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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Auk. fi. 1971 WIN AT BRIDGE IU Oswald & James Jarohy Continuing with our Im-kind to (It ( 'hirers week, w<* give Soul Ii a nice 21 point two no trump North raises him to game'and after South looks at dummy ho sees that he can count on one spade, two diamonds and four clubs for a total of seven tricks South sees that if he can not to dummy twice, he can produce those two extra tricks in either spades or hearts Ile can get them in hearts if Hast holds the queen That is a 50 percent chance Or he can get cmwMsg;! The bidding has been NORTH 4 .10 4 ¥ 10 5 ♦ 7 6 5 :t ♦ A ti 5 2 WIST    CAMT 4 Q 7 3    4    K 5 2 V Aq    ▼    h 7 ti 4:»2 ♦ QI IO 0 I    ♦    H2 ♦ ««:t    4    io7 SOUTH (ll) 4 A IO 9 H ? K.I 9 ♦ AK ♦ K Q J 4 Neither vainer.dill West North    Cast J N T.    Cass I ’ass Pass Opening lead Mouth 2 NT Pass Q* West North Bast Mouth I * 24 Pass Pass 2 Y Pass 4* I ’ass •) You, South, hold 4AQ654 fA Q 6 5 4 ♦A K 4 2 What do you do now? A—l.et your conscience be your guide. Pass, is probably right, but if you want to gamble go on aud hid six. Five hearts would Im* silly since that would imply that you hold two potential club losers TODAY’S QUESTION Instead of passing your partner has bid two spades over Hie two club overcall. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow them in spades provided that Hast holds at least one of the two missing honors That is a 7(5 percent chance. His next step is to try to find two entries to dummy. Ile sees they will he there in the club suit provided that clubs break 3-2 Ile proceeds to cash the king and queen of clubs. Both opponents follow Ile overtakes Ins jack w itll dummy’s ace. leads a low spade and finesses his in • West takes his queen and leads another diamond South enters dummy with the six of* clubs; leads tin* jack of spades; lets it ride if East doesn't cover and winds up w itll the tricks he needs. ON THIS DATE in 1966. the youngest (laughter of President Lyndon Johnson. Loci Baines Johnson, was married to Patrick Nugent at an elaborate Washington wedding What Workers Will Pension Reform Cover? By Sylvia Porter NEW YORK - The historic pension reform bill to go on our statute books within a matter of days will, for Hie first time ever, prov ide guarantees that you will actually get tin* private pension benefits which Sylvia Porter (Second of o series.) you have been promised and which you have earned Who’s “you”? The following will identify “you ” Q. How many workers are covered by this reform bill? A While the figures are slippery, estimates run from 23 million to 35 million workers. or about one-third to one-half of our current work force This total covers millions of selfemployed who will be able to set up their own plans under significantly liberalized and more* attractive regulations. Among those not touched Government workers already covered by federal, state or local plans; those* covered by church plans; workers under age 25; workers changing lobs more frequently than every five years; and to some extent, casual and part-time workers. Q. Will all existing pension plans be c overed under the new law or only new plants? A. All plans will ha v e to comply, although the timetables for compliance vary ac cording to the prov ision <). Is there any minimum size for a plan to be covered? A No, no minimums* if. Will the new law force an employer or union to set up a pension plan? A No But if and when they do, their plans w ill have to conform to the law s new rules if What coverage is extend eel (o the self-employed? A. The law will permit you. a self-employed person, to join an approved self-employed retirement plan (Keogh) and to put into it up to 15 percent of your earned income or $7,500, whichever is the lesser — as against the previous limits of up to HI percent or $2,500 a year The amounts you set aside are deductible from your income lax each year and earn income tax-free until they are distributed to you (rn your retirement. More on this in future columns. if Is there a minimum age for eligibility? A. Yes. To be covered by the vesting provisions of the law. you must be at least 25 and also must have worked at least one* year for a company offering a covered pension plan. If you are under 25 and have worked for a firm which has a plan, you must receive, when you turn 25, credit for at least three years of serv ice if Am I protected from an employer firing me to avoid giving me my pension ’ A. Yes ll is illegal to do this under the new law And there are strict penalties for such action Q What ahoul survivors' benefits? A Plans must Inc lude both of the* following two provisions to pass pension benefits along to the surviving spouse if a covered retired worker dies lf you, an employe*, die* on or after retirement, your pension plan must provide that at least fill percent of your pension benefits go to your surviving spouse — unless you specifically waive this provision in writing, prior to retirement; and if a plan provides for pension benefits on early retirement, you must tx* given the chance to convert those benefits into benefits for your surviving spouse* Today, only one in five workers is under a plan with automatic survivors’ benefits which permit a surviving spouse to gel benefits if the* worker dies. Pensions for survivors are virtually non-existent in plans covering fewer than I.Odd workers. However, if you nave accumulated Id to 15 years of pension benefits and die before retirement age, all of your earned benefits may go down SMU LE KOFF' S 2'/j acres of everything for the home Third Ave. at First St. SE In Downtown Cedar Rapids Free Parking at Smulekoff s Use our parking lot at south end of bldg. Smulekoff’s Has Something New! Vacuum WET or DRY Messes In Only Seconds THE    ALL-PURPOSE wet-dry vacuum THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN USE Incredible suction! Picks up GALLONS of wet waste — POUNDS of dry trash — in seconds Goes from wet to dry pickup instantly. Even does both at once. Converts to a high-powered blower for all kinds of work-saving household uses. For heavy-duty commercial cleaning. Industrial-power bypass motor provides separate airflow systems for electrical and blower sections to protect working parts. Exclusive float-type suction valve automatically gives smooth, positive shut-off when liquid capacity is reached. Pleated Durafilter design provides increased filtering area over conventional cloth bags . . . remains in place for either wet or dry vacuuming. Epoxy-lined tank provides long life and superior resistance to rust and corrosion. • Exclusive snap-closure drain plug in tank bottom permits emptying liquid without lifting the container. CLEANING THE LAWN AND PATIO New Industrial-Strength Wet-Dry Pow-R-Vac Complete with Accessories p0ov- W**°'0OG- SMULEKOFFS SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER CAPAUL AND WORKSHOPS PICKS UP SOLIDS AND LIQUIDS You will save money with this wet-dry Pow-R-Vac cleaner, It cleans everything including your air conditioner and furnace to keep efficiency high and fuel bills low. Come in now for a demonstration of this wonderful Pow-R-Vac wet-dry vacuum cleaner that does all the messy jobs for you inside and outside in seconds. Includes I 5~p*<*:e accessory set . . . all for only $48.00 SMULEKOFF’S TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET with you; your spouse* may got nothing. if. What about pensions for part-time workers? A Thoro is minimal protection for part-time or occasional workers, a gap likely to hurt women workers hardest if Any other critically im portant provisions? A. Yes. Effective six months after enactment of the bill, each pension plan administrator must give each participant a plain-language description and a summary of the annual financial report of the plan And effective January, 197(5. when you leave a job, your employer will be required to give you a full rundown on the pension benefits you have earned and to file this information with the Social Security Administration Social security’s computers will automatically issue reminders to you of key facts about your pension plan benefits. Next: New safeguards for your pension plan. Discovery Spells Further Digging WASHINGTON. I’a. ll IMI -The discovery of three small pieces of flint is going to mean more digging for I’m varsity of Pittsburgh archeologist^ The site has already produced artifacts that have been carbon dated to 15,00(1 years ago However, scientists found the pieces of flint below tin* 15.000-year-old level. “We had planned not to dig anv further down, fait this has changed our minds, said Prof. James Adovasio He said at least one of the pieces showed signs of having I icon worked by human hands. The dig is on a site under a rock ledge on a steep hillside near Avella. Smithsonian Institution scientists say the relies found are the oldest signs of man in the Eastern l .S The previous record, 12.000 years, was found in New York state. LAFF - A - DAY Who’s nervous’’” Breaks Date; Gets Jail Term SALEM. Ore (AP) - If Ernest Noland Ditches had kept his first date with the judge he might not face a year in jail Letches, IO of Salem escaped May IS from thr* Marion county jail where he was awaiting his arraignment on a charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He was recaptured July 4 and went to court The judge found Letches innocent of the car charge — but sentenced him to a year in jail for escape. People like you like Bishops Busy? You can grab a bite and be on your way. Or, if you’re ready to relax . . . well . . . you can do that, too. Service, a warm and pleasant atmosphere and a wide selection of delicious foods are reasons why Bishops is a place people like. People like you. YOU’LL FIND WE’RE JUST A LITTLE tCSSIBH, CAFETERIA, 321 First Ave. S.E. BUFFET, 4444 First Ave. N E. THE QUIZ worldscope (IO pot rut (or each question answered correctly) 1 One of the articles of impeachment approved by the House Judiciary Committee Charges President Nixon with abusing his powers T rue or False* 2 Atte- a federal off'rial is mpeached he then goes on trial in the (CHOOSE ONE Senate House of Representatives) 3 Former Treasury Secretary    was indicted on bribery and perjury charges 4 President A 'no de Spinola of (CHOOSE ONE Spam, Portugal) said his nation would immediately begin the process of handing over power to its African colon es of Guinea Angola and Mozambique 5    -■    •    •    ‘ ' V ar* g eminent in 7 years after the resignation of the military junta that had been rn powp’ a Chile b Uganda c Greece newsname (IO pot rid if you can identify this parson in tho now*) I wrote hie Supreme Cotet decision reouir mg Pres den? N <on to yield na F-4 tapes a ul documents subpoenaed py toe Watergate ve .ai prosecutor Who marchwords (4 point* for tach correct match) 1 pillory 2 infer 3 imped* 4 . interrogate 5 flagrant (the Lf celite l\upitU CftajcHe THE WEEKLY QUIZ IS PART OF THIS NEWSPAPER S SCHOOL PROGRAM I newspicture (IO point* it you answer thi* question cower tty) The House Judiciary Committee made the momento! sion to recommend impeachment of President Edward Hutchinson of Michigan, left, is the n.ghest Republican on me comm.t'ee The comm.t’ee rn rs . ? . of Nt?»v jersey. spotlight (2 point* for each question answered correctly) I The (CHOOSE ONE Nahona Ame' a'-) ie,.g st c rintr* nV Md) A#    JI    IT    ft    A:    HtAf    ^irry beld t a conc iude trow fM* (toned b ask J.,est' *s f c ex pot** to pi.: ; dei.ber> 2 Pa- 3 4 P Gee ge T: , , , • ■ P - N, and Loo Groza were inducted into toe Baseball, Football) Hall of Fame 5 , , ? . . won the e > e SUO s' • y ta a R'cn.vd Petty b Bobby U riser C Evel Kn.evH roundtable Family discussion (no score) ar tests in the at. )NE TOUR SCORE *1 to IOO points - TOP SCORE! 81 to 90 points - Esculent 71 to 80 points - Good ll to 70 po.nts - (sir h 4 * VEC. inc Madison Wisconsin ANSWERS ON REV! 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