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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Elm Disease Is Reported X* _| _L f _ ii    Confident of Cresting in Central Iowa House Action Th** Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Au*. I, 1574 A By Harrison Weber AMES (IDRA) - The entire state has suffered tremendous losses of elm trees this year because of Dutch elm disease. “It really has been had,” said Abe Epstein, associate professor and extension plant pathologist at Iowa State university. “Dutch elm is cresting in the central part of the state; it s probably at its peak,” he reported. The expert on Dutch elm disease said there are not many elm trees left in the southern part of the state where the disease has spread like an epidemic. It’s now moving into the northern part of the state and, according to Epstein, the disease will annihilate elm trees there unless preventive programs are undertaken. Praised Cities A few cities in the northern part of Iowa have undertaken solid, comprehensive pri-grams, he said. Epstein singled out Charles City and Spencer for priase. He recommends using trunk injections of Benlate to prevent infection of elm trees. However, Epstein said the track record for curing trees that show even the smallest amount of Dutch elm infection has been poor. For the last several years, elm trees have been under considerable stress, Epstein Harrison Weber HS said, making them more susceptible to Dutch elm disease. Each year for the last three years, he continued, elm trees have had an adverse growing period because of scorched conditions. Since 1957 “We’ve had high rates of infection these last several years. That’s pretty much a failure to move in and destroy the breeding stock. Beetles breed in dead elm wood with bark attached. If they are not removed and destroyed, we’ll get an increase in the beetle population,’’ Epstein related. The Dutch elm disease first showed up in Iowa in 1957 when it was discovered in (vee and Scott counties and it has spread to the other 97 counties. It has spread westward, Epstein reported, to Idaho and the 'Dakotas Beetles, he said, can hitchhike a ride on cars. The disease can be devastating. Take Des Moines, for example. Some 240,000 elm trees have been removed in the capital city at an estimated cost of $18 5 million. There are only 2.800 elm trees left in Des Moines, most of them in Beaverdale in the northwest part of the city. The state conservation commission makes no attempt to remove diseased elm trees from the wild areas under its jurisdiction. The cost, say commission officials, is just too prohibitive. The commission does remove trees that have Dutch elm that are located in picnic areas. Committee Probes Abuses to Business WASHINGTON (AP) - The senate marketing practices subcommittee will hold hearings in Davenport on Aug. 9, according to Sen. Dick Clark (D-lowa). The group is to probe alleged discrimination against small businesses by suppliers allocating scarce materials. “The purpose of the hearings,” Clark explained Wednesday, “is to gather information about the extent and causes of these abuses, to determine if ac-; tions can be taken to alleviate the situation, and to help formu-| late policies that will help pre-; vent such abuses in the future.” s Clark, a subcommittee member, will be chairman at the hearings, which will be from IO a m. to 3 p.m. in the second-floor courtroom of the federal court house. WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep I Edward Me/.vinsky (D-Iowa)! 1 says he is confident the three ar-| tides of impeachment recommended by the house judiciary | committee will he approved in the house and sent to the senate ; for trial. “I believe the committee’s decision to recommend articles of impeachment Is a major step toward restoring faith in our government,” said Mez-vinsky, 37, one of two Iowans on the committee. The committee ended its in quiry this week by adopting a three-part resolution charging President Nixon with obstruct-{ mg justice, misuse of powers and failing to obey committee! subpoenas for evidence. If the full house approves the articles, the President would be tried on the charges before the U.S. senate. “Looking back over the week of debate that brought an end to our inquiry, I think our deliberations were marked by a conscientious adherence to the grave ^possibilities of our task,”! Mezvinsky said Wednesday.  - The (J celite RtipuU CfltnrHf E stablished In IMS bv The Garetie Co j and published daily and Sunday at SOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids. Iowa 5J406 Second clast postage paid at Cedar Rapids. Iowa. 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