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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 20 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., April 16, IO For Better Health nsion 10(1(1} By Jay Sharbutt Jean Shepherd's Humor rjNew Zoning Law Review Two Types of Products Available Nearly Done jQ    Deal with Problems rplimirmrv rpvimv nf n nm- NEW YORK (AP)-Radio humor, says Jean Sheperd. is an art “rarer than a five-winged butterfly.” He should know. He’s been at the art here since 1958. This year, he was set loose nationally on NBO Radio. For those who’ve never heard him, Shepherd isn't your usual Manhattan wise-guy. He’s more of a free association cross between Mark Twain and Herb Shriner. It’s a pity he’s only heard a few minutes on NBC’s “Emphasis” on weekdays and on “Monitor” weekends. He has an uncanny ability to bring genuine Americana into verbal bas-relief. Bom in Chicago, he was raised in a northern Indiana steel mill town he never identifies, apparently for fear the Chamber of Commerce will someday hire a hit man to say hello with a load of hot slag. * * * Although his NBC effort and most of his local radio work concern modern persons, themes and events, much of Shepherd’s fame stems from his spoken and written observations about youth in a rotting town. He spins magnificent yams about crappie fishing in fetid ponds, men who drink lots of boilermakers, life at Warren G. Harding school and mythical boyhood pals like Schwartz, Flick, Broder and Cosnowski. He is considered a master of blue-collar nostalgia. He also considers this honor a bum rap. “I’m not a reminiscer,” he groused. “I’m no more of a reminiscer than Bill Cosby. No, I’m serious. I’ve often wondered why, when Cosby talks about his mythical boyhood friends, he’s never called nostalgia.” * * * Shepherd, who does a 45- minute show on a local station here each weeknight, finds his audience a bit weird. They usually seem to recall only his dissertations on growing up in northern Indiana. “I don’t know why that is,” he said. “I've discovered that any time you mention anything to do with childhood on the air that’s as powerful to people as sex. “The next thing you know, they think that’s all you ever talk about,” he said, referring to childhood. “I’ll do three shows of satire on Norman Mailer and never heard a word about it, except from out of town. “I may do one story about Schw'artz and Flick and Broder and I’ll get a letter saying, ‘Gee, that's all you ever do and I love it.’ ” Alas, the local radio image he hates may wind up on rational TV because he wrote “Wanda Hickey’s Night of. Golden Memories and Other Disasters”, a collection of short stories about his adolescence. * * * He says there’s a strong possibility the book will be made into a TV movie this fall. The producers, he added, “want to use it as the basis for a series and I’d work in it both as a writer and performer. “They want to use an interesting technique, do it more or less in the ‘Our Town’ style, where I’d step in and cut of scenes.” It’d be his second go at national television. In 1971, he was on public TV in a wonderful 13-part exploration of the nation’s lesser-known comers in “Jean Shepherd’s America”. It appeared during an exciting era in public TV. he said, “but now they’re into old reruns of BBG castoffs. Ifs considered a great new program idea. They’re really deep into an Anglophile bag.” But the professor cf past and modem Americana doesn’t feel all is lost yet: “In fact, I saw a funny bumper sticker the other day on Sixth avenue. It said. 'Impeach Alistair Cooke’.” Preliminary review of a proposed new zoning ordinance for By Dr. S. L. Andelmun Cedar Rapids is drawing to a close, Planning Director Don; Salyer said Monday. The new ordinance is being Sweating causes two problems for most people: Wetness and odor. As you’d expect, tw'o types of products are available to prepared by the Chicago con_, deal with them. The deodorant suit ing I inn of Barton, Aschman worj^s against body odor. The and Associates. The city planning antiperspirant works against ,. , ,    ,    .    .    both    wetness    and    body odor. I sion, which has been reviewing This multipie aclion is desirable commis- the plan, has scheduled two meetings this week for further review. One is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. The other, at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, was scheduled as a contingency because sweat itself is relatively odorless; the odor comes!'— from the action of skin bacteria minum on sweat and other body secre- limit tions. As the name indicates, an an WIN AT BRIDGE Dr. S. L. Ancle' iman tibacterial ingredients to reduce body odor by inhibiting the By Oswald & James Jacoby growth of bacteria. Effectiveness The effectiveness of these products varies, depending on the individual’s normal flow of perspiration. This action is achieved through the use of metal salts, such as alu- , meeting, in case the review isn I iiperSpirant primarily reduces I completed Wednesday, Salyer the fIow of 'explained. Although the consulting firm ; is preparing the new ordinance,! I the planning commission has; been working closely with the! | company and has suggested 1 several revisions, Salyer said. I “The commission has been | very, very heavily involved in ; the review of this,” he said. The process to date has in-jvolved mainly the philosophies lot more 'of zoning and the definitions of £row up ! the various zoning lions. and zirconium, which the amount of sweat that reaches the surface of the skin.; The most common antiperspirant ingredients are aluminum chlorhvdroxide and alu- North and South reached their heart game by means of the classic bidding method called, “Poppa-Momma.” The contract was a fairly perspiration, his daily physical £°°d one, but it made because activity and the climate. Con- ^ast played the defense like t r a r y to some advertising dcar old Aunt Emma, claims, none of them will com- South was delighted with the pletcly stop perspiration; the diamond opening since it elimin-most that can be expected is a ated the necessity of hunting for reduction in sweating by 20 to 40 the enemy ace. He won the sec-percent. Claims Job Denied Due To Handicap Deodorants don’t affect the flow of perspiration in any way. Their ingredients generally in-minum chloride. An- cjU(je pcrfumc t0 mask odor and tiperspirants also contain an- As Youth, Agnew Pictured Himself Becoming Novelist antibacterial agents bacterial growth, used ingredients achlorophene, zinc to inhibit Commonly are hex-phenosul- NEW YORK (AP) - “When I was young, I thought it was a likely that I would to be novelist than classifica-| vice-president of the United States. The written word has fonate and methylbenzethonium chloride. Most tend to stick to the skin even after washing. As me to death,” says Ia result, the effectiveness of a deodorant builds up over a vice-president Pcriod of days- lt also taPers off srrnps:graduady ^ usc °f product is discontinued. What sort of deodorant pre- After the review is completed, always fascinated me.” the commission will begin what That's Salyer termed the major part of president frightens Agnew. The former said he doubted the would be too realistic for the pages of the Ladies Home Jour- how former Vice-Spiro Agnew de- rial. He added, "I have to admit 1 parafoil should you choose? In that I won't always be writing general, an antiperspirant may Television Listings 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—-KWWL-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KT VO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport Tuesday Night 8-WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa Cit/ 13—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque 6; OO 2—Action News * 7—News, Weather, Sots. 9—Wild Wild West 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News, Weather, Sots. 6—6 O'Clock Edition 8—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots. 12—Media Now 13—Eyewitness News 40—American Angler 6:30 2—To Tell Truth 7—Community Quiz 3—Bobby Goldsboro 4—Hee-Haw 6—Emergency 8—Bobby Goldsboro IO—Police Surgeon 12—Audubon Wildlife 13—Let s Make a Deal 40—Celebrity Bowl 7:00 2—Maude 7—Adam I? 9—Haoov Days 3—Hoddv Days 8—Maude IO—Adam 12 12—Bill Movers 13—Adorn 12 40—Happy Days 7:30 2—Hawaii Five-0 7—Mystery Movie 9—ABC Tuesday Movie— "Lost-Angry Man" 3—ABC Tuesday Movie— "Lost Angry Man" 4—Howoii Five-0 6—Mystery Movie 8—Hawaii Five-0 10—Mystery Movie 11—Mystery Movie 40—ABC Tuesday Movie— "Last Angry Man" 8:00 12—Black Journal 8:30 2—Movie — "Foreign Exchange" 4—NBA Playoff 8—NBA Playoff 9:00 7—Police Story 9—Marcus Welby 3—Marcus Welby 6—Police Story IO—Police Story 12—A Gold Watch and a Park Bench ’J—Police Story 40—Marcus Welby 10:00 2—ActionNews 7—News, Weather, 5pts. 9—Eyewitness News 3—Newsbeaf 6—IO O'Clock Edition IO—News, Weather, Sots. 12—Day at Night 13—Eyewitness News 40—Newsline 10:30 2—Movie— "Theater of Death" 7—Tonight 9—Wide World of Entertainment 3—Wide World of Entertainment 4—News, Weather, Sots. 6—Tonight 8—News, Sots., Weather IO—Tonight 12-Dental Ed. 13—Tonight 40—Wide World of Entertainment 11:00 4—Wild Wild West 8—CBS Movie— "Shootout at Medicine Bend" 11:30 12—Interlace 12:00 2—Last Word 7—Tomorrow 4—Rawhide 6—Tomorrow IO—Tomorrow 13—Tomorrow 1:00 4—Country Music Wednesday Morning 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—Garner Ted Armstrong 8—Sunrise Semester 7:00 2—CBS News 7—Today 9—Garner Ted Armstrong • 4—CBS News 6—Today 8—CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 9—Romoer Room 3—Waters Family 8:00 2—Coot. 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That should be completed dur scribes his new role as a writer. In an interview in the current areas of issue of Ladies Home Journal. Agnew says he decided to write from my own experience. I'm not a man of great experience in this area.” 16 a novel to build confidence after reacj hjs book Agnew said he couldn’t say f I whether President Nixon would Prc eIcnce A 20-year-olri Cedar Rapids man has filed a complaint against Wilson and Co., Inc., alleging he was denied employment because of a physical handicap. Tim Trimble, 1206 Eighth street NW, claims he was turned down when he applied for la job with the company last week because he has an artificial leg. “They told me I couldn’t do the work,” he told The Gazette. Trimble filed the complaint with the city human rights commission, which forwarded it to the state civil rights commission. The state unit has jurisdiction over complaints of discrimination against the handicapped, while the city docs not. Mark Doolin, administrative assistant for the city commission, said such complaints are fairly common. He also said that because of the huge backlog of complaints filed with the state commission, it could be two years or more before the Trimble complaint receives action. Hon Boyer, employe service manager at Wilson and Co., said he was not familiar with the case and had not been notified of the complaint. “We observe all the equal emplovment opportunity guide-personal that in all probability he would jjnes ” be said NORTH ♦ A Q 7 2 V 10 342 ♦ 97 ♦ 863 VV KST ♦ .18 5 V 7 5 ♦ g J10 2 ♦ J942 SOUTH (DI ♦ 10 4 V K Q J 9 3 ♦ K84 ♦ A K IO KAST 4 K 9 6 3 VAS ♦ A 6 5 3 ♦ y 75 West East-West vulnerable North    Ka st Pass Pass Pass 2* 4¥ Pass Pass South IV 3? Pass L Opening load — 4Q be better than a simple deodorant because it does all that a deodorant docs and more. The ond trick with his king and mw form is a matter of cream, roll-on lo- need a successful spade finesse ing the next several months, he a “very traumatic experience.” said. Restoration of Zoning Asked in Johnson Suit IOWA CITY — Alvin F. and Mary Joan Streb have filed a suit in Johnson county district court against Iowa City and the city council. The suit asks that the Streb property in Iowa City be returned to M-2 heavy industrial district zoning from R-1A single family zoning. The Strebs contend their land was involuntarily annexed and the zoning changed on Dec. I, 1965. Since then, the city has instigated several studies to determine the legality and appropriateness of the zoning action. The Strebs not only request return to former zoning, but also ask to be awarded damages I in the amount of $1,000 peri Agnew pled no contest to income tax charges and resigned the vice-presidency last 1 October. Every Word Agnew said he is writing I every w ord of the novel — “A Very Special Relationship” — himself, in longhand on lined yellow legal paper or dictating dialog in the den of his Maryland home. The book is about a vicepresident a decade in the future who “becomes the dupe of Iranian militants who want to cause an all-out confrontation between [ the U. S. and the Soviet Union.” Agnew says he will use his personal knowledge of the vicepresidency and the Washington “I have had no contact with him since I resigned,” Agnew said. “Actually I don’t knowhow much reading Mr. Nixon does or what his personal habits are.” tion or aerosol spray, and roll-ons seem to provide better protection, but many peo- trumps. pie prefer aerosols because they and led are easy to apply. * * * Dr. Andelman welcomes let tors outlining problems he may from dummy. Mechville Man Fined On Gratuities Charge TIPTON I- Marlin F. Flynn, former superintendent of public works at Mechanicsville, Monday pled guilty to four counts of violating the Iowa gifts and gratuities law. He was fined $175. Flynn was charged by Cedar county Attorney Edward Kemp on April I. At the same time. Marv Prysoek, a salesman for Guarantee Chemical Co., was charged with two counts of vio- scene but that Vice-president I*1*: *<uv „    __    ...    *    I    I    hrt    mFnrme discuss in future columns. He regrets, however, he cannot per sonally answer mail. Write him in care of The Gazette. \s is the case with discrimination based on sex or race, the he led his king of guidelines require a “bona fide East won with the ace restriction" for denying a job to a complainant. In other words, discrimination would not exist if it were demon-a club i strafed the complainant is unable to perform the duties of the job for which he applied. Trimble said his leg was am-f°l* jputated after an auto accident about five vears Creams to make his contract Then . East won \ a trump back. South won in his own hand and played his ace of clubs. Then he ruffed his last diamond and led Lift Controls on Foot! Products Porter Newton Canfield of the book is not Spiro Agnew, or any I other former vice-president. Love Scenes Canfield is a wealthy, aristocratic Ivy Leaguer who falls in I month after March 13. 1974, love with the secretary of until the zoning return is com-Health, Education and Welfare pletcd. House OHI Drops Homestead Provision DES MOINES (AP) - A bill I making it easier for persons buying homes on contract and j persons who are elderly or disabled to file for homestead credits passed the Iowa house 90-0 Monday. The bill eliminates a requirement that persors buying on contract must own at least IO percent of the home before they are eligible for the homestead credit. It also allows persons 65 and o'der or disabled to apply for the tax credit by mail. The bill now returns lo the senate, which passed it earlier in a somewhat different form. Anii-Sfreakinq Law Is Passed In Des Moines DES MOINES (UPI) - The I Des Moines city council passed an ordinance Monday ■ ) night designed to outlaw “streaking” and other public display of specific sexual parts of the body. The council voted to waive a I requirement that the law be voted on at three successive council meetings so it can j become effective immediate-| ly. The ordinance would not ban public exposure of naked babies or breast-feeding mothers. Assistant City Attorney Wil- I ham Groteluschen said in ad-i dition to streaking, or running nude in public, the law is “in- | tended’’ to prohibit the nude I modeling at adult book stores and massage parlors here. Councilman Jack Woods said he asked for the new law because the city's old indecent exposure ordinance was ruled unconstitutional earlier this month by Associate District Judge Luther Clanton, jr.. who said the old statute was too vague. AB v*r*l **menf The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. — “beautiful, amber-eyed Meredith Lord.” “Writing these love scenes SEVENTEEN The informations alleged that Flynn accepted $20 from Prysoek Sept. I, 1972: $30 on Nov. I, 1972 from Prysoek; $50 from Joe Fowler, salesman for Del Chemical, Nov. I, 1972. and $40 from Fowler in April of 1973. Prvsock was charged with the Sept. I. 1972. and the Nov. I, 1972, counts. Flynn resigned as public works superintendent last July 14. by Bernard Lansky WASHINGTON (API - The Cost ot Living Council (CIX) Monday lifted wage and price controls from food retailers and wholesalers, including supermarkets, one of the last big industries which had still been subject to the administration’s dying price control program. But Council Director John Dunlop said that while there might be some price increases, the decontrol of the food indu-try should not result in ‘ inordi natc rises in food prices in the months ahead ...” The decontrol action affects virtually all foods on the supermarket shelf. Combined sales of (he food distribution industry last year were estimated at $228 billion The decontrol also applies to the wages of the approximately 2.5 million workers. The dear old Aunt Emma type sitting East had been paying no to attention to the play and lowed with her last low club Now South put up his king and led his last club. East won with the queen and South had the rest of the tricks since East had to lead a diamond to give a rutf and discard, or a spade away from his king. ago. LAFF - A - DAY The bidding has been: West Pass North IX 2f Kist Pass Pass 16 South lf Six Percent Air Fare Hike Goes into Effect WASHINGTON (AP) - The cost o fdomestic air travel went up another 6 jKTcent at midnight Monday — the second rate increase by the airlines in last five months. The two fare boosts added $19 to the cost of a to-eoast one-way coach since November. The increases apply only to flights within the 48 contiguous ,states. Air fan* for Hawaii and Alaska are not affected. You. South, hold ♦ K 2 VA J 76 5 48 6 4 *g 9 4 What do NOU do now' A —Bid three hearts. Your partner has a minimum hand, hut the tact that he can raise hearts means there may well be a chain e tor game. Ins lie it. TODAYS QUESTION Instead of raising to tw o heat is your partner has rebid to two clubs. What do you do now ? Answer Tomorrow Board To Soil Truman Annex The Cedar Rapids Community school board Monday night agreed to offer the Truman annex buildings for sale. The buildings, at 199 Day street NW and 200 Carter street NW, were appraised at $21,500 the and $21,000. respectively. The board set May 2 as the date for receiving bids to be “You have it all wrong, lady — it s your home thermostat that vou keep at C8 and your car at 55!” have coast- considered by the board June ticket IO. The buildings were used last year to hoiiFc the district’s informal school but were closed after last year as an economy; measure. 'How tall are you, Sheldon?...! feet lately!" haven't seen you on your NOW! Furnace cleaning special! MI95 Don* I \\ aU*h FUZZY a Reg. $23.57 Value . . . 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