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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa His Views May Draw Mixed Reaction By Gordon Hanson MITCHELLVILLK en are going to like and driest ^iia* Sam Redman has to say Redman views Ins world — and that of others — from an annie that s alien to most Redman, 27, is a private detective — one of only a few fulltime investigators in central Iowa By physical measure. Rodman is no froe-whoeing Man-nix, Cannon or Kojae lies an unpretentious 5-foot-8 and 145 pounds Soft-spoken and neatly dressed, he looks like —■ Worn- Pat ftoone’s cousin His cases take him across Iowa from his Mitchellville headquarters where he lives with his wife and two dough tors Investigations in rape, homicide, armed robbery, counterfeiting, civil and criminal suits and unfaithful spouses are part of his daily fare He’s been a bodyguard and nearly got kissed by a dumbfounded man May Not Like It Redman has been lured by wi\os or husbands who feel their mates are unfaithful and want proof for divorce court Redman stresses: “I’m no male chauvinist I do a lot of investigations for women Rut the trend is there that women get equal treatment in divorce cases." They may not like that, he says Supporting Redman’s con tention, the Iowa supreme court this summer firmly abandoned the view that women should tie given preference in child custody disputes “In coming years, I think child custody matters will Gazette Photo bv Dale Hankins Pen Pals Meet Susan Staab and David Wilkinson have been acquainted for I 6 years, but they had never met until late last month. Wilkinson, of Lincolnshire, England, and Mrs. Staab, Solon, have been pen pals for years, so when Wilkinson decided to visit the United States, it was only natural that he visit Mrs. Staab. The two are shown inspecting a Wedgewood bone-china dish, one of a number of items he brought with him from England. decrease when women realize they’ll be treated as equals and face the possibility of his mg their children, home and support payments Blow To Hornell “I’sually, if the woman is awarded the children by the court, she also gets the house and support payments But if a man gets the children, in most cases he also gets the house and the woman is put out.” “’Phis is a blow to women compared with proceedings IO years ago ” Seventy percent of Redman’s clients are attorneys who need his investigative services for their clients, and 30 percent are private individuals or businesses. "Probably the most serious crime in Iowa, next to murder, is rape I ve worked on a half-dozen cases and found in ' 1 ‘   1 Culver To Seek Defense Cutbacks MASON PITY - Before he votes on an appropriations bill for the defense department Tuesday afternoon, Congressman .John Culver will try to engineer a $5.9 billion reduction, he said here Monday night Addressing a Culvor-for-senator rally. Culver said $6 billion is roughly what Defense Secretary James Schlesinger has admitted to be “White House padding in the military budget, inserted as a stimulus to the economy." Culver, long critical of excessive and wasteful military spending, said such expensive weapon systems as the B l bomber and Trident submarine, which have not “shown themselves to be essential.” could be curtailed. He also urged reduction in overseas support forces and those stationed in the Far Hast. most that the accusations the woman made against the man proved untrue." He mvestigatead a rape charge in Hasten) Iowa where “this man had given a woman a ride home and the next morning he was arrested for rape. She Didn t Show ; T his woman had moved into town and set this guy up for a payoff I suspected this She told the man she would drop the case for X-dollars We had the payoff lined up but she didn't show She skipped town “ In a case still pending, Redman says he’s turned up ovid once to help women in the equal rights movement “This woman was fired by a bank because she was pregnant,” Bedman says So he armed himself with credentials that would give him a banking background and education similar to the woman’s. “I posed as an applicant at several banks for the same duties she had The only difference was that sin1 was female At all except one bank I was told I would receive considerably more money to start out with than she had earned with considerably more experience Business ( Hents "This is a significant case because women are striving for equal rights, and in some occupations they arc entitled to them Many of Redman’s clients are businesses He says in some assignments “they want me to run surveillances of an employe to see what he’s doing on company time." “If the employe has a large expense account, they want to know what he is doing with company money " Redman, who was graduated from Drake University with a degree in political science and history, says he’s also been called upon to probe the suspected white-collar crime of embezzlement, "which is getting to be a big field." legislation Needed There is need for legislation to protect innocent persons, he says He recalled a client accused of passing counterfeit money, His trial resulted in a hung jury with a 10-2 vote for conviction “I was brought in for the second trial It took me a lot of time to check it out, but this time the jury was out only 70 minutes and returned a not guilty verdict. “What I had learned was that a man who had given my client the counterfeit money was a police informant and Elderly Home Funds Lost lf Contract Not Readied By Ford ( lark IOWA HTY - The Iowa City council learned Monday it has until the end of 1974 to get a contract ready and enter into an agreement with a developer or it may lose federal funding for a housing for the elderly structure*. Preliminary planning calls for a 62-unit structure located in the downtown area. Power Lines Snagged INDIANOLA (I PI) - Three balloons snagged into power lines during Monday’s competition at the 1974 National Hot Air Balloon Championships, but sailed on after they were freed. An area safety officer for the Federal Aviation administration (FAA) was called to the scene to investigate the crash of Don Cline whose balloon plowed into a power line and then erupted in flames. Cline, 36. an electrical engineer from Greensboro, N C , said when he ran into the power line he “put my hand out on the lines and pushed back off of them." Fabric Burned Cline reported he contacted Merchandise Is Stolen In Hazleton Breakin HAZLETON—Thieves broke into the Palmer North Star service station early Monday and left with 17 cartons of cigarets and four tiros, according to Owner Boh Palmer. Ile said the intruders broke two plate-glass windows to gain entry, and caused other damage to the cafe part of the building Damages. and stolen merchandise, would amount to $500 or $800, Palmer said the power line about four feet from the- bottom of his gondola and some of the fabric of the balloon was burned when he turned on the propane gas burner to put more hot air inside* the balloon. He said he only damaged about $11) worth of cloth and was able to fly in the mass ascension Monday night However, one witness thought Cline s experience was a “scary situation ’’ Sharon Zahn. Indianola, said the accident occurred in front of her house. Worried About Man She said the gondola was swinging as it hung from the power line and caused the propane burner to ignite the fabric of the balloon “It was a scary .situation and I was worried about the man iii tile* gondola," she said. “They did a fantastic job getting the thing out. They never even touched the ground ' Two other balloonists were not so lucky in getting out of the* power lines and required assistance from Iowa Power and Light Co. repairmen No Injuries Joel Katienian, Omaha, and Kingswood Sprott, Lakeland, Fla , became enmeshed in the wires during the hare and hound event and remained in j the* power lines until they were freed. No one was injured in the J accidents and about 121) j balloonists partic ipated in the j hare and hound competition | while another 31) drifted across j the* Simpson college campus on j pleasure cruises. Balloonists Tuesday were I scheduled to compete in the “Elbow Bender’’ event. That competition calls for a pilot to fly his first leg of at least one mile, touch down, and then fly the second leg attempting to get as much of an angle as possible to the first leg. Ames Speech Prof To Area I I Board AMES (UPI) - The chairman of the speech department at Iowa State university has been elected to the Area ll Education agency board. Dr William Underhill was elected by school boards from Ames, Nevada, Roland-Story, Ballard, Ncsco, Gilbert and ( olo. He was the* first of nine directors to be* elected to the agency by local school boards in the* 11-county area the* agency will serve* Dr Underhill defeated Dr Marvin Julius, an associate professor of economics at Iowa I State, and James Mumpher of ' Huxley, former superintendent I of the Ballard Community j school district and a retired { staff member of the state I department of public instruction Schaben Would Replace’ Selden ROCK RAPIDS (AP) -Democratic gubernatorial candidate James Schaben says State Comptroller Marvin Selden would lie the first stat!* official to be replaced if lie is elected governor Speaking at a Lyon county fundraiser Monday, Schaben said Selden’s disregard for the welfare of state employes is legend "His current decision to arbitrarily reduce the net income of employes who travel on state business is another example of his callous attitude toward his I employes.” Schaben referred to Selden s canceling a $2 lunch stipend previously given to employes who travel on state* business. Pick up the* telephone and call 398-8234 to place a want ad! Motorist Injured In Buchanan QUASQUETON—A one-car accident about 2:15 a rn. Tuesday resulted iii injuries to a rural Walker man. Rex E. Fishel, 19 Authorities said Fishel, who was alone in his car. lost control of the vehicle on a blacktop road about threc-and-a-quarter miles south of Quasqueton He was taken to an Independence hospital for treatment of his injuries Charges are pending, according to the Buchanan county sheriffs office Housing coordinator Lyle Sydel warned the council and the housing commission that the council must start to set standards so that plans could be submitted to developers. Sydel said present planning called for a stove and refrigerator in each unit and more than one community room offered for central gatherings. Sydel cautioned against “too many frills that could price the building (tut of possibility.’’ Members of the housing commission at the council meeting suggested air-conditioning and sitting room space on each floor The program will call for the federal government paying approximately $266 for a one-bedroom unit and $338 for a two-bedroom unit. A person needing a rental unit would apply to the city to occupy such a unit If income fell within guidelines, the federal funds would be available to be applied towards the unit’s rent, T he building itself would be owned by private enterprise with the city’s participation consisting of preliminary planning and the handling of assistance payments to eligible participants. . $21,21 8 in Back Wages Ordered Home Employes ORANGE CITY (AP)-The wages and hours division of the U S department of labor has directed the* Sioux county board of supervisors to pay $21,218 in back wages to employes of the Sioux county home in Orange City. A routine audit of the home for the aged revealed the county had failed to pay minimum wages and overtime to some empirics. A government spokesman said the county will not bo prosecuted for its failure to comply with the regulations because there was no intent to break the law But the spokesman said the county was ordered to settle the claims to avoid possible legal action. Supervisors said they were not aware the county home came under wage and hour regulations. County Atty. John TePaske said 13 employes were involved in the settlement, and the amount owed them ranges fromn $86 to about $6,500 my guy didn’t know anything about it He’d been set ut) ” Federal Rule Holding his finger and thumb almost touching, Redman says his client “was this close to getting 25 years in the first trial. “I got the case because the federal court in Iowa allows $150 plus expenses for private investigation on matters similar to this We used this facility, and the man is now free “But we don’t have this in district court” and I’m sure some innocent people there have been sent up “There should be pressure on the legislature to pass legislation to provide more aid to the accused For example for such simple things as investigating history to see if it holds up." Left No Clues Redman clearly recalls the day a man tried to embrace him in a farm yard "I was hired by the beneficiaries of an estate to find this man, who was also a beneficiary, he had lived in Des Moines, hut left no clues where he and his family had moved.” A month later I found him on a small Missouri farm He had a lot of chickens and cats and dogs. He was just so fed up with the complexities of society that he wanted to be isolated. "So when I drove into his place he wanted to call the sheriff and run me off ” But Redman held his ground, trying to explain why he was intruding. "When he finally found out he was going to inherit several thousand dollars, he wanted to kiss me. In fact, he said so ” In the tradition of the hest private eye, Redman settled for a handshake. ON THIS DATE in 1964, President Lyndon Johnson and I N. 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