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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ndpias i/.<>!it* inurs., Aug rn MOSTLY For MEN Sn III HH J ollily it \ Potpimrri. or ii mixture of things, a-, we catch up with suggestions from readers Mrs Rue Winkler of Newman, III . suggests ii cool summer dish. Frosty White drapes Wash. stem and chill I quart seedless white grapes Combine I pint sour cream with Cj cup granulated sugar and 2 teaspoons vanilla Add grapes and put iii a heatproof dish In a saucepan melt L* cup butter and I cup brown sugar Texans Fail in Passage of New Constitution AUSTIN. Texas (ITI) - The Texas constitutional convention has adjourned without agreeing on a new document after seven months of work at ii cost of $5 million According to the rules of thi* convention, two-thirds or 121 of the delegates had to approve any proposed charter In a final vote, IIH delegates voted for passing the latest revision. H2 voted against and one delegate abstained The impasse resulted because of a struggle between labor and business leaders over a right to work law Labor vowed to defeat any constitution that elevated right to work (a prohibition against union shops) from a statute to constitutional law Labor leaders who packed the convention gallery for the final night of debate whooped and cheered when the vote was announced Floating Saloon Gets Too Wet SACRAMENTO. Calif. (ITI) — A floating saloon called Dirty Harry’s has sunk in the Sacramento river It was the second sinking in recent years for tin' combination bar and restaurant Owner “Dirty" Harry Rothwell promised to “pump it out’’ in time for the thirsty weekend crowd. Heat and stir constantly until mixture is s>ropy Dribble this over the grapes and chill Put on lettuce leaves iii intl iv idual dishes for serving Mrs John Seastone, Palatine, III , who “comes from ii family of salad lovers,” recommends her Creamed Blue Cheese Dressing. Mix well I cup mayonnaise! cup sour cream, I tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, I slice of onion, minced, and garlic powder to taste* Crumble 4 ounces blue cheese . add to mixture and chill Cheese Spread Mrs. Put McVicker, Hound Lake Beach. IIL, makes a Bacon-Cliee.se Spread which is excellent for sandwiches and may be added as an extra flavor ingredient to cooked vegetables, macaroni or rice In a heavy saucepan put a stick (impound) margarine. 112 cups milk. 12 ounces American cheese, and cup shredded cheddar cheese. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until itll the cheese is melted and blended into mixture. Now add 4 strips of bacon which have been fried gently, drained and crumbled Stir occasionally while mixture cools to distribute bacon bits, pour into a quart-sizt* container. cover and refrigerate until ready to use Breaded Liver Mrs. Hilda NI Myers, Quincy, 111., offers this favorite beef or calf’s liver recipe. Purchase I pound calfs beef liver Soak iii lightly salted, cold water for 15 minutes. Drain well. remove any membrane, and pat dry. Cut intl serving pieces Beat an egg, add a small amount of milk. Dip liver pieces iii mixture, then into very fine cracker crumbs, coating both sides thinly and evenly. Heat bacon drippings or other shortening in skillet Fry liver quickly brow nevi on both sides Cook only 5 minutes in total until red leaves meat. Over-cooking toughens liver. Serves 4 Costume Coordinator Key to Marital Bliss? Bird in Hand Telephoto Some say a bird in hand is worth two in a bush. Here Elsie Wright of New York not only has a bird or two in hand, but has them on her head and all around as she takes a break on her own lunch hour to feed the birds of Central park. Official Tells Of Attack by Brazil s Indians BK ASI UA (IIM) - The president of the National Indian Foundation reports thai a group of Indians attacked and burned one of the foundation's outposts in Brazil s wild and remote state of Amazonas General Ismar Araujo of the foundation said Indians belonging to the Mambo* tribe “attacked and set fire to one of our outposts near the town of Benjamin Constant ’’ The town is a few miles from Brazil's front ier vv itll Colombia and Peru Araujo said no casual! ins were reported. It s not the first time the Mambos attacked this out -jiost." he said. “They did the same thing last year ’’ He said the Indians were acting within their rights, “for the land is theirs and after all we were the invaders ’’ The Mambos, along with the Maiuruna and tlx* ('aularian tribes form a community of approximately :{.7<Hi Indians considered to Im* violent. They have a history of resisting any advances the white man makes on their territory. BN THIS I) XTL in 1914, Germany declared war on Russia at the outbreak of World war I Bv Dick West WASHINGTON (IPI) -There s a new bestseller that could well serve as the manual for a woman's counter-liberation movement VV l itten by a housew lie under the title “The Total Woman , it advises married females to defer to their husbands in all matters, to build their ego and always dress and act as feminine and sexy as possible In short, to observe the ground rules once considered appropriate for women but which actually not very many of them followed The success that author Mara bel Morgan is enjoying with this throwback inspired me to begin work on what I hoped would be an equally successful companion piece. “The Total Man But certain problems have arisen “Surprise Package” Typical of the passages that propelled Mrs. Morgan to the forefront of counter-lib literature is this zinger: “Never let him know what to expect when he opens the front door Make it like opening a surprise package You may be a smoldering sexpot, or an all-American fresh beauty. Bo a pixie or a pirate — a cowgirl or a show girl Keep him off guard “You may not want a costume party every night, but you can work toward it. Keep a ste[) ahead of your husband Keep him guessing.” Costume Suitcase In the rough draft of my book, I advise husbands to: “Keep a suitcase full of costumes in the trunk of your ear As you are dr iv mg homo from work, stop at a gas station, go into the men s room and change into one of these outfits One evening you might arrive home dressed a< an apartment house doorman. The next evening you might be a scuba diver, a brain surgeon. a bank robber or the ticket taker iii a dime-a-dance parlor “The important thine is to keep your wife in suspense: always have her gasping iii astonishment when you open the front door She’ll love you for it “The gas station attendant may give you a few funny looks, but von can get around that by occasionally emerging from the men’s room as a gas station attendant Coordinator Since writing that chapter, however, I have begun having second thoughts Let"s say that on a givon evening the wife opts for the “smoldering sexpot'' role suggested bv Mrs. Morgan Whereupon    her    husband arrives home dressed as a eunuch in a Turkish harem In other words, when “The Total Man takes its place on Dick West the bookshelf alongside “The Total Woman,” every household is going to need a costume coordinator. Otherwise, a married couple is going to run into costume clashes that can only aggravate a relationship thai is tense enough already Bond: Will Run In 76 Primaries ATLANTA (AP) - State Hep Julian Borid said Tuesday he may enter several Democrat ie president tai primaries in 197k. “It s presently an idea and just that.'' Bond said. The Atlanta Constitution quoted sources as saying Bond hopes to win enough support iii the primaries to gain bargaining strength at the 197H Democratic national convention The paper said its sources indicated Bond may be looking toward the vice-presidential nomination Bond, now 34, was placed in nomination for vice-president at the 1972 convention, but he withdrew because lie was only .'12 and too young for the* post. Want Ad office open 8-5 daily. Until noon Sat. is always capital in Saving $ with 'A savings & loan assn. RATES PAID ON SAVINGS |Acct. Type Pay Passion Astro Passbook IWS Certificates [IMI SV*% 5V«% 7’/j% I Min. 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