hospital again. Dei a invite in now it was his spirit dial �?�r."f-� True tax slept and a Cane pm it ate at tae Hoyte hut out Itce i face Notars it hid cd i to be fun Partt to him. At Midnight or Ute he could go Back Necati ciby to find the plighted a cd mean Katie Friend Tiu there but Eft ear to find it dark ave for the Hight in the Hall he would go up it stirs then to Dick a old room in dec a read for a who a perhaps drop to sleep with tas lamp still cum ing. But piers Nal Hie he had lire or none. He was an efficient a working Nta Chise More iii cent than be Tad Ever Ceen a out that wis All. I work was a after is i he had Cut is Pamir. _ ice to the is gut in wives i Ever saw was my it state a. She never rec a Jmc i sri for Omta a cat Tfir and it a Rcpt dec part near to Ceaton be Ause he taught she never wild appreciate him Finaghy Ece evening she came name fun town and brought him a new Shim his eyes lit up and he could a t wait to try the Ifni on. A Ornen he got it in he locked and he at atm Fiutem and said Quot Kjear. It a was Switi ily thought Fri to yell to get me Quot this Start. A st it s air it five times too aunt nutty Saj a Quot we a tag shirt done to Cost no More than a ice and i Wasny to Gonna let that Yuange clerk a a mow that 1 had married a Little shrimp like Iti i know cd always after that �?�?�----.j_ up Joe called j your term taxi. Is a he had a Pat ase for it working a Der or than be knew How. I got a car about that time Iccy he Mirove himself through tae Gates and into she hop fatal j courtyard his new shining car among the others. It seemed a Long ume since with envious Eye he Tad watched Bergman and Grant and the others doing the same tiling. He Tad not greatly changed. He still kicked chairs when they got in his Way and fought inanimate things Ruch As collars and areas ties. A hell and damnation a he would shout and tear the Collar off his neck or throw the tie a the floor. Katie hearing sounds these Distant Cattles could tighten her Mouth and keep out his a Way. He knew it. Cold and detached is were i Cue historic the roof each one ran his life blood. Here he hid fought ind won Here he a nil lost. When he came to the Decrv Jimieson Fil. He at Gar ing at it with a revival that old pain his. Heiry voice Over the Telephone a a she a dead and Katie in the Lewis dining Rocen talking voluble flirt my a bit with Jery. He crumpled it in Bis hand. Ted a watched him. a washed up. That Mcnel Quot a jul a washed up a in the end Ted fathered up uni Jill Oak leather special tuesday Only half soles la trek 90mpomh0x a Man a won a Hudi a a Sites sewed Rwy la a h is Auie cd use atm Chaet Armstrong s thetty Kew a Mirin Shae by to. A to to to tax sesiintcn�?T5 rapidly carts atom. A Pweo a to i Zuj cd a at a Rwy a to Tosmio tax Nair i Kiev Clos no-.�,\ct. Pc cd ice a i Scoras it the its or Irti ii or Lens it most and aria a a or a Civiss to z2.a at a 0p Ai for real 5 Fex?.gtcq cd Ting i with a or Ernie Tate i Mdse seme stay a a so a with its abrupt termination he is ire a Wei my and seme Large Vij a a Safe found some i his great enter , Jibu Luiu a. Geroux a near the Rooks. Office now. A a Raruca Liyung i pipe. Quot take care them Ted. Woman with no Noni Ense Yoou Raas Al i cwt them Are her and every Targ was Gusta mine. In miss them i that came to tas null. he Nad surgery s a detached sort my i Vegs at tunes be could now Yusu see them cd th5r>ill��,ss Jye a a a rim Zri Zzz it oct j 4�ia� i tax i Rev the a 3? a a it t. T it Tif i Atoy a i Estat it Osul d5-. Be t esd be Tjo Alicr Maze bet aa4or or a a Cocci Fosec to Cdv i oxen a to iia. La. A Sieara fl.e .oca, cc5t=m.2t&Quot. At the Heaters 5ri�rji Tias crr Xia Xart Lra a a Jeiz. A Jim u Iraq i a a Tbs a Falt Rry Abdow. War ba.4 Abar Teti Betteli. Eat2� pc err Eitrbt-xx�2.t. Asi cd no Falt Nios Irinea a a Luie a Sotira to Tiniuc Bir &ej. a i tit a by ask a a a rare Cerfa a Jint in Tiiu is Bra to it a it Ikea he a a a for cd be be. Bettty Hotoi pm to it cd a a . Hatko a amp a he a a arc us Irmith ah7�t Jem a iii bau u lbs u the Ira at. Night Beverly waiting for Jerry to come Home would see the Hight under the or stay door and know that a Ner father a was there in the Moring tas a waste Basket would a hied.akailc Irr a Jean Arthur and n�--3rd a it unit and in a easy Liv Inz cars girls and Carole Len rare m to Man hero an. Ic7t.\�?miisjine Carroll and trances a comic m Quot its All Vars Gatwis c been in a Avind in tit st.atx�?.l Muni and l a ?----.� a the ?.ai_ce a Asta and c Zzz or sir n snap we in a 5 Here Quot Arin a a a a Icv Rard g Hrc Mson Nasi n or c a Jack a with scratch paper Cov de with his Small neat figures. He Tad a built an Empire and now it was crumbling about him. He lasted however through that first year Afier me Arm ure and we m o the second men one morning a is Valet tapped a door and found his rcom empty. He Wen into the bathroom Quot but Lewis was not there and so he notified Beverly i was not Unal the House Tad been searched that she remembered her Mother s closed room and deep breath when a crisis was safely passed. But tas response Cittie Lay heavy in him. Sometimes he failed a Kot gets. A out men Quot a and carried away wit ii him a biker feeling failure and Seif Dis Nisu and sometimes he pc und a victim inexpert surgery and was filed profound dig Nason. I i he old a . These cays any now you Don tits i a i us Ders to s he retained his offices in the House out Only out so iii ment and for emerge ices. His Wotsch As j census Lent was done in the Down town office where he now had a j Secretary. She sat at a desk in the waiting room handle cd the _ Telephone watching his Appo uni a ments a Spur Erish voting woman who a drought her Lunche in a Low we a pair rubber gloves a kept his Dooks and a Tiu nos he can go to an Al Odo Yaj chapter Ali a few Days later Jerry was drunk again and after two or Iviree experiences this sort Beverly sent for Chris and told him the Story. A a i done to blame him Chris. But he Skilling himself. A what can i do Quot a a and then suddenly All her reserves were Down and she was sobbing on his can to Bear it Chris. In be apparently he had Oenea sinning i i he a was becoming an important a a to into said Ted cheer in is figure and his reputation Italy a a in a holding in n my or Gans i ii a death Gnu Quot Chris work was tas life now. Sue ran tas House Well although one raged Ever his Irreg ular meals and looking Osco a la or he was to Reata Tita she Quot Nad a. table herself he had a Ven her even less Nir self. He cd did not travel two roads at Scace even their hours _ rarely cd a a a a a there that she t.�?Tki.�?Tvtki�?T. 7 a �?�<>1. A a faults be Quot. 1 it reached my limit. And now to have to Call on you a he brought Jerry Home some tame toward morning a Jerry w o confused him Vav tii the Mili tiry police and got in several go d blows before he was and i was Chris who sat a rest the nigh de w Cre Jerry Lav n a s tips he Mere. c on his a a and int a a or a Dennie to a Lajud i a �i the4 i. Re a a u t sit a it m Tib .ni4 a v a u�3i i \ a a W.I .1. T 4 m �?��?1 u a Alt . A v a a 1 beside the bed a because when hear gave out he Tad fallen across it. She old not Call for help she saw at once that he was dead Tad been dead for hours and so for a Halle while she left him Tipiere on armies ced. It was As d those two so Long ses Arae m tafe were now United Agam. Pc ably he had there crier. in at no a n when met be was too be .v As. He Beer v o by me ced idea. Long before she was awake he w As up and on his a Way to the Hospital and often he came in after she Tad gone to ced closing the front Docar quietly and smelling again that persistent odor Mold in the Mil which told him that he was m Ros Cwm House again. It a was m the aut Uinn iii he finally decided to up is general work in. The nigh hrs were Quot Osc for his Survey was spreading. Doctors Cut in the in Cut try a began to Send him cases i i and now and then he went a i self so some Remote spot when a ii patient could net a moved j sometimes me cases came to bin from the outlying districts a Stretcher cat on the floor 11 the baggage car and Tome weary _ country doctor sitting in a Fox beside it. One Day cat a stood on the platform and saw a Gray faced Man Gering Cut. A a y a doctor a he said a and Quot a t pc 2 Taj cd Lisica a i ii i to tax Cju Crici it or Ler trin. It s. 4 it a a -.ii in try a it or . A u4 Rudff i Verri a it 4 n a a a Ini. F a Titt u a do to Oil to to Quot a Truiti a a w a it it Oak ?. A to. A 1� l412 rms i to. Tax a u tfx get it i it a Etta m a 4i 1u.14 a a Mai a a a a a tsi Uii Quot us a tru Irr a us a ukr a. J�<2 Jan a. 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