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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa -A*#1(the etc clit f lAnpuU -4f\\ .rVWlW UPI Telephoto Kl*. Joseph O'Brien. 4H. rha|>l.un of I ho walls unit af the Huntsville slate prison, attempts a weak smile from his hospital bed lh* was shot by rebel inmate Ignacio Cuevas as lit* and two others, including Fred Come/ Carrasco, attempted to break out of the prison s education building, where they had held Father O’Brien and HI other hostages for ll days AP Wirephoto Ordeal Is Over Ann Fleming, a Huntsville librarian who was held hostage ll days in tin* Huntsville state prison library, embraces a friend after church services Sunday. Two women hostages were killed and inmates Fred Carrasco and Rudy Dominguez were slain in the attempt to reach an armored car for their escape. Officials say tin* convicts shot tin* women and themselves Ronald Robinson. 35. for ll days a hostage in the Huntsville state prison, is shown in tilt* trout yard of his Conroe. Texas, home Sunday with his wife. Jeanne. The “welcome back home’’ sign was made by their two children. Delta Queen Loses One I‘coria's third annual steamboat race ends with Peoria’s Julia Belle Swain coming under the finish line well ahead of the Delta Queen. The race was for five miles downstream and was completed iii 33 minutes Part of Steamboat days at Peoria, it was tin* first time the Queen had lost the race iii three years Duck Work Cynthia Rosholt, playground director for Shaw run* park, in foreground, wets strips of paper in paste lo make bast* on chicken wire figures of Donald Duck for tilt* annual playground closing parade in downtown Cedar Rapids Iii the background are Mark Vogel. 13. son of Mr and Mrs Richard Vogel 120b Cheyenne road NAV Larry Carman, ll. son of Mr and Mrs Larry Carman. 121# eighteenth street \\\ and Mike \vers, in. of Palm Springs. Calif., who is visiting Beala M oist t ong. HUK Nineteenth street MY Victims Huddled in a boat. a young Vietnamese girl and her infant brother cross a river in the troubled Due Due district, some 20 miles south of Da Nang. Civilians are fleeing by the thousands as fighting resumes between North and South Vietnamese forces in tilt* area At The Pray-In9 One Supporter Said God ll as In Favor of Nixon By Vrt Buchu ald WASHINGTON— They had a Dray-in on the Capitol steps this week Ardent Nixon supporters held the vigil to pray not only for the President but also for members of congress Fach member won* a professionally prepared sandwich board with tIn* name and photograph of a member of congress or the President with the words “I Am praying for----”    boldy printed on it. It was a rather scary moment for congressmen and senators who are used to tieing vilified but are not prepared to face up to people who are praying for them The other day we saw Congressman Throggsmutton walk up the steps of the Capitol to Im* suddenly confronted by a young man carrying a sandwich board with Throggsmutton s picture on it “I’m praying for you, Congressman ” Throggsmutton seemed shaken “I have nothing to hide. My private life is an open book.’ he protested. “I’m asking (owl to help you set* the light on the President's impeachmentL' “I’ve said many times that I will hear all the evidence before I make my decision ’’ “God isn t gnimg to like that,” the young man said “(led doesn't want Nixon to be impeached " “How do you know?” Throggsmutton asked. BUCHWALD Hungry Five-year-old ‘ Biggie.’ a scarlet macaw is keep-ing hi*' big mouth shut these days. Gut he has a tale to tell He flew out Hie window of tilt* car of Ills owner in Corvallis, Ore . last month for four-day adventure in th* wilds Biggie had been given up for lost when he returned home, hungry, but none the worse for wear #l#f«r Wen/ “Because I s|x>ke to Him. God thinks the President is getting a raw deal by congress and the* media. He intends to punish anyone who votes against Nixon “I ve spoken to God since then.” the young man said. and He thinks the whole procedure is a kangaroo court lie s very angry at John Dour and Albert Jenner for advocating impeachment. God told me lie s going to get Boar and Jenner as soon as the hearings are over “That s ridiculous. Throggsmutton said. “What can God do to Boar and Jenner?” “Well, for a start He’s going to have their taxes audited God is also going to get The Washington Post, The New York Times auld The Chicago Tribune. Then he’s going after the President s enemies iii the house and senate He’s really mad ” Siyn I will do my own talking with God. thank you I believe I have as good a line to Him as you do I’m sure if God wants me to vote against impeachment. He ll give me some kind of sign Why don t you just go pray for somebody else* " I got here late. the young man said “Yours was the only sandwich board they had left “ Well. I want to thank you anyway,” Throggsmutton said Iii these times one needs all the prayers he can get I’m sure whatever you’re doing cannot cause any harm “ I w ou bin t ta* ti hi sure of that, the young man said. ”G<«I told me if you vote wrong. He’s not going to let Gerry Ford come into your district and campaign for you this fall " ;

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