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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ■>*-* I .I*;.' Ll»♦*»**** * * * »t# ♦*•#•••• •:• BS**** * *4 '* ■■1 '^iii yXglMt t y «S Mi    -    cg#**«ts*as [£&* •* » ***+WEf&SJstj p5***+^*w j#$'* *+■*'> * & SU i i ♦ >■ *gr I* I* *#* <#* &#♦?■*'■ tw Jrnrn* *: ar J w •    SS    . MTy Tri it W X < > * ’?■    - JK* >•#!■ >****■*•> JJU jL^ r-*A »v • \ rM#'* ,<r    *sW E> ^x *4^    *    gal jfe*''* *• A.* A *'■ rn** ■ I* * vx<.* HI ■is* ■ ■'' *    < -. < t *** * ' * * S. . A**'-'*1    :■;■:•*■: fc*; » > *■>'■** '■■ Kit * * ♦ *•»♦'•*■• *£L> * ** ** £:-' * ■SS*# * *': f j ls!£XW'*^x< EB"K: X *> ♦ ** Will £ kNIMft -ftf? #fk *^4< *fclu Cf eclitr l\tuml<* CftnjeHc •jim*. ‘ AP Wirephoto y** ST? J?® Thump, Thump, Thump A nurse at Chicago's Fniversity of Illinois Medical Center mockingly takes tlit* pulse ut a Siberian tiger being prepped for double-cataract surgery Wednesday. Tho a nos! hot i/od tiger took t lu* whole proceeding calmly. Doctors termed the operation on the Lincoln park zoo resident, a success. UPI Telephoto Refugees A UTO up of refugees wades through the river near Dai Loc, a district town some 25 miles southwest of Da Nang, for safety following heavy Communist shelling iii the area The town is -'{ail miles north of Saigon A Private Moment Vice-president Gerald Ford, right, and House Majority Leader Thomas "Tip" O'Neill, with arms about each other, had a few private moments to chat as they waited to tee «.ff on the second hole while participating Wednesday in the Pro-Am event preceeding the Pleasant V alley golf tournament at Sutton, Mass. The vice-president was constantly accompanied by secret service men as he played the IS holes. Being    a Left-Hander In a Right-Handed \\ arid Is Challenging By Erma Hornbeck Speaking of minority groups, my husband has just informed me that a little-noted band of oppressed people in this country is becoming quite militant—the Left-Handers of America. They are that brave little bunch of pilgrims who pledge allegiance backwards, take 20 minutes to screw in a lightbulb and always get seated al the left end of the dinner table or must register their elbows with the police as a deadly weapon. I have first-hand information on the subject of "lefties" because my husband and I have a mixed marriage. I am an Orthodox right-hander and he is a Latter-Day I/cftie. It hasn t been easy, but we've made it work. Itinrliiifi stun * He endures shifting gears with his right hand and I bear the frustration of scouring the city for lefthanded bowling shoes for his birthday. He got lists! hi shaking hands with his wrong hand, while I put up playing tennis with him in which I think I'm hitting to his weak backhand and it is his powerful forehand. l.eit-i§nn der ** ll »e«i BOMBECK T etooook Central Iowa Inferno Hulk oil storage tanks were a blazing inferno Wednesday as a fireman climbed a ladder to reach (he lop »»t a lion.(NNI fire northwest of Ankeny that was set off by an explosion at a fuel storage facility No injuries were reported but several firemen were overcome bv intense heat during the blaze (Cftpyf i«M WH I I* lf! Enterprises tm AP W reptsoto Sentenced Former White House ('hied of Domestic Affairs John I) Khrlichman faced newsmen outside I s district court in Washington Wednesday after he was sentences! on his conviction for conspiracy and perjury in the Fllslierg break in case Khrlichman said "justice will Im* found and done and I will ultimately he exonerated anil vindicated " Ile was sentenced to a minimum of 20 months and a maximum of five years iii prison I he other day as he went crazy trying to get a right-handed twist wire off the bread he snapped, "It won t always Im* like tills. One of those days . "Are you on your Leftie crusade again? where all the lefthanded people unite and declare war on right-handers?" "This may seem humorous to you," he growled, "but how would you like to go through life using scissors that don’t fit turning off the water spigot when you think you're turning it «*n    . putting stamps in the upper right-hand corner, driv ing on the right side of the road . . reading a right-handed newspaper, starting the power mower on the right side arid having your life dominated by a right-handed guitar Face it! I am persecuted by right-handers!" "Will you get hold of yourself?" I ordered "Things are getting better for It ti-handers and you know it Many firms are beginning to employ left-handers Marriages are flourishing between the hands Arid the other day a right-hander even took a left-hander to lunch!" Big deal!” sulked my husband. "FII bet the knife was to the right of the plate " » ;

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