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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Dave Stockton s 66 Snaps Masters Out of Lethargy Greenf Irwin Shot Back; Nicklaus Down J AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP)—He’s a scrambler, a spoiler and a scrapper and he's the thundercap that snapped the 38th Masters Golf Tournament out of its 48 hours of lethargy. “I don't remind anybody of Ben Hogan,” says Dave Stockton, ‘‘but I get the job done. Nobody wants to play Jack Nicklaus head-to-head but I like the idea of trying to beat him here, where he owns the air. with anybody,” Stockton said, commenting on his peculiar round which included frequent forays into Augusta’s jungles but only 26 putts. ‘‘He has beaten up on us so long, it would be nice to get even.” Stockton, 32, from Westlake, Calif., with the dark good looks of a Hollywood matinee idol, I p/erce fired a six-under-par 66 to take the    lead    into    today’s third    Stockton is    not    brazenly round    over    the    7,020-yard, sub-1 brash but is a fierce competitor missive Augusta National | who seems to thrive on an ad-course.    versary    position. In the 1970 PGA at Tulsa, Okla., he made himself unpopular by beating out Arnold Palmer, who still has not won1 the PGA. Going down    the    stretch, Dave’s ears rang with the cries of Arnie’s Armv: ‘‘Go, Amie, Go!” Stockton got    fed    up and; turned to one yelling, stamp- -UPI Telephoto tureen s term Hubert Green's facial expression told the story Friday at the 18th green in the Masters golf tourney. Hubert fired a two-under-par and was in a second place tie with Hale Irwin at 138. Green s Goal: Avoid Welfare Provides Shock He provided the shock needed to wake everybody up. ‘‘I am confident,” he insisted. ‘‘Sometimes I pump myself up and tell everybody I’m playing super. It’s just a show because I’m scared. Now I really feel it. I don’t feel scared of anybody.” Stockton’s 71-66—137, seven under par, gave him a single group and said: ‘‘Amie | .stroke advantage over Hubert; ain’t going anywhere." ; Green and Hale Irwin, each In this year's Los Angeles with 68-70, and two shots over Open at Riviera, Stockton and the veteran Frank Beard, 69-70. the 61-year-old Sam Snead were and Jim Colbert, the first round fighting head-to-head down the leader, 67-72.    stretch with the crowd pulling The six-foot Californian didn’t heavily for the old warrior in have to look much farther back I the coconut straw. to see the menacing shadows of; 0n the J7lhi Snead remarkcd some of the game s most potent ,0 Stockton: “In 1950, I made practitioners: the 34 favorite birdics on (he last tw0 bo]es Nicklaus, Brush Open king;here beat Bon „    „ Tom Wetskopf, Gene Lit er. S(ock)on was slunned ^ Jerry Heard and Dan S,kes,!said hc wan(ed to retort were all bracketed at HIL .w M M „ but he Before Stockton scrambled in .    .. tnnr1„n {Un ,:nol „ *i a t Lu j    kept his tongue. On the final near the end of the day Friday ■ , i a    c , ...    ..    .    ,    J    ,    nole Stockton made one of the with his spectacular round- ( t h ,    ,    hj    career t0 bouncing the ball off trees, greatest snots ot ms career to slamming out of constant I™ tbe, tour,nam“t' ^ trouble and fending off disaster . Mocgton, '“mod his game „ Bruce l/0Hilt with a blast-hot putter—every-i    I” JI* fa,ber\a former pro,: Assort* and kids about his driving ‘‘I fall off the tee while Masterful Stockton AP Wirephoto Dave Stockton held up his ball after he fired a sizzling 66 Friday to vault into the second-round lead in the Masters Golf tourney. Stockton's 137 total leads Hubert Green and Hale Irwin, who are tied for second place with 138s. Rettenmund Remembers HRs one was decrying the fact that no player was making a move. s - to!Pittsburgh in front 4-2 in the stay.    third inning—but two-run dou- Rettenmund's blast off relicv- hies by Ted Sizemore and Ted I pitching, hitting and fielding to- that put Cincinnati ahead lated press sports writer    ; gether for nine innings and— The San Diego Padres finally I owner Ray Kroc’s opinions not-r—j— —u ..w.w. imaking imnaet ” he    did something they'd been withstanding—got their first or Jack Aker in the seventh Simmons in the seventh vaulted “So many of us are playing Kridnv’s round ho kent una^e *° do all year, the Pitts- victory of the season, beating was just frosting. "I wasn t the Cardinals in front by two. head-to-head, nobody is spring- /JI inrr 'r. VT™’ fr burgh Pirates still can't do it. San Francisco 3-2.    swinging well tonight, so I don’t Doubles by Ed Kirkpatrick AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) - Gre-i 18th green and Heard only two ing out in front,” Irwin said.!    ™    soling; mio me, And Cincinnati-S Merv Ret I    Braves’ real,y know hovv 1 80t that and Richie Hebner for a run in garious Hubert Green, who strokes back-a real pressure‘‘There’s nobody out there to !___; f T _ I a    tenmund    ... well, let him tell!    ’    ‘    one,” he mused.    the eighth and Richie Zisk s While Rettenmund was hit- says he’s ‘‘just trying to stay situation normally—they had chase.” recovering for pars and birdies J you what he can do. off welfare,” visited the Mas-the huge gallery murmuring Nicklaus, shooting for his11 JJ^ay arJ    I    “I    can    do    something    Hankj *ing his 52nd career homer, Aa- Need To Follow ters Golf Tournament press in- when they clowned around in fifth Masters terview room Friday and drawl- mock anger over who would agreed, ed, ‘‘If I’m here again the last putt first, day, that will be fine.    j    ‘    I just enjoy playing with ‘‘I don’t get out there all that f>uys    la^ and have often, so I’m always excited he explained. about being around the lead. Pe tadts himself when his follow. The course is sitting out Green, whose career earnings! Par^||K‘r a talker.    there, ready to be taken.’ in five years as a pro total $314,000, tied for 14th last year and for 22nd place in 1972. He met the press after leading the field brieflv in the sec Padres 3, Giants 2    homer in the    ninth tied it for ”• ;.r I he insists “I don't co to slecD ;    ‘    ““    ............ -----j„7    'V.T7:    :    Steve    Arlin    and    Vicente'he Bucs-but it was only a crown, quickly * he insist^ don t go to sleep. Aaron can-t d#i„ Iie„enmund eon was dong what bes been Romo scaUered sjx San Fran. temporary reprieve. “* Can rcmcmbor ev-do^S a .year when he hasn    hi,    ca|mi    down    a    San    In    the    lith.    Tim McCarver, rv as h?rT‘    ery bome run 1 ever hit"    .£ ?wS . "“Diego mound staff that had Lou Brock and Reggie Smith Stockton corrected his swine    In    case yOU re lntcrestcd- ™ss    ,hree. at‘ba,s aga!ns    been shelled    for    80 hits and    52    singled and    St. Louts    had    the “If    somebody shot    real    well,”j    ‘ ,Iv a[lcr SMin„ Dhotos    he's    664 behind The Hammer. _ Clay Kirby jus as he did last runs in six losing games.    winning run. Jack    said,    “the    others    would    bjhf"i, in a Jmanese mara    Rettenmund hit a big one Fri-;S un d    a y in Line in-    And Dave    Roberts wh0 had    Astros    5, Dodgers 3 zinc lie wears a cornier So'day    night ta A,,an‘a- a g™dfati "'    ***** Clay Klrby'    given the Giants    a run with    an    “Downing    made a    mistake inner isn t a talker.    there,    ready to be taken.” ^ J L r7„ht hnnd LSn slammer'    Eight    Aarons    in    the    lineup    error, got it back for the Padres off me.” May said in a less- lle explained how he bogeyed Moet of the players and the    ...    nainin    Not    that    ,he Rcds exactly probably wouldn't have helped with a game_winning tie.break. t h a n-m i I d understatement. the ninth Friday to slip back to 0tfler observers felt that Big , t t k t rf th needed it. They beat the much, not with the Reds slap-    ing Sjngje in the seventh.    “He’s tough.    I didn’t know’ if two over par for the round. jack was the man to do it in arm r \ „    doesnt do Braves brains out, waltzing to ping five Atlanta pitchers around ..j*m proud of my pjayers we were going to get him for a “‘Hubert,’ I said, ‘Hit it hard the closing rounds today and any 8    a 14-2 victory.    for 18 hits. The big one wasn't and our fans because* they nev- while. He keeps you unbalanced enough to get it to the hole.’So. sunday. Although he has played Best Round    The    Padrcs’    the whipping Rettenmund’s but Dave Con-cr gave up » said san Diego at the plate. I was just fortu- I hit it and    it stopped eight feet    two rather mediocre    rounds short.”    for Nicklaus—the blond bomb- win at    six-under    par.    one    stroke , Asg,'(‘.if    h<! "as,    “n“™d    ardier was„on,y ,brc<'    shots off behind    leader    Dave    Stockton.    »bout ho    game a    the urn    the pace after a VI. One newsman asked Green if <'rel'n. replied I ve been “A score of 140 ut in a good he thought he should have been around.loag .Tf v™, • t en STT    a    P#W'' included among the Young"omed about that' You are g0- Nlcklaus sald'    1 bave ond round. Green goes into Saturday’s play tied with Hale Ir- Lions—Johnny Crenshaw and kins—who Gene S the Miller, Beni Fanny Wad-arazcn, a golf con- Stockton’s 66 round of the day, with Miller Barber getting a 67 to place at 142. Tied at 141 were former champion Bill Casper, J. C. Snead. Ray Floyd, Phil Rod- boys of the National League un- cepcion’s, a two-run double in Manager John McNamara. ~ nate that the ball went out of was the best til now, finally put some clutch the sixth inning off Ron Reed    bad six outstanding the park.” plays in the outfield (including Mays shot off sixth inning /St/ s Sands Clocks :09c2, But Ti me Erased will become the golf this year big names of ing to make some bogeys here fidence in my swing. Nobody 8ers and Bobby Nichols, and you’ve just got to keep go-,has done much.”    The    cutoff    for the low 44 ing. I am very pleased with my Dan Sikes, the non-practicing; players and ties was 148. Casu-| driving and I am hitting the Jacksonville, Fla., attorney alties included Tommy Aaron, AlfSTIN, Texas (IPI) - Iowa|reported at :09.6 and :09.5, and Hall of Fame member,    predicts    balJ just about whcre I want to.    who    was paired with Nicklaus    the defending champion, 77-73—    ^tate s cllve Sands and “Winning at Augusta would    and    matched him stroke for    150; former champion    Gay    Brake two-mile relay    team!variation, mean more to me than any oth-stroke, predicted: “It looks like Brewer, 75-75—150, and Tony wcre expected to make strong The Cyclones’ Mike Tyson “\ou are trying to get mc    to    er tournament because of my    Jack    is ready to be tough.”    Jacklin, former U.S. and    Brit-    b,ds for championships    in    the    also qualified    for    the    long    jump say something I dont    want    to    k,nknmnn/4 wKnro i’m tmm »* The least concerned seemed    ish Open champion from    Eng-    'Texas Relays today.    finals, but    reinjured    his    leg    in . „ to be Stockton, a University of; land, 81-71—152.    Sands,    unofficially    clocked    at    one of the heats for the 100-yard " I Southern California graduate For the first time, no ama- seconds on the scoreboard d3sh and was forced out of com sai who has been on the tour lO teur qualified. Britain’s Trevor data t*mer; eajdy qualified for petition.    Thorn    am    aamnc    in    on years and whose greatest mo-. Homer, 1972 British amateur ^6 finals in the 100-yard dash R was a day p.- *l. ment in golf was winning the champion, had the best score— semifinals. He earlier posted amember Drake .. ,, ^ background, where I’m from,” say so I wont say it. Green (;recB w replied. I ve missed the cut replied four times this year. I'm just trying to stay off welfare.” When he wasn’t missing the cut, he w'as winning two events, finishing third in another and adding $82,722 to his earnings, second best this season. “I haven’t won any of the major tournaments yet,” he ex- P!aiTCd.' TT LWm a bunch|iowa Conference Relays Friday,! of PGAs, U.S. Opens, MastersL    v,hir*h nn loam tntalc u^m Penn, Luther Sweep Track Conference PELLA— William Penn and Luther dominated the field in run-saving catches by John; wiped out the 2-1 lead the Grubb, Bobby Tolan and Matty i Dodgers had eked out against Alou) and Arlin gave us what winner Claude Osteen, who we needed on our pitching went to the Astros in the deal staff—seven strong innings out'that sent Jimmy Wynn to Los of a starter... He gave our Angles. Osteen was shaky and bullpen a lift and I think win- needed relief help. Wynn went the|there was no cxplanatioiTforThe a^ag^a^,a '»>»' p™ “‘Tiler all the anxiety about Cards 7, Pirates 6 Pitchin6 a&ainst 0,d leanl-“You look around this locker ma*fs’ ^ can t help but say I room and you see a lot of tai- iWanted to &et Wynn out, Os-the Pirates’ Dave Parker teen admitted. Tonight I w. with a sigh. “There s no way we’re going to panic. It was a poor day for the 12-l3nd a lcam wiu bave its ups a little too careful. I was getting behind the hitters and then had to come in with their pitch.” PGA in 1970. “If I’m putting I can putt in the British books. for which no team totals were kept. Luther won four relays and and tournaments like that, then 1 11 have somcthisg to say. Right now. I’m just trying to hang in there and enjoy the game.” Green drew Chi Chi Rodriguez as his playing partner in the opening round and Jerrj    jeague me(d May 11-12 Heard Friday—two of the tour s ind,anoia most outgoing players TSU Sparkles In Relay Wins six events in all, but Penn picked up the remaining eight j    m    wm    °ver Mankato State in a titles along with the other three    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — None of the three winning dual track meet here Friday. relays.    Texas Southern, long dominant ’ times was a record. In fact, the Former Cedar Rapids Jeff The Relays is a preliminary lo in the college division, turned only University Division mark prep star Dennis Root! figured ...    .    .. I flirted with all day ended in di- in three first places as he won its sights on university comPetl-lSaster for LSU’s Larry Shipp. (the 440 dash and participated in tion this year and is still steal- ghipp flashed to a record both winning relays. 7742-149. He was a SJXKU Shotl Rme in the I—ane.    ,o“q^fyT„TSS    ^"now we're down and for his performances were later ^TmCs werTex^cT W6 CCr,ain'y are"'1 haFRV WHh  _jever, the Bulldogs were expect-,    an Q.5 start, but    ifs not the end ed to make a strong showing    0f the world.” Former    Jeff    Star    today for the two-mile relay    st Louis    Manager    Red Roloff Sparks UNI u‘vsn,  .Schoendienst emphatically con- ,    Drake’s Wayne Franklin in    curred. “Five    losses    don't CEDAR    FALLS    —    Burlington,the high hurdles and Chris Van    mean a thing.”    he said.    “The freshman Al .Morgan captured, ,\ukcn in the high jump also season's too long.” the IOO ami 220-yard dashes to faued to make it to the finals. I Roberts’ three-run homer put lead Northern Iowa to a 110-44-----------------1 ALWAYS IN FIRST PLACE I Ikisoball SlaiMlings at MEN'S DIVISION They had fun. In fact, with pen®/ 2PBob-Gothene?nwaPrtbu%;W3,llR^ ing the show in the Texas equalling 13.7-second clocking in Green leading the field on the Hiqh jump _ 1. jim Graves, william Relays. Penn; 2. John Wilson, Simpson; 3. Jack Leaders Dave Stockton Hubert Green Hale Irwin jim Colbert Frank Beard Jerry Heard Tom Weiskopf Gene Littler Jack Nicklaus Dan Sikes Phil Rodgers Ray Floyd Bobby Nichols Billy Casper J. C. Snead Bruce Devlin Miller Barber Don Iverson Gary Player Dave HUI Ralph Johnston Chi Chi Rodriguez Al Geiberger Sam Snead Kermit Zarley Julius Boros Bruce Crampton Larry Ziegler Ben Crenshaw Leonard Thompson Graham Marsh Bud Allin Hugh Baiocchi Johnny Miller John Schlee Charles Coody Art Wall Bob Goalbv Maurice Bembridve Orville Moody Arnold Palmer Peter Oosterhuis Ed Sneed Babe Hiskev Monck, Buena Vista; 6-2. Long jump — I. Rich Steinberg, Luther; j 2. Tim Cannon, Luther; 3. Jim Koch, Buena Vista; 21-9*4. ,-v. Javelin — I. Bill Tower, William Penn; I7 2. Tony Viscous William Penn; 3. Bill £ Brown, Dubuque; 195. xii iS Po|p vault — I. John Hahn, Luther; 2. Sii” ii Bob Tirone, Buena Vista; 12-6. WI TA Ho Triple jump — I. Percy Graves, Wil-lo lie Nam Penn; 2. Steinberg; 3. Warren Kuh, 71-69 I AO J Luther; 46-2. Discus — I. Patik; 2. Brown; 3. Dirth; the prelims of the 120-yard high >jjj 2. Chip Kinnunen (MS); 3. The swift, smooth Hous team streaked to a pair of relay the semifinals after twice jump- 1. Northern Morqan); 2. Mankato State; :43.0. . Mile — I. Dennis Schultz (UNI) 2. Rich victories Friday night and ing the gun. emerged as a major contender Two junior college records 4se"Schwam <dN,,; 3- Je,‘ Rose (U*I); National League American League East East W L Pct. GB w L Pct. GB Montreal 2 0 I OOO I Baltimore 4 2 .667 — St. Louis 5 I .833 — I New York 4 2 .667 — Chicago 2 I .667 I 1 <t Milwaukee 3 2 .600 '2 New York 2 3 .4u0 2' i I Boston 2 2 .500 I Philadelphia 2 3 .400 2 12 1 Detroit 3 4 .429 I' a Pittsburgh 0 5 .OOO 4' 12 ; Cleveland 5 .167 3 West West San Francisco 5 2 .714 - ; California I .833 — Los Angeles 5 3 .625 1 2 Minnesota I .750 I Cincinnati 4 3 .571 I : Oakland 2 .600 11 j Houston 4 3 .571 I Kansas City 2 2 .500 2 Atlanta 3 5 .375 2' j * Texas 2 4 .333 3 San Diego I 6 .143 4 Chicaqo 0 5 .OOO 4’ 2 69-71—140, 69-71 — 140] iii a 69-71 —140 1 72-69—141 69 72-141 73-68—141 70-71—141 73-68-141 70-72—142 75-67-142 68 74-142 71-71—142 71-72—143 72-71—143 70-74—144 Friday's Games v inclnnati 14. Atlanta 2 for the outstanding team trophy, jt u rn b I e d . New Mexico JC    cooE“aT%s)?e2Plejcam.l v^n^os^and    Houston, Los Angelo 2' 11 At least one thing appears eclipsed the distance medley    (ULNon« ?impn-PV#kMUjNacks2n27('uNi); 2.    oniyDgImes'sSch2dui£Tcisco ‘ certain. Host Texas, last year’s relay mark with a 19-minute    ?uni);23.3v1un,); 3' Mark chard00l,as Spring medley relay — I. Luther (Teddy Gray, Cannon, John Jorgenson, Tim Williamson); 2. Wartburg; 3. Simpson, 3:44 2. 440 relay—I. William Penn (John Kos-man, Bill Olson, Tom Groomes, John Harrison); 2. Central; 3. Luther; :44.7. Two-mile relay —I. Luther (Bill Howell, Dave Hansen, Al Jacobsen, Kirk Ntu-. bauer); 2. Central; 3. William Penn; a muffed handoff chilled their 8:29 2. winner, is not likely to repeat. The Longhorns failed to score. David Nelson broke the 440-yard in either the distance medley relay when a runner fell down and in the 880-yard relay when 880 relay — I. William Penn (Kosman, bid. 2, I p.m. Cincinni ____ _ (Morton 0-1), 7:35 p m. Philadelphia (Lonborg 0-1) at New York (Matlack 1-0), 2:15 P.m. 76 68 l4*i 0lsOn- Groomes, Harrison); 2. Luther; 3. 72-72—144 73-71 — 144 75-70-145 73-72—145 72 73—145 75 70—145 73-72-145 Central; 1:34.7 Distance medley —I. Luther (Daman Archbold, Tom Mansen, Ken Potter, Williamson); 2. Wartburg; 3. Central; 11:08.4. 480 Shuttle hurdle relay — I. Penn (Groomes, John Dunn, Kosman, Harri- 76-49 Us I son)2. Luther; 3. Central; 1:02.2. 73-73—146 Mile relay — I. Luther (Neubauer, Ran- 75-71 146 dy Schroeder, Jorgensen, Gray); 2. Wart- 72-74- 1461 burg; 3. Burna Vista; 3:30 WOMEN S DIVISION 440 relay—I. Luther (Pam Edsen, Rim Johnson. Paula Stout. Barb Uhl); 2. Centra1; 3. Wartburg; :55.8 75-71—146 74-72-146 70-77-14’ 76-71-147 73-74—147 74 73—147 76-71—147 79 60-147 74-74—14R 70-78-148 Texas Southern won the sprint medley handily in 3 minutes 18.5 seconds and dipped to a 1:22.3 in moving past University of Texas-El Paso in the 880-yard relay. Missouri, with Charlie Mc- Saturday's Games nit,-.,.-----1 Itan    ll,kilt    <» Montreal (Torrez 0-0 and McAnally 0-0) 57.8 time and Cisco, Texas JC’s KeDv'nUSK^' (KMS),5c3WaLir/yUNH)ikes f ,c",cma8° (Bonnam 10 and Fra,,in9 0-0)' (UNI); 144-m«.    1 P 120 high hurdles — I. Scott Noltens- hurdles mark with a 52.2-second    WMSwi,linH (UN,); 3’ effort.    DorsetT (MsTj* Steve* Deselano2' (UNI); j (°'°) M Pi,,sbur9h Minnesota, meanwhile, put :5?m - I. Al Morgan (UNI); 2. steve (WMsonAMfe8*35SDUtm the Gopher stamp on the three-ISH. (UN,,; 3\ Rick Freeburq (UN,,; mile run as Garry scooted to a 13-minute. (UNI); 2. Darwin Wissink TZinrlrlimrl 88° ~    Oennis Schultz (UNI); 2. Jim nJOiKlUnU Tatman (UNI); 3. Mike Bvinqton (UNI); 40 1:51.9. ’u'    440    intermediate    hurdles — I. Scott Nol- second winning time with team-;’^*7 Bob schultz (ms>; -.six mate Dennis Lee right behind in m^,0 Iuni>;a,3 MRKkn Fr«bir02(unm 13.43.6.    Three-mile — I. Rich Twedt (UNI); 2. The spotlight focused today on (sfivN#,7?ei«^5nsomore <MS,; 3‘ Ron Pe,eri a tnn nf wnrlrl rfipnrH hnlHorc Jflvolin **• I* Gene Chindndcr (UNI)/ 2,i a mo or wona recora noiaers,iGreq 0,son (MS); 3> steve Miqh (und;| shot putters Al Feuerbach and ,80P*le vau„ _ Cevm Peterson (mS); 2. Los Angeles (Sutton 2-0) at Houston n. Acquisto 1-0) at San Diego (Arlin 0-1), IO p m. Sunday's Games St. Louis at Pittsburgh, 2, 1:05 p.m. Cincinnati at Atlanta, 2:15 p.m. Montreal at Chicago, 2:15 p.rn Philadelphia at New York, 2:15 p m. Los Angeles at Houston, 3:05 p.m. San Francisco at San Diego, 4 p.m. Friday's Games Boston 6, Detroit 3 j Kansas City at Minnesota, ppd., rain 1 Baltimore 5, Milwaukee 3 Cleveland 9, New York I California 15, Chicaqo I Only games scheduled Saturday's Games New York (Medich 1-0) at Cleveland (Tidrow 0-0), I P.m. Detroit (Lolith 0-2) at Boston (Wise C-0), 2 p.m. Kansas City (Pattin 0-0) at Minnesota (Corbin 1-0), 2:15 p.m. Baltimore (Cuellar 0-0) at Milwaukee (Kobel 0-0), 2:30 P.m. Texas (Bibby 1-1) at Oakland (Blue 0 * 0), 4:30 p m. Chicaqo(Bahnsen 0-1) at California1 (Lockwood 0-0 or May OO), IO p.m. Sunday's Games New York at Cleveland, 2, I p.m. Detroit at Boston, 2 P.m. Kansas City at Minnesota, 2:15 p m. Baltimore at Milwaukee. 2:30 p.m. Texas at Oakland, 4:30 p m. Chicaqo at California, 5 p.m. t * I Mullen’s closing 4:01 mile the George Woods and high jumper Juno*)?" Kellh Schmidt and s,eve rord 880 relay—I. Luther (Jan Tatman, Uhl, I cnrinahmrrl nrxsnH nut Okl'ihn- Dwight Stnnpq    Triple    jump    —    I.    Greg    Olson    IM?);    2. Denice Duenow, Johnson); 2. Central; 3.    Spi MgDOcJfQ, nOSCu OUI UKIdnO    UWlgm olOIlLb.    Bj(| cook (UNI); 3. Mark Chardoulias ma State to take the distance! The three represent    the Pacif-    (U<JJ,,k); rei*vVa— 1. Northern iowa (steve medley in 9 minutes 38 seconds. I    ic Coast Track club.    d^2iroioH);#2 FMaenkato^tlte,B3VT?50n’ Wartburg; 2:01.3 Mile medley — I. Central (Pam Hen-ricks, Karen Walboord, Jan Christie, Sue Pepper); 2. Wartburg; 3. Luther; 5:08.2. DID YOU KNOW THAT: On July 30, 1924, in Philadelphia, Bill Sherdel strode out of the St. Louis Cardinals' bullpen, in a game against the Phillies. Nobody was out and runners were on second and first. Sherdel threw one pitch. The batter, attempting to bunt, popped to Bottomley near first. Bottomry quickly threw to shortstop Cooney to double the runner at second and Cooney threw to Hornsby, covering first, to triple the runner at first. One pitch resulted in a triple play. The only time ever, in baseball history. ;

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