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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa nmionai wiatmih st avici roitCA&i lo 7AM I st 30.24    /    30,00 % - a - 74- Chief: Police Indictments By Woodward 'Are a Mess' The f od.ii Rapid* Gazrtte: Thurs., Aug. I, 1974 Mrs. HS a test. Cedar Rapids police Chief year law student I Wallace I .a Peters lashed out at They’re a mess.” the findings of the recent grand When asked who drew the in jury probe of the police department and the special prosecutor William Tracey Doris M. Tracey, 49, of 2119 Reynolds avenue SW, died .    ,    ,    ,    .Wednesday following a sudden Admetus, La Peters responded, |nncss Kormerly 0, Burlington, ii ct r i v Woodward, Ii to ,    .    .    m    rPfiar    Ranids Bridge Problems Didn'i Prompt Loitering Law By Mike Deupree A proposed city I pedestrians near the river ordinance at ‘‘We were already working on , __    - , | ,    .    she    had    lived    in    Cedar    Rapids    dealing    with    loitering    was    not    ,l- ,    rirc* I at the Thursday Noon Lions club!charges are not proven I II per-;2o vrars Horn Dec fi 1921 in    j this matter before the F iret ave- I Ar\rtfi /iAi twin «La mot* PVI »if f t nn , turbances involving groups of said. young people on First avenue Although the disturbances bridge and in the riverfront Playpd a part in drafting the or-Safety Commissioner dinance, he added, the biggest Steinbeck said Thursday. ; reason was similar complaints The new ordinance was from shoppers and business passed by the city council on its men ah°ut loiterers in the loop first reading Wednesday. It a,ea< will go into effect if it is passed Steinbeck said the complaints twice more    *pd t0 a mee*,n£ between him- ’ , ... ..    self, Police Chief Wallace La- Already Working    |>cters an() AUomey Dav, Because of the timing of the McGuire, at which it was deter- <11 lire i him winy .vtiun Laiuiu « iuu indign rile IMM piuvcii 1 ii    on .,narc Hnm I fi 1094 in    .    i    i 1 v.    ai-    ^ mating at the Roosevelt hotel, sonallv go after Carry Wood- ,    0    .    ...    w„    ’ nnrrjf,fi promp c< so*e y h.V rP(’Pnt dls* nue thing came up.” Steinbeck Speaking of the iiKiictments ward.”    fo VV,j|jnm n Tracey July j7(:tlJrbances involving or ours of said brought against five police of- The chief said that the five 1943 ,|t Burlington, ficers and Safety Commissioner suspended officers are to be j^rs Bracey was of the I u lames Steinbeck, ^Peters said through! before (he civil service |h(,r,m    was'a    member of P a r k in reply to a question, The in- commission “in a few days I vwrA , Fnolp, •tames Ste ; in jdictments were so poorly drawn I wouldn't give them to a first- —Nuclear— 'Continued from Page I ) believe they can be rehabilitated. And I would not In' at all reluctant to put them back to work They arc fine officers.” UN WI ATM* f DKX AS! ® Rain is expected Thursday night in eastern New Mexico, western Texas and the upper and mid Mississippi valley. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. larger figure, but admitted 3,000 gallons was a preliminary figure that could be adjusted up or down later. .Several Attempts Arizona, Florida Rate as Fastest the YWCA and the Jingles auxiliary. Surviving are her father, Henry C. Luedeman. Wever; two sisters, Kvelyn Humburd. Fort Madison, arid Ix)is Blanchard, Wever; and a brother, Harvey A. Luedeman, Mf. Clemens, Mich. —Daily Record— The Weather ' Dana Skarc, 2310 Northview drive, Marion, fined $15 and Jan Zonneveld Files for C.R. School Board ordinance. Steinbeck said, many mined that the present city ordi-Growina States Services: Chapel of Memories people think it was drawn be- nance does not give police ade-y    at 2 p.m. Friday by the Rev.    cause of    complaints    concerning    quate    authority    to    deal    with the WASHINGTON (UPI)    —    The Fredrick Moore of Denmark    youths harassing    motorists    and    problem. Jerry Ward, nuclear    group    fastest growing state    in    theiUnited Congregational church    Current    Wording leader for IE, told    The Gazette    union is either Florida    or    Ari- at Denmark. Burial: Cedar Me- the malfunction    was    “dis-    zona depending on how you    cal-:morial. Friends may call at covered quite quickly. People in culate it.    Cedar    Memorial funeral home !the area made several attempts : to get the valve to close. The en-j released show that in terms ofJhe chapel after 9 a.m. Friday. toe Incident was over In abo.:! sheer population growth, Elon-1    t    Th**    als° working on a beng requested to move on by 30 minutes to an hour.    da is the winner.    note    to    the    American    Cancer    So-    mjnorj,y    report that wlll accnm. any |jcc officer .. He added he does not know its population grew by 888.000 c,ety or the Linn County Heart|#1!itltf    ,.----  :...... -impeachment- The current ordinance says (Continued from Page I.)    j00^ “No person shall obstruct r cut    for encumber any street or other New Census Bureau figures |    •>    P-    ^    ^    y    ^    ;J_    vide a fair opportunity for their public place by loafing or kingside to be heard.    mg in or about the same, after yet what fail. caused the valve to Fund High temperatures Wednesday, low tem . peratures overnight and inches of preciol costs, teflon: Anchorate AO 41    L Angeles    RISI    No Atlanta    8? ss    Miami    90    78    Dana Bismarck    ll 54    Mln’apolts    RI    59 Chicago    72 67    N Orleans    90 Denver    66 56 .14 New York    *8 Ouluth    67 50    Phoenix    107..... Honolulu    89 77    seattle    89    58    fined $15 and costs. Houston    88 74    Washington    90    66    „ Mostly    Fa,lur' to slop Jan Zonneveld, 47, of iowa driver's license _ I Twenty-third street SE, Skare, 2310 Northview nounced Thursday he is a can- pany the committee s report in Steinbeck said tne ordinance .support of the three articles of js similar to a Cincinnati ordi-impeachment, which charge nance declared invalid by the Nixon with obstruction of jus- y s supreme court in 1971 be- Extended Forecast in assured jschool beard , .    _ .    .    „    ,    ..    clear distance ahead —    Steven fair    Saturday    through    Monday    Shaffer, 4101 Sixteenth    avenue Zonneveld with    lows    in    50s and    highs    in    SW, fined $30 and costs, mid 70s.    Expired    driver’s    license — ! David Gephard, Iowa City, C.    R,    Weather    fined $15 and costs. in the three-year period between 1970, when the last nationwide    ~~ 516! The plant was removed from census was taken, and July I, Phyllis J. Barger anJservice for repair of the valve, 1973. Almost 90 percent of that,! Phyllis Jean Barger, 56, a res- tice, abuse of his powers and cause it left too much to the dis but was expected to be again 782.000. was due to ‘‘net migra-i ident 0f ]5o Eighteenth street I defiance of committee subpoenal ion ftf tbp individual notice producing electricity sometime lion” — the flow of people into sw before she moved to Center nas.    officer. r a d a n u I    '    the state from other areas. Point two weeks ago, died; In preparation for the debate, McGuire said tho present tne cedar Rapids community    u.....on a percentage basis, Ari-! Wednesday after a sudden both sides on the committee are Cedar 70 drive, Marion; Janet C. Wolfe. riiHat* fnr a thron    producing 8 J 226 Johnson avenue NW, each d,date for a ^ree-year term on Thursday returned tion papers Thursday. ‘No Hazard’    l/n    a PerL’eniage oasis, ah- wednesday arter a    suaaen Doth sides on the committee are I Cedar Rapids ordinance IE officials .stressed that the zona Place(i Highest. The 285,000 illness. Born Jan. 27, 1918, in assigning members to study vague and almost useless. "■*' *■    tnPrP2CP    in    Ari't AU ti 9C lV\t\Ill ollAn Cfiin/iniinA    H70P    tr>    iL    „ IS nomma- rejpase 0f water did not increase in Arizona’s population Muscatine, she was raised in specific aspects of the case, nose inV notrntisi n.ihlir h.7 Iin the thrce-year Period equaled Canton, Mo., before coming to with the outnumbered Wiggins pose any potential pumic naz- or-AU/th rain nf IC I turtoml    O    1017 Mrc    *____ to, New Wording He is employed as department ard. a growth rate of 16.1 percent. Cedar Rapids in 1937. Mrs. group turning to non-committee ,    ,    .    The next highest were Florida. Barger was a member of Eagles members for help. manager of product filings at The gross radioactivity of theim percent; Nevada, 12.1 pcr-lauxUiary 2272    As    soon    as    th,,    rennet    is    rnato “ay ........... I'    Life    ,nves,°rs-    "«•    IT    ZuI rronemillionTb1rt.m i,"d ^ ,M PT7' 11,8 'wMw °f- “ K ^    »    to    to    nexi overnight  ..........-.    63    Rick Munsoni 107 Emmons A native of the Netherlands, f    0,10 one-mill onth The average state population Barger, she is survived by three wednesday. Rodino will go be- Noon Thursday.............• 63    street, Hiawatha, fined    $25 and    he has lived in Cedar Rapids    2,    * mip*‘ocune f**r millileter. j    growth during this    period was    daughters, Mrs. James Pen-    fore thp ru]es committee and 2 p.m. Thursday .............64    costs^Leon Noggle, 203 L *ve-    since March. 1973. Zonneveld is    J    3t ,s n am°unt of radioac-    3.3 percent.    cook, Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Wil-    reqUest a resolution setting    a Precipitation .............)    ??:    Ronald D. Pettit, 1135 Hub- married and has four children,!    TraiIinS    Florida in increased diam Evans, Us Angeles, and time limit on debate and defin- any sidewalk, parking on any lotal for August............1.56    bard avPnue NE, and    Michael jtwo of w'hom attend Cedar    f    me unuea aiaies aeparxmeni    n u m b e r s were    California,    Sheryl Barger, Cedar Rapids; a    ing what kind of amendments    if    street    comer,    park    or    at    any Normal for August ........ 2.97    Casey, J624 Seventh    avenue    Rapids schools. He attended the    of    pub ,c health’    648.000; Arizona, 285.000 and Co-    son. Ned, Cedar Rapids; a    anv will be in order    other    public    place    in    the City    of The new ordinance says, “It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to collect, assemble or group together and after being so collected, assembled or grouped together, to stand, sit, lay. kneel, squat or loiter, on Hester un‘vers*ty for three years Normal through Aug.......23.16    SE. L™*1 $10 and costs Total for 1974 ..............33 05 Improper muffler - Hraw.|u.. the Netherlands n ..    , ... „    on n0    Pierson, 309 I avenue NW,!    me    ixemerianas Barometer, falling .........30.081 fined $10 and costs Humidity at noon .........96%    Driving on wrong side — Wind direction and velocity at    Eddie Shedenhelm in Zonneveld said his avenue NW, fined costs. Reckless driving; born, no address, fined $40 and costs, Unlawful use of license — Gordon Marr, 2018 H avenue NE. fined $30 and costs. Iowa Deaths I n d e p e n dence Bessie 2 p.m., NNE at 7 mph. • Sun rises Friday, 6:01; sun sets, 8:24. Year Ago Today — High, 78; low', 58; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Friday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck   oA~«S I Hamlin, 81. Saturday at 2 at Chicago .........PtCldy    80-62iw..t , ’ Cincinnati.......Cloudy    84-65' wmic *’ Cleveland  Cloudy    81-63 Des Moines......Cloudy    78-58 volga Peiroil  JJii ms. 70. Friday * at'To:30 aTthe j1emphasis Iridianapohs .. •. Iou \ R - . Methodist church. Burial: Wa- basics.” Kansas City  PtCldy    8o-b3 dena cemetery. Witt's, Elkader.    _ Milwaukee .....PtCldy ^6-68 Strawberry Point—David J. Mpls.-St. Paul ..Cloudy <3-54 J Hamlets 78. Friday at 1:30 at Omaha .........PtC^Idy 83-58 j Em a n u e I Lutheran church. St. Louis • •......Tshwrs    84-651 FeenCy’s. Toledo — Ardie Otterman. 90. Friday at 2 at Henderson’s. Colesburg; — Willis O’Neal, Pool level Thursday 682.88 87. Friday at 10:30 at Apple- Rlr+Ue U«rru    U>nS’ Ed8CWOOd. Dirtns Mercy    Oelwein    —    Julie Thein, 85. July 31 — To the families of Hintz’. Larry Bowers, 700 Thirty-fifth Manchester — Mrs. Elmer street, Marion, a daughter; Sid- (Olive) Gentz, 69. Boh- Ward said samples of the dorado, 230.000. Cedar river’s natural radioac-, --- main mn i tivity<takpn routinely before the IlXalll vUll*    •    j    ,    a*    ■    *, cern is as a taxpayer.” He said I a“,de,?t °fcurred; sho*ed "s iS he supports the test quality ed-!natu,ral ^activity to be one and ucation that the taxpayers can' 0ne-t8"-m 1111 ® ",‘,h 01 a m|-Bob Os- afford    crocune    por    millileter. Both Gas Rate Hike, Refund For C. R. Area He also said he favored a Take Samples sister, Betty Baker, Flint, Mich;    ah#*    Cedar    Rapids to the hinderance two brothers, Phillip Stein.    mendments.    Qr 0bstrUCtion to passage Rock Falls, 111., and Gerald    Most    committee Democrats    and use of any person or per- Stein, Sterling, 111., and seven    would    like to prevent amend-    sons passing on    or    along or grandchildren.    ments to the three articles that using any sidewalk or street, Services: Saturday at I p.m. have been approved, limiting park, or other public property in in Janeba-Kuba funeral home    members to motions to strike    Cedar Rapids.” west by Phillip Stein. Burial:    whole    articles or sections of    McGuire said    the    primary merit system of nay    for teach ! Samnlo, of th* river water    S,ar,lng m0nth~ I1*    Czech National. The casket will    them or to proposing additional wordm of the ordjnance is mer.i system or pay    tor teacn-. Samples of the river water    average gas customer in Cedar    not be open at any tirr~ ers, smaller group    instruction will be taken again, Ward, said,    Rapids of Iowa-Illinois Gas and    Friends may register * after QnH omnhacic An K.i* Un Anni* nni AvnAnt in finrl rn A-.* rs~ ___:i«    L    -      •    ‘    *    . for students, and emphasis on but    he does    not expect to find    Electric Co. will be paying    23|pm Friday at Janeba-Kuba. basic skills of reading, writing any    change    in the radioactivity    cents more per month.    ___ and arithmetic.    of    the    river    water.    The    company    announced    Margaret    Lawler The main emphasis should^ The 3.000    gallons of radioac-    Thursday the state commerce be on the three R’s,” Zonneveld tive    water    released into the    commission has authorized it    to time, articles.    ied verbatjm from the Des I The approach favored by the Moines ordinance, which was anti-impeachment Republicans upheld last year by the state is just the opposite. They would supreme court like any further articles barred Thp ditferences are that the Margaret Lawler, 84, former-    mR    "n°'s    0pC"    Des Moines ordinance refers only to standing and only to 7'2rMtlerm_McWH>llaT J‘    saicl<    “not    that    band.    music,    and    river    would    have    mingled quick- begin collecting, subject to re- 'Z of 1400 $econd avenue SE,    awaitino    artion    bv    the    *    '    »    ’    uV 9,1,” x- ^ d' a 73. Mason-Hand s.Tama. Cous.jthe_othto things are bad, but the I y _ with the approximately: fu^d. the full amount^ its .ianj^    rutsVmmS    "a    ?eslton    ^    ***** should be on Sioux Falls  PtCldy 76-53 Coralville Lake —Rain— (Continued from Page I.) —Prices— (Continued from Page I.) ney Burgrtt. Solon, a    daughter,    nenkamp’s Births — St. Luke's july 31 — To the families of .laek A. Peacock. 910 Eighth street SWT. a son: Donald Sill, route 2. Marion, a son; Edward cities on March I, 1973, and has ri.l? (    jy™un(    rechecked    at    the    start of    every NW. a daughter Duane    Tiegrn.    1    J 410 Fourteenth street    SE. a son    succeeding month. July was    the ..    first month since    the beginning Marriage Licenses    0f ^e survey in    which the    bill Steven Sawyers, Marion, and WPnt up in every city checked. Mary Kanealy, (edar    Rapids.    £>urin>r    june,    the    AP    market! Wayne Larson and Karen Ear-    *    ’    ,    .    ...    1 ‘basket went down in nine cities1 is still suffering from very little or no rain at all. Union county extension crop Specialist Stan Murdock of Creston reported that even though there is a 70 percent chance of showers in the with the the 1,300.000 gallons of water which‘25 rate increase request. flow past the Duane Arnold The total increase is about six center every minute, he pointed percent in the Cedar Rapids out-    area. The company has been For informational purposes/collecting four and one-half per-city water department and cent of that since January, and City. Thursday following a long ,UIP> wniiniu« 15 a resolution ordinance deludes sitting, illness.    I, wou*d permit the house kneeling, lying, squatting or loi- She was born in Cedar Rapids    debatp to be    televised. Its    ap-    tering    on any public property, rw 10 loon ami Hart    in    Proval is considered    certain. Oct. 12, 1889, and had served in.    Covers    Intimidation the army nurse corps during *n Omer developments:    j World war I.    I More than five minutes are McGuire said he believes the ......    .    .    r 1 'n U    ll    *•    .u Miss Lawler was a member of    missing from    White    House tapes    reference to hindering    other county health department of.|w.Il now togm «llecUntJ the;ImmlK!u|ate conception church of a Watergate conversation to-l*ople's use of the property can rwn- ^ Martha’s circle.    tween President Nixon and his aPPly to intimidation, not just She is survived bv a sister, two closest advisers at the time physical hindrance. rnent of environmental quality a previous (DEQi were also informed. Wednesday in the ficials were informed of the re-| remaining one and one-half per-lease. The Atomic Energy Com- cent. mission and the state depart-; The increase is separate from j    Cedar    Rapids,    the cover-up was unraveling.! He said the effectiveness of one which resulte servjCes: Saturday at in a.rn Nixon’s chief attorney, James the ordinance will depend upon in Immaculate Conception    St. Clair, disclosed the new tape    how it is enforced by the police __    _ in papers submitted    on    and interpreted by the courts. southwest part of the state |»ery pleased thai IE notified, average OI aoout *> to    Mt    calvary.    Wednesday to U.S. Judge John Steinbeck said the ordinance termedTto^ncident    '“fairly neg*-1    A story    about    that    refund    Friends™ tty callat the Stewart    S.rica    will not be used to harass or hgible ii    t    “f    im pact    I order appears    on page    4    of    The'^era^home krtdayW 2 to 9    Jhe gap occurred because    a    dtsperse groups of people just Gazette. company) DEQ officials .^=|Wn*gOrJWdJo jefund^an    R,chard J.IWP son. both of Center Point. Fires 8:45 a m. Wednesday. Air-E Vac at airport. Magistrate s Court Speeding — Vincent Seybert, J declined .1 percent. Waukon, and Robert Berry, 3720 Random road SE. each fined $38.50 and costs. Ransom Coughlin. 818 Nineteenth street!    .    -    .    iarcelv    because SE. fined $35 and costs. Robert    aJ)vvn    *.    Ju”€>    largely    Decause Fultz, 1022 Eighteenth street of special sales staged by super-SW; Michael Mitchell. 3040    markets    in    response to    govern- Carroll drive SE; Kevin Walter. men|    p}eas<    The    prices    received 1822 Western drive SW; Steven;. f    f    fhpi    iiVpcto<'k Seltrecht. Covington; John i J ,armers or tneir livestock Hickenbottom. Williston. Fla ;(had been declining but, because Walter V a I e n t a. route 2. (retail prices remained relatively Marion; Glenn McClintic, 290. bj^b through the first half of fined*’$3°o .nd^'costs. ’Kevin *Ws year. consumers rebelled Reilly, route 3; Edward and a meat backlog was creat-Demers, Manchester; Charles Pd. Dyer, 1925 Ellis boulevard NW    j during June helped Carey Frahm, Clarence; Robert    ,    6 .    ..    .y. Dvorak, Mt. Vernon; Floyd1 move    the    backlog onto    the fami- Merritt, Anamosa; Ernest Sly dinner table and wholesale Rimrodt. 3613    Yellow    Pine    prices    started    rising    again. Now drive NE, and    Elizabeth    Mot-    petaj|    prjces    arP    right back rison, Coralville, each fined $20    *[    ® and costs    where    they    were    before the Intoxication James Mc- sales and some items cost more Cormick. IOU Tenth street SW;|now than they did on March I, Ronald Thompson, 583 Se*- 197;] enth avenue. Marion, each    .    v - through Thursday, the area hasn’t received any significant amounts of rain to re-1 i e v e the drought-stressed area. ‘ Already yields in this area have been cut by 25 to 30 percent,” said Murdock. ‘‘Without moisture our yields will continua to decrease one to three bushels per acre per day.” Murdock said that even though a rain would be too and up in four. The U. S. department of agriculture market basket for June, the latest month available, showed the jatP to save entire corn crops, price for farm-produced foods it would hold the corn left at a 50 bushel per acre yield. Special Sales    A    Linn county farmer with The retail price of meat went over ^ acres of cropland also felt the rain in Eastern Iowa came a little late. I/oyd Martin of rural Marion said the rain will help the late corn and soybeans, but the early corn planted early will still suffer some yield loss. ‘‘But providing there is a late frost this fall,” said Martin. ‘‘this year’s summer conditions will boost corn planted late this spring.” Raising 400 acres of corn and 300 acres of beans with his son. Steve. Martin said “no Iowan mild ask for a nicer rain, than we’re getting now ” Man Injured CURE Statement Gary Goldstein, member of the Cedar Rapids chapter of Citizens United for Responsible Energy (CURE) issued a statement on behalf of the group calling for “a rigorous investigation by the Iowa Commerce Commis- Larkin Rutledge Admits Theft of Outboard Motor p.m. St. Martha’s Circle will tape reel ran out midway because they are gathered, but recite the Rosary Friday at 3 through a 45-minute meeting be- only when they are impeding p.m. and Feather Hess will lead tween Nixon, IIJI. Haldeman the use of public property by the Rosary at 7:30 p.m. in the and John Ehrlichman on April other persons. funeral home    17, 1973. St. Clair wrote. Accord---  -ing to the White House tran- Memorial Services '*scr,PL Nixon- Haldeman and Karerf. Mary _ Turner |EhrUchman spent the 45-minute [ A federal investigation, if one —Phone— (Continued from Page I.) PRAIRIE DU CHIEN. Wis. —. c-h'apcl 'east "aH0:30 a rn. Kn- session discussing the wording Brotherhood of Electrical 26-year-old Guttenberg man, day and at ll a m. Fridaytor St. of a public statement Nixon .    .    h    Am f , . .    «    .    .    .    ...    .    i    Grnrpp Orthodox church bv the urn..id molto    tho!    rim; tn I wwirers anu inc mucuiue ut Telephone /«    r    I    .    .    •    .    .    —w--.,.----    ,    i    n/i    onnniinpon • mainr nmrai. I »    * Crawford county district court were to to conducted, Gddsteinl10 a larcen>'charge said, would not be adequate    He was ordered by Judge Wil “because of their history of inadequate work.” DEQ officials said they did not t‘on' know if any follow-up investigation is planned. and would walk out with the CWA. Watts said negotiations would continue through the weekend in ct r Orthodox cemetery ^ announced “major devel- St. George Orthodox cemetery.    u/o.ir«oi«    in !said tbeir 250.000 members also Trisagian service will be con- opments in the Watergate ,n'|votpd overwhelmingly to strike ducted at    Turner east at 8    pm    vestigation, said White Houser®, 7,    ,.*r ..    ...    .    Thursday    by Father Nasr.    staff members would testify if lam    Neill    to pay    a    $500    fine    nr La    nunt, R»h» Ivan    —    summoned before the senate or spend two years on proba- Turney, dm poi    ^ I Watergate committee Rutledge was charged in conjon D^ori^n «Iof averting a walkout but nection with the theft of an out- catl at Tumor east until I pm '?!* „n^ "TfH,'t ridinL    'SS"‘>S board motor in Prairie du Friday. The casket will not be    / .    .    J They said they did not knowch|(,n The motor was rocovered opened after the service.    "0n,.of. how mu.ch, eVldcnc8 how many towns along the af thn nf a _hnat ,,;i    ——- would be required to convict Cedar river draw their water ■ j    ,    ,7    ‘ th    Mississippi    U\l Qn Bicvcle    Nixon in a senate trial Senators snot    u-    ?    Mississippi    nit    On    DICyCie, Byrd iD-W.Va.) and Allen (D- ■ river three miles south of Mc- A.+p_na|J. Uupl Al..) said each senator would MSTronauT nun m.ike hjs own jUdgmcnls by his from it. Cedar Rapids does Increased Analysis City Chemist Tom Noth said an increased analysis program is under way to check the river tie change. “Judging from the amounts they are talking about. I would added that several key issues, including wages and an agency shop, need to be resolved. In event of a strike, Bell said, it expects to maintain service with management personnel. Most of the nation’s telephone system is automated and a walkout would have little effect (D-Wash.) on daj|y service. Contracts covering Bell Pm-to start over it p]oyes expired July 17 and were Gregor Rutledge’s cousin, Lynn Rut- __ .    .i i a    ,*.    , d j . SPACE CENTER, Houston own standards, ledge. 24. Cedar Rapids, died as . *    '    .    .. .    .    .    „ a result of the allision. Au- |AP) - toientist-astronau. Don Seu.tor Jackson .    _______to    (UmI    Hi    |1®P*V findings as lo cause of'-md has undergone    surgery    to    sald    Thursday an impeachment water, but    he    expects    to    find    lit-    ^ h<w no| ^ m.)dp ub    repair bones broken    in a    colli-    mal    would have de chance    |j(.    sion    between his bicycle and a this congress ended Jan 3 with- ox,cnd(^ on a dady basis with 4B Larkin Rutledge, operator of tar:    .    .    kM_'c>ut    a 'rerdfc<- Jacksons view bours- notice required for termi- .    .    ,,    ,    „    .    „    ,    .    ..    one of the boats, was fined $25    Llnd' «• wh" has n0‘    *as    in direct con let w.th    that of    nation doubt if were going to be able rIailtftn pnlinfv Maoisfrlin on a s^ce fll8ht, sustained Senate Democratic Leader Mike to find anything,” he said. jRoo„marv Tm»eke\ court for broken 1)00655 in the left leg’ Mansfield of Montana. The river water is tested re-    *    .    ‘    ,    left ankle and right hand in the scn-itor Mon to va il)-N Mi gularly for radioactivity by the °Pjerai, ka !a 1 )U ? .    .    accident, a space center spokes- sajd Nixon should not use public a comPanZ ProP°sa* a fWrainr nf th«» «w>nnH hftui    -    —-    saiQ    Nixon snouiu iioi list    puDitc    tbr^»e year contract providing Union leaders called for the strike vote July 18 after reject- state and by the city, even fined $30 and costs. Gary    '    , Mulholland, 618 Eleventh ave- Westmoreland Released Spring Valley, Minn., suffered a the city’s system, nue SE, fined $20 and costs.    WASHINGTON    (AP)    —||eg    injury    when    a    stack    of    wood-;    All    city    water    comes Vehicle control violation - Former Army Chief of Staff en posts fell on him while he wells. The testing of the river Operator of the second boat involved in the crash, Dan Bin man said The collision oc- nionev for his own defense in a first-year wage hikes ranging JC..CU,    running between the Johnson tova chairman of a senate sub- from 6 5 ,0 10 percent‘ lncrease* from by Clayton county Judge Ben SDacp Cpnter apd Na5sa|J    .....................of 3.3 percent were offered in OELWEIN-M B. Brandt, 41. j though no river water is used in    MrGrrenr    wan    tined    $151currod    as    Lind    crosscd    a roadlsenate impeachment trial. Mon- irirtCT Vallnv viinn Qllffpr $A th** nitl/’c cvcfom    gCTlCn,    I    leu    CgOl,    c.    v    »    rnriMlnrT    h**ttuo**n    th**    Irxhncmi A^.      r     a    l was working    for    the    North West-    water continues    regularly    in em railroad    here.    He    was in I    case it is needed as a backup Robert    Haslet!    117    a    army    hospital    after    treatment g(K)d condition    in    an    Oelwein    should something happen to    the NW.    fined    $30    and    for    persistent    laryngitis.    hospital.    well system. Kenneth Frederickson, Maren- william Westmoreland has been go fined $25 and eost.v    J    released    from    Walter    Reed Striking fixture* adjacent to street avenue Responsibility far minors .. vk*ARI8 veil Vartas Vein Skare. 2310 Northview W 'EARS AGO Warsaw drive, Marion, fined $t5 and was reported in flames from coNts.’    Russian    artillery. Disobeying a traffic signal       —------- O’Meara on a similar charge ^ ^eIJ^and Nassau bay’'c o m rn i 11 e e    review lurers    V    ,0    Lind.    who    holds    a    doctor’s    j    not    want    the    President    to    use *__degree in high energy nuclean one nickel of the money    for    the ell    Physics, currently is working!White House in    this bill    for    his Drive    Safely    ,>n the space shuttle program, own defense ” in 1 White    pv»nkit House budgets, said.    "Iwould 'h,e se“nd and ‘hizd    Vpar ad' d it UMI to raises tied to increases in the cost of living It Pays To Advertise for Any Occasion FLORAL ARRANGtMENTS r PIERSON’S FLOWER SHOP Your f t CT florin IHM un* Blvd NW l l OW! RPHON!: Maim_ Ut ti SH . . H O H MI N , frump! OrUrvrp MAWS ITI) rieOWKH suov 5008 Center IM. Rd. 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