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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cl lu tf^clnr RnpuU (flnjeHcWorld Champions Go/otto photos by Dole M'inkins Cedar Rapids—Marion, area til champions, got another tint* Thors-.    Thursday. are Pisa. 12. and Wendy Stwelke. 111. children    el Mr and day when these four young people broke the world's hand-clapping    Mrs. Charles Stuelke, 92(1    Parkview drive, Marion: Put    Wilson, 14. record by keeping it up for la hours and ‘ll minutes and eclipsing the    (laughter of Mr. and Mrs    Louis Wilson. 1(12(1 Parkview,    and .loAnn old record of 14 hours aud ti minutes Prom left. during the marathon    (outlier. Pl, daughter of Mr    and Mrs \rlo Couther. 925 Parkview. The well-conditioned young marathoners drank liquids through straws and were spoonfed solids by Mrs. Stuelke and John Stuelke. The main course was pizza Aside from some bruised hands, the triumphant team came out unscathed. They began clapping at S a. rn. and finished at 11 PII p. in. Mr and Mrs Lewis Tortaricllo. Newark. N L. who heard that President Nixon might he financially strapped, delivered their life savings to the White House Thursday — a bank book for a $10.(NM) savings account and a crate filled with 22,000 pennies. A White House aide assured them that even though the President appreciated the sentiment behind their gift, the Chief Executive could not accept the money.Action The senate rules aud administration committee met Thursday to discuss the rules and procedures far a trial in the senate if the house impeaches President Nixon. At the meeting. from left. Senators Howard Cannon d)-Ne\ >. chairman. Hugh Scott (K-Pa.i. minority leader, and Robert Byrd (D-W A a ), majority whip. At right. Rep. John Anderson <R-III ). tells newsmen the house leaders tentatively decided to begin house consideration of impeachment Aug 19 Hi nm blips fill ilk ...... MMI '’JBI uOirltr photo bv J oho Vivo'That’s The Spirit “The Spirit of I77K started regular service on KTC. Int routes Friday reminding riders and other citizens that the nation s 2(MHh holiday is approaching The bus which is painted red. white and blue, made its debut on the Cedar Rapids Marion run JVWSnatnown I im »tv*    *    *    *Hula Hoopers Recent winners of the state hula hoop championships iii VlarshaP.town were Jill Wilhelm left. Kl-year-old daughter of Mr and Mrs Hamel It Wilhelm, 2IH2 Hehorah drive sw aud Lee Martinson. Ll-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Donald Martinson. 137 1'hirty-sixth street SE Both were scheduled to compete iii the regional contest at St Paul Friday Bon Ziegler Has Ye rec I,eft the Make-Believe I? arid of Disneyland By Art Ruchw ald W ASHINGTON — The big question everyone in Washington is asking this week is, “If for some reason President Nixon has to leave office, w ill Ron Ziegler be able to get his job back at Disneyland?” The consensus among most Ziegler-wateliers is that he will. One watcher who asked not to be mentioned by name because he still has relatives in Orange county, Calif., told me, “I ve been watching Ziegler now for five years, and as far as I’m concerned he never left Disneyland. “Ron is a born believer in fantasy and he knows how to treat everyone like children. The very virtues that made him one of the l>est guides at Disneyland are now paying off for him as spokesman for the President of the United States.” “But wouldn't the Disney people be hesitant about rehiring someone who worked iii the White House?” The Ziegler-w atelier shook his head “Ron was never involved with Watergate. He’s clean as a hound s tooth You want to know why?” “Sure.” I said. “Because they didn t trust him. They were afraid if they told him anything, he'd spill it. Everyone else in the White House apparently knew what was going on except Ziegler. They treated him like a dum-dum and now they're all going to jail. and Ron has the last laugh.    bucmwald “I ve never seen Hon laugh.” I said. itopvndn It was just a figure of speech,” my friend replied. “Do you realize that next to Al Haig, the President depends more on Ziegler than any other person in his administration?” “Why is that?'* “Because Hon still believes everything the President tells him.” “You know. sometimes when I watch Ziegler on television. I get the feeling he isn t telling the whole truth that he's making things sound better than they really are.” I said “And where do you think he learned that?” my friend askisl “Disneyland?" .lloAre-lfeffere • Where else? Disney created a world of make-believe and illusion When Ron moved to Washington he inst took that world with him.” "You seem to have a grudging admiration for Ziegler." I said “I do. When Ron first started in his job he didn t know very much, and he said whatever they told him to But now he's adding Ins own fantasies to Watergate and thew are as good as any being put out in this country." “So you think thai no matter what happens to President Nixon. Ziegler won’t have to worry about a jot).’’ “I know it,' my friend replied “How can you in* so sure?” “No one knows this, but Ziegler never quit his job at Di> hey land He just took a leave of absence “ Co    1974.    I    OI    Any«ie%    T    im#*s) J UPI TeleDbofo 'hanks. But No Thanks ;

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