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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cli\t Cf belite RupuU (fhtjcHc — Gazette Photo by John Mclvor Special Ed Circus ER “Jolly Joker’’, Clayton Kruse, blows up balloons for kindergarten, the rest of the school complete with a junior high band, unicycles, and first and second graders at circus presented Thursday by the special animals, education pupils of Hiawatha school. The pupils put on the circus for — AP Wirephoto Mad Hatter Since Faster bonnets are normally reserved for girls, 5-year-old David Brown of Indianapolis reacted like any normal little boy when he was surprised while wearing one Kindergarten pupils at School 105 on the Indianapolis northeast side made bonnets from paper plates, gift wrap ribbons, artificial flowers and lace and staged an Easter parade through other classrooms — UPI Telephoto All Alone AH alone after hearing the guilty verdict read to her husband, Mrs. Tony Boyle was comforted by Boyle’s brother, R. J. Boyle, while awaiting her car outside the Delaware county courthouse in Media, Pa Boyle, former president of the United Mine Workers, was convicted on three counts of murder in the first degree for the Yablonski murders Comforting Munds Maude Van Kley, 84, is assisted from a fire scene in Denver by John Holzebos, 75, left, and Denver Fireman George Garramone. Hulzebos’ wife, Florence, 62, died in the fire. Hulzebos received first degree burns on his head and ears The fire chased several residents into the snow barefooted. Nixon s Accusations Are Making American Fishermen Boiling Mad By Art Buchwald WASHINGTON — At this point in time it seems to me that President Nixon and his small band of hardy defenders would be careful not to alienate any group in this country unnecessarily. The White House probably dttesn’t even realize it, but it has made practically every fisherman in America boiling mad Foster Walden, a friend and devoted angler, told me: “Every time the house judiciary committee asks for a piece of palier or a tape the President accuses them of going on a fishing expedition.” “What’s wrong with that’’’ “Nixon seems to indicate that there s something wrong with fishing." “Come on. Foster, you’re oversensitive ” “I am not,” he said angrily. “Fishing, thanks to the Administration, now has a dirty connotation to it. Just yesterday I told some friends at the office I was going on a fishing expedition this weekend, and they said they were going to report me to security ” . “That’s ridiculous, Foster When Nixon or the White House accuses the house committee of going on a fishing expedition they’re not talking about fishing.”    »uchwald “What are they talking about?” he demanded. “They’re talking altout the house asking for records and tapes that they have no business asking for “Well, why don’t they just say that?” §\UMh>r ta Explain “Because it’s easier to explain it to the American people if you say they’re on a fishing expedition.” “What has fishing got to do with Watergate?” “Well, I guess the first image that comes to mind is someone sitting there holding a pole in his hand who doesn't know what he’s doing.” “You see. That means if you go fishing you’re stupid,” Foster said. “Not necessarily. It could also mean you’re trying to get some poor defenseless fish to bite on your hook ” “That’s even worse,” Foster yelled angrily. “Fishing is one of the greatest sports in the world You don't harm anyone You don’t bother anyone. You sit there with your thoughts and you forget all about the mess they made of everything in Washington. “Why did they have to drag dirty politics into fishing.’” “I guess because the White House feels that if the American people find the house committee is on a fishing expedition, they’ll believe congress is up to no good. After all. Foster, most people do think fishing is an asinine way to pass the time.” Murk and Mire Foster was livid. “It is not a stupid way to pass the time, and if all those people who get messed up in Watergate had gone fishing instead of what they did, they wouldn’t be in tin* trouble they’re in today. Fishermen at least have enough sense to stay out of muck and mire. “Those are harsh words, Foster,” I said. “Look at it from Nixon’s point of view He has to use every defense he can. lf he can prove congress is just fishing, he can save himself from being impeached. After all, that’s all he’s got left. “He’s such a big football fan,” Foster said “Why couldn’t he accuse congress of roughing the kicker .’” “Ifs not the same thing. The one thing Americans understand is that fishing is a poor way to hook a President." “Not if you use worms for bait.” Foster chuckled at his own joke. Copyright 19/4. Los Angeles Times — AP Wirephoto Another Evel Knievel? Randy Black, 15, of Amarillo, Texas, is shown sailing over trash cans lined up in the alley near his home. Every spare minute he can muster, he heads for the alley, lines up trash cans, makes the jumps for thrills and money Nine cans, his current record, measured slightly over 21 feet. Change That To Person The sign is nit longer accurate Nancy I Plante, 21, of Pawtucket, RI, is one of the few women cable splicers in the country and the only one in Rhode Island AP Wirephoto ;

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