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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa '(th* Cfthir Rttpuljs (SnjcHc —AP WirephotosSudden Limelight For Peter iiodino After serving relatively unknown for 25 years in the house of representatives, Peter Wallace Rodino, jr.. suddenly is thrust into the limelight as chairman of the committee studying possible impeachment of President Nixon. But. at home in Newark. N.J., he is still Congressman Rodino and that means talking to the voters, shaking their hands, patting their children. It means explaining the impeachment process to senior citizens at the North Ward Culture Center, visiting supermarkets, being ready to greet the neighborhood when leaving home. And it leaves precious little time to spend with his granddaughter, Carla. In above picture he is reachihg over to kiss her after breakfast at his Newark home. In the capital, Rodino lives in a small apartment, eats breakfast in the house dining room. Lately, he has spent each day’s first few hours listening to White House tapes or meeting with his judiciary committee. A large part of his day is occupied with newsmen, trying to glean the latest out of the probe. He attends to his regular duties until about 6 p.m. and then it’s a meeting with John Hoar, counsel of the impeachment inquiry. Irater, the 15-hour day behind him, Rodino goes to bed — looking forward to the weekend at home and more meetings with constituents. —Gazette Photos by John Mclvor issues Week Keynoter The Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, addressed two groups of students, faculty, and members of the general public Wednesday as the keynote speaker for Kennedy high school’s Issues week. The black leader said Nixon should resign because he is ineffective and added he expected the President to quit before the November elections. Abernathy also said an Edward Kennedy and George Wallace presidential ticket in 1976 is a possibility and could win, although it would be unfortunate.Sleeping Habit Survey Reveals    12% Women, Men Talked in Bed By Erma Hornbeck A group of architects recently did a survey on the American couples’ sleeping habits and came up with a fact I found rather startling Although the women who went to bod read more, played the radio more, ate more, prayed more, smoked more and slept less than men, they were even on one point Twelve percent of the men and twelve percent of the women surveyed talked in bed As I told my husband upon retiring the other night, "I would have been willing to bet a man would not have averaged six words a year to his wife in bed. Why, I heard once . . . what’s that? He yawned and turned over, “I hear the dog barking,” I said. “Maybe someone is messing around the gas tank Wonder if I forgot to take my keys out of the car. I ll check.” 1 atrhiny Something Moments later I said, “It was nothing. Are you cold? I’m freezing to death. Probably catching something. I can’t afford to Ik* sick. I ve got this doctor’s appointment for a checkup that I’ve been waiting for for three months and if I get sick 1 11 have to cancel. Maybe I should take my tem'perature and get bombeck a cold tablet in me.” (Exit to bathroom). ‘‘There, that’s better. In fact, I might sleep in tomorrow and . . . Good Lord, tomorrow is milk day. I d better leave a note for the milkman iii case I miss him. Have you any idea where the pencil is this week?” He pulled the covers over his head as I bounded for the kitchen. “Do you think Dan Rather is going to run for something? I mean the way he got that standing ovation a few weeks ago and . . . do you hear music? I ll bet one of those kids has fallen asleep with the stereo on. Something happens to a kid’s brain when that thing pounds into it day and night. If I don’t turn it off, he’ll wake up crazy. Laster Kress Where was I? Listen! It sounds like someone scraping against tin* bushes. Did I tell you about a bunch of weirdos in tilt* grocery today? Real creeps. They stood there outside the grocery reading a sign on the window, ‘Easter Grass.’ You don’t suppose . . . You know what I think? I think we subscribe to too many magazines. Speaking of things to do, why don’t you get a longer pull for this lamp. A piece of dental floss looks tacky, which is exactly what everyone said when your mother wore navy blue to the wedding.” My husband lifted his head and asked, “Did you set the alarm?” I closed my eyes and mumbled, “I did and are you going to talk all night or let me get some sleep!” You know, that survey is right. (Copyright 1974, Field Enterprises, Inc.) rn IS filii rn mmim- I pflBI to vmMKmm L mumm* ' m m ski ;

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