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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa g The (edar Rapids Gazette: Tues.. Auk fi, 1974 mmmv* * v The Investor's Guide By Sam Shalsky i) — I have same specula tive stocks and bonds on which I have losses, as well as some better quality equities on which I have Karns, but which I don’t want to sell because the dividends are good and their prospects. I feel, bright. Should I buy some discount bonds which come due in 1977 and use that capital gain at maturity to offset the losses? A — There’s nothing wrong with your tax figuring, but I can’t give you any assurance that those speculative stocks which now show you losses won’t show you even larger losses by 1977. By buying high-quality discount bonds you are. of course, pretty well assuring yourself of profit by maturity. But you are leaving, unchecked, the possibility of even greater losses on “junk” which I don’t care to list here. You could use that loss this year by selling the losers now and also taking profits now You could then — after 31 days — buy back any of the good stocks sold. This would not only use your loss effectively now, but also limit your losses to the present market. At the same time it would give you a higher tax cost base on the good stocks you buy. This higher base could prove useful in the future. Sam Shulsky ey in the stock market. You know you'll have to repay that debt (or suffer a decrease in ultimate insurance protection). But you have no way of know ing w hat your $10,000 will do in the market. lf you want to take ach anlage of the difference in money rates then any borrowed money should go into just-as-safe senior securities — T S treasury bonds, for example Q — I was thinking of borrowing money on my insurance policies and putting it into the stock market. Or should it go into savings.? A — I can’t endorse the idea of assuming a definite debt of. say. $10,1)00 for the purpose of taking chances with that mon- I have accumulated $31,000 in long-term losses Against that I hold a large block of AT and T at a profit. Should I sell out the Telephone and offset the loss? A—Ifs going to take a very long time to use up that $31,-000 loss merely by deducting the1 maximum annual amount from taxable earnings. You could wipe out that loss to advantage by taking sufficient profits on the Telephone and either I) rebuying the stock alter 31 days or 2) putting some of the proceeds immediately into other sound commons. The first procedure would give you a higher tax cost price for the repurchased Telephone — which may come in handy in the future — and the second would give you some diversification, which. I assume from your letter, you could use. I can't tell whether you are retired or not. But if you are, perhaps some of that Telephone common proceeds could go into top quality bonds Q — I’m a widow who recently lost her job. Where can I get the most income and safety from my money? A — From I .S. Treasury bonds. — Recently you told a reader how long his money, earning B percent, would last if he withdrew    8 percent a year, or 7 percent. How can one compute    for other amounts? A — I’m sure any ad\anced math book will gi\e you formulas for    computing compound interest growth as well as “wasting” formulas Being lazy, I prefer to take the figures from a chart worked out by Vance, Sanders and Co., Ill    Devonshire street. Boston, Mass 112109. If you ask them nicely, maybe thev’ll send von one too. Turnover, or volume: The total number of shares sold in a day’s trading. Usually, this total applies only to “round lot” (generally, 100-share) transactions Odd-lot turnover is totaled separately and is not included in the daily volume figures Mr Shulsky welcomes written dues bons, but he will be able to provide answers only through the column Cor lists of growth and dividend stocks, please include a self addressed stomped envelope Address your requests to Sam Shulsky, care of The Gazette Big George! Virgil Partch I don't think he’s howling at the moon. I think he’s just stubbed his Ute." Racing Company Loses Its Bet on Building Houses LOS WUTTKE (UPI) -Santa Anita Consolidated should have stuck to horse racing — ifs a hefter gamble than building houses The corporation is best known as the owner and operator of the race track of tilt' same name In the last ll) years, it has never failed to make a good profit, always returning at least SI a share to stockholders. But four years ago. the compare branched out into home construction The firm said that earnings for the 11 cst six months were unix 44 cents a share “and that included our whole racing season — home building lost si 2 million,’' a spokesman said \mong the worst gambles tor tile track owners was building houses in Las Vegas. “We're pulling out of there the spokesman said. “It s not a good market for us CEDAR RAPIDS ANSWERS TO QUIZ: WORL0SC0PE - I hut ? Stnott, 3 John Connolly 4 Portugal, S c NtWSNAME — Chief Justle* Worrtn Bul 9*i MA I (KWOCK - I c, 7-o, 3 d, * 0 S e NCWSPICTUM - Refer Rod.no SPOTLIGHT — I Nctionol 2 Johnny Undos, 3 b, 4 Football, S o Moreof Interest to Eastern Iowans HEATHCLIFF For Better Health Dandruff Is Simple Term For Seborrheic Dermatitis " HEATHCtlRr LIKES THIS STORY." Your New Home Is In The Want Ads Bv Dr S. L Andelman “A friend tells me he has dandruff on his eyebrows.' a skept leal reader w rites ‘ Is this possible ’” Crazy as it sounds, yes Dandruff usually appears on the scalp first and may bf* confined there, but it may also spread to the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, parts of tlit* nose and I hi* area behind the ears. Dandruff is a simple term for seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp and facial areas. It’s a disease in which there’s an excessive supply of sebum, the oily secretions from tin4 sebaceous glands of the skin The result is greasy scaling of the skin The term “dandruff” is also sometimes loosely used to describe a dry flaking of the skin, with itching, but this condition is more likely to he a contact or allergy-causing der matitis than seborrheic dermatitis Hormones As in acne, a discase that a1 so involves problems of tho sebac eous glands, there seems to be a relation between hormones and the onset of seborrheic dermatitis Male hormones are known to stimulate the flow of sebum from the glands. In adults, dandruff and more widespread seborrheic dermatitis on the chest, breasts, under the armpits and elsewhere may last only a few weeks or for longer periods, up to a lifetime The causes aren't yet known. Fungal organisms are often found in the flaking skin of dandruff, but these* may Ik* secondary invasions of the skin made easier by the seborrheic condition You can control simple dandruff of the scalp by washing the hair with nonalkaline soaps and sham- Dr. Andelman pons developed especially tor the purpose* Steroids and an 11 blot ics in aint ments help many people with severe problems and reduce the likelihood of secondary infections Sulfur and tar preparations are* also nee*de*d Diets Some physicians advocate* restrictive diets for patients with seborrheic dermatitis, similar to those suggested for acne patients The problem seems to worsen in winter and during times of stress or fatigue. * * * Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems which he* may discuss in future columns. He regrets, however, that he cannot personally answer mail Write to him in care of The Gazette. MAYBE WE SHOULD DO MORE ABOUT SUICIDE THAN JUST MAKE IT ILLEGAL. Over 25 thousand Americans are knowm to take their lives each year. The actual total may be three times that. And for every known human suicide, there are at least eight attempts. Clearly, we should do more than make suicide a criminal offense — which it is in several states. There is also more we should do than simply ignore the problem. We must learn more about suicide prevention and be on the lookout for clues to suicidal behavior to prevent these needless deaths. We care. rn Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa Des Moines/Sioux City 'Flittered Mart Blue Cross Association ^Registered Service Mark of tho National Association of Blue Shield Plans DETTER HEALTH IOWA. WE CARE. Cedar Rapids RepresentativeRobert J. Sedenka Home Phone 362-6204 Office Phone 366-5348 Benton and Linn Coonties RepresentativeLloyd Schaufenbuel Home: 362-6373 Office: 366-5348 FOR INDIVIDUAL ENROLLMENT' Now AVAILABLE: Group Enrollment 2 thru 4 Employees Johnson County RepresentativeBert Vincent 337-2440 Jones and Cedar Counties RepresentativeEdward A. Schlatter Home Phone 377-3283 Office Phone 366-3348 ;

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