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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Au*. I, 1974 Sp irit of 76 Gets Moving Profits Drop; Auto Makers Cite Inflation The Girls. A flashy reminder that tile nation's 200th anniversary is approaching will hit the streets of Cedar Rapids Friday when the “Spirit of 3776’’ bus starts regular service on KTC, Inc., routes. Ray Bagley, RTO president, said the bus, which is painted red, white and blue, will make its debut on the Cedar Rapids-Marion run. However, it will be used eventually on all the regular routes. No City Funds Decoration of the “Spirit of 1776’’ was financed by the Mid-America Bicentennial commission ias another step “to give visibility” to plans for observing the bicentennial, Robert M. L. Johnson, the commission’s project director, said. No city funds were used on the project. Bagley said the sides of the bus are emblazoned with the words “Spirit of 1776” in giant white Hefters against a red background. The national bicentennial logo appears on each side and on the rear of the bus. •You'll See It' The front and fop of the bus are punctuated by stars with sections of the bus also painted red, white and blue. “You'll be abl«> to see it coming," Bagley said. The bus is the second “visibility project” of the Mid-America Bicentennial commission. Earlier a lighted “Welcome" sign was installed at the Municipal airport. The sign proclaims its welcome in 16 different languages. DETROIT (AP) - The nation's Big Three auto makers1 blame rapid inflation for trim-! ming profits by $1.8 billion during the first half of 1974. For the consumer, the problems of the mammoth firms will translate into price increases on new models in September. Ford, which rounded out the first-half picture for the industry Wednesday with a reported 65 percent earnings decline compared with the same period last year, says it plans I an 8 percent increase in wholesale prices for the opening of the 1975 model year. The other makers plan similar increases, while leaving open the possibility that price tags will swell as the model year proceeds. Taken together, the Big Three’s first-half earnings were at their lowest level in 13 years. Ford reported earnings of $291 million on sales of $11.4 billion, idown from last year’s $755 million profit on revenues of $12.4 mation billion. House Accepts Compromise    Dela^ School Aid-Busing Measure WASHINGTON (AP) -- Gen- WASHINGTON (AP) -long dispute over busing school children has ended compromise, and a $25 billion A helped of over put the in compromise er*l Motors has been ordered to pay a $100,000 fine for failing to notify for .several years the ,...    ..    ,    ,    owners of 200,000 GM trucks au orizes un* ° manufactured during the years Authorizes Funds aid to education bill was on its the next two to four years for ,%() and ]985 thal the whe«ls of way to President Nixon Thins various programs, some dcpen- their vehicles were defective. day.    ,    dent on future appropriations The order was issued Wednes- I The house passed the revised    legislation.    day hy U. S. District    Judge measure Wednesday, 328 to 83.    it consolidates    .some    minor    ()lner (‘ash' vvho ord£rcd (,en* ,    . . .... (tnrie    ,    .    oral Motors last month to    notify : turning back last-ditch efforts    educational    programs    and    e*-j0Wner3 rf lhe defect. The    iiiHng by anti-busing forces to precipi- tends, with some changes, major was believed to be tin? fii st in tate still another confrontation ones such as funds for districts which a court ordered an'auto with the senate.    with many low-income families, manufacturer to tell car owners The house previously had,those with a concentration of|their vehicles may have defecated three times to instruct ill children of military and civilian tive parts, conferees to stand firm on a federal employes, and others for    eouid    have    imposed    a provision that would practically adult, handicapped, bilingual maximum $40(1,000 fine but he prohibit busing past the next- and Indian education.    sajd be felt a lower fine was nearest school and allow reo-    *    -    proper because it was the first pening of court cases in which    f’oe*    Hospitalized    such ruling, busing had been ordered.    MOSCOW    (AP)    — Yevgenv Yevtushenko, Russian poet, has IO YEARS AGO — Informed “The trouble with a tour is it’s all listening.’ Reopening Deleted    ,    _    .. . . , been hospitalized for inflamma- sources said President Johnson I The compromise finally adopt-Lion of the heart sac, Soviet ; asked Bobby Kennedy to maned permits courts to older bus ggm-ggg rtport.    his    presidential    campaign, ing when such measures are; '    _____ Rosenberg Sons' Suit Dismissed needed to protect the constitutional rights of minority children. The reopener provision was deleted. Water Plant Course Set At Kirkwood Eight U. of I. Courses Slated !ibi"ionin 1973 Defa-ito the Soviet Union and execut-i Rep. Quie (R-Minn.), senior Republican member of the . .    .    .house    education    and    labor    com- r'enprat Ytntnrc lad u/onb lief |V as 1 °" of privacy charges Tyler let stand, however, the mittee> said he expects Nixon to ed first-half earnines off 73 Der-br0Ught by the sons of Julius charge of coPyri8ht infringe- sign the bill, cent at million on sales of Ethe* Rosenberg against au- ment the sons, Michael, 30, and Last weeks supreme court $15.2 billion, compared with $1.6ithor Louis Nizer have been dis-'Robert; 26’ Propel, filed decision striking down a cen- NEW YORK (UPI) of character and in- ed in 1953. of privacy charges billion profits on sales of $19.2 missed. against Nizer last year in a $3 troversial Detroit across-boun- Judge Harold Tyler dismissed midion su*l> daries busing order apparently r    ,    .    Chryslers    profits    wore    $29.4    'he    charges    Wednesday,    saying ror Kirkwood million on sales of $5.7 billion.^0 sons had failed '0 show ““ ac- Pj Li |» j ..    .    .    I    down    85 percent from profits ofitua^ mabce * in the publication Eight University of Iowa gra-!$198 m£on Qn ^ of $6 , of Nizer’s best-seller duate-level extension courses I un non    1070 A new one-year training pro- Liu ^ offered in Cedar    M1m    in ttefmt half of 1973 gram for water plant operators this fait thrnncrh /•nnnoratinn! Ford chairman Henry Ford II. _    , and wastewater treatment plan.    '^T^    vW^^t.l    ng operators is open to students for je,,e    vntw/i    uoriiwcriot,    tn iAet    selling The Implosion Conspiracy’ The book describes the trial of the fall term at Kirkwood Com munity college. i vowed Wednesday to recoup lost I ground in the coming months. 1V, v.    courses    will be taught b> “This deterioration in profits Two The new program will reDlace SiVCS    Meetings primarily reflects our inability me new program win replace^ ^ he]d during evemng    thrmioh    hinhrr nrires federally-funded training con-hours bogong the week of!'“ recover through higher prices ducted by Kirkwood. The col- sent it lege has trained more than 600 TU, ... .    >    incurring,    they    said persons in the two fields1    Tmt,on “ill    be WO per se-    - through federal grants.    I    'f. *?ur:    f 8*^ 10" will ... J be at the first class meeting. The new program is designed    .    .. to train plant operators    for!    The classes    and meeting grade I entry-level jobs.    schedule: On-the-job training will    be    ,S^iaJza‘,on    the •*!*% combined with classes and    P?r'    ITT of Linn hall; counseling for re- Candidates for Williamsburg Board the cost increases we have been special to the Gazette WILLIAMSBURG - There are two announced candidates for Williamsburg school board.: Oil Firm Reaps $285 Million in They are incumbents board President Wilbur Joseph and # board member Clifford Hess. Quarterly Gains Bofh wil1 bo -s('ekins regular ,    four-year terms. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -    - >^d professions, Monday 7Standard «1 California has More than 1.000 offers to buy, job experience will be provided beginning Sept. 16, room rePorted profits of $285 million sell, rent, hire, or service daily T tS area munic,paI NS, Washington high school. !for the ^econd <luar‘er of 1974. in the want ads! treatment plants.    .    ,    ,    compared    with    earnings of $182 _ Courses include water re-    K^ainrJjna’ cpnt 17 mi,lion during the same period sources, water usage, water dis- Pf"    Se.pt'    .17*    roon]    last year.    1 tribution, wastewater collection R blg school; special Earnj f    first    six systems, primary treatmer.-, reandfings and Pro!f15/P°sltlv_e! months of 1974 were $.578 mil secondary treatment, tertiary^I reinforcement treatment, stream monitoring, laboratory analysis and others. HAVE YOU WRITTEN A BOOK? The field editor of a well-known New York subsidy publishing firm will be in Cedar Rapids in late September. He will be interviewing local authors in a quest for finished manuscripts suitable for book publication. All subjects will be considered, including fiction and non-fiction, poetry, juveniles, religious books, etc. If you have completed a book-length manuscript (or nearly so) on any subject, and would like a precessional appraisal (without cost or obligation), please write immediately describing your work and stating which part of the day (a.m. or p.m.) you would prefer for an appointment. Please mention your phone number. You will promptly receive a confirmation for a definite time and place. Authors with completed manuscripts unable to appear may send them directly to us for a free reading and evaluation. We will also be glad to hear from those whose literary works are still in progress. Please address: Mr. John tarter CARLTON PRESS, INC. 84 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10011 Phone 212:243-8800 Offers good thru 8/5/74. I V ' m ,he classroom ]lon, compared with $335 million environment) Tuesday, 4:b    . km ..beginning Sal. 17, room S(andard (he nation>s fifth 145. Washington hig    largest    oil firm, said net second- ates of the program should be Edacatl0n measurement for quarter jncome rose from j,.07 M i„    ,.„W    „,,i;    the    classroom    teacher, Wednes-!a share last year to $1.68 per Job opportunities for gradu- four.d in municipal water utilities, wastewater plants, regulatory agencies, private laboratories, and research and engineering firms. An advisory committee helped plan the new program. Chair day, 7 p.m., beginning Sept. 18, room 148, Washington high; (training group processes, Wednesday, 7 p.m., beginning share this year. Shareholders! made $3.40 a share in the first half of 1974, compared with $1.97 a share in the first half of Sept. 18, room 139, Linn hall. jast year. Methods: Early childhood edu-; Second quarter revenues to man of the committee Is Dr.!cation II, Wednesday, 4:15 p.m., taled $4 7 billion, compared with Marcus Powell of the engineer- ^ginning Sept. 18. room 146. last year’s $2.1 billion. And first ing faculty at the University of!Washington high; marriage and;half sales and revenues added Iowa. Th« committee also in- famdy interaction. Thursday, 7 up to $8.1 billion, compared with eludes the presidents of thc|P*m ’ beginning Sept. 19, room last year’s $3.7 billion. Iowa section of the American W ashington high.    Board chairman H. J. Haynes Water Works Assn. and the! Persons interested in addi- sa'd Standard invested $750 Iowa Water Pollution Control I tionaI information may tele- Hellion in the first half of this Assn. The new program has phone the Kirkwood community year on worldwide exploration been approved by the state de- education office at 398-5549 or and capital to increase energy partment of public instruction, write to Extension Class Ser- suPPbes    j It will be the only program of I vice, C-109 East hall, University Of that, Haynes said $420 mil uarium _ g choose {rom IO, in Id IS, 20 (hi or low) oi 29 Gallon All-Glass quanums its type in Iowa, Kirkwood of-of Iowa, Iowa City, ficials said    --- lion was spent to expand energy 'supplies in the U. S., more than Al Converse, who has taught    ArrncFnrl    fimes    *bo    amourit ?P‘!or federally-funded programs for 1 0UTh MrreSTeQ 'ha! purpose last year. Kirkwood, will serve as lead Qn DrUCI Charqe ................. instructor. Tuition is $145 per    ^    fmm quarter, plus laboratory fees A 17-year-old youth was ar- Cedar Rapids and books.    rested Wednesday on charges    Emergency    Numbers Kirkwood can accept up to 20 issued last year of selling drugs    Ambulonc*..........366-7654 * students for the new program, to an undercover police officer.    F B I  .........402/348-1210 The fall term will begin Aug. 28. The youth allegedly made two    .................398-534 3 Persons interested should con-sales of marijuana to the of- Highway Patrol  364-5171 tact the admissions office at ricer on separate occasions last    After Houri ......363-5629. Kirkwood.    [july. The officer’s purchases of    ...............gog 352? ■■■   ~..............——  -    drugs from various sources re-    ?. *[.’    ..... ll) YEARS AGO - The head of suited in the arrests of several a Harlem unity committee said persons last summer.    |    Foundation ll .......362-2174 he would not guarantee peace in Police said they did not appre- (Cn»i$ help. i p.m.-mKj»»iaht) the face of Mayor Robert bend the 17-year-old youth until ,nf"'rmaT,^'f^efher^^i98'29^^ Wagner’s refusal to create an Wednesday because he was    (a* 1*4 city in    mJLw) independent police review known by another name at the board.    time of the sales. 1974-75 COMMUNITY SPORTS PROGRAM Kirkwood Community College*398-5427 LEAGUE PLAY • Flog Football begins Sept. 9 • Organizational Meeting, August 22, 7:00 p.m., Kirkwood Bldg. 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