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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa For Better Health Patients Should Investigate People Offering Miracles By hr. S I,. AndHmun Their appearance may he well groomed and pleasant Their manners and speech may lie very precise And their offices may he more sumptuous and professional appearing than a qualified physi nan’s Rut the son« and dance is much the same as in the days of the snake oil peddler. Quacks and charlatans continue to cheat the public out of their money and many times their health Often these men lurk behind high-sounding titles and fancy degrees or pose as heads of Dr. Andelman agencies No effective cures or treatments are kept from the public But quacks.don't want their methods tested since ine\ itably the methods are shown to tie worthless. Opportunists I ^fortunately, having an authentic medical degree doesn t mean the practitioner is nut a quack There are opportunists and dishonest persons in every profession In the field of medic ine, however. these people are iii the minority Quacked exists to make money. not to pro\ ole help to mankind. It can continue only if people1 allow it lf you know of tile existence of quacks or unethical medical practices, report them to the department of investigation of the American Medical Assn. or to other responsible agencies impressive foundations and institutions. Any investigation will reveal fraud that no such degrees exist, or that a certain degree was never conferred or that the foundation is not legitimate Vet ft'w people take1 the* time to investigate They don’t want to shatter the hopes they have built. Listen C arefully You can spot — and stop — quackery by listening carefully to what the' quack tells you, then checking it with a respected medical authority The quack often uses a special or “secret” formula or machine he claims can cure disease, lh' may promise an instant and easy way to health. Quacks often advertise with testimonials showing beneficial results; sometimes the persons mentioned have actually died from what they were to have been cured of. Some charlatans refute scientifically accepted modes of diagnosis or treatment and many times claim that reputable medical groups are persecuting them Remember, if any legitimate new method is available, it will he tested for effectiveness by medical and governmental ON THIS DATE in IMI?. the forerunner of tile C S air force was established by the army. The aeronautical division consisted of one officer and two enlisted men WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald & James Jacoby Old Man X who used to plus .ill the dummies in the days nl auction bridge remarked, “I'm glad I didn’t try for seven I see a couple ol ti nesses available to me, but when I played this hand for Milton Work back in 15*25, he had all the finesses wrong Anyway, I don’t need them “The finesse!-- would draw trumps and lose a finesse to East's queen of diamonds. Later he would lose the spade finesse to West X took the ace of clubs and ruffed a club He cashed his ace of trumps; led a second trump to dummy’s king; ruffed tin' third club; played king, ace and a small diamond Ile ruffed that small diamond in dummy and led the jack of clubs East followed arid X dis-carded his deuce of spades. Then he showed West his hand. West studied a while and conceded. If he led a spade it 1 NORTH <D> I A 7 5 3 V K 852 ♦ K .I ♦ A .1 7 5 WEST KAST A K 8 ti 4 A J 10 9 r 4 *63 ♦ 9 8 5 2 ♦ Q IO 7 ti ♦ K Q 10 9 ♦ 8632 SOUTH A A Q 2 ▼ A Q J 1(19 7 ♦ A 4 3 Al North-South vulnerable West North East South I* Pass I? Push 2* Puss ».¥ Puss Pass Pass Opening leod- KA would be away from Ins king right up to X‘s aco-quoen If he led a diamond, X would ruff with dummy's last trump, discard his queen of spades and make the last tricks wuh the ace of spades and trumps ttCRRD Se*** The bidding bus been West North 20% off every coat in stock, s40 and up. Sale *32,. *68 Reg. $40 to $85 We have smart wool meltons, zip-up nylons, synthetic or real suedes and leathers, fake furs and more Including the classic trench with tie belt. In all the latest fall colors and patterns Misses and junior sizes The Cedar Rapids Gazette; Thurs., Aug. I, 1974    9 XPenney  “V 20% off our entire line of girls’ back-to-school dresses Pass 44 East South 14 Pass ? HEATHCLIFF C’ W* Mc N «*§•*♦    Inc * HEATHCLIFF HAS DISCOVERED ANOTHER USE FOR THE PlTCHBACK/ You, South, hold 4 A Q ii 5 4 V A Q 6 5 4 ♦ A K A 2 What do you do now'’ A—Just bid six spades. Your partner has shown strong spade support without much in high cards. TODAY S QI ESTRIN Instead of bidding lour spades, your partner bus responded two clubs to your one spade. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Legislators Turn Down Pay Hikes WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — The members of New Zealand's parliament have turned down pay raises. Their salaries are compared annually with those in other fields and adjusted, and Prime Minister Norman Kirk reported that the lawmakers were l l to 14 percent behind. But lie said the members from bis Labor party bud agreed lo set ail example for tin' count i v bv not accepting a raise Opposition leader John Gurdon said his party feels the same way Flexxtra’ nylon pantihose Reg. 1.29 Sale 4 for $4 Save 1.16 Reg. $2 Sale 4 for $6 Save $2 AMERICAS WHISKEY—A BLEND • 86 PROOF © 1974 CALVERT CIST CO . LOUISVILLE. KY. sale does not include canvas Save 20% on every pair of girls' & boys’ shoes for back- to-school Save 20% / * ^ on girls’ underwear Reg. 69c 80C II Sale Save 55« Ut 7D lit 80c 20C 3 for 1.75 OC I 50c / 3 for 1.91 3 for 2.31 58c 3 for 2.39 Sizes 4-1 6 60t J 20% off all boys’ light-weight jackets, Super Denim jeans. Sale 8-20 reg. 6.59, sale 5.27 Pre-school sizes 3-7, reg. 5.29, Sale 4.23 Boys denim western locket is polyester cotton Reg. and slim sizes 8-14 reg. 6.00. Sale 4.80 Pre-school reg. and slim sizes 3-7, Reg. $5. 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