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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Auk. 6, 1174 Young Celebrators Caramel apples made the Earlville Pool Gala celebration all the more enjoyable Sunday for these two young people. Carla Larson is above and Kelly Frentress blow. Both 9-year-olds are Earlville residents. The celebration, sponsored annually by the Civic Action Team of Earlville, raises money for various town projects. Revenue from previous celebrations was applied toward the swimming pool, street signs and playaground equipment. Money raised this year is to go toward tennis courts. Gazette Photos bv Steve Melle Fear Foul Play For Lansing Man LANSING — Allamakee county officials fear foul play in the disappearance of Cran,' Barr, 24, of rural Lansing, who has not been seen since last Thursday. Barr’s car was found at the end of an abandoned road near Stoddard, Wis., Tuesday, with his billfold lying open on the front seat and blood stains in the vehicle. Search parties from Allamakee and Vernon, Wis., counties have had up to HO men searching for Barr He was last seen Thursday when he left the Norplex plant in Lansing where he worked to go to another Norplex plant in Sparta, Wis., where he was being transferred Erosion Project is Maquoketa Dispute Reagan To Speak At Scherle Event COUNCIL BLUFFS (AP) -California Gov. Ronald Reagan will be the featured speaker during a Sept 28, 'Salute to Bill Scherle Breakfast here Reagan now in his second term as < ulifornia’s top-elected official, has Im‘en prominently mentioned as a possible* Republican presidential candidate iii 197H Reagan is a former sports announcer for WHO radio iii Des Moines I he $lh-a-plate fund-raiser will pay tribute to Rep Bill Scherle. who is seeking reelection ... .t    Adv*>rtist>m#nt Worried About FALSE TEETH Coming Loose? Afraid (alw u-**th will drop at the wrong tune? A denture adhesive can help. FASTEETH’ Powder gives dentures a longer, firmer, steadier hold. AV hy tie embarrassed'' For more security and comfort, u>** FASTEST H Denture Adhesive Powder. Denture* that fit are efcaential to health. See ytgy deuUat regularly. MAQUOKETA (UPI) -Maquoketa residents are squabbling over the merits of a scenic view versus the value of an unsightly but effective erosion control project Randall Zirkelbaeh, a Hi-year-old high school teacher whti built his retirement home above the Maquoketa river here, said the view from his picture window has been ruined by a neighboring farmer’s junk cars Marvin Heneke. who has strewn the ears along about 200 feet of the river, said he did it with the approval of the Iowa natural resources council as an erosion control project. Dr M. A. Dalchow, a Maquoketa dentist who is a member of the resources council, said using old car bodies to block erosion is not new arid is needed to hold bac k tho river Without the cars. he said. Heneke eould lose a 90-aere corn field Dalchow said if the river isn t held in check with control projects such as the junk cars it would In* necessary to build an additional bridge over the river which could cost about $7 million. However, Zirkelbaeh argues the cars will pollute the river and are too unsightly to remain on the river hank 'i’m amazed a state agency would approve something like this." hi* said. “Not only is the aesthetic value ruined, there also must tie a pollution hazard it those car bodies are going to get wet and into the river ” Zirkelbaeh with a neighbor said he is attempting to determine if the junk cars are in the jurisdiction of the county or city so he can appeal the situation to either the city council or the Jackson county board of supcrv isors. But Heneke reports Zirkelbaeh should just sit tight and vines and trees will be planted along the ears and in “two year’s time you won t lie able to see the cars “Give me some time and you won’t know the cars are there.” he said Need a compact, economy car!? The best buys are featured in the classified ads! Many Seek To Irrigate By Harrison Weber DES MOINES (IDRA)—The Iowa natural resources council has been receiving a number of applications recently for permission to take water from streams and wells for irrigation purposes However, it’s doubtful that a person apply ing today could receive permission soon enough to use water on this year’s crops. Anyone withdrawing 5.IMM) gallons of water a day is required to have a permit from the natural resources council. Othie R. McMurry. director of the council, said 725 irrigation permits art4 in force These permits are not handed out automatically. To begin with. the applicant must have a legal notice published in a newspaper for two consecutive weeks. Emergency Permit After that, at least ten days must expire before the council can hold a hearing on the merits of issuing a permit McMurry said the question has been raised periodically as to whether the council could issue an emergency permit, hut the answer has always been that the state statute is very specific and must be followed It has been on the books since* 1957 Five thousand gallons of water is really a very small amount, McMurry observed. “It’s about what you’d run through a garden hose in a day’s time.” Many of the applications are to pump 2.IHM) to 3,000 gallons of water per minute, he noted The pumps are* rated as to their capacity. Insufficient Water Permits are granted on the basis cif allow ing applicants to pump so many gallons per minute over a given period of time “Normally, there is ample water available, but in dry times, rivers may not have sufficient water." In* said The permits specify that the applicant can irrigate as long as the “cut-off” point is not reached on the river or stream; below which irrigation withdrawals cannot be made Although southwest Iowa has been hit by drought conditions. McMurry said the primary rivers and streams have not reached the cut-off point For example, the cut-off point on the east branch of the Nishnabotna river at Atlantic is 18 cubic feet-per-seeond. Last week, McMurry reported the flow was three to four times that amount. Unusual Circumstances The same was true at Red Oak where the cut-off point on the Nishnabotna is 37 cubic feet-per-second. Again, he said, the* flow there was three to four times the cut-off point “We’ve had an unusual set Iowa County Residents Opposing Accepting 149 MARENGO — Vigorous opposition arose Monday evening to Iowa county accepting old highway 149 into the county road system. The opposition came at a hearing held by the Iowa county board of supervisors and the Iowa state highway commission on an agreement between the two regarding acceptance of 149 from the state along with two other highway stubs in return for the state’s constructing relocated highway 149 between interstate HO and Homestead Verne Folkmann, manager of the Farmer s Co-op Grain and Lumber Co. of Conroy, charged that the county has been “sold down the river" in hav ing to take old highway 149 back. He said the highway commission has reneged on a 1972 -deal in which it agreed ver- J bally to retain old highway 149 into the state system. Assurance “In June, 1972, we met in Ames with the commission,” Folkmann recalled “We came away with the assurance that this is what they had in mind. This leads me to believe the commission has gone back on its word and the county supervisors have weakened to their pressure." The supervisors called the hearing to discuss the agreement they signed with the commission in June. This calls for the state to build the six-mile stretch of new 149 between the Amana exit on interstate SI) and Homestead In return for this. the county has agreed to accept highway 149 from interstate so to U S. H north of Williamsburg past Conroy into the county system. The project is expected to take five years. Agreement In the agreement, the county j also will accept 1.3 miles of j highway 411 north of Marengo and one mile of 209 into Conroy into the county road system. The agreement calls for I repairs to the highway 411 I bridge over the Iowa river and resurfacing of highway 209 { before they are turned back to ; the county. Also required by the j agreement is a cash payment : of $200,000 to the county at the time highway 149 is turned ; back The hearing, attended by about 25 persons, also heard continued opposition from Iowa township residents to the diagonal Howard Hagen, represented his father Orcn Hagen and his grandfather. Rudolph, whose farms would be cut by the ' diagonal However Don Shoup. secretary of the Amana society, presented a statement in favor of the new highway stating Outstand i hjl? Service Mi KJOS ll KHI VIKKI. Fit District Representative 216 Windsor Of NE Cedar Rapids, lo*a Phone 377 OO77 and rasper s Modern W< Modern Louis, Mi SSG copies of lite member as ut© insurance counseling quanted leading rien representatives to attend the 1974 nen Nationa* Agency Conference at St. Knowledge and dedication to the prin-;»-ance recommend this Modern Woodmen apdc r0HC6 resentative. Modern Woodmen of America One of the Nation's Leading f raternal Life Insurance Organizations HOME OFFICE • ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS that he would prefer to not have the diagonal constructed Opposition Also opposing the county accepting old highway 149 was Henry Tlagmann. jr., a Conroy area farmer He asked district highway Engineer Dan Snyder of Cedar Rapids what happened to the plans to w iden and improve highway 149 in its present location. Snyder said these plans had been formulated in the late 1950s hut were dropped rn 19H5 when the* state developed its freeway plan which at that time called for freeway 549 to be built from Cedar Rapids to interstate HO along the genera! alignments now proposed for relocated 149. This freeway was scrapped hv the highway commsission in 1971 after similar opposition to its diagonal and also because of vehement opposition to its cutting through the Amana colonies. Review Minutes Folkmann urged the commission to review its June, 1972 minutes to find that a verbal agreement was made to retain old 149 in the state system. Howard Hagen, who noted that he had been fighting this highway since he was in high school, said he wanted to correct a misunderstanding. He said he is for the state highway from the Amana interchange to Homestead, but he opposes the diagonal. He noted that even the straight north route would take considerable land from his family’s farms, about the same amount the diagonal cutting through the middle. But he said pointed fields would be avoided. of circumstances this year in southwest low.i. McMurry said. "Although tin* subsoil moisture is real dry, most of the rivers are running way better than they normally would under these conditions dm* to the building of subsoil ground water last fall and early this spring Public Interest “In normal years, when we have several qionths of below normal precipitation, streams begin to go down rather rapidly, but they have held up fairly good this year, despite the fact they haven’t gotten any rain.” The reason for putting the cut-offs in is to protect the public’s interest, those down stream users, McMurry said This includes fish and wildlife, water supply and for abatement purposes. When the council first started issuing permits for irrigation. the permits were good for three years. When they came up for renewal, the council renewed them for a seven-year period, and subsequently the council has been issuing the permits for ten years, the maximum permitted by law, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Hurkett Named to Library Commission DES MOINES (AP) - Jack W. Hurkett has been appointed assistant director of the state library commission of Iowa effective immediately. Hurkett, whose appointment was announced Monday, will receive an annual salary of $15.WH) He is a former head of the Iowa City public library and had served as the administrator of the Seven Rivers library system before the new regional library systems were established ON THIS DATE in 1825, Bolivia gamed independence from Peru Obes Resign as Counselors at Area VI Center TOLEDO Chuck Otic and his wife, Diana, counselors with Area VI service center, have resigned their positions as of Aug 5. They will leave to reside in Casper, Wye., where Mrs Oho lived until she came to Iowa five years ago Their work here has been principally with alcoholism and drug abuse problems Mrs. Obe has been connected with Area VT Center one and a half years and her husband a shorter time “We would bkt* to see more community involvement in the Area VT Center, which is the designated treatment center for this arca, the Obes said. “It is a community project and any persons with suggestions for the improvement of the program should call the Area VI office in the Tama county courthouse in Toledo or Don Watkins, the director, in Marshalltown. The program began with a detoxification center and then expanded into the* building of Marshalltown Community hospital west in Marshalltown. It has 5t) beds which persons use after they arc admitted as a result of alcohol or drug abuse. Patients live there while under detoxification treatment and rehabilitation, the Obes said. About 25 more beds and a “therapeutic community” are housed on the third floor of the building. Considerable out-patient treatment is carried on after persons are released. The Obes have been on 24-hour call to serve the people of this community, often transporting persons to the Marshalltown center during the night and sometimes caring for their children until arrangements can In* made for them. No one has yet been named to succeed them here but the Area VT office in the courthouse will remain open to receive calls. UPI Telephoto Quarrelsome mom learn mmm *» Marching down a downtown Des Moines street Monday, this pair of circus horses appeared to object to their attendant. 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