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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ______Th*    Odar    Rapids    Gazette:    Sat.,    Apr.    6,    1974 PEANUTS BEETLE BAILEY WHY DO You TM INK TM At? Bv MORT WALKER ft* AMANDA PANDA Bv MARCIA COURSE HOW NICE OF VOO TO WRITE HER A MOTE... I KEALLH THINK MARK TRAIL jlt tee ■ -h OC A DY tool: a STEF.' . HE S OH WALLACE... MO MATTER WHAT WE LL HAVE TO KEEP THAT 006. .. FOC LITTLE GRADY'S SAKE t Bv ED DODD Meanwhile mark, waiting impatiently AT MCINTOSH LANDING FOC THE PLANE TO TAKE HIM BACK TO ANDY, TALKS rO THE NATIVES ABOUT WOLVES NANCY hmm*--an INVITATION TO JAMES MASK'S. , PARTY Bv ERNIE BUSHMILLER I'LL GO, BUT I DON’T LIKE HER - SHES ALWAYS NANCY WHAT'S THE I IDEA ? I HEAR YOU'VE BEEN TELLING EVERYONE THAT I'M TWO-FACED STEVE CANYON f INCOME,NOT \ ^ GOT TC TALK THIS OC N'T ^ Bv MILTON CANIFF MARY WORTH THIS APPEARS TC Bi A BHL FR6M RICH'S BMTERY, C06ETTE 1 BUT I'VE NEVER BClliH THERE IN W LIFE if IT IT6 APPRISED TC A m M PENK ME 'I SHGUIPNT \ MATT WALES IN 3t5 j \ TRY Ti REAP WITHOUT MV GLASSES 1 «. fK’APA/ / &- £9^SAt+*tALl&L APP.-6 Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section Bv SAUNDERS AND ERNST HUMBER 3H5 ,5 P6WN THE HALL FRAM ME 1 I IL TAKE THIS TS MRS WALES WHEN I SC gA£K UPSTAIRS MOOSE twats it, CHESTER/ ... Smile Bv BOB WEBER South America Answer to Pf lid! ’ I r |t* *vf>a( 11c5| Kn'oIn - totVj >s) k. I cTfi' t TtJ is Puzzle XI RI Is :> Bolivian c"in 9 Produc' "I Bl a/li Iii Pape r meuMW * IX VS mglikr 14 Adult mates I j Peren hallmark IT Indiana cb 1H Kind "I tt.r* id 19 Hates 21 Domestic ated 2d Certain raiiv. ess 1 ("ll 24 I’pper limb 27 Bushy clumps 29 Brazilian poet .12 hastened w itll brads .14 Intersli* * :i6 i'ndivided 37 Fleshly .IU Ski. iChinese philos 39 Be reft 41 I "tent 42 Soak flax 44 Bornan patriot 4" Softer 49 Grow ink out .3 Bustle *4 Helmsman ie Drone bec 57 Fervor fdt River in Spain 59 Table- sc r.ip h<»(In the briny HI Toddlers I MIMS 1 Spoken 2 Air (comb 3 Labels 4 Small bsh 5Stroke lightly 6 Ignored A o t I T A Ifs* A k b,l th] Ms|lV 7 Hational 8 Speec hit v 9 Things left out It) [.ease II Conc ludes In Tidier 20 Senior 22 Archetype 24 The dill 25 Hindu queen 20 Xnnual herb 28 Const** rated items III VA ing> 31 Seasoning 33 Flaxen doth 35 Raver 40 Tubular sheath*. 1 twit 43 Hungarian statesman 45 Beginning 40 Pedestal part 47 Smell 48 Summers i hr 50 Large pulpit 51 Pastry 52 Seth s son 55 Guide) s note I 2 [3 4 I 6 7 8 9 IO TT" I? ■........ 13 14 15 ,’6 17 Id mmmm w “ 19 20 I r a 24 25 * rn 27 28 2$ 3<i 31 32 — 33 36 - 37 38 ----- - H......... - rn “ H ;• LmN 42 44 46 I 46 47 48 H 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 6C 61 6 “Are you agreeing with me only because it would be so easy for me to take away your title, your private office and your secretary?” DICK TRACY BUZ SAWYER YOU'RE ONE OF THE THIEVES WHO STOLE THE SNOW MUSEUM COIN COLLECTION/ TLL HAVE ARRESTED DON'T FORGET YOUR HAT AND COAT,    ~ MR. FARRAH, j I T F    T FARRAH I THAT CROOK'S \ NO MORE A LAWYER FROM j LONDON TUAN I AM. > Bv ROY CRANE /7more likely from TURKEY, SIR. I NOTICED ISTANBUL LABELS IN HIS COAT AND HAT. WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP 4^/    ' J c. -1    ■-&' — ii jfP irHt,    .    «- Bv WALT DISNEY ( IM \ BAC K \J Tj/| .    •    J    ^ TX • By CHESTER GOULD GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty A 4-CARAT $10,000 PIECE OF EVIDENCE, EM, MR. TRACY? ON STAGE ^...because 7    ^ ...WHAT MAKES YOU \ WOULD HAVE , THINK I HEVER INTENDED DONE WHAT <. MARY PERKINS TO    ^ TOU'RE DOING,    Y PLAY THIS ROLE?    HAD I WISHED TO ACHIEVE YOUR PURPOSE, j . MR. PINCHOT. . 50 YOU HAVE V.. AND NOTHING TO LOSS QUITE By DOUBLING TW 6AW. "We got a great coaching staff this year! McGoon will coach at 1st base, Houlihan at 3rd and in the dugout we got Loophole' Sneedby as tax consultant1'' Bv LEONARD St ABV ...IT SEEMS YOU ^S/THANK \... I DON’T J HAVE QUALITIES THAT I XOU. , SMOKE, BUT \ | ELUDED ME AT FIRST, h ~*^I SOMETIMES HAVE A SEAT SIR! AND A CIGAR' CARRY ONE FOR EFFECT Yxisi^ '"Da^AonjI blondie I BOUGHT 1 SOME OF THE NEW DOUBLE STRENGTH SHAMPOO THEY BUT WILL IT CLEAN MY HAIR By CHICK YOUNG I DON T KNOW, BUT YOU’LL BE SO BUSY TINGLING, YOU WONT CARE THEY CLAIM IT S SO ZESTY IT WILL SET ’ YOUR SCALP A-TINGLING ;

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